Cozy Mistery Fiction Plots V2 Review

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Cosy Mistery Fiction Plots V2


Mavis Amouzou released a brand new set of 4 plots for your next books inside her own “Cozy Mistery Fiction Plots V2“. These plots are located in little towns or zones, places that the reader starts to love as soon as he/she takes up the book. These plots include everything you can need to create your set of new stories, things like:

  • Logline: this is the real essence of your story, a short view.
  • Plot summary: this describes each chapter facts with much detail.
  • Character’s list: here you will find all the details about the characters present inside the story.

Being cozy misteries one of the most lucrative sub-genres inside the crime and mistery fiction, they guarantee you a lot of readers waiting for something new to read, and for some series to love. Now it’s the right time to start writing your next success in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas!

Last but not least, inside the ZIP file you will find a step by step guide on how to customize your plots to create outstanding ficiton books. Conside that the big names in this industry are Jessica Fletcher and Agatha Christie, just to tell you a couple.

Now you have all what you need to turn your ideas into something huge: just grab these “Cozy Mistery Fiction Plots V2“, change names, details and locations and you have a brand new book or ebook ready for the sales over Amazon, Kindle or any other library!

Ecom Exposed Review

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Ecom Exposed

Sam England and Paul Counts have launched “Ecom Exposed“, an incredible software that will help you to discover a surefire way to uncover hot hidden Amazon niches in seconds rather than hours!

One of the hottest trends online is selling physical products on Amazon which is one of the most visited and trusted websites of the world. The problem is that finding the niche markets that are currently hot on this big site takes hours of research and time.

You need to see what products have the most reviews, which products have been in the top 100 for their category, and for how long those products have stayed there. You can do this the hard way or the easy way, as from today you can really make your choice.

The amazing thing is that this technology is not going to cost you a lot, even if it is worth that in the amount of time it saves you and the quality of the data it provides. If you are fast enough, this is priced at an amazing price, and you need to see how powerful is this “Ecom Exposed“, that perfectly runs on Mac and Windows computers!

Coloring Books for Adults Review

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Coloring Books for Adults


Coloring Books for Adults” was my idea, my book and my bet, and without any doubt it would have been a WSO Of The Day. But for a man shouting that I stealed his product, I decided to remove it from market. Then, in the night, when I said bye bye to at least 500 sales, I received apologies. So I sold this product to my friend Bill Platt, and now I want you to check it out because it’s pure gold.

I recommend you also to check my OTO, a three-webinars coaching that will show you each and every step about creating coloring books, putting them on sale, and how to grow your business using other platforms and some secrets. A big deal, something I’m proud of.

If you are ready to jump on this humongous trend that’s taking Kindle marketplace by storm, buy now and think seriously about the OTO, that’s my way to recover some money from yesterday and to give out all what I know about this huge niche.

Inside “Coloring Books for Adults” you will find many step by step tutorials to start selling your drawings to color even if you have never drawn in all your life. It’s all easy, well explained and with a lot of screenshots. More, you get a free webinar access, a list of royalty free image distribution websites, and an interview I had the luck to do with Thaneeya McArdle, famous coloring book author since 2010.

Thanks from the deep of my heart for any purchase you can make.

Azon Cookware PLR Review

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Azon Cookware PLR


Amanda Craven released a new PLR package called “Azon Cookware PLR“, something incredible and that comes in the right place, now that people are crazy about MasterChef, Hell’s Kitchen and a lot of additional TV series! In this awesome cookware PLR package you will find:

  • “Market Intelligence Report”, to learn everything about this niche
  • 21 brand new, high quality Amazon review videos
  • Report and eBook
  • 2 wonderful squeeze pages
  • Viral images ready for Pinterest sharing
  • Viral images ready for Instagram sharing
  • “Amazon Product Report” including 35 products to promote
  • 4 “Top 10 Videos” ready to be uploaded on Youtube
  • Keyword research files
  • A lot of great bonuses!

That’s the best you can find online, something carefully researched and crafted so that you can turn these contents and videos into your army of commission generators. Just add them into your blog, or open a new one about a worldwide passion like cooking!

Just stop what you are doing and look on your kitchen, and I’m sure you or your wife/husband are collecting cookware in your kitchen. Isn’t it? This is a golden niche to discover and to profit from. Now with this amazing “Azon Cookware PLR” package, you have all what you need to jump on the train for success!

WP Scratchcard Pro Review

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WP Scratchcard Pro

My friend David Martin told me about this new product called “WP Scratchcard Pro” a few days ago, and my interest grew day by day. Being passionated about online scratchcards, for getting prizes or just discounts on products, I wanted to know more about this plugin.

Well, this is something magic. After installing it on your WordPress blog, you can create unlimited scratchcards starting with the 35 free templates you get. And here you can decide what to give the user after he/she scratches your card, including free gifts, links and even prizes even in case they lost… So you win in every case!

The setup of each scratchcards requires around 5 minutes, if you want to really customize it, while your blog visitors will take just 5 seconds to try and see if they won. Imagine in how many cases you can use this scratchcards WordPress plugin: on each one of your blog posts, on squeeze pages, on product launches, Kindle book launches, by adding the link everywhere (on videos, slideshows, social media…)

This “WP Scratchcard Pro” will turn into leads, into visitors staying much more on your blog pages, and much much more advantages! Do you know it’s easier to build a list in this way?

Azon Tube Profits Review

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Azon Tube Profits


Azon Tube Profits” is an excellent training based on 6 videos that will show you how to get all your video reviews on the top of Google. Created by Michael Harris, it’s a solid training, that includes also a case study video about a good keyword.

If you want to sell more Amazon products, this product offers you a fresh and solid method. The incredible thing here is you will be able to rank your video BEFORE actually creating it! And that’s fabulous if not completely out of the ordinary things we have seen until now!

So if your keyword won’t work, you won’t consequently lose your time in recording the video! And you may create the best videos for your keywords that works and that guarantee you an optimal return in term of cash. This method is guaranteed to work in 8 minutes, directly by the author, as shown on sales page. Easy steps guarantee you profits!

If you want more automatic commissions at the end of each month, via Amazon Associates program, this big video course gives you the keys to be able to turn difficult things into easy steps. Go straight to grab your copy, this “Azon Tube Profits” is pure gold!

Maps Hero Review

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Maps Hero


Maps Hero” by Jack Hopman is the last product he released all about offline marketing, and it got a lot of awesome reviews that you may check on the sales page. This product is made only by a short but well made PDF guide that includes easy steps on how to discover and use “Google Business Listings”.

In the past many businesses made errors with this application, error that could cost thousands of dollars in lost revenue. And you will be the person able to fix all their problems and get them all back on track. You will get a secret link to contact Google, that will help you fix every business problem. So you can come back and get your big check of $300 to $500!

This is an incredibly easy task, but this Google secret link doesn’t appear on world wide web, so you will be one of the few owners. Google will work for you, and you will make many high ticket sales! And just for the fact you will build immediate trust with your clients, you will get many more advantages.

All what you need to complete the task is around 30 minutes, and the job can be done simply by emailing the customer. Build your network of clients starting from day one, with “Maps Hero”, and this idea will turn you in an offline marketing expert, even if you never done nothing with it before!

WP IM Tracker Review

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WP IM Tracker


Do you know that many people run their internet marketing campaigns and spend a lot of time and money on advertising? That’s part of their business, but the problem is they don’t kbow which one of their advertising campaigns, websites, solo ads or PPC campaigns are really working and bringing in visitors all day long.

Most of the time, even with our best efforts, we finish to throw how hard-earned money down the toilet. But today, thanks to “WP IM Tracker“, all this can finally change! Thanks to this revolutionary tracking plugin you can easily find out all this information all sorted!

Imagine a simple WP plug n play revolutionary software that:

  • Can simplify your life, save you money by accessing perfectly detailed information about each individual click, visitor, page view, and conversion of your IM campaigns.
  • Ease your ability to quickly group and sort data by any criteria you desire to easily see exactly what you need to do to make even more money that you could ever imagine.
  • And the best of all, establish a complete tracking bubble around your website where anything a visitor does is logged for you.

How would this make a difference in your life? What would you change? In fact, you don’t have to imagine any longer!

Get ready for the action, now that “WP IM Tracker” is waiting for you on the shelf. Choose your version, and never miss another important step in your business life!

Video News Jacker Review

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Video News Jacker


Derek Allen is a master in video marketing, and “Video News Jacker” is the last gem released. It shows how to get commissions and sales by using videos with the power of newsjacking. An incredible way to generate traffic.

If you are searching for more views, traffic and clicks coming from the Youtube network, in a really fast way, don’t look anywhere else: this is the best product for you. If you consider that in the time needed to build an affiliate site you can record 20 videos, you can comprehend the real power of this method.

More, you will get three high quality bonuses: a fast start guide about newsjacking, a video swipe system to use other people’s videos to make sales and a full list of recurring affiliate programs, something definitely useful that adds a lot of value to a yet perfect package.

You will use the latest news, the hot trends dominating the web, to direct people on your affiliate links and CPA links, to get easy sales. All can be made in 30 minutes, and it’s completely free. Results could come in the first 24 hours, and that’s what turns “Video News Jacker” in a goldmine!

Email Hero Review

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Email Hero


Did you know that most “push-button riches” methods are pure junk? I read and try a lot of methods each day to choose the best one for you, so I’m really serious. There are very few things out there that will let you simply push a button and let the profits roll in. But not email.

Email is hands-down the best way to earn income over and over again. Now you may be new to email marketing, and you may think it takes years to master. But Nathan has living proof that you don’t have to be an email ‘Guru’ to make passive income, thanks to his newest “Email Hero” video course, composed by 5 videos and a transcript in PDF.

In fact, this “newbie”, that I saw growing month by month, makes up to $455.28 per day just by following a simple formula. And he’s going to take you by the hand and show you exactly how to do it. A super passive profits system built for you from his own experience: what’s better nowadays than a product guaranteed to be true?

That’s why I can only suggest “Email Hero” if you really want to get better conversions and more sales from your email list!