PLR Video Riches Review

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PLR Video Riches


I never saw so much value like in this latest Francis Ochoco’s “PLR Video Riches“, an incredible selection of 33 of his personal video courses with PLR rights. What you can find in this huge collection is really priceless, especially considering the number of videos, and the quality of explanation.

You can pass from CPA to Facebook, from Teespring to traffic techniques, from social media to money making techniques, and all is explained in a crystal clear English, with real training videos. It’s so awesome that I’ve yet grabbed my copy!

Imagine how many things you can do with these top products! You can create a membership and adding one or two trainings per month, or rework them in any format to resell them, turning them in guides, audio courses or just leaving them as videos. Or you can just search videos of the same topic to create bigger courses, or using them as OTOs for your product launches. This is totally crazy!

Check them out, the list of topics is one of the most extensive you can find, and “PLR Video Riches” is actually sold for less than a price of a single PLR product! And if you want you can grab a low cost lifetime membership to get new PLR video products each and every month!

The Content King Review

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The Content King

Nothing is more important than content nowadays, and “The Content King” is the right guide to take care of your writing abilities. Inside the 72 pages of this unique guide you will find many valuable lessons.

Apart the tricks to brainstorm your fresh contents, you will learn how to write contents with a purpose, to layout your strategy and creating, editing and reviewing the new multi-purpose contents you are going to create in less time than usual.

You will learn how to write blog posts, newsletters, entire products and lead magnets more fast and with more precision, and you will get also many tips on how to write as a worker. If you want to be a casual writer, or a professional author, this guide gives you what you are searching by years: real solutions to save time while writing, so that at the end of the day you will get more time with your family, or doing your hobbies.

The Content King” is a really useful resource for writers and authors, because you will learn many tips and tricks, and you will learn good and time tested methods to become not only more fast, but also to produce with less efforts.

Supreme Youtube Monopoly Review

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Supreme Youtube Monopoly

Supreme YouTube Monopoly” is a feature rich and straight to the point guide, in which the author will take you by the hand to show you how to boost your Youtube videos to the top only by using two incredibly simple techniques. New techniques that actually no one is using!

Using these two methods, you will be able to get a huge number of likes, shares and favorites plus a lot of comments to your video, all of which are essential nowadays to be ranked in top 3 places.
On the sales page you will be able to see some live results, examples and how this method got a lot of sales to Dave. I always like easy methods that work!

You don’t have to use third party services, and you can do all on your own, without investments, software or big knowledge. This set of two methods will give you the ability to present your videos like an expert, so that everyone who see them can’t resist from clicking and visiting your Youtube page.

With the help of “Supreme YouTube Monopoly” you can get sales since day one, or you may boost your authority and brand to new heights! An awesome concept for a winning strategy!

Reverse Sales Funnel Blueprint Review

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Reverse Sales Funnel Blueprint Review

Garry Sayer’s “Reverse Sales Funnel Blueprint” is a good new guide that show you how to start creating high-converting sales funnels for your products or services in less than 5 minutes. With a good sales funnel you will be able at first to get many signups, if you start with a free product, or way more sales if you are selling directly.

That’s why you will be able to give your visitors what they really want at the right moment, one product after the other. So a person could purchase a cheap $5 product, and then buy the last step of the funnel for $500. You are the person that moves puppet’s strings!

Building a funnel is easy nowadays with Warrior Plus or JVZoo, but you must have a clear mind and awesome ideas to get all in the right place. Since the day I started to focus on funnels, I got more sales and more cash. With this course you will discover how to create your sales funnel with an eye to profits. You will discover everything about front end, upsells, downsells and all these terms too!

With this “Reverse Sales Funnel Blueprint“, you will see the best Garry Sayer funnel deconstructed for you, and shown in detail, with a step by step format.

SPECIAL BONUS FOR BUYERS: Adwords Annihilation with MRR rights!

31 Day Video Challenge Review

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31 Day Video Challenge


If you are not a premium video marketer, there’s nothing more huge than joining the Derek Allen “31 Day Video Challenge“, to discover all the secrets and proceed day by day to the completion. Inside this big community, you will go day by day, and if you follow the instructions you get real results.

Your challenge, once inside, is to create one video for each one of the 30 days, to engage your viewers and turn them into paying customers. Apart all what you need to work, including step by step training, a big support and a friendly club of people, you can see real results coming straight from your work.

It’s not easy to become real video marketers, because it’s easy to get moved by other things and leave everything without having completed it. Instead, with a community and a final gift, and the right tricks, I’m sure you will get results.

I saw Derek creating this membership day by day, asking direct questions to his subscribers via email, and telling them which problems they found in creating videos and keeping the creation process going. The answers he got given him the opportunity to offer you this high quality course.

I jumped on the “31 Day Video Challenge” yesterday in late night, and I’m waiting for you to get your videos on first Google page!

Traffic Generation PLR Review

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Traffic Generation PLR

Arun Chandran articles are always well written and fantastic for readers, and these “Traffic Generation PLR” includes all the usual value for a low price. Inside the package you will find 10 high quality PLR articles, each one made of more than 500 words and including awesome contents of interest.

There are articles about: article marketing, ad swaps, FB groups, blogs, forum marketing, guest blogging, video marketing, pay per click, joint ventures and SEO. A big set of interesting topics for your readers!

With these articles you can update your blog up to 10 times, or you can complete reports for your squeeze page for list building purposes, or create an eBook to resell or a set of newsletters. Quality is never a problem with Arun, as I really have purchased and used a lot of articles package from him during these last few years.

Consider also these could be used to create video trainings, webinars, podcasts, slideshows or infographics for increasing your own revenue. If you like PLR articles, go for this huge package of “Traffic Generation PLR“!

Proven Traffic Sources Review

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get Proven Traffic Sources


Proven Traffic Sources” is a guide that includes 17 traffic generation techniques for your blogs and websites, each one well explained and easy to use.

The good thing is you don’t require any big budget, because all the methods are cheap or free, and anyone can follow the easy step by step explanations.

This is extremely good for list builders, to grow your list at a really incredible rate, but also for offline business, so you can sell them this traffic worth gold, and get many contracts in act with local shops and companies. Last but not least, the methods are awesome for your products, for your services and for your websites, all together.

And what about CPA marketers? Well, this traffic is pure gold also for them! And after checking out this product, that is now available in dimesale, you will be able to put all these methods into action.

Apart all this quality, you get also some top quality bonuses about Pay Per Click traffic techniques, Youtube video traffic and social media traffic. They are really good and include solid information.

With no more than 20 minutes per day you can become a master of traffic thanks to “Proven Traffic Sources” by Dr. Bo, Jason Finley and Venkata Ramana!

Graphics Magic Box Review

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Graphics Magic Box

Would you like to turn annoying sales pages into a superb work? Or would you just to pump your social media presence up? Thanks to Lucas Adamski’s “Graphics Magic Box” now you can, because you are able to grab 500+ graphics for a little price.

Inside the package you will find:

  • Facebook, Youtube and Google+ cover templates.
  • Mobile squeeze pages.
  • Web 3.0 minisite template.
  • Vivid bundle of eCover templates.
  • Dark bundle of eCover templates.
  • Vector stamps.
  • Banner templates.
  • Graphical headlines.
  • Viral quotes.
  • Vector backgrounds.
  • Headers.
  • Feature boxes.
  • Pricing tables.
  • WSO sales page design.
  • Flyers and business cards.
  • Royalty free photos.
  • Mascots characters.
  • Hand-written fonts.
  • Text layer styles.
  • PowerPoint video templates.
  • Characters pack.

Everything has been taken care of, and you get huge PSD files ready for the editing, to customize them and make it yours. From this package you can start an entire new product graphics, because you get sales page template, many eCovers to choose, and all the fundamental things you need on sales page. Incredible, right?

That’s a full series of images you need on daily basis if you work on internet marketing, and all in full quality with astounding colors! This package is in dimesale, so be fast to grab your copy of this “Graphics Magic Box“! Choose Lucas Adamski products, and you won’t get bad surprises!

Fiverr Middle Man Review

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Fiverr Middle Man

When it comes to making money on Fiverr many people make the mistake of offering a service that can take them up to 30 minutes to complete and deliver from start to finish.

This methods works, sure, but your hourly rate is going to be bearly above the U.S. minimum wage and Shane Nathan and Fergal Downes are not in the business of teaching their students how to make the minimum wage… They want you to make much much more.

That is why inside the “Fiverr Middle Man” course the guys teach you how to outsource all of the work to be done for you and then you simple upload a file and move on to your next order. This means that you can make an easy $600 – $900 per month on Fiverr while only working about 10 – 20 minutes per day.

Don’t have any clue about how to sell on Fiverr or what to sell? Don’t worry! They show you the exact high demand gigs to sell and where to outsource the completion of the gigs too.

This “Fiverr Middle Man” truly is the most passive Fiverr system that you are ever going to come across leaving you with a healthy bank balance and plenty of time to work on building other income streams online. It’s fresh and never seen before!

Affilio Traffic Roadmap Review

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Affilio Traffic Roadmap


Pedro Lopez and Adam Payne have released a fantastic product called “Affilio Traffic Roadmap“, a course that show you how to rank your affiliate videos on Youtube only with free traffic.

You will be shown how to use 4 big networks to choose your affiliate products to promote, and you will learn the techniques to create easy videos and to get a huge traffic on Youtube, where your videos will go literally up to first page in just a few hours.

What I appreciated more is the Adam Payne case study, a series of videos of unlimited value. We are talking about a lot of tips and tricks, secrets and methods that no one has ever told you in one single place. You will be show how to reach Youtube first position by promoting a hot and ultra-competitive Clickbank product. This is Adam example, but you can choose anything from all the available affiliate networks like Warrior Plus, JVZoo, Clickbank and more! It’s really awesome!

This is a well done course, rich in video contents and that can really give you a big hand to make more affiliate sales via free traffic. If you want to explode your commissions, try “Affilio Traffic Roadmap” and stay sure that results will come pretty soon, within the sales!