Soci Vids Review

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Soci Vids


I’m here to show you what just could be one of the most powerful software ever released in 2015: “Soci Vids“. This online app enables you to take any Youtube video (yours or not) and add your own:

  • Buy buttons
  • Call to action bars
  • JVZoo and Paypal buttons
  • Opt-in forms

That means you can use other people’s videos to build your list, make affiliate sales, and sell your own products and services too! You can also make way more money off of your own videos, too. Then you can use these videos as super cheap Facebook ads, and build a list or sell products on the FB newsfeed. Incredible? Absolutely!

Check out on the sales page video how you can prepare a so powerful video in less than a minute. If you are a video lover, or video creator, you can’t really leave this software on the table. It’s too powerful, and it could change the world of online sales once for all!

If you are fast enough, you can grab “Soci Vids” in his most powerful edition for a little price, because in a few days the promotion will be closed. Think at the power you could give to your videos!

Apple Watch Profit Maker Review

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Apple Watch Profit Maker


My dearest friend Barbara Ling, Authority Marketer by a long time, known for always being the first to market and teach others how to profit from hot niches, has just released “Apple Watch Profit Maker“.

Did you know that Apple has pulled in over 1 billion in revenue in only 45 days by their latest product, the Apple Watch? Experts are calling it “iPhone Killer” for good reason. Now you can get ahead of the crowd and grab your slice of this multi-billion dollar niche!

This easy to follow blueprint gives you not 1, not 3, but 15 ways you can cash in on this niche. You’ll learn all about the:

  • The Organic Apple
  • Apple Watch Master List
  • Apple Watch eMail Twist
  • Apple Watch Power Tool
  • Apple Watch OPP Secret
  • Apple Watch Clone Flash
  • And there’s 10 more ways that are included too!

You will definitely want to check out the upsells as well. The first one give you Apple Watch Market Intel, an Apple Watch Product Solution Template, a spreadsheet and more (think: finding free Apple Watch goodies, networking with the best Apple Watch authorities, Apple Watch Comparison Shopping, more!)

So if you’d like to get the insiders secrets fast, that are fresh and new, grab your copy of “Apple Watch Profit Maker” right now!

Azon Affiliate Fitness Nutrition Riches Review

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Azon Affiliate Fitness Nutrition Riches

Michael is back with this huge “Azon Affiliate Fitness Nutrition Riches“, an incredible high quality package of contents for your Fitness blog. It includes an incredible amount of items, including:

  • 50 high quality review videos
  • 3x in depth keywords lists
  • 3x exact match domain names data
  • 6 professional banner graphics

Plus a lot of bonuses that give you a lot of valuable items to work with, like:

  • 350+ articles about fitness nutrition
  • 100+ articles about vitamins and fitness
  • 5 nutrition PLR eBooks
  • Multiple fitness nutrition keyword lists
  • A superb infographic
  • 3 custom blog headers
  • 3 custom blog footers
  • Guides
  • And much much more bonuses!

The quality is obviously at the top, because Michael creates these packs by years, and I’ve bought them all. It’s simply out of ordinary what you get on each one of his packages, and it’s clear your blog can take a huge advantage.

Fitness nutrition PLR are really difficult to be found, and with the video reviews, keywords and PLR articles you can really create some awesome things. In fact they are good not only for blogs, but also for your Youtube channel, to create reports and guides, minisites, slideshows, podcasts and a lot of additional projects!

If you have anything related to fitness, go for this huge “Azon Affiliate Fitness Nutrition Riches” PLR pack without thinking twice! Its huge quality will overcome anything!

JV Castle Review

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JV Castle review

If you are creating or thinking about creating your own digital product, that’s a great first step, something I missed on my first years of launches: “JV Castle” by Delilah Taylor. There’s something you need to know that hardly anyone ever shares…

Without a solid launch plan, all your hard work could be wasted. Because unless you get your product into as many people’s hands as possible, it’s just not worth it. Inside “JV Castle” you’ll get access to the 7 reasons affiliates will send you traffic.

You will get also all the battle tested strategies of one of the top launch managers in the business, Delilah Taylor, also known as “The Queen” in IM. With this product you will never worry about getting masses of traffic to your offers again. Traffic is the key for success!

So your product creation efforts will never be wasted, and you can build a massive list of buyers while getting paid to do it, and a solid list of affiliates that will help you also on all your next launches!

Isn’t it time you discovered the secrets the gurus don’t want to share? And have a plan in place to crush it with every launch? Grab your copy of “JV Castle” before it’s removed from the market!

Image Marketing for Authors Review

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Image Marketing for Authors

Krizia has just published her new training called “Image Marketing for Authors” and it’s so powerful that I couldn’t really live that on the table.

I’m still shaking my head at these numbers! My good friend Krizia has been quietly perfecting for the past 6 months a marketing strategy that’s allowing her to attract an insane number of potential readers on FB and get this… she’s doing it without spending ONE cent in ads! If you’ve ever wanted to tap into the massive power of Facebook marketing, but you’ve been afraid of spending money of ads, like me, you’re going to love this guide.

Krizia’s strategy is so simple to implement and the best part is that it’s something you can fully outsource to a virtual assistant. In less than 24 hours, you can start seeing some insane numbers… it’s that simple to get started with this huge strategy.

You’re getting your hands on a strategy that’s put her on the map in her genre and that’s attracting new book buyers every single hour of the day. This 85-page PDF will quickly become your ultimate guide for tapping into Facebook’s free traffic. Get your hands on this “Image Marketing for Authors” before the price goes up!

Crazy 5rr Cash Review

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Crazy 5rr Cash

In these last few days there are a few Fiverr guides out, but this “Crazy 5rr Cash” got my attention, as I like sometimes to market my gigs on Fiverr network. The good thing about this gig is that it could be used even if you are a newbie, if you don’t have websites or lists and anything other.

In fact you need one simple gig to rock and to create your Fiverr income, and no more than 10 minutes per day. The author claims almost $1,500 per month, a good income that I’ve yet to test on my own.

The author earned well over $33K on Fiverr in last year, a good amount! and you are taken by the hand to create this type of income in step by step. An easy method that will never end to be requested by people with new businesses, or that need a refresh.

You get all what you need including instructions, ready templates and graphics and the tricks to get your gig selected and seen by thousands of people day by day. The course is well structured, without any doubt.

That’s why I really liked “Crazy 5rr Cash“, an awesome ready product that gives you the keys for profits!

Twitter Chat Blueprint Review

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Twitter Chat Blueprint


Today I’ve launched a super product with Candace Chira, it’s “Twitter Chat Blueprint“, a guide that show you an innovative concept to get more followers, more sales and an incredible growth for your authority and brand. They are “Twitter Chats”, one of the best tools I’ve ever tested on my own!

You will discover every secret technique, including:

  • What is a Twitter Chat and why it’s an optimal tool.
  • Which benefits they offer.
  • Over 600 chats found for you around the globe.
  • How to participate in a Twitter Chat.
  • How to create your own Twitter Chat.
  • How to get a huge flow of free traffic to your chats.

This guide offer you 26 pages of huge contents, and finally it will be easy to participate in chats, or open your own about your favorite topics (internet marketing, hobbies, news, events…). What you get here is priceless, but you know I always look at your wallet, so with Candace we have prepared the usual quality for the usual little price.

Even if you don’t like Twitter, these chats don’t even need for you to login on your account. It’s one of the best methods I’ve ever found, and millionaire marketers around the world have their own custom chat, available on monthly or weekly basis.

Keep up your expectations, Twitter Chats are really working, and finally it won’t be anymore a problem for you to follow them or create your one! “Twitter Chat Blueprint” is here for you!

Art of Aromatherapy PLR Review

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Art of Aromatherapy PLR

Today Sue Fleckenstein released “Art of Aromatherapy PLR“, a huge package of contents for you, carefully created. If you have a website that targets health, natural living or treatments and yoga, then you are in for a super surprise.

This aromatherapy pack can be used across many different niches including: health, allergies, asthma, sleeping issues, yoga, tai chi and much much more. More and more people are turning to using natural treatments for health issues including dealing with stress and for treating their pets.

The Art of Aromatherapy will teach your readers all they need to know to get started with using essential oils. ​Here’s what you get in Sue’s offer today:

  • Main Report with over 4,200 words of content.
  • 2 Ecovers with editable files – includes blank design.
  • Animated Opt-In Video to help you build your list.
  • Autoresponder Series to help you connect with your readers.
  • Social Posters to match the ecover design – blank and ready to go styles.
  • 5 Amazon Product Reviews.
  • Reviews turned into MP4 Videos + editable files.
  • 2 Animated Videos – MP4 ready to use.
  • 5 Related articles.
  • 30 Tweets.
  • 1 set of 5 banners – use to promote the report or as affiliate tools.
  • 60+ Royalty free images – not available on public sites.
  • Intro PDF – How to Use Your PLR Pack.
  • Keyword & Available Domain Names.
  • Research Report.
  • 5 PowerPoint Slides of the articles.
  •  Posters perfect for Facebook & Pinterest.
  • Sales & Download Page Text + Bonus Landing Page Plugin.

This pack is only on sale at this price for the next 7 days and the price does increase with every sale. And you know how much I care about Sue Fleckenstein’s PLR products. They are huge, and this “Aromatherapy PLR” is a wonderful opportunity.

Azon Follow Me Review

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Azon Follow Me


Azon Follow Me” is a video course that shows you how to create and launch your own Amazon affiliate site, in literally no time. Through easy but fundamental steps, you will learn the secrets behind affiliate websites creation.

Without the right information and tools, it’s easy to open a site and completely forget about it, breaking it to a point it become worthless in no time. Istead this method goes from step by step to include all what you need to remember to ensure a big success of all your sites.

You will learn how to research a niche from scratch, how to search for the right keywords, with true case studies, how to set up the site and get huge contents, how to care about SEO and how to add call to actions to each and every product to convince people to buy.

Finally, you get a huge master plan to start your site creation business, and imagine how many things you can do with a website: you can build your income day by day, or you can resell the whole site when it starts to generate sales!

Azon Follow Me” is without any doubt a serious course, something amazing for the quality of training, and because the author, Chris, has really built an army of affiliate websites that work like crazy! Are you ready to be the next Amazon Associates millionaire?


Niche Prophet Review

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The Niche Prophet


Today my friends Mikel Perez and Inaki Ramirez have released their new product called “The Niche Prophet”, all about niche research and marketing. On this product they are showing the tactics and strategies they use to identify profitable niches where rankings are virtually guaranteed without using a keyword tool at all.

This is seriously a great thing considering it includes:

  • How to get instant traffic from short term trends, and why you have a lot to win and nothing to lose.
  • 7 different tools inside Google Trends that can help you come up with new niches you would have never thought of.
  • How to unveil the power of social media hashtags for research with these 6 free tools.
  • 8 places where you can find trend-spotting work done for you!
  • 5 techniques to get trend ideas in your free time.
  • Never before revealed techniques to uncover upcoming sub-niches inside the ultra profitable health market.
  • The almighty business intelligence and research company that does all the future thinking for you.

And much, much more useful ideas and contents, making “Niche Prophet” absolutely the best niche research products of the last three years, from what I was able to see and check on my own!