Internet Marketing Email Series PLR Review

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Internet Marketing Email Series PLR


Whenever Sue Fleckenstein releases a new PLR, I grab a copy, and this time she made a wonderful “Internet Marketing Email Series PLR“*, that includes 21 emails to send your list, or setup into your autoresponder to exit automatically at desired date.

If instead you want to use them differently, you can join them all in a good eBook, and you will obtain a 40 pages guide with over 7,600 words! This emails set is the best you may offer, especially to your list, because it’s the best way to meet new subscribers and show them you are taking care of their growth. Use two emails and one promo email, then again do the same until you finish the set.

At the end, you will have a really solid list, and you can mail 5 promos from Monday to Saturday, adding some good contents inside, and then give them a gift on Sunday. It’s my method, you know. Otherwise, if you don’t look at email marketing right now, use this set as a wonderful eBook, and I’m sure you will sell a lot of copies!

Here are the email contents:

  1. Thank You and Here is Your Download.
  2. Setting Up Your On-line Business.
  3. Setting Up Your Website.
  4. Installing Your WordPress Theme.
  5. WordPress Tips.
  6. WordPress Plugins.
  7. Now that Your Site is Set Up.
  8. Adding Pages & Posts to Your New Site.
  9. It’s Time for Content
  10. The All Important World of List Building.
  11. Building Your List – The Ups and Downs.
  12. Building Your List – Creating Lists.
  13. Building Your List – Getting Subscriber’s.
  14. Building Your List – Opt In Forms.
  15. Building Your List – Follow Up Messages.
  16. Tips for Your Follow Up Messages.
  17. The All Important Aspect – Traffic.
  18. Recap of Where You Are Now..
  19. Branding Your Content
  20. Content Creation Tips.
  21. Monetization Tips.

As you can see this “Internet Marketing Email Series PLR“* is a complete set, nothing is missing and you can really make a good use of all the included information!

* Discount code: EMAIL5

Copy Paste Hack Review

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Copy Paste Hack


I knew Desmond Ong years ago, and thanks to him I learned a great method to make affiliate sales with websites, a great trick I’m using nowadays after 4 or 5 years! Apart this, this “Copy Paste Hack” is a solid product based on his winning affiliate campaigns, that brought him an amazing amount of cash in the last years…

Inside the member’s area you will find 10 campaigns, and you have just to select the one you want to try as first. Then you upload it, changing the links with your ones, and send them with the internal tool. Never seen something so easy, because you have only to copy his system, and paste it to make some easy sales.

Inside the member’s area you will also find 10 squeeze pages ready, one for each campaign, and this system has been really created in the most easy way possible. Try it on your own and be amazed by the results, in terms of leads and sales!

Apart this, with Desmond Ong’s “Copy Paste Hack” access you get 6 modules with videos, to learn all the tricks and to turn this into your next success. I’m confident you can really rock with this one!

Product Launch Profits Review

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Product Launch Profits

When people hear about creating a product they immedatelly stop in fear and assume that to create a good one you need to be an expert in a certain field. They also believe that it will take a lot of time and work. Instead, thanks to Fergal Downes new product, “Product Launch Profits“, creating new products will become so easy!

Fergal has decided to show you his method for product creation which makes him $100k in profit per year and got him 17 WSO Of The Day, including this one. It’s incredible how many products he launches each month! You don’t have to be an expert to create successful products.

He aso shows you how to create an entire course from start to finish and launch it in just 3 hours with his step by step product creation template, even if you don’t have any idea on which topic to choose!

Check also the author’s proof video on his sales page, and you will see his earnings are all true. He’s really a good guy, really awesome and always available. I chatted with him a lot of times and it’s always a pleasure. You can get access to “Product Launch Profits” for a great price, if you act fast!

Easy Arbitrage Profits Review

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Easy Arbitrage Profits

Art Flair, Dan Ashendorf and Nathan Shane released a good and solid products called “Easy Arbitrage Profits“, that shows how to achieve $3K per month earnings thanks to arbitrage. You will be able to generate this cash with Amazon and eBay, plus some other hidden websites that will be presented inside the guide.

The best part is you need no websites, no lists and no money to start, as the authors have made all extremely easy for you to jump on the train for success. You will be able to learn a set of repeatable eCommerce strategies to make a fortune every day on complete autopilot!

Art Flair have a lot of screenshots online, in which he testify all the earnings he had with this method. We are not talking about little amounts, but around $28,700 per month. Yes, I know it’s just incredible, but it’s all true. And he admits that is way better and easy to make sales this way than with internet marketing products.

Easy Arbitrage Profits” is without any doubt a solid course that will show you the real steps needed to become an ace of arbitrage, and it’s a fabolous thing what you can build just following the path of a winner.

WP Spy Review

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WP Spy

What can you do if you need the same power of Moz, without the hefty price tag? Simple! You grab a copy of “WP Spy“! It’s a new plugin that gives you the right SEO analytics, but saving a lot of cash for other things! Keywords, charts, backlinks, social shares, tracking. WP Spy does it all!

When it comes to SEO analytics, Moz is one of the best out there. However, you’re gonna pay a minimum of $99/month to access it. While Moz is awesome, and worth every penny, it’s beyond the  reach of many. Instead this plugin is available, right now, for the price of $17.

Easy to install, you can run it every time you need a report about any competitor site, so it will be easy to grab their methods, their techniques and the products they use day by day for ranking their sites before your one.

This plugin takes care of all what you need to do to become a SEO expert in no time. And more, it gives you the opportunity to grab competitor’s WP themes and plugins, by discovering them even if hidden! All with a single click!

WP Spy” is really incredible, and you can’t really miss your copy if you want to get better rankings! Consider also it’s actually one of the few good plugins about SEO ever made.

Azon Speed Run Review

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Azon Speed Run


Azon Speed Run” is a video course that will show you, in a step by step format, how to create, rank and monetize your Amazon affiliate sites. It’s something huge for the value and for the videos, that are not keeping anything hidden.

There are 5 modules, and the author suggests to watch one video per day, follow the techniques, and wait the next days to complete your first Amazon Associates affiliate site in no more than 5 days. It’s real, the contents are really good, and if you stick to it with SEO like he suggests, results will come. I do it by at least 5 years on my own, and from this course I learned a lot of more things.

This course is especially aimed at the speed to create these affiliate sites, so you can be up and running even in one day, if these topics are not new to you, and complete at least one new website every day. The expense are just the domain name, and a hosting, unless you have yet a good hosting account with one of the big names of the industry.

For these reasons I can only suggest you to grab your access to “Azon Speed Run“, before the price goes up, or before it gets removed from the marketplace!

Social Robot Review

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Social Robot

Social Robot” is a brand new social bookmarking tool by Joshua Zamora, Mike From Maine and that makes an easy job to submit your urls to up to 800 social bookmarks. I know that it seems out from ordinary, but this is one of the few gems I saw in 2015. With this software, you will be able to:

  • Get you first page rankings on Google, with ease.
  • Get your videos on Youtube shown on Google first page.
  • Build over 500 high-quality bookmarks to any url you desire.
  • Make as many one-click posts as you want.
  • Use the built-in drip feeding option, but only with Pro Version.
  • Export all the full reports you want about the campaigns.
  • And much much more!

Even if it was tested only with Youtube videos, and it is incredible to see how many first position rankings he obtained, and how many cash it was generated from these videos, this software is awesome also for blogs, websites, social media posts, podcasts and anything that falls under the “content” voice (everything we do online!)

It’s good for you and your business, but it becomes really huge if you are a freelancer, to offer something excellent to your customers, and you can sell the backlinks in packages! And if you are fast, you can grab this feature rich “Social Robot” for a great price!

Legal Pages WSO Review

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Very Easy Legal Pages


It doesn’t happens all days to find a product like “Legal Pages WSO“, something that protect us and our businesses for a few bucks. Making your legal compliance pages has never been easier: you launch this web application, you click a few buttons and you are ready with all the documents you like, and precisely:

  • Terms of Service
  • Earnings Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy
  • Amazon Affiliate Disclosure (for all Amazon sites)
  • Contact Details
  • Content Disclaimer
  • FTC Disclosure

With the first OTO, you can even grab the resell rights for this awesome software, so that you may install it on your server and sell it for the access fee you desire. A great opportunity, right? And when you think about the prices to get these pages written by a lawyer, well… it’s crazy! With a software like this you don’t need anything other than 2 minutes to create your files, download them and upload all on your website. Otherwise there’s also the opportunity to upload them all directly from the member’s area.

All with a simply web software, so no headaches to install anything on your PC or Mac. You have to login, you create your desired legal pages and you’re ready to copy and paste them everywhere you need. “Legal Pages WSO” is super valuable, give it a look! Don’t wait it’s too late to save yourself from a legal cause!

CPA Training Software PLR Review

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CPA Training Software PLR

This afternoon I stumbled upon a big value software that is sold for pennies… it’s “CPA Training Software“! And if I tell you it comes with PLR rights, and a rebrander to customize it with your links, that really becomes astonishing!

If you consider I grabbed my copy for $3, that’s totally crazy, and the OTO itself gives you a reselling system for other $3.50. Selling this is really easy, because many people is searching for good courses, but can you imagine how important it is for list building purposes?

Inside the software there are all the top CPA resources to learn from, but also some good videos, free tools to use and 3 big ways that gives you the opportunity to earn cash, like the possibility to insert one affiliate link on the software, the permission to sell the software, and the permission to give it away for building your list. And you don’t need any squeeze page!

That’s simply incredible to find products like this “CPA Training Software“, that I remember you it comes with Private Label Rights included, and with a useful rebrander to customize it and make your own, by changing the title and internal details. Did I say you can’t miss it?

Self Publishing Success System Review

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Self Publishing  Success System

Are you trying to make cash from Kindle? If yes, it would be hard for you because you are going to compete with a lot of other authors from all over the world. Your books need more reviews, your sales rank needs improvements and you are not too sure what niches will convert at the best, right?

But what if you can clone one of Amazon top seller’s entire system thanks to “Self Publishing Success System“? Here is how it works, step by step: you can reach your passive income goal faster and in a simple way with this awesome tested and proven Kindle publishing system composed by a 3 modules site with 83 videos.

The quantity and the quality of the included secret information, trainings, how to’s and more is unbelievable, and the author put a lot of work to complete this ready Kindle system. It’s something good for who wants to start seeing Kindle books sales each and every day, and for who has a few sales, but definitely wants to see more.

Self Publishing Success System” is the exact system these total “Self publisher newbies” are using to make $83 to $350+ per day. So, why don’t giving it a try?