Books For Bacon Review

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Books for Bacon” shows how a broke paperboy, named Lee Nazal and living in bad conditions, turned an email into a six figure business. You get all inside this guide, witg no tricks and no gimmicks for a really interesting but uncommon idea in offline marketing area.

This is an awesome new approach to an old problem. It’s a revolutionary system to earn income via offline customers. And it is really easy, as all you have to is filling in the blanks, then copy and paste. This system grows your authority in the field, turning yourself into the go-to guy for what you will learn to do.

You will be able to grow your autority to new levels, and get your business running in only a few weeks with super results. It’s really a well thought, tested and proven system, also for newbies. You will find a lot of reviews on sales page, including the one by Mario Brown.

You will never have to do SEO, PPC, PPV, Facebook Ads and so on. Here you literally choose your leads, and decide on which one you want to work for profits. “Books for Bacon” is really something new, and brings a breath of fresh air in offline marketing panorama!

The Proven Review

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The Proven Funnel


Today I’ve found “The Proven” by Dr.Bo, something cool and much interesting because it’s a ready funnel packed for you with easy instructions. A funnel includes all what you need to grow your email list and make money with a product launch, and that’s why it’s superb for newbies but good also for professionals (I literally go crazy for ready funnels!)

You probably wake up everyday to an inbox full of emails promoting courses with new methods, new ideas and new promises, but the fact you keep getting enticed by new products suggests that nothing is working for you… and the same happened to me until a few years ago.

The good news is, there’s a new affiliate marketing course created by Dr. Bo that gives you every step in intricate step by step detail. After going through this course, all of your questions, doubts and uncertainty will be gone forever.

The course is called “The Proven” because if you follow it, it’s guaranteed to make you affiliate commissions, otherwise Dr.Bo will send your money back, guaranteed. If you’ve never made an affiliate commission in your life or just want to make more, I strongly suggest you check out “The Proven” before Dr. Bo raises the price. Right now, it’s less than the price of a coffee!

Publishing Beyond KDP Review

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Publishing Beyond KDP


Kindle is a crowded marketplace, and there’s a lot of competition. But don’t be scared about this, as there’s yet hope… If you are publishing only on Kindle marketplace you are doing a huge disservice to your books and to your bottom line, and “Publishing Beyond KDP” will help you to discover more marketplaces.

There are many other book publishing sites that have a massive number of potential buyers. There is a publishing world beyond kindle… and it’s less competitive and often, more lucrative. My friend Debbie Drum has put together a solution that shows you in less than 5 minutes per platform you can be on your way to selling more books to more buyer, and how to publish to sites like iBooks and Google books without a middleman that you need to pay an additional percentage to.

Publishing directly allows you to make more money for your hard work! If you have books that are not selling on kindle–don’t give up and don’t write that book off!  By the end of the day you can have your books up on more sites with the potential of making passive income with little to no marketing!

And from what I learned, Debbie has a lot of books that outsells Kindle versions on these new portals. Invest in “Publishing Beyond KDP“, and you will really dominate your niche!

No Sweat WP Internal Links Review

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No Sweat WP Internal Links


SEO is really an impossible game, after Google updates, but today I heard about “No Sweat WP Internal Links“, an incredible plugin that builds backlinks for us, in a natural way. There is an easy way to getting top rankings that are based only on on-site factors.

And it’s very easy to get it right if you know what it is, and how to do it! Two good guys like Mikel Perez and Inaki Ramirez have released today a new WP plugin that helps you to optimize this important element in a breeze. This is the plugin that will help you o grab awesome positions on all the search engines in a fast way, without the usual obstacles you can find on daily basis with common SEO practices.

Creating internal links in your blogs make your WordPress blog really easy to be found by search engines, and it really makes easy to rank for keywords you have never thought of, turning a difficult process into a question of a few minutes setup.

And they are releasing this plugin at a price so affordable it’s hard to believe! But be fast, because two hours after launch, “No Sweat WP Internal Links” price will rise, as it is sold on dimesale.

Twitter Envy Review

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Twitter Envy


Not sure about you, but personally, I like the products that work really well, and that stick to their promises. When Lee Cole releases something, I rush to check and purchase. In this case, with “Twitter Envy“, you have only to run a cool software to grow your followers on Twitter by 50 or 100 people a day (depending on which version you will grab).

That’s exactly what these guys’ Twitter software does. You need to see this in action. It’s so simple! I got a copy myself, plus the 2 OTOs, and I started using their system, and it works exactly as described. Thinking that Twitter is not worth your time is definitely a bad choice!

Twitter, if used correctly, like only 1% of people are doing, it’s an incredible system for getting leads and a constant income. In my life I’ve saw only 10 people use Twitter like no one else, and their results were amazing. But there”s only one thing to grow constantly, and they are Twitter followers for free!

If you won’t look at “Twitter Envy” software, you are missing a goldmine, especially the easy part of an incredible business! It works on Windows, but also on Mac running a Windows emulator (like me!)

Mobilgeddon Review

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Mobilgeddon Mobile Surthrivor

Barb Ling created another super product, called “Mobilgeddon“, that gives you top information in time for the 21th of April 2015, the date in which Google will penalize websites without a mobile version. So you are in time yet to follow the steps and be safe!

You will learn how to have a ready mobile site in minutes, and without paying a cent for it, and this method works for: WordPress, Blogger, HTML sites, Drupal, Joomla and much more! And again, you get also other cool methods to take full advantage of mobile to appear on Google with your mobile site and to be ready to make cash with it!

More, you will get a good set of bonuses, with the special live webinar class she will present in the next weeks, and with an easy cheatsheet about mobile marketing, something that could give you the keys to entering this business from the front door.

Mobilgeddon” is a big gem by Barb Ling, that came back on market with a super product, just in time for the next April 21th day! And let me confess one more thing… I never lost a Barbara Ling product before, because I always learn something new and I’m always in front of my competitors!

Silly Simple System Review

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Silly Simple System


Jeremy Kennedy presented yesterday his new “Silly Simple System“, a time tested and proven step by step method to get a constant flow of cash. The good thing about it is you build the system once, and you get paid even while you are building it.

This is really silly and simple. It’s so easy you will smile in front of this guide, but my suggestion for you is to read it all, apply it and check the results. It’s short, sweet and really to the point system, with easy steps. Jeremy used this system for years with a great success and economic return…

I always got good returns from Jeremy products, and I know that also this system works, because I applied and currently applying something similar in my own business. I’m sure you will be happy too in seeing the same results this delivers week by week. And remember, more you apply and more you get back…

By the end I can say this is a simple system you can use to set up a cool income stream as-you-go. “Silly Simple System” will take less than one week to setup, and when ready it will generate cash for you on daily basis.


WP She’s Viral Review

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WP She's Viral


Anton Nadilo and Albert Matthews new plugin, “WP She’s Viral” has just gone live and it’s something crazy for value and functions. For today only, you can get up to a 60% discount on this plugin
that’s going to basically force your traffic to grow exponentially.

Traffic is the key for success. You can have the best contents, but who can reach them if you get no traffic? Sure, there are solutions, but they are expensive and you have to work like crazy. But you know what really works? It’s viral traffic!

This WordPress plugin is really simple to install, and once setup can be managed easily and without any problem. Anton and Albert have really done a great job to make this solution completely newbie friendly, and to turn the installation and activation of this super plugin just a 5 minute work.

It works like a charm for bloggers, affiliate marketers, CPA marketers, Amazon Associates affiliates, video marketers and Teespring sellers, just to name a few…

Viral traffic grows quickly, exponentially, and new visitors bring new visitors. It’s free and will continuously bring visitors to your websites, so that finally your contents could be seen! You have less than 24 hours before the price of “WP She’s Viral” will start to go up, so grab this gem as soon as you can!

Motion Suite Pro V5 Review

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Motion Suite Pro V5

I’m definitely a creative person, because when I see something like “Motion Suite Pro V5” I simply become crazy for happiness. I love easy solutions, ready packages that give you a great advantage, and if you create videos, this has been thought exactly for you.

These templates are great to be used with any video software, like Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, OpenOffice, Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro, Camtasia Studio, Adobe After Effects and a lot of
additional video creation software.

For the quality of the video templates, all colorful and in high definition, but also for the low price, as they are practically gifted if you check the commercial prices, this is really an outstanding solution to give more power to your business through the use of authority videos.

Video is one of the best ways to advertise, and with “Motion Suite Pro V5” you can build a lot of top quality videos! It’s time to take your business on another angle, the video angle!

Jumbo Traffic Bonanza Review

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Jumbo Traffic Bonanza

This “Jumbo Traffic Bonanza” is really something special if you look at increasing your website traffic, and it works like crazy. You will be shown how to use famous trusted websites to generate a super-targeted traffic for pennies.

Really low prices to bring a constant flow of visitors, if you calculate I got visitors for around 3 cents each with this same method. The method, from what I saw and tested, works great for traffic seekers, like bloggers and product creators, but also for affiliate marketers and CPA marketers. Last but not least, you get 3 amazing bonuses with over 32 videos in total and solid information that add a lot of value to a yet
perfect product!

I never grab products about paid traffic, because I hate it, but getting a review copy of this, and the words of Jan Roos, Phil Steptoe and Venkata Ramana let me comprehend it was something worth to try… so I did it and now I’m here, two days after, to recommend it to you.

Jumbo Traffic Bonanza” is without doubt a solid product, something you can grab for almost five dollars and that can give you the keys to a new paid traffic method that really works, and it’s so cheap!