80K Traffic Hacks Review

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80K Traffic Hacks

Traffic is the lifeblood of every online business. And “80K Traffic Hacks” is really the right product to take care of it. It shows how to call in an unlimited number of visitors to your site, for free. And these visitors don’t surf only, but they purchase, because seller was able to turn this traffic in over $22K in 1 week.

The real gem is inside the second half of the book, the place where you will find the real gem. The system works, it’s solid and it’s able to drive a lot of visitors to your products in a breeze. You can check the many screenshots available on sales page, and read also a few testimonials.

There are also some cool bonuses, like a checklist, to check the right steps once you read the book, a copy and paste traffic magnet, additional method to deliver visitors, and 3 PLR products about the top 3 niches this system was tested for: weight loss, dating and internet marketing.

By grabbing a copy of “80K Traffic Hacks“, you get the real techniques behind this success, plus 2 case studies that give you a better idea of the process. This is really a superb product, and if you need traffic, that’s for you!

Pinterest Genie Review <--- That's mine!

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Pinterest Genie

Pinterest Genie” it’s a great idea I had with my dear friend Milton Brown from USA. It shows you how to take Pinterest by storm by sharing videos, slideshows and podcasts instead of the usual images!

It’s really something out from ordinary, because you can imagine the effects of these media in a social media made only of pictures. You may create your boards with videos, even with your favorite one from other people, and the same with slides and audio files! And all your shared contents are playable straight from Pinterest!

You can build boards about a central theme you like, for business and for pleasure, or use the Pinterest secret boards to distribute your video contents in a different way. One boards for one course. It’s easy with our new method, tested and proven in last days!

You get also two bonuses that give you information on Pinterest, on how it works and how to take advantage of this marvellous platform, that once was created only to share images. Think seriously about it. Pinterest is 5 years old, and its traffic is growing without a pause since that date. Jump on a new trend with “Pinterest Genie” and start pulishing your videos, slides and podcasts (and all audio files)!

1,500 Stock Photos Review

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1,500 Stock Photos

If you think about the medium price of a stock phot, you will be happy to know that today you can grab “1,500 Stock Photos” for only $8! A set of 1,500 awesome photos about any category you may think, good for social media and for all your personal and commercial projects you may have.

Some of the included categories are:

  • Animals
  • Fitness
  • Foods, Beverages and Recipes
  • Hobbies
  • Objects
  • People
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Weight loss
  • And a lot of additional genres!

All these pictures are really big in size, and I can’t tell you how much you will pay for a similar photos on big name photo stock’s websites! Here, apart saving a lot of money and time in research, you are sure to get a lot of ready photos to use the way you like!

With all these cheap stock photos you can design new Teespring t-shirts, use them in websites, blogs, advertising (online or offline), movies, slideshows, documents, and even resell them all together, or in packages different for type.

They are all royalty free photos, no limits at all! And you get also Master Resale Rights included with the price. That means you can also sell them in packages! I’ve grabbed yet my copy of “1,500 Stock Photos“! Will you?

Social Trend Spy Review

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Social Trend Spy

Social Trend Spy” is a WordPress plugin that works on Facebook to search for FB campaigns that are really breaking in results. With this new and awesome tool you can really search for winning campaign to copy and paste for profits.

It works great with PPC, CPA, mobile marketing, FB ads, Teespring, offline businesses, blogs, list building and video marketing, and it could be installed and used in minutes, and it’s perfectly 100% FB complaint, so no risks at all on your side for running it anytime you desire.

Imagine one easy thing… you are searching like crazy an idea to sell something new… a trend. Instead of jumping between websites, feeds, Google and so on, you simply start this plugin, and you get under your eyes the most converting projects in chronological order!

It’s so simple to use, and now that I’ve installed it on my blog, I refer to it almost every day to find interesting information for creating new products, and for running some winning CPA campaigns (yes, I’m getting addicted to Cost Per Action!). All has been created with care by the author.

You input the niche, you get the most converting results, and you’re ready to copy them and profit. Wonderful idea, because thanks to “Social Trend Spy” you won’t have to become crazy to find the best ideas going around!

Effortless FB Profits Review

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Effortless FB Profits

Effortless FB Profits” is a new course released by Art Flair, David Kirby and Anwesh Rath, and if you want to finally stop spinning your wheels and find something that works, then you should check this product out now.

Facebook is one of the few social media website that allows you to get laser targeted traffic on demand, and in any possible niche. You will learn a lot of tips and tricks to sell anything on Facebook. There are literally no more excuses now, you can work with Facebook by staying on the right side, and make profits the easy way.

You will learn a lot of new tricks to use Facebook as your free or paid advertising network, because inside the guide I saw a great tip about using images to get the attention of your prospects, and even a well organized course on how to take advantage of ads for cheapest ever niches.

This has been created with attention, and I’m sure you will find a lot of valuable ideas for your own business, because you know… traffic is the lifeblood of your business!

At the end, I can confess I really appreciated what is shown inside “Effortless FB Profits“, and I really recommend you giving it a more than serious look!

101 Viral Graphics – Fitness & Sports

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101 Viral Graphics


David Lynch and Lisa Melia released these “101 Viral Graphics“, all about fitness and sports niches. All the images in the package are really high quality and they include a famous quote, so that they are ready to be shared on social media, or on your website.

They are yet prepared in the best sizes for social media, with a set of 1280 length photos, and one set with 900 x 900 images. Check some of the examples live, but trust me, inside this package there are a lot of gems to use for your promotion. Add your site, and you are ready to use the power of viral images.

You can really stand out from competition with these ready graphics, and you will see the results each time you are going to share them on the web. People likes quotes, and especially if they are included with awesome and stylish images. This package is well created, and if you want to increase shares and likes, this is one of the keys.

These “101 Viral Graphics” are really well selected, I got my copy and I’m ready to use them to pump advertising through my weight loss websites and the one sport blog I have about NFL Football. Will you use them at your own exclusive advantage?

Rapid Weight Loss Strategies PLR Videos Review

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Rapid Weight Loss Strategies PLR Videos

Arun Chandran is famous for releasing up to date and really targeted articles about weight loss, but this time he released his set of “Rapid Weight Loss Strategies PLR Videos“!

Inside his super pack you will find 9 white label PLR videos, each one about a direct method for weight loss. They are new, they come also with a PDF transcript you can use or distribute as you want, and they are full quality. A good set of video to distribute to your blog readers, to your list members, to your FB Page followers or in any squeeze page. And I’m sure you will find also a lot of more ways!

All videos come as unbranded, and with top quality voice overs that add a lot of value. I always go crazy with Arun Chandran PLR products, and with videos, his product library will be complete. Follow him and you will get a lot of superior weight loss PLR products!

All you have to do is simply uploading them to your desired place, like Youtube, Vimeo or your personal storage, and let your followers take advantage of them. That’s the real power behing these “Rapid Weight Loss Strategies PLR Videos

Fiverr Rockstars Review

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Fiverr Rockstars

Without every doubt, “Fiverr Rockstars” is one of the most easy and useful WSO ever released. Why? Because it includes over 500 tested and proven freelancers that work great, without any bad surprise.

Having a list like this, nowadays, means to avoid trying selecting a freelancer and hoping his/her work is up to our expectations, and I guarantee is really really difficult at first hit. So this will help you in a lot of fields, like backlinks, banners, all graphics works, eCovers, WordPress things, traffic, domain search and a lot of additional things!

All is listed carefully on a XLS file, and also on a PDF file. You will find the gig seller, the gig link and how many votes has taken, so you can really have everything in front of you, on your screen. The time it saves is really much, and you won’t get bad results anymore!

I remember one time to have ordered a good eCover for one of my books, and well… I had to try four sellers before getting something good, and now you can forget these nightmares in one hit!

If you want to take some of your time to spend like you deserve, this “Fiverr Rockstars” is really awesome for saving it! And you can be sure that your work will be done in a great way!

Video Affiliate Income Review

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Video Affiliate Income


Do you know there’s more than one way to make money with Youtube? I’m sure you know, but you never imagined there were so much! And all in one products sold for cheap! Youtube marketing is definitely one of the simple methods to make cash on the web, but if you know what you’re doing, all turns in a really easy task to do day by day.

If you will watch the 51 videos of “Video Affiliate Income” I’m more than sure you will be able to reach $100 per day in no more than 45 minutes per day, and you will also enjoy your time doing that!

James Kinght methods works mainly with YouTube, where the traffic tend to generate results almost immediately. With this set of techniques you don’t have to wait for a lot of time to have the proof all works. There’s no need to wait for results like with Search Engine Optimization and you don’t have to waste money like with FB Ads, Pay Per Click and so on…

All is scalable up to $500 per day, but if you want to earn more than the $100/day you can also go to outsource all these tasks, or just a little part. But without doubt “Video Affiliate Income” a super product you can’t lose!

Commissions Monster Review

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Commissions Monster


Commissions Monster” is a solid training delivered by three top affiliates like Edmund Loh, Naidy Phoon and Venkata Ramana, and it includes their secret strategies to get high commissions day by day. I know these three guys by a lot of time, and every day I read their newsletters. They are amazing…

The good thing about this system is that is doable, easy and durable. Once you start to focus on this product, you will instantly change your monthly income to the best ever. It will be easy to get more cash to do what you want for you and for your family, and also more time to do things you like.

Affiliate marketing could be seen as a difficult option for newbies, but of everything I saw online is the best system ever, and works day by day. Trust me, this product rocks!

You can discover the secrets to 4 figure days (not months!) and the best thing is you don’t require a big list, a big budget, a website or any technical skills. This is one easy training, made of clear step by step trainings. No more struggling to make affiliate sales, with “Commissions Monster“!