The Marketer’s Bundle Review

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The Marketer's Bundle


Ed Akerhurst is a great business man, an internet marketer on the field by many years that I had the luck to know personally, and when I found the news about his new “The Marketer’s Bundle“, I couldn’t resist telling you about it. Inside it you will find 13 great products he recently created or achieved rights for the sale:

  1. Dominate and Cash In on Profitable Niches
  2. Dominate and Cash In on Social Media Communities
  3. Be the Expert: Developing Ultimate Credibility
  4. Maximum Potential
  5. Backlinking Basics
  6. Chaos Eradicator
  7. Smart Video Sales Letters
  8. FB Remarketing Made Easy
  9. The Johnny System
  10. And more…

There are also a lot of awesome bonuses, actually 9, and they are all products that were sold by the owners, not free items. All these product will give you all the confidence you need, so that you can jump without errors from aspiring marketer to a polished professional.

Ed Akerhurst products are always valuable, but if you add to the recipe extra products made by other internet marketers around the globe, “The Marketer’s Bundle” becomes one of the latest big packages to grab at every cost! It’s up yet for a few days, then it will be removed for ever, within all the products included.

Ultimate Tube Monster Review

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Ultimate Tube Monster


If you hate creating videos, there’s another way to make money with Youtube. It’s using yet available videos and share them on your blog. With “Ultimate Tube Monster” by Naidy Phoon and Zeeshan Ahmed, you will be able to add unlimited call to actions to each video you share on your site.

So you can turn any video into a sale. You can promote your blog, you can promote affiliate products in any niche available, or you can really sell everything, or send people where you like. Instead of other plugins you see recently, this one places your ads directly on video, not around.

You can decide the position, which color set choose, and if you like set more time delays to use more call to actions at once, on the same video. It’s very easy to install, and needs just a single minute per video to setup, as you can see from the video published on the sales page.

This is what was missing in the market. “Ultimate Tube Monster” is really an incredible opportunity, don’t lose it! Turn third party Youtube videos into your cash generating machine!

TTS Sketch Maker Review

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TTS Whiteboard Video Maker


We all know that Whiteboard videos are the best marketing tool for almost any business. There are a few whiteboard animation video maker software on the market but all of them are missing something: VOICES!

That is a big problem becasue 2 bad things are happening: first the sketch video created have background music only and the viewers get bored pretty soon in following the animation, or they get tired by the music. Second, conversions are lower because the lack of a voice over.

One more problem is that after creating an outstanding sketch video you still have to pay for a voice over, that is an extra cost. Those problems are over, the new “TTS Sketch Maker” is all what you need to create amazing text to voice whiteboad animated videos in minutes!

There are 25 voices for 18 different languages included on the software, and they are so real! The Text to Speech voices are so real and are synchronized with the text and images, it is an fantastic tool! “TTS Sketch Maker” is the new tool you need to create high quality animated sketch videos super fast.

This new text to voice software is a game changer, don’t let it go, maybe you won’t be able to get it later or the price will be so high that you will regret not getting it when you could. Get it now, before the price becomes too high!

8 Minute Kindle Book Site Review

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8 Minute Kindle Book Site

Competition for readers and book sales has never been tougher. That’s why every book needs a killer landing page that grabs readers instantly, gets them excited about your book and makes them reach for a credit card.

Now you can have it without your own website… My dear friend, Barbara O’Toole, told me she’s come across a powerful new technology that sets up your book website literally in minutes: it’s the “8 Minute Kindle Book Site“.

Now, I know, we’ve heard that before and then we run into all kinds of tedious technical problems with the usual suspects – web hosting, WordPress, widgets, and so on… Stress we don’t need! Not this time.

This is a free online service designed for non-tech writers who need their books to look good and don’t have the time or funding to deal with websites. At least, not right now! “8 Minute Kindle Book Site” is really a time saving idea, one I’m really happy to have discovered, and I’m sure you will get more Kindle book sales thanks to it!

And remember, even if you have got a website already, more buy buttons are always a good thing! They are more places to be found by your next to be customers!

How to Become an IM Legend Review

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How to Become an IM Legend

I’m totally blown away! Today I watched my friend Saul from South 
Africa’s latest training course with Internet Marketing legend Marlon 
Sanders. It’s “How To Become an IM Legend“.

In case you didn’t already know, Marlon Sanders is one of 
the most successful and highly respected Internet Marketers around!

You’re going to love this powerful in-depth Internet Marketing 
training. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before, and now it’s the 
time to finally start thriving in the IM world! You owe it to yourself to 
get the details now.

Marlon’s usual consulting fee is $1000 for 1 hour… but for a short 
period of time, you can secure an hour with him for only $4.95! More, you will get another good interview, that Saul Maraney recorded with Zak Loveday, another good internet marketer that appeared from nowhere and is becoming a super selling guru.

You get the video interview to watch, an ebook with the transcription and also an audio version to hear while you are away from your computer, for example on the car, or with a MP3 player.

There’s much to learn into “How To Become an IM Legend“, but I only suggest this to newbies and people that is trying to emerge in the world of IM and product creation.

AutoZon Builder Review

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AutoZon Builder


If you are building niche sites that you monetize with Amazon affiliate program, or want to get started doing so, there’s a new WP plugin that allows you to do that: it’s “AutoZon Builder“. This brand new plugin will create a complete Amazon affiliate website in less than 60 seconds!

This plugin will automatically:

– Find Amazon products to promote
– Create a post for each product
– Insert the product features & description
– Add an image of the product
– Insert the product price
– Add product reviews from Amazon
– Insert your Amazon affiliate link

I know it is hard to believe so go watch the origina video to see it in action. You really need to check this out, it rocks! I purchased yet the front end, plus OTO 1 that gives you the rights to sell the websites you create!

If you watch the video on the “AutoZon Builder” sales page, you will see how the author creates a brand new blog in less than a minute, by including a lot of products. Each product is added with SEO title, image and a deep product description. More, you can add one of the preset buy buttons configured for Amazon.

For the low price it’s sold, this is a gem, and I hope you don’t lose it!

WSO Launching Pad Review

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WSO Launching Pad

My good friend Ali has finally launched his newest course, called “WSO Launching Pad“, where he will show you how to launch a successful WSO product in 7 days. Here are some of the topics which you will learn in this report.

  • How to create your first product.
  • How to set up your sales funnel.
  • How to come up with an irresistible frontend offer.
  • How to come up with powerful backend offer.
  • How to create your thread on Warrior Forum.
  • How to list your product on Warrior Plus.
  • How to recurit JV partners.
  • How to launch your product.
  • How to scale things up to a big level.
  • And many many more topics…

All is presented in 7 easy modules, that with the help of videos will transform you in a WSO expert, so that launching your first product will become incredibly easy. Yes, you can say for sure that Ali is holding nothing back.

And thats why this guy is getting so many positive testimonials from top industry marketers! Grab your copy of “WSO Launching Pad” right now, before the price goes up too much! This is actually the best all inclusive training on how to create and launch your WSO like a master!

Kindle Bestseller Fastlane Review

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Kindle Bestseller Fastlane

Released by Temper Thompson, “Kindle Bestseller Fastlane” describes a Kindle loophole to grab one first page spot with your books, and in less than 24 hours. Through 9 simple steps, you will see how easy it is to find golden keywords to rank your book.

You will learn the way to look at the 5 aspects of your book, that are: keywords, content, cover, marketing and getting reviews, so you will be able to fix them all, plus the real loophole for ranking your book. More, you can discover how to study and outsell your book’s big competitors.

But that’s not all, because you will also learn how to use your own description to become a bestseller, some crucial category selection advices, how to turn your old books into a success and the recommended days for scheduling your book promo, to get the best results ever. We can say you are shown how to make the most out of your Kindle books!

Remember, getting your book in a better position is something will add value to your books, and will multiply your sales, for new and old books that don’t sell anymore, or that lost some of their appeal.

Kindle Bestseller Fastlane” is a gem, a simple and easy to understand set of methods, tested and proven by Temper Thompson to guarantee it works, with two case studies you can check on sales page.



Viddy Click Review

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Viddy Click

Everytime Derek Allen releases a new WSO about video methods, I rush to purchase it, and this is the case of “Viddy Click“. You get 3 videos with a manual that shows you how to outsource video creation to have a lot of physical products reviews ready for Youtube.

These video reviews are built in a really specific way, and you get all the details to build a goldmine in a couple of weeks. This method is awesome with Amazon Associates, and any other affiliate
program that allows you to sell physical products (you get which products to target, and which leave out, too!)

What I recommend you to do is at first to give a general read to the book, really well made, and when you have the method in your head, to read it once more but this time adding videos. In this way you will comprehend everything about this method, that is really easy but requires just a bit of attention by yourself.

Give also a look to the OTO, that adds a lot of value to the first method enhancing it and making it much more profitable. It’s made by a Derek colleague, but it was really a golden nugget!

Viddy Click” is a treasure box, easy to apply but will definitely give you a terrible advantage over competitors!

The Clickbank Heist Review

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The Clickbank Heist

My good friend Billy D has opened the door to his brand new WSO called “The ClickBank Heist.” Billy walks you through exactly what he is doing to generate $50 to $160 per day and wants to show you how you can copy him with ease.

You’ll uncover the forbidden tactics to generating limitless, laser targeted, ready to buy, credit card in hand free buyer traffic, the forbidden tactics to generating limitless, laser targeted, ready to buy, credit card in hand free buyer traffic, how to siphon truck loads of cash directly into your bank account.

Just imagine a bank account stuffed full of cash that never finishes and the secret to digging yourself out of debt super fast – Debt can take it’s toll on your life but just imagine how happy and free you’d feel with zero debt and learn how everyone else is making money online except you and how YOU can fix that fast…

Check also the big bonuses you may get with your purchase, because it’s a great set of gems, including 14 of Billy D WSOs, a webinar and a closed FB Group access. It’s incredible how much value you get! Would you like to do that? It’s more easy than what you thinking, and you can see profits in a short time span. This is the real power of “The ClickBank Heist“!

Exclusive Bonus for you:
Yin and Yang Ploarities“, a great book to sell on Clickbank or to resell in any way you like!