Five Figure Secret Review

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Five Figure Secret


Bill Hugall is one of the most brave high ticket sellers I have ever had the luck to know, and this “Five Figure Secret” comes from his own experience. It shows you how to turn little daily sales as an affiliate into a 5 figure sale by promoting high ticket products.

This method is brought to you by a guy that has been doing this for years, and that is teaching the same methods to his private coaching clients for a lot of money. Today it could be yours for a little price, and you may really change the next commissions you will earn.

If you want a sneak peek, this is about setting up webinars to make 5 figures a time, and that’s really something I always dreamed to learn. That’s why I purchased my copy, and I checked it out before letting you know! It’s pure gold, with videos and PDF files!

And more, I really trust Bill Hugall, because he built a great part of his success on big ticket sales, promoting high quality products with not-so-common prices! This is what “Five Figure Secret” is all about! A solid product for who is searching more profits by following the right advices!

Targeted Traffic Blueprint Review

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Targeted Traffic Blueprint

If you are serious about building your own big list, made of responsive and high converting subscribers, then “Targeted Traffic Blueprint” could be the product you were searching for!

Not only does it work, but it’s the tiniest investment you can make and still having a realistic expectation of results! It will show you how to get incredible cheap results with Bing Ads, an ad network we tend to forget, but that delivers superb results with few cents per click.

With their case study, Alex Langidis and Vanessa Zac are showing how, with only 378 clicks they got 191 subscribers in their list. This a really untapped traffic strategies that is really working, and something you can use for your own business, in any possible niche.

Apart the main guide, in the main zip file you can find a mindmap, to study the concepts in a breeze, a super-easy checklist to follow and a link to Alex personal Facebook group, where you can ask questions, talk about your campaigns and exchange ideas with members, including the authors.

This is really something interesting that I will test on my own in next few days! Follow the method, and start to grow your buyer’s list in literally no time with “Targeted Traffic Blueprint“!

Jumbo Video Blowout Review

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Jumbo Video Blowout


Today I had the opportunity to grab a copy of “Jumbo Video Blowout“, a super idea for video creators. It includes 120 PowerPoint animated slides, and thousands of additional images and videos, including 16 CTA videos,20 offline marketing videos, 3,123 whiteboard graphics and icons plus a lot of additional stuff and all the rest of what you can really imagine.

All what you get with this huge package could be used with the most famous graphics and video editing software, like Microsoft Powerpoint, OpenOffice, Apple Keynote, Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro, Video Maker FX, Video Scribe, Adobe After Effects, OptimizePress, InstaBuilder, ProfitBuilder, Lead Pages and many many more.

All the files included are available in different file formats, like SVG, PNG and AI (this one included only in some packages). Can you imagine what you can really create with all this stuff, considering you can mix each one of these things into your videos? You can choose, for example, 3 PowerPoint templates to mix, with 20 icons about fitness. It’s crazy!

If you want to record videos, or simply create outstanding slides to upload on SlideShare, “Jumbo Video Blowout” is an incredible package you won’t have to lose, because it’s cheap and provides so many quality items you can’t find elsewhere. If you compare the graphics in this package with some others, you will see this is your next shortcut to video success.

Detox For Better Health PLR

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Detox For Better Health PLR


Having a full content funnel in place is helpful no matter which niche you’re in. But when you can click on a download button and grab top quality content that’s prewritten for you, and ready to use, it’s even better!

Tiffany Lambert, former ghostwriter to the gurus, develop a soup to buts PLR funnel called “Detox for Better Health“. This package helps you pull in traffic, build a list, cater to your audience via emails, convert them into buyers of your readymade product, and promote to them afterwards, too.

In this new pack, which is on sale for 7 days only, you get:

– An eBook
– Bonus Report
– Opt In Report
– Email Autoresponder Series
– Articles (or Blog Posts)
– Product Reviews
– Editable Graphics of the Ecovers
– Editable Minisite
– Prewritten Sales Copy

Detox for Better Health” is a pack you don’t want to miss. The detox topic is perfect for weight loss, anti aging, mindset, and a whole host of specific health issues. You only have a short window to grab it on time!

CPA Roadmap Review

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CPA Roadmap

If when someone talks about CPA you are frustrated by rejection from CPA Networks, by the high competition for CPA products and you are not making enough money with CPA marketing, I’ve found the right product for you: it’s “CPA Roadmap“!

Then I have good news for you, my friends Saul Maraney, with Pedro Lopes and Adam Payne are came up with an amazing product that deals with all the above problems, because the guide will tell you how to get accepted in CPA networks, but it will teach everything from start to end.

You will learn many things, including:

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of getting accepted to CPA networks.
  • How to select products to promote and do niche research.
  • How to cash in with CPA using free traffic from YouTube.
  • How to rank a YouTube video and make passive CPA commissions.
  • Some cool bonuses for learning more facts and things about Cost Per Action.
  • And much much more!

I started my adventure in CPA marketing, thanks to “CPA Roadmap“, and I’m confident I will see the first earnings from the next week. Will you try on your own? Once started, CPA is difficult to stop!

25 Minute Fiction System Review

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25 Minute Fiction System

Today Ryan Leonard launched “25 Minute Fiction System“, a super product that shows you how to write 22,000 words novellas in easy 25 minutes blocks. It’s really superb, and I want to show you why.

His new “hyper focus” formula will help you write to up to 1o times fast in speed. More, it eliminates forever the bad writer’s block, and help you to create state of the art romances much better and fast.

The good thing is that to activate this method you don’t have to spend money on ghostwriters, that delivers content that is not really “yours” at the end. And you don’t have to look the empy Doc file fora lot of minutes without knowing where to start.

This is pure gold for anyone who wants to publish new and amazing books, on Kindle as well as in any other marketplace. This is really amazing and fabulous. I really appreciated this method, because it doesn’t permit you to fail. Only success, and you can aim for one book per week!

This is what you can obtain by sticking to this awesome “25 Minute Fiction System“. I love it!

RSS Traffic Rocket Review

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RSS Traffic Rocket


By years I’m a WordPress genius, and an incredible user of RSS feeds, and today I’ve decided to release my best strategy to bring an unlimited and constant flow of traffic day by day to your blog.

RSS Traffic Rocket” shows you how to collect your blog RSS and add it to 13 services, so that every time you are going to post a new article, it spreads all over the web, where thousands of people are ready to like, share and click your link.

Available as OTOs, there is a second book of RSS techniques, this time involving your social media and giving you real tips to save a lot of time for things you love. Then my product launch coaching, that is launched for this time in 2015, after the 5 people I trained last year. Last but not least, there’s the access to my monthly membership where I do two webinars per month.

You require only 30 minutes to setup this system, and then it will continue to work forever, without other steps to do. I use it since the automation service I’m talking about has been released. It’s fantastic, and only for the first 2 days you can grab it at a real low price! Go and check “RSS Traffic Rocket” out!

Azon Dog Care PLR Pack Review

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Azon Dog Care PLR

We know that a profitable niche is based on a passion or a pain, right? And it doesn’t get much more passionate than this! Dog owners are crazy about their pets and spend huge amounts on them – billions of dollars every year, in fact.

Where do they spend a large chunk of that money? On Amazon of course. There are more than 55 million households with pet dogs in the US alone and those owners fit the same demographic as the perfect Amazon buyer.

All of that is great news for you but the dog niche is huge which is why Amanda Craven’s huge new “Azon Dog Care PLR” will save you tons of time and effort. She has narrowed this down to the Dog Care niche and then drilled right down to bring you the very best that Amazon has to offer, combing through literally thousands of products to come the best items to promote.

You get everything you need to dominate this niche including:

• 20 Brand New, High Quality Amazon Review Videos
• 2 Brand New Reports • 2 Unique Squeeze Pages
• 100 Keyword-Rich Dog Care Articles
• Market Intelligence Report giving the insider lowdown on this niche
• Amazon Product Report containing 35 carefully selected products to promote immediately
• 10 Brand New Dog Viral Quote Images to post on social media/blogs
• 10 Brand New Instagram Images
• 4 Top 10 Dog Videos to upload to YouTube/use onblogs
• Done For You Keywords
• Valuable Bonuses as well!

Azon Dog Care PLR” is on dimesale so go check it out as soon as possible!

Free Traffic Monster Review

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Free Traffic Monster

Imagine that having all the free traffic you want and need is only one push of a button away… This is what “Free Traffic Monster” shows you, and you will learn that this type of traffic is way more awesome than paid traffic.

Why? Because a free traffic method doesn’t require money, it’s easy to apply because you don’t need to be crazy to test it out, and more, it can be run for a lifetime without going broke.

After checking this product out, I can tell you don’t need much time to activate it, and what you may discover it’s really mind blowing. In fact you can set up everything in just 5 minutes! You can use this great free traffic wherever you want:

  • to a CPA offer.
  • to an affiliate offer.
  • to pay-per-lead programs.
  • to your own offers.
  • and to your own blog posts.

Art, David and Anwesh, the authors of this awesome course, have put all their efforts into this product, and I’m sure you will find it awesome just as I was able to see. The price of the course is going up fast, so grab it now, because “Free Traffic Monster” will literally fly away from the shelf.

7 Dollar Tsunami Review

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7 Dollar Tsunami

Yesterday I got a review copy of “7 Dollar Tsunami“, and here is my review about a really interesting method. All is based on a really simple technique that will permit you to get a mass of $7 payments into your Paypal account, month by month.

Getting subscribers with this method is really easy, from what I saw and tested on my own, because the $7 fee is below the “scary price” barrier, and people tend to purchase membership at that price. And if they find your contents great, they will stay in for a long time.

This product is delivered as a 34 minute video that holds you by the hand and walks you through every step on how to: find good topics to write a newsletter, outsource your work, create a solid sales page, sell access on monthly basis, and automate the delivery with your autoresponder.

Easy? Yes, it seems! But without the tips and tricks you get on the video, is really impossible. This product is really a golden opportunity for you to create that huge monthly income. You will get all the tips coming straight from the author. That’s why I won’t lose a copy of “7 Dollar Tsunami“!