How To Get Traffic From Facebook Review

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"How To Get Traffic From Facebook"

You know that Reed Floren, my dear friend since 2008, releases WSO Of The Day almost every couple of weeks, selling thousand of copies in one hit, and there’s a reason behind his great success: he delivers simple step by step courses on the most requested topics.

Yesterday he released “How To Get Traffic From Facebook“, a new video course in which you will learn how to do affiliate marketing and JV partnerships via FB Ads, but without throwing out any money, thank to targeted FB Ads.

If you try these ads alone, it’s sure you get no success, because they tend to be too broad, and they will reach wrong people. With Reed instructions, instead, it will be easy to put your ad in the right place, and only on the right people sidebar and timelines.

You will discover a lot of lessons to become real experts, like:

  • What are Facebook ads?
  • Should you use right side or newsfeed ads?
  • How to bid correctly.
  • Which is the best between CPC/CPM and Optimized CPM?
  • How to select the best image for your FB ads.
  • How to drive laser and targeted traffic.
  • How to get clicks for real pennies.
  • How to create out from ordinary ads.
  • How to promote affiliate offers and find JV partners.
  • How to build your list, even from zero.
  • How to market to your existing customers.
  • And more!

Reed Floren’s “How To Get Traffic From Facebook” is a gem if you want to use FB Ads like a professional! It includes all what you want to know, and things to be sure your ads stay as cheap as they can!

CB Powerplug Review

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CB Powerplug

You know that Clickbank is one of the most reputable source in the past, where buying and selling products. Nowadays on Clickbank you can find high ticket offers, and a lot of unique products in all the possible niches. So why don’t taking advantage of Clickank platform with the awesome “CB Powerplug“?

Knowing the best way to check converting offers is checking for gravity, you know that when you list products for gravity, Clickbank puts us in trouble, because you get a lot of products that don’t have nothing to share with what we searched!

This WordPress plugin helps you out to check the real big products on Clickbank, about what are you searching! No more diet products when you are searching for list building! Thanks to this, you can really uncover a lot of profitable products to promote!

You can run a review blog, a newsletter, create a video series to rank on Google via Youtube or Google Hangouts, and reap the real benefits in front of the usual people who search right on Clickbank.

CB Powerplug” is made to change affiliate marketing for Clickbank, and it’s a great idea! Plus, you get a video course on how to use this plugin, and a traffic training made for CB.

Kindle Category Conqueror Review

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Kindle Category Conqueror

Have you ever dreamed to have a lot of sales of your own Kindle books for free? “Kindle Category Conqueror” just use an incredible Kindle category trick, and it works like crazy! Kindle categories can in fact help your books to be discovered with ease, and with KDP you can choose two categories. The problem is sometimes they are not right for your books.

What if I tell you that by using a secret category technique created by Benji Wilson and Mike Balmaceda you could generate well over $11K in royalties from your books? With only 3 books to be precise! This same method you are going to discover has boosted Benji’s book rankings to #317 paid and #2 free on Kindle Store!

You have simply to check out their method, presented in a clear step by step process, and do it on your own books to get a lot of more sales, and a better presence on the Kindle store. This same method generated, apart the $11,000 of cash, 110,000 downloads and over 292 sales in a day. You can check stats directly on sales page.

And for a limited time these two guys are teaching this strategy to you, with their new course. If you’re interested in becoming a bestseller by using a free category system, go now to grab your personal copy of “Kindle Category Conqueror“!

Lazy Authority Site Arbitrage Review

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Lazy Authority Sites Arbitrage


Yesterday I purchased a copy of this awesome “Lazy Authority Site Arbitrage“, that I got the time to check and test on my own. If you struggle to make online sales, this is a good method for you to check out, because if you follow the method, launching not a lot of minisites, but just a few, you can build a monthly income pretty easily.

The author, Wayne, trained some of his coaching students some weeks ago, showing them a simple trick to build mini authority sites in hours. Well, who followed his steps made almost $2,000 per month. And this guide was made just from the profits of his best student.

The WSO walks you through the process of creating a passive income directly from scratch, without leaving nothing out. And that’s why I really recommend it if you have never tried niche marketing with a boost!

You get also three good bonuses, including a ready site template to copy and paste over your server, a copy of his next to last WSO Of The Day, and a super webinar to learn the real tricks of this method and to ask him questions live.

For the price it’s sold, I think there’s nothing more to say, because the value you get with “Lazy Authority Site Arbitrage” goes well over the little price!

FB Remarketing Cheatsheet Review

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FB Remarketing Cheatsheet


Today I want to review the Barb Ling “Facebook Remarketing Cheatsheet” that she released a few weeks ago, and that I didn’t saw at the time… Oh my! 🙂 Barbara in last months released a lot of these cheap cheatsheets, and they always provide quality for the lowest possible price.

In fact, for almost $3, you can grab a list of resources to learn all about Facebook remarketing, a fundamental technique to retarget users via ads. Retargeting means that you may display your ad in front of people that left your website, and that’s a game changing idea. You can use this method to take back customers to your site, and to convince who didn’t purchased the first time.

You can get tens of links to the best resources, videos, free software, techniques, tips and tricks and discover how to get unlimited updates on the topic on daily basis, following direct links provided by Barb.

FB Remarketing Cheatsheet” is a cheap but really valuable solution to learn everything about retargeting on Facebook. Something that can give you a huge advantage over your competitors, convince more visitors to turn themselves into buyers, and remember others that your site is always open for business!

Azon Product Pop Review

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Azon Product Pop

It’s easy to monetize websites with the newest “Azon Product Pop“, a WordPress plugin that automatically turns your keywords into links to Amazon Associates affiliate products! Just a hover with your moust over the link, and a little window with product details and price will appear, automatically and without lifting a finger. This is a gem!

Just set it up, let it run, and watch your commissions go up. It chooses automatically the best products with your own keyword, and it’s really easy to install, in a minute, and could be set up in seconds. You can use it on Amazon products stores, on your personal blog, review blogs, and a lot of other possibilities.

It’s awesome for niche blogs, but good also on general blogs about more than one single niche. It can display as many pop up boxes on a page as you like, and requires no HTML or other stuff. That pop up boxes come out like magic when a person hover the mouse on one of the words you have chosen.

It’s really a game changing WordPress plugin, and it’s sold for pennies, if you are fast enough! Grab a copy of this “Azon Product Pop“, and start getting a passive affiliate income from Amazon Associates in just a few hours from installation!

Paul Nicholls Monster PLR Package Review

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Paul Nicholls  Monster PLR Package

Paul Nicholls is one of the most respectable Warrior Forum marketers, and this “Monster PLR Package” gives you access to his latest 21 WSO with exclsuive PLR rights. A lot of value!

This is something crazy and out of ordinary, because Paul pays a lot of attention on his own products, and they are just ready to go, with videos, sales pages, download pages and all what you need to start using them in minutes!

More, he did over $90K with the same products he gives to you, and made 5 WSO Of The Day with them, so it’s a double win, because you know they sell like hotcakes, and are yet tested to sell well. There’s an incredible value in this package, and I want you to grab your copy and start making sales!

Change something and use them as front end products, or leave them “as is” and use them as OTOs, or extract information to create anything you like in your marketing experience! What you get here are months of full work done for you.

You have just to make profits with this “Paul Nicholls Monster PLR Package“, but be fast, or the price will go too up through the roof!

Productivity Profits Blueprint Review

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Productivity Profits Blueprint


Garry Sayer presented today a total revision of his own “Productive Profits Blueprint“, that now is bigger and includes a lot of tips and tricks to grow your productivity to new heights. Productivity must be conquered “on the field”, because nowadays there are too many things that grab our attention while we are working, so we are producing less and in a worst way, respect what we really can do.

The real gurus of internet marketing, as well as in other market, have won procrastination, stress and time management to get better results in a shorter time span, and from now on you will be able to copy them.

Enhancing your productivity you may get a lot of jobs completed fast, get more results, more sales, more success and all what you are dreaming right now. Taking care of your time in a better way will only bring advantages!

In the package you may find the main guide, with over 70 pages, 2 great infographics and three worksheets (one for motivation, one for project planning and finally one for success planning. Let me confess you may get a huge value for almost $6, and remember that every good guru is an ace about productivity. Skip it, and you will never get what you really desire!

That’s why I can only suggest you to grab this low price “Productive Profits Blueprint“, that comes from a master of Warrior Forum, and read it all applying it to your daily routine!

FB Cash Cow Review

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FB Cash Cow

FB Cash Cow” has finally been released today to the general public by Jonathan Hinkle. This course will be a great surprise for you, if you want to give more value to your time, because it will literally allow you to create a Facebook centered income in under 3 months without the typical hassles of other online marketing methods.

The best thing about this course, developed in two guides, with some cool bonuses, is that it’s a self-sustainable system, which doesn’t rely on fluctuating traffic patterns like those seen from search engines traffic. All it requires is a little work, like a proper niche selection, some viral content, and leverage. All has been included in this package, and you won’t be left alone, because you are shown everything in a step by step way.

The way I see it, this is a marketing system and traffic solution that really works, a great set of techniques that you can use for a very long time… until you want to try another new niche! For all it is worth, “FB Cash Cow” is surprisingly affordable and offers so much value, that you would have to be crazy to at least not check it out!

Weird Niche Content Review

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Weird Niche Content

Why targeting desperate niches is the right move to a passive income? Because you will see this package gives you all what you need to start from zero.

I know you’re probably used to read headings like this one all the time, so permit me to talk you about the buzz generated by “Weird Niche Content” by Mark Bishop. There are simply six basic actions to making cash by getting rid of desperate people problems in specific niche markets. You will learn the same actions Mark Bishop uses again and again to dominate these little markets while making a lot of cash doing so.

This is how it works:

  • Find a desperate niche (the sort of niche where folks are much more likely to purchase online things.)
  • Study the demographics (understand the audience you are targeting.)
  • Discover the most effective keywords in the niche (low competition, buying phrases and LSI.)
  • Select the very best items in the niche to advertise (concrete & electronic.)
  • Generate a stack of particular niche specific material created to offer for free, but without alienating your readers.
  • And also add good articles to an easy blog with embedded affiliate links.

Everything is described with much care, that shows how Mark really did all these actions many times, to reap the benefits of marketing on a weird niche. Could you do that? I bet you could! You see, generating cash online could appear complex but that’s simply because numerous of the so called GURUs desire you to believe it is… however it’s NOT!

With this training, you are able to get:

  • 3 big desperate niches to target.
  • All the relative audience demographics.
  • Over 1,200 targeted keywords (a lot with low competiton!)
  • Recommended products to promote.
  • 900 unique articles.
  • A super training tutorial to really start from zero.
  • And much much more!

Check it out this awesome “Weird Niche Content“, and if you purchase right now from my link, you can grab my exclusive “150 PLR Bonus Pack”, delivered straight on JVZoo download page!