List Dominion Review

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List Dominion


Jeff Baxter and Abdulmagid Zanati have just released “List Dominion“, one of their best courses to date that’s not only going to show you how to grow your mailing list but they’re also giving you a plug and play system so that you can start making affiliate sales as soon as tonight!

As the old saying goes “The Money Is In The List”, you’re about to get access to a course that’s going to show you how to build your mailing list at rapid speed, and how to cash in with you rnew mailing list without any wait.

The course is delivered in video modules, so that’s easy to learn new concept. Module 1 is good for newbies of list building, but Module 2 and 3 are advanced modules that give you the tricks to let solo ads work, and to discover two new techniques:  the warm market messaging and the timeline supercharged.

You will also learn how to write the right messages, and the right products to promote to collect extra fast commissions without any waiting. If you’ve been struggling to get your online business off the ground with your own list, then “List Dominion” is without doubt the next course you must study!

Local Consultant Web Kit Review

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Local Consultant Web Kit

If you want to be seen as an expert of local marketing, your blog must show that, so it will be really easy to sell your offline marketing services this way. Why should a local business hire you? Show them you are the right person with a few right steps, as suggested by this feature rich “Local Consultant PLR Web Kit“.

This is an awesome package that includes all what you need to turn your blog into a professional resource for small businesses and people in need of your services. This pack includes:

1) 9 professionally written articles, each one about a different area of interest.
2) 6,000 words book to become an authority and get leads.
3) 9 fresh mobile site designs to show your expertise in no time.
4) 3 professional business card templates.

All in editable format with full PLR rights, for starting in offline marketing so fast as you ever wanted. Offline marketing will give you much satisfaction, but start with a proven formula, given to you by “Local Consultant PLR Web Kit“, a gem created for you by David Chamberlain and Jamie Garside!

KD Exp Review

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KD Exp

My dear friend Paul Coleman did a little experiment in last month, and today is ready to show us the huge results he got in: “KD Exp – Kindle Case Study“. The technique he used is really simple: he put the main keyword he was targeting in the book title, and made a free post on FB. That’s all!

His book is still earning over $1,000 a month, without stopping. And achieved an extra good ranking too, consequent to so many sales. This is a fantastic case study, something rare you won’t find elsewhere. It includes:

  • The eBook.
  • The niche he targeted.
  • The main keyword he used.
  • The facebook post he written.
  • All his incredible knowledge on Kindle books.

The system runs completely on autopilot, once set up, and works for both fiction and nonfiction books. I’ve had a chance to check out Paul guide, and it’s awesome like usual. Lots of contents, ideas and a lot of real proofs. And the system is really easy!

Paul Coleman’s “KD Exp” will be available for a really short time, so I highly recommend you to grab it now. I believe Paul is planning on taking it down in a few days from launch!

Product Academy Incubator Review

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Product Academy Incubator

Emilis Strimaitis is one of the few great people I had the luch to know. He is a professional, one that generally don’t release cheap products. But this time he decided it was the time to release one of the best tranings I ever saw about product creation: “Product Academy Incubator“.

Inside his membership he provides 21 videos with extras, shared over a 3 week plan, that will help you to create your first product, and sell it. A fantastic training that you may complete in 21 days, or just 3 days, as this depends only on you.

You are able to select a niche, evaluate buying power, make a plan, build the product, get affiliates and ready reviews for your post, writing your winning sales letter,
get JV partners, add OTOs and launch. Plus all what stays in the middle.

More, you receive what you need to complete the steps without waiting, including templates (for sales letter, for OTO, for niche research, and so on.) For these reasons, and much more, “Product Academy Incubator” is one of the best product creation video courses I’ve ever saw, and Emilis knows his stuff on product creation and launches. So, if you want to make better launches, or launch your product from zero, this is your time!

Ultimate Amazon Stress PLR Kit Review

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Ultimate Amazon Stress PLR Kit

Want to know what affects 1 out of every 5 people on the planet, and is responsible for more than half of all days off work, costing US alone $300 billion a year? Stress, that’s what! Which makes this not only one huge, hungry niche but also one thatís evergreen. In fact, it is exploding year on year.

But how do you get a foothold in such a big niche, never mind dominate it? That is the easy part – because Amanda Craven has produced another of her superb PLR packages, this time in the Stress Niche with the focus on Amazon.

The Ultimate Amazon Stress PLR Kit” is a huge bundle of resources for Amazon affiliates, other affiliates, Amazon sellers and product creators.

It includes:

  • 20 Brand New, High Quality Amazon Review Videos.
  • 6 Affirmation & Relaxation Videos.
  •  2 Unique, Easily to Edit Squeeze Pages.
  •  Two Professionally Written PLR Reports On Managing Stress.
  • Market Intelligence Report giving the insider lowdown on this niche.
  • Amazon Product Report containing 35 carefully selected products to promote immediately.
  • 10 Viral Quote Images.
  • 10 Instagram Images.
  • 10 Niche Articles & Report.
  • 5 Written Product Reviews.
  • Done For You Keywords.
  • And two valuable bonuses.

The Ultimate Amazon Stress PLR Kit” is on offer at an insanely low launch price for 7 days only so snap it up before it goes on sale for $67 in Amandaís PLR store. With everyone suffering from post-Holiday stress and the January blues, now is the perfect time to grab this and start profiting. Check it out here but hurry- it is on dimesale and shooting up!

Auto Funnel Machine Review

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Auto Funnel Machine


I tell you the truth: I hate sales videos. I can’t really spend 10 to 40 minutes of my time only to see what a person is selling! So? I saw some online reviews and I decided to press the buy button of “Auto Funnel Machine“.

It doesn’t happens all days to find a $50,000 in 2 days case study, so I decided to give a look to this offer that actually sold more than 1,000 copies (I’ve yet to comprehend how to sell so much…)

You will get 4 videos plus 3 as a bonus, and thanks to them you will learn how to prepare a solid funnel step by step, by checking their winning one that could be used for online or offline marketing, in any niche you like.

This product shows you the steps required to put the funnel at work, and the author show you the tools he uses and let you see his Paypal account too, to testify how well his funnel is working. This guy, Mario, really knows his stufff!

Check this “Auto Funnel Machine” out, and especially if you want to watch the long video, or jump in following my suggestion. In every case you will find a lot of valuable information!

WP Click Store Review

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WP Click Store


I always like the simple all-in-one solutions that permit you to have a service up and running in a few minutes. “WP Click Store” is a Clickbank based product store that you may install and configure on your WordPress blog in no more than 11 minutes. Curious? I bet!

Brett Ingram, the creator of this WP theme, has made everything easy to install his new creature on our blog and set up the entire eCommerce store in a few minutes, by adding only the products we want.

So if you want a health store, you can do it. But you can create also an internet marketing product store, or about trainings for dog lovers. This theme gives you an incredible power, and no blog will be the same thanks to this idea. A series of step by step videos walk you through the easy process, but if you know how to upload a new theme, you won’t need them at all, guaranteed.

WP Click Store” is a solution I really like, because you may advertise your blogs in the way you want after it’s live. You can put a link in your emails, on your eBooks, videos, slides, websites and blogs and drive thousands of peole with ease. This is a gem, check it out!

48 Hour Golden Ticket Review

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48 Hour Golden Ticket


With “48 Hour Golden Ticket” by Jeremy Kennedy you may discover how to create a $197 offer to sell as your own in only a couple of hours. And more, you will learn how to add a $47 per month upsell in a few more minutes.

I’m used to big claims that at the end of the day are fake, but this time I wanted to purchase this WSO and check it out. What you get is a 13 pages guide and… nothing else.

The guide, anyway, was well made. Because without the need for hundreds of pages, guided me to a new project I never did before. Creating a $197 products in a hour per week, and add an easy upsell you can do in 20 minutes for $47 per month.

The product is good, the idea inside is great but for my opinion you can use it outside internet marketing. Choose anything from health, sports, hobbies, dating or something you are passionated with, and you will go great, really. You get also a $197 product sales page done by Jeremy, that you can check and get ideas from.

This is something I will add to my own to-do list, because I like how it’s done and how it brings you a good sum of money day by day! And that’s why I think this “48 Hour Golden Ticket” has been created with care.

Free Traffic Bonanza Review

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Free Traffic Bonanza


Traffic is without doubts the most important thing, and “Free Traffic Bonanza” shows you a hidden source of free traffic capable of bringing over 30K visitors on autopilot. Mehdi Tihani, the author, is a dear friend of me, and launched this WSO that currently sold well over 2,000 copies.

It’s a 100% free and totally scalable traffic, good for CPA, for list building, for local business owners or simply for who needs a lot of traffic to count on, for making more sales or for improving results and grow their lists.

You can grab this unlimited traffic potential for a little price, and this is good for newbies, advanced marketers and who is searching for a valuable constant traffic. It is very targeted, not common free traffic you may find elsewhere.

More, you may get 3 top bonuses that are worth way more than the price you will pay for this course, about Google Hangouts, LinkedIn and 50 more traffic generation techniques, that are adding more value to a special traffic creation pack.

Free Traffic Bonanza” is superb, easy to learn and apply, and if it has sold so well that’s because it works like crazy!

Romance Riches Review

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Publishing Intelligence Romance Riches


You probably know that romance is one of the biggest and best-selling categories on Kindle marketplace. But did you know that some romance niches sell even better? Amy Harrop has unleashed this underground gold mine in her latest: “Publishing Intelligence: Romance Riches“.

With “Romance Riches”, Amy is giving you all the tools and research you need to easily create or outsource quality, unique content that your readers will snap up. This huge product reveals many interesting things, including:

  1. A massively in-demand category plus 4 hot sub-niches you can easily publish to.
  2. All the necessary: demographic information, niche research, and competitive analysis to dominate this category.
  3. All of the research, outlines and demographic information to easily write or outsource a book.
  4. How and where to find your buyers-they love these books.
  5. Marketing plans that sell your books, both free and paid options…
  6. How to continue to make money with your book and go beyond the initial book sale.
  7. And much much more!

Don’t miss out on this complete and brand new publishing toolbox- “Romance Riches” it’s available for a few days only at an introductory price. Amy Harrop knows her stuff, and it’s one of the few person I respect on Kindle writing!