Grandma’s Profit Revenge Review

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Grandma's Profit Revenge


Jeremy Kennedy presents in this products his mother Shelah, a fantastic person I’d the luck to know on Facebook from a few years. And this “Grandma’s Profit Revenge” shows you just what Jeremy did for her mother, in need of an easy and profitable system to earn while at home.

With the same method you are going to learn, Shelah was able to build a list of 194 people in less than 48 hours, and made $38.42 is just that time, from people that didn’t knew her. It’s something awesome, and I’m sure that in a month from now, she will earn a lot more, going up to at least $1.50 per people per month, like the good lists.

Buying this video course, you help Shelah in continuing his own home business by one side, and by the other you can follow her same path,  without any risk. You will learn basic and advanced things, and what I really likes was she explained the offer to avoid promoting, and some good automation concepts to work less but earning more at same time.

This is a fantastic 45 minute video, that walks you through the entire process, in an easy to follow step-by-step way. More, you can count on a direct interview recorded by Jeremy together with his mother Shelah. It’s easy to comprehend this product includes all the marketing experience of Jeremy, made easy by Shelah that built up a fantastic system with this “Grandma’s Profit Revenge“!

Christmas Cash Explosion Review

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Christmas Cash Explosion

In these last years I’ve had the luck to know many supportive as well as friendly people, including Gordon Russell, that today delivered a big deal in time for this Christmas.

It’s “Christmas Cash Explosion“, a 29 page guide that helps you in discovering 40 easy jobs you can do before Christmas (and even on the rest of the year, for many of these tasks), to rake in the required cash in time. Trying just a few methods, he was able to generate a good and solid income, as he shows on the sales page.

Methods are mainly jobs you can do on your own, offering your service to friends, or their friends. Apart a few “all digital” methods, the rest is really easy to do, and are all easy to make tasks, that you can complete to get your reward the same day. It’s an awesome selection of jobs, each one well described.

With “Christmas Cash Explosion“, every Christmas won’t be anymore a big expense, but just a period of time to increase your earnings, so that it will be easy for you to purchase the right gifts for you and for your loved ones, and to pay all the taxes and invoices that puntually comes into our mailbox to damage our festivity times!

Twenty Minute Video Review

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Twenty Minute Video


Twenty Minute Video” is a good and solid training on how to start recording professional videos in less than 20 minutes, because you have yet all what you need to become a video star.

Video are the key to conquer a big slice of the web 2.0 public, and they open a lot of new opportunities in front of you, because people nowadays stay more time on Youtube than in any other online site.

Inside this huge package, that is sold for pennies, you will find:

  • 3 fast start videos.
  • 9 video modules with ready mindmaps.
  • A presenter skills guide.
  • Camera skills guide.
  • Mobile editing guide.

More, after your first purchase you will have the possibility to enter a group coaching, or a 1 to 1 coaching to become a video master, and take action on your internet marketing strategies.

This is a huge course if you want to take action and start recording the right videos that get clicks and convince people to take action!

Lazy Money System on Clickbank Review

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The Lazy Money System



Hans Jeschke released again “The Lazy Money System”, this time launching it over Clickbank. This is the best Bing Ads guide I’ve ever found online. In fact at first you do not even need a lot of money to get started. Then you might even qualify for free $50 in free advertising credits! But apart this, the 28 page guide show you everything about Bing Ads.

There is not theory here, but the case study of what Hans did to earn a lot of money without efforts, including the exact products he promoted, the same ads he used to take so much commissions, and even the exact keywords! It’s easy, just like a good “Copy & Paste” system, without the need to have websites, landing pages, squeeze pages and with no use of SEO.

Filled by step by step how to’s, by clear screenshots of any move, this is without doubts one of the most complete guides on how to get success from the Bing Ads network, simply by promoting affiliate offers in the right way, without any error. What you can learn from Hans comes just from his daily to-do list, because actually he earns hundreds of dollars day by day.

It’s clear that “The Lazy Money System” is an awesome guide under any point of view!

Laid Back Profits Review

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Laid Back Profits

Laid Back Profits” is a good case study about two launches made by Brendan Pierce, and there’s something good to learn if you follow the exact steps of his success. Inside the 30 pages guide, and the 42 minute video, you will see the differences between a normal launch, and an exclusive JV launch with partners. And the difference is really huge!

This product tells the story of Brendan, a guy like us, that wanted to launch his first product. He did it, and he got a few sales and $260 profits. But while it was in the middle of his launch without any affiliate, he was reached by two guys that offered him to republish his own product under another brand new launch. He accepted, and created a better product starting from the ashes of your previous one.

Time after, he got almost 800 sales, and $5K in pure profits, apart the hug emoney paid to affiliates, for a superb launch that introduced him to the world of premium internet marketing. With “Laid Back Profits” you can finally learn the real keys to find your huge JV partner for the next product launches!

Arbitrage Autopilot Profits Review

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Arbitrage Autopilot Profits


Arbitrage Autopilot Profits” is an outstanding video series that helps you to comprehend exactly how Zak Loveday, the author, made almost $1,500 in his first 30 days brokering. It is a complete step by step, no fluff, no B.S. course that includes:

  • 5 Part Video Course – in which I walk you through all the steps he does to make money day in, day out with this system.
  • Exclusive Case Study – in which he turned $10 in to $225.35 using the exact techniques teached inside the course.
  • Quick Start Guide – He has decided to include a Quick Start Guide of the entire system so your list can take action with it immediately.
  • Email Swipes – your clients will receive access to the same email swipes Zak used to close clients on daily basis. A business in a box.
  • Never Before Seen Brokering Techniques – these are the same techniques Zak used to close 2 figure, 3 figure, 4 figure deals.
  • Unadvertised Bonuses – there are several unadvertised bonuses, including an additional case study on how the author did additional $1,050.

It’s clear that “Arbitrage Autopilot Profits” is a clear step by step example on how to build profits from zero, and how Zak explains it made everything easy. Really suggested, especially for newbies!

Subscriber Surge Review

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Subscriber Surge Review


I knew Milton Brown just before his launch of “Subscribers Surge“, and I must admit he is a great person, with brilliant plans for his own growth. This product has a touch of genius, because with a couple of clicks, you will be convincing Youtube to drive subscribers to your Youtube channel, getting them all lined up to watch all your videos and stay in contact with you.

Through 4 videos, and two additional software, you will really dominate Youtube, and you won’t pay anymore for getting views on your videos, and subscribers on Youtube following your updates. Really easy to activate, this is really a gem because it uses a Youtube glitch, perfectly legal and admitted by Google, to get all this traffic totally free.

So, if you want to get a solid presence on Youtube, this is a new, and also never seen opportunity that I’m sure no one of us never used, but that can guarantee a huge advantage on competitors, entirely for free! That’s why I seriously suggest you to invest the little amount requested for letting you access this huge “Subscribers Surge“!

From The Top Review

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From The Top

Today I want to review “From The Top“, an ultra cheap WSO released by Lee Murray, a man I respect and that always releases good training guides. This time he decided to go back 7 years, when he was living his life without internet marketing, and he wants to give you the most straight way to success, jumping all the roadblocks he found.

This is huge because it tells only about the things who worked in his own business, so that you can avoid downfalls and all the bad moments he had to survive to and move on. It’s a wonderful time what you will spend to read this guide, and I’m sure it will be an optimal example that to get the life you desire, you must battle against everything and everyone.

Because your success depends only on you, not on other people. If you want a thing, yyou must conquer it with every possible way, and here you get everything served on a silver platter, only for you and for who will take advantage of the information shared.

Once you will see the price of “From The Top“, you know this product has a great quality and was incredibly instructive. Not only words, but the facts who moved Lee from poor to rich in these last years.

Landing Page Monkey Review

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Landing Page Monkey


Savvy marketers all over the web are super excited about “Landing Page Monkey“, and that’s because it builds awesome lead pages so fast. There’s no code to learn and no need to hire a  designer. It makes it look like you spent a fortune or a load of time creating your landing page, no one will believe you did it in just five minutes with a web application!

You’ll love the way this app helps you build your lists and grow your business like you never seen in last years. Just look at some of the profitable ways you can use this awesome application:

  • Put up a squeeze page on your sales letter.
  • Create an opt-in page offering a freebie.
  • Build webinar registration pages.
  • Use it to collect contest entries.
  • Generate a thank-you page with customer registration.
  • Create a rebate-request form.
  • Create a landing page for JV partners about launches.
  • Send PPC visitors to an opt-in page.
  • And much much more!

If you think about different squeeze pages, this online software is the unique solution, for one price and NOT monthly prices like all the other platforms are doing! Create squeeze pages with video backgrounds, with image backgrounds, with a floating autoresponder form, and much much more, without the need to do anything, because all your squeeze pages are hosted by them, locally.

If there is a reason to put an opt-in form on a page, then you can build this page for you in the blink of an eye. Click the “clone” button, and you can create dozens of landing pages in just minutes. Last but not least, “Landing Page Monkey” creates pages that looks perfectly on every device, including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android cell phones and more, keeping the style you chosen.

I created this yesterday in 2 minutes: If you are ready to invest in your list building, “Landing Page Monkey” product is made for you 🙂
Keep also in mind they are in prelaunch, and when prelaunch will end, price will go up. Actually they made over 2,500 sales!

Video Review Master Review

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Video Review Master

Yesterday I purchased a copy of “Video Review Master“, and I was happy like a child while I was trying this software for the first time. You install it copying the files in a subfolder of your domain name, and just by following a few steps you may create websites like these two:

You can add the title, a product image (transparent or not), a description, change the background, add a footer link, additional links, add SEO details, and change everything you see on screen. It’s very easy to use, no limitation. With first purchase you get a single site version, good if you are planning to use it on your personal domain.

If you go after the first 3 OTOs you see, that for me are useless (because you can add all the images you want inside the software, so no need to purchase them), you will be offered a developer’s version that will permit you to install on unlimited personal domain names and to create new accounts for your customers on your domain name.

This is huge, and can increase your affiliate sales, because video sells, but you don’t need to record videos! Just find a good video from Youtube, and you are ready to incorporate it! “Video Review Master” is outstanding!