Kindle Thriller 2.0 Review

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Kindle Thriller 2.0 Review

Kindle Thriller 2.0” is a complete video course that shows you how to create, launch and promote a thriller book on Kindle marketplace, also via Kindle Unlimited. Building a thriller may seem difficult, but thanks to my 8 huge videos, all will become incredibly simple. Here are the 8 videos, plus the exclusive contents you will find inside:

  • Video 1 – Introduction of thriller genre
  • Video 2 – Thriller sub-genres revealed
  • Video 3 – Exclusive ways to write a new thriller
  • Video 4 – 8 ideas to get your story running
  • Video 5 – All about characters and plot
  • Video 6 – How to add a fake solution
  • Video 7 – How to create a thriller series
  • Video 8 – Thrillers and Kindle Unlimited
  • PDF Guide with all video contents
  • Bonus – Kindle Thriller Publishing guide
  • Bonus – Kindle Thriller Traffic guide
  • Bonus – Character creation card
  • Bonus – Dice Discovery (launch a dice to create a new story)
  • Bonus – The total list of personal traits
  • Bonus – The original FB Group where you can talk and share your book links

And what about the two One Time Offers? There’s a super collection of 50 high quality covers, of the right size, especially designed for thriller genre and sub-genres. Moreover, you can have 2 personal covers created just for you, for your next book! Then there’s a course on how to create the common “30 Days to…” books, a new phenomenal idea that can really transform you into a teacher!

Kindle Thriller 2.0” is a once in a lifetime course; something that was created to help writers become expert thriller authors and to build their authority in the most followed genre ever on the planet.

Xmas Tube Cash Review

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Xmas Tube Cash


This “Xmas Tube Cash” by Adam Payne is something cool, created at the right time of the year. Through 8 modules, you will learn the real techniques that will permit you to find the right niche to target, how to easily create the video, without being on camera, and how to get your video on top of Google, with a great way to earn more.

The good aspects of this offer are that you don’t be an expert on anything and you don’t need to appear on camera. You will learn a special technique to rank videos on a “different” social network where competition is almost non-existant.

You will get a PDF, that includes links to helpful videos, and many resources for ranking, some of which I knew and some new I never seen. More, there are the module videos. 8 modules full of information, live case studies and more.

It’s a gem for this Christmas, and even for all the year around! Whether you are new to video marketing or just want more info and new ideas, my advice is to grab a copy of “Xmas Tube Cash” and then apply it!

Gig Prospector Review

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Gig Prospector


Today I want to talk with you about a system you need to implement immediately if you are going to survive with your business over the next years. The software I am about to show you, “Gig Prospector“, helps you build a team around your business with 1 click of a button, through Fiverr.

This makes things run extremely quick so that you can scale your business and make more money faster. Does the term “Outsourcing” mean anything to you? Well it is extremely essential for any business to outsource things such as web design, graphics, sales copy, sales videos, and the list goes on and on. Finding the best people is just as important. And this software uncovers the best gigs for your, showing what Fiverr keep hidden to your eyes.

Learn how to find the best people with this software. Let me ask you another question. How much is your time worth? For example, I am 100% sure that you would rather spend $5 dollars for someone to record a voice over rather than you spending hours trying to get the right take recorded.

I want to give you a system that will  find the best outsource contractors for your whole business and I mean everything. With one click of a button you will be able to find all of the top rated people in what ever category you need, on Fiverr, the cheapest outsourcing portal.

There is no more trial and error working with bad workers. You will only work with the best contractors out there. Click the link here around to see what I am talking about. “Gig Prospector” is something new and created for you and with your profits in mind!

DFY Sales Funnel 2 it’s free!

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DFY Sales Funnel 2


Today I want to present you something available for free and without any hidden fee. It’s “DFY Sales Funnel 2” by Andy Brocklehurst, a well know Warrior Forum user. This is a complete done for you list building and cash generating sales
funnel built with WordPress. You can follow simple PDF instructions and in no time you will have your own money making funnel up and running.

You get also two eCovers, and 7 autoresponder series for your list. So this is a complete product offered to you without asking nothing. Here are the easy steps to follow:

1) Install WordPress on every domain or subdomain you like.
2) Install a free WordPress plugin.
3) Apply as an affiliate for a few existing products.
4) Paste your affiliate links and use a rebrander.
5) Upload your report from WordPress media section.6) Copy and paste the attached autoresponder messages.
7) Paste the code from your autoresponder to your blog.

It’s all really easy and shown step by step in a PDF file. Thanks to this funnel you will be able to have a list, and to train it to purchase what you are suggesting them. For the first 7 days you go with the messages you find in the package, then you can continue on your own. It’s all free and given to you without any restriction, inside “DFY Sales Funnel 2“!

Copy My Template Review

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Copy My Template


Yesterday I got a review copy of “Copy My Template“, a new WSO by Winson Yeung that was named as a WSO Of The Day. I was really curious to see what it was about, and how it was possible to choose if using the method for get commissions, or for building your list.

It’s all true, and what you get after purchase is a squeeze page template (I bet you never seen a squeeze page like that, as I have never seen it!) and clear instructions on the download page on how to make the process work for you. You can use that squeeze page for getting CPA commissions, or even affiliate ones, by using the technique he show with the use of CPA networks and solo ads, or just build your list for free, without paying a cent. It’s your decision.

The squeeze page, as I told you, is something new on the internet marketing panorama, and I’m sure it converts like crazy, because I was tempted to click it and see what happened after 🙂

This is a good WSO, where you can really get more subscribers, or even some good commissions from CPA and affiliate networks. Winson doesn’t keep anything for him, showing all the processes, the commissions he got, and much much more on the download page of “Copy My Template“.

Sales Letter Formula Review

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Sales Letter Formula

Even if my English is not awesome, I would never pay for a sales letter. It’s not my way. So I’m continuously keeping updated by reading the best products about copywriting and sales letter creation. This “Sales Letter Formula” got my attention because provides a total new way to create your sales letters with ease, and for cheap.

It claims that it’s possible to obtain a brand new sales letter for no more than $30, and after reading the 30 pages of the guide I can say it’s true. You get copywriting techniques to learn on your own, and some Fiverr gigs to purchase to get your selling page closed. For my opinion you can also try to do all on your own for free, because for creating a new title you don’t need to pay $5, right?

You simply have to start with a formula, then you fill the blanks, and finally you choose what to purchase from Fiverr between the author suggestions. It’s really easy, and now you can sell your product, your own PLR products, your MRR ebooks collection, and much more!

Sales Letter Formula” is a good product, that was named “WSO Of The Day” for its quality, and because it made easy for everyone to create his brand new sales letter in just a hour. It’s awesome!

Classified Commissions Review

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Classified Commissions


In these last months I’m continuing to see difficult methods that once I read them, I’ve absolutely no voluntee to put them in action, and I’m sure the same happened to you. I always try to offer my reviews only on the product that deserves your attention, and this “Classified Commissions” by Naidy Phoon, a dear friend of mine, is simply a state of the art product.

It simply shows you how to make more affiliate sales through the use of classified sites, and he shows you all what you have to do to excel in a really short time. It’s a method I want to experiment, just because it’s too easy to leave it on the table. You receive a good guide, with 42 pages, and you will learn not only how to select the best affiliate offers for this method, but also how to build your automatic machine, running each and every day, and how to be sure a constant flow of traffic comes to your offer (really easy!).

Last but not least, you will learn how to scale up this sytem until it could be set to your desired amounts. “Classified Commissions” is a gem, one of the many that Naidy Phoon released!

Social Seo LeapFrog – Revised Version Review

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Social Seo LeapFrog Revised

Barbara Ling released a revised and updated version of her winning “Social SEO LeapFrog“, a great method working for newbies but also for experts to rank your site in a way that Google really loves. In these last months Google changed so much, leaving a lot of people like me and you in total obscurity on what to do, and I don’t tell how many good rankings I lost, even with original contents.

Good rankings mean higher conversions as well as more traffic, that together turn your site into a winning bid. All is easy to achieve if you follow her easy steps to success, and she has a lot of awesome websites ranking really well.

Pay also attention to the OTO, where Barb will give you 0ver 220 niches, with the most asked questions and answers, making really easy for you to know what is best to be promoted. The product price is still low, being a dimesale, so grab your copy and start to use the Barb Ling methods, that saved me and my job in these last three years!

That’s why I recommend this “Social SEO LeapFrog” to anyone, including who purchased it yet (because if you missed the OTO, it’s time to grab it!)

Warrior Event Live Videos Review

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Warrior Event Live Videos 2014

In March 2014, hundreds of internet marketers from around the world connected in Raleigh, North Carolina for the 2014 edition of “Warrior Live Networking Event“, the best ever organized.

The unique and official WE2014 Video Set offers 14 full-length recordings presented by an all-star set of the most successful internet marketing minds available right now. People like:

  • Joel Comm
  • Matt Bacak
  • Tellman Knudson
  • Eric Louviere
  • Bryan Zimmerman
  • E. Brian Rose
  • Greg Cesar
  • Heather Claus
  • Ryan McKinney
  • Chip Cooper, Esq.
  • Michelle Spiva
  • Nick Lapolla

More, you get access to the two recordings of the “Expert Panel Day”. All available in HD video format, or in MP3 to hear them while you drive or when you have some time free. Here there are millions of dollars worth of information, and insider secrets were shown without limits. A fantastic experience for anyone involved in marketing.

If you weren’t there, don’t worry: you may get all the event videos packed for you in a huge package! Don’t lose the 2014 “Warrior Live Networking Event“!

Affiliate Income Secrets Review

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Affiliate Income Secrets

There’s absolutely no person I respect as much as Mike Thomas, a guy that started from zero, and conquered a big slice of market with his own “Mike From Maine” podcast videos. He interviews the authors of products on release list, on video, and he is earning a lot of commissions, on daily basis.

For this reason yesterday I purchased the Front End product of “Affiliate Income Secrets“, even if I got a review copy, and the first OTO, really interesting. In this course he shows all the secrets to start a new business, like his one, from zero. And it was a pleasure for me to see the 23 videos, in which he shows the basis of his great business, based on two Youtube videos and free traffic each and every day.

The first OTO of three, instead, that I purchased too, shows the secrets to create outstanding videos, sharing all the tips that made him become so successful in a short time span. Top value.

I can only suggest you to jump in without even reading the sales letter, because these are big gems that come out rarely, and when this happens it’s important to don’t lose them. Thanks to “Affiliate Income Secrets”, you can really make more commissions per month, and you get all the instructions and tutorials you need to become a master without any error!

Wonderful, creative and… don’t lose “Affiliate Income Secrets” for any reason!