Affiliate Power Broker Review

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Affiliate Power Broker


In “Affiliate Power Broker” you will discover many interesting concepts to make affiliate marketing your best revenue generator. This guide specifically includes:

  1. A working method of creating a real set of buyer’s list without all the typical stress and hassle.
  2. How to turn that list into lifetime customers who will buy from you over and over again, with no difficulties.
  3. How to create your very own lead magnet to attract many high quality leads to your list.
  4. How to build instant authority in the make money online niche by piggy backing others’ success.
  5. How to get swarmed each and every time with a lot of hungry customers who really desire what you have to offer.
  6. And much more…

As you can see this is a game changing guide for who wants to start a current and evergreen business from zero, without the usual risks. Affiliate marketing is the right key to profits. Build your own business the right way, with a complete step by step guide to building a buyers list without the stress of product creation, without the unreliability of PLR.

Affiliate Power Broker” is the completely newbie friendly guide to turn dreams into reality, one step a time!

PDF Cash Machine Review

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PDF Cash Machine


This “PDF Cash Machine” took my system and added much sale and pepper to it. In fact this method, well explained with a 33 pages book and 3 live examples shows you how to sell PDF eBooks by growing your list at the same time, with buyers. And a list done with buyers is much more valuable than one built with freebies.

The method is really really easy, in fact you must take a PLR book, and you are shown how to obtain free PLR or low cost PLR products, and place it online, in a specific way. Then, just send traffic the way you prefer to that PDF file, and you will start getting one sale after another, until you send traffic. Later, the book will get ranked, and other sales will come without traffic.

Raimundas, the seller, show even three of his examples, and shows also the sales on sales page screenshot. I also guarantee that this system works, because this was the same of my WSO launched around two months ago, and then retired because, I tell you the truth, I didn’t got sales. Instead Ramundas found a better way to explain it, and that’s why I want you to purchase his guide.

Because “PDF Cash Machine” works, it’s funny and requires 5 minutes to put up your PDF and wait for sales. But remember for the first times to send a lot of traffic to your offers!

Rocking Book Blurbs Review

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Rocking Book Blurbs


Sam England is one of the most respected Kindle author in internet
 marketing, and he always creates outstanding WSOs about Kindle.
 His newest product is “Rocking Book Blurbs“, which shows you 
how  to correctly use Kindle product descriptions.

Another expert Kindle marketer, Rob Howard, used the strategies included to rewrite a customer’s book description based on some
thing pointed out in the training materials, and he saw a really 
outstanding 32% increase in sales, just two days ago. It’s a great
 result, one third more sales with a simple book blurb replacement. Sure, it could be a random success, but I know these two guys and
 I know they are really reputable Kindle experts.

From what I saw
 and learned, my book description are not converting, and I throw 
time and money into the bin, but thanks to this product I’ve the
 huge possibility to improve them and see the sales soaring in a short
 time span. In fact all the time you need to change the description is just less 
than 10 minutes. Simple, fast and incredible. And it works well for 
fiction as well as non-fiction.

If you are fast, because this is a dimesale going up fastly, you can
 say YES to more book sales, by grabbing a copy of this huge
 “Rocking Book Blurbs“!

Black Friday Diamonds 2014 Review

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Black Friday Diamonds 2014


Hello and welcome! Today is my launch day for the Black Friday approaching. My “Black Friday Diamonds 2014” includes all my released products in 2014 for a low price. It’s something I do and renew each and every year in this period, and people like it.

So, this year you will find 8 products included:

  1. Secret Social Images 2.0
  2. Boom Boom Quiz
  3. Belly Fat Burner PLR Pack
  4. WP Sales Page Creator
  5. Instant Legal Pages Software
  6. Kindle Unlimited Profit
  7. Kindle Thriller 2.0
  8. FB Free Traffic Trick

A total value of over $130 given away for $17, the lowest price I can offer. This is valuable, all my tips, all my studies (I spend a lot of time in searching ideas that work) offered on a golden platter. Only from today, the 26th of November, till the 1st December. Then I close it.

Think fast, because day tend to flies! “Black Friday Diamonds 2014” is your best investment for starting your 2015 with a boost!

Kindle Cozy Mistery Plots Review

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10 Kindle Cozy Plots


Being Italian, English plots help me a lot for writing for the Italian marketplace. This new pack of “10 Kindle Cozy Mistery Plots“, made by Stevie Drive, includes great stories that are easy to modify and make yours.

A cozy mistery is a sub-genre of crime fiction in which sex and violence are downplayed or treated with some humour, while the crime takes place in a small place or community, like a village. So it’s like having Agatha Cristie in a box, because this is her way to write stories. Each story is detailed and given with a chapter to chapter plot, plus a deep character description.

You get all the details you need to craft your story like a new one, or simply to pass these files to your freelancers to get them to create a brand new story for you. Your success is really connected to your story, to your characters, and to your series. With “10 Kindle Cozy Mistery Plots” you are really getting the best on the market, because you get the essence of cozy mistery plots written by a professional ghostwriter who recorded international award winning movies!

How To Write a Sales Letter Review

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How To Write Sales Letters That Sell

I knew Reed Floren by years, it’s a really good guide that loves to help people comprehending the keys that make internet marketing work. A few days ago he launched “How To Write Sales Letters That Sell“, a really good course with all what you need to learn how to create converting sales pages to sell your products, or your Private Label Rights and Master Resale Rights products.

With your purchase you get 2 fill-in-the-blanks templates that will allow you to write amazing, professional sales letters with ease, and especially without all the problems connected. I assure you will never look another empy Word page in wait for inspiration on how to start.

This template works well each and every time, as it will change with every product you launch, because you need just to add your product information, and you are ready to go. No more roadblocks. Reed Floren got a lot of WSO Of The Day this year, including this one. That means his products are always appreciated, and bought. Sign that they work and continue to make the life of product creators easier!

That’s why I recommend you to don’t lose this awesome “How To Write Sales Letters That Sell” product. A gem.

SEO Holy Grail Review

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SEO Holy Grail


SEO Holy Grail” is something new bringing some fresh air in the world of affiliate marketing. In fact this system shows you a real method to get our affiliate reviews on top of Google, without any site, any backlink and any method to stay up on Google.

All this is done by using “Bulletproof Authority Sites”, an easy way to use other people traffic for our reviews, an easy and legal technique that can make us more sales than normal, and that after the first work to put it up will continue to add a passive income, because it will be on the top of search engines, without any hard SEO or magic tricks.

I really liked to read this method, because it gives a paid method, but offers also some free methods, all working at the best to bring in a few more dollars per day. Conside the author of this WSO,  Leon Tran, made over $10,000 in a few months by only promoting five SEO product. This works for affiliate products, but also for your own products really well.

For a little investment, thanks to “SEO Holy Grail” wso, we can have a new system for selling all the products we want, without a website and without a newsletter!

The Launch Bible Review

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The Launch Bible


Today one of the most valuable secrets in marketing will fall into your hand: “The Launch Bible“. This secret is a checklist that top internet marketer Alex Jeffreys uses to earn 7+ figures of passive income per year. A recipe his students recently paid $6,000 to unlock, even though it fits on only 2 pages of letter size paper.

When they saw the contents for the first time (at an exclusive “closed doors” private event), the entire room went dead silent. Minutes later, they couldn’t stop talking. It was crazy. Now “The Launch Bible is being released, and it will be available to everyone who wants to invest just less than 10 dollars.

You get the famous 2-page checklist paid $6,000, together with text and video with all what you need to learn, nothing hidden. This is a gem, and I purchased the front end product plus the first OTO, that includes all the recordings of a huge event that Alex Jeffreys did last year. Cool… I’m studying all of this today.

And I’m sure you also can learn a lot of tips and tricks to start selling directly, without making all the typical errors of who wants to start without a guide. So please check it out “The Launch Bible” while you still can, and while the price is still embarassingly low.

Crowdfunding for Authors Review

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Crowdfunding for Authors

Everytime Miss K, or Krizia, release something, it becomes a WSO Of The Day. “Crowdfunding for Authors” it’s the best case study you may purchase, because shows you how Alinka got $9,470 for launching her book series thanks to a crowdfunding website called Indiegogo.

The front end offer is made up of a good book, and some additional bonuses. Alinka, the stay-at-home mom, did it all with no list, no marketing experience, no prior experience in crowdfunding and English is not her first language! So this is open to anyone, and that’s why I grabbed my copy in time.

A good 90% of book authors fail to promote their books because they don’t have the time or money to do so, and that’s sad. But now you can really count on crowdfunding, and with this WSO you will never miss a step to your success, guided by the experience of these two girls. You will learn how to start your crowdfunding campaign, how to setup the perks and how to achieve success. Because without this method, it’s really easy to fail with crowdfunding.

So, if you want to have good money covering your work on Kindle, “Crowdfunding for Authors” is really a gem. And once you learn, you can even manage other people books (it’s just my point of view, but you can become a “crowdfunding manager”!)

List Building Insanity Review

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List Building Insanity


Nathan Shane and Bill Hugall have released a lot of WSO about list building, and “List Building Insanity” is a product that includes all their experience. The method shows how to mail your promo email to 1,000 people for free, and it’s true from what I saw. I’m more than sure it works because before joining the internet marketing train, what you see described in book and video is exactly what I was doing each and every day, with good results.

My trick is to tell you to use only squeeze pages, and if you need a special one that really converts, I can do it for you if you purchase this product. Just email me once you grab it. As I told you, apart the easy guide, you get two videos. The first is
the video that shows the technique live, step by step. The second is a bonus, and it’s “Facebook Hustling” by Bill Hugall, that shows you how important is to make relationships with the important people in your same field.

Consider also that apart the site they give you, there are at least other 30 that are good the same, and that work good the same, giving you the possibility to grow your list with ease, and for free. That’s why “List Building Insanity” is a good purchase!