iPocket Video Review

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iPocket Video


If you have an iPhone, also an old one sitting somewhere, from 4 to 6, stop all what you’re doing and read my “iPocket Video” review.

This video course can change all the ideas you have on video marketing and transform you in a better internet marketer in just a few video lessons. It’s what Joey Xoto says, and I know him by a lot of time to lose the train for gold.

This is an easy to follow, step by step course on how to turn yourself from a complete newbie into a professional video marketer only with the help of your iPhone. Nothing more!

You will get all the tips to record like you are using a pro video camera, and the real secrets to start well, create fantastic audio and videos, how to start recording hands-free, how to record in a professional way, and how to be sure you create a gem, just to name a few thing you will find inside the “member’s area”, that offers also an astounding 24/7 support (many people take it for granted, but this is a big value!).

I repeat… if you have an iPhone, even the old one you don’t use anymore, grab a copy of “iPocket Video” and turn your normal marketing into a superb marketing experience. More sales are waiting you!

The Rainmaker Review

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The Rainmaker

Bill Hugall is one of the most serious and respectable affiliate marketers, and this time he provides “The Rainmaker“, a total course about how to become serious affiliate marketers, step by step.

Once in, you will get 6 videos that walk you right inside the exact process that Bill used to rake in over $100K in last year. More, you will get also additional 8 videos showing you each step to reach success, and some quick videos to make fast cash to support your learning phase.

It’s a solid product, with real and usable information on how to get the best from your promotional efforts, and I’m sure if you may stick to it, big results will come. You can become an affiliate marketing authority in just a few months!

Pay also attention to the first OTO offer, that delivers 3 video case studies with a live Q&A training session in which you may jump in and ask any question about the contents. In this way you can move forward pretty fast and without any time consuming error!

Available for a few time at a discounted price, with all the quality trainings proviced, “The Rainmaker” by Bill Hugall it’s a deal I won’t lose!

TTS Video Studio Review

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Today I review “TTS Video Studio“, a revised product by Jimmy Mancini, dear friend and well known marketer. It’s a big tool to create awesome videos with your images, soundtracks and with voices available in many languages that will read the text for you in a great way.

This is really easy to use, no learning curves, as I started adding a few video clips and images to create my first video! I was able to add background music, a watermark with my logo, special effects like fade in and fade out, a background image behind my video and captions!

I clicked on “create video”, waited a few minutes and I got the most amazing video that I have ever seen and heard in a long
time! The voices are so natural, and available in a lot of languages, and the final result it’s really professional and seems recorded live by people.

This software is actually the best available, the most easy, and it works so better it seems a dream! Especially after trying a competitor product that recorded the voice so low that was not hearable, and low quality videos with no choices. If you want to create videos, go for this “TTS Video Studio” and don’t look elsewhere!

Alternative Medicine and Acupuncture PLR Pack Review

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Alternative Medicine and Acupuncture PLR Pack


JR Lang, famous author of outstanding PLR products, has released an awesome “Alternative Medicine and Acupuncture PLR Pack“, that includes all what you need to dominate one of the most interesting topics online.

People in chronic pain love the alternative medicine, and if you consider that who suffers is one third of the entire USA people, this is a scary data but also a huge opportunity for you.

Everything has been done for you in this comprehensive PLR package that includes expertly written content about alternative medicine and acupuncture for pain management. All natural therapies that work without side effects and dangerous risks of addiction to painkillers.

Establish yourself as an authority in this lucrative health and wellness niche with this very high quality PLR pack that is brand new and never sold before, and that includes 165+ contents like 2 ebooks, sales material, report, articles, videos, images and much much more!

Don’t lose the opportunity to become an expert and cash in on the hundreds of offer dedicated to the alternative medicine world. There are a lot available on Amazon, CPA and affiliate networks!

Please go to watch how comprehensive is this “Alternative Medicine and Acupuncture PLR Pack” by JR Lang! It’s extraordinary!

Niche Formula Blueprints Review

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Niche Formula Blueprints


Today I’ve a special product created by my friend and JV partner Sue Fleckenstein, that is “Niche Formula Blueprints“, something new on the market, because this time she gives you 12 golden blueprints, each one about a special niche, with PLR rights.

It’s like purchasing a set of 12 PLR products, but for the price of a single one, with the usual quality Sue provides for her customers. It’s like Christmas came before to find a so special offer like this!

Thanks to these documents you will be able to create outstanding contents in literally no time, and turn them into viral pieces of content that will call in a lot of more traffic, converting it also in real buyers.

The niches are: dogs, general business, natural health, recipes, Christmas, self-esteem, weight, coffee, mortgages/credit, dating, anti-aging and exercise. A golden set of niches, each one of each includes a Word Template and a PowerPoint Template, that you may reformat in the way you like, and in other formats too!

In fact you may create text articles, MP3 files, videos, change or assemble all the Powerpoint slides together, or share each content as a blog post. There are really infinite combinations to use this package at the full power!

Go straight to the sales page of “Niche Formula Blueprints“, and read all what Sue has to say, I can just guarantee on her top quality products!

Free Exit Splash Generator Review

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Exit Splash Generator

Today I want to give you the link to download an exceptional exit splash page software, Barry Rodgers “Exit Splash Generator“, ready to be used on all your websites and squeeze pages.

With this tool you can build your list with more ease, because you will lose less of the traffic you will send on daily basis, because with this free opportunity you may build an exit popup that gives them a second opportunity to join your list. And you know how much a software like this could cost!

Barry Rodgers WSO is different because is offered completely free, and the software works without any limit. You can add the simple code to any of your HTML webistes and squeeze page, going one step further to the perfect sales funnel.

And just because it’s time limited, and you can download it without doing anything, what are you doing yet here? Go and catch your super freebie! “Exit Splash Generator” is more than a valuable option to convert your traffic into list subscribers!


Affiliate Cash Craze Review

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Affiliate Cash Craze

Affiliate Cash Craze” is a 4 modules and 28 video training course that teaches the step-by-step training system that AJ Montoya and Marc Rosenkrans use every day to rake in massive affiliate commissions. This course is 100% newbie friendly and will take people from newbie to guru quickly and easily.

Members will  learn how to easily pick smoking hot niches (that are guaranteed to convert), how to easily crank out winning squeeze pages (that pull in 65%+ opt in rate), build a huge list using free and paid traffic sources, and rake in  commissions on autopilot!

This system has been proven, tested, and works really well, as I had the opportunity to look it and test it before the official release. There’s no hype, no gimmick, and no tricks. Really! That’s why I really recommend to grab a copy of “Affiliate Cash Craze” if you are planning to increase your cash via affiliate marketing!

How to Find Affiliate Programs to Promote for Big Profits Review

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How to Find Affiliate Programs to Promote for BIG PROFITS?


Today I want to review the last WSO Of The Day by Reed Floren, hisHow to Find Affiliate Programs to Promote for Big Profits.” It’s a 1 hour and half  video, extracted from his personal coaching
sold for $997. So you will learn valuable things for true, because Reed Floren has a long time experience in internet marketing.

You will learn:

1) Where to find high ticket products to promote (9 places)
2) Who pays on time, without waiting.
3) How to find the right products for the niche you are covering.
4) How to evaluate product to be sure to promote premium things.

The course is developed on video, but you get a good mind map, a PowerPoint slide, a cheatsheet and a transcript.

You will receive the possibility to have a 1 to 1 call with Reed, but be sure to focus on what you want to hear, and not on what he wants to offer, because I’m sure he wants to offer the entire product with
a discount. So pay attention on the bonus call, ok? 🙂

For the rest, How to Find Affiliate Programs to Promote for Big Profits.” it’s a good and solid product for who wants to learn how to promote high ticket offers to earn some more cash!

FB Free Traffic Mastermind Review – It’s my new product!

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FB Free Traffic Mastermind

Today I released “FB Free Traffic Mastermind” together with Carsten Tiensuu. It’s a two video product with a mindmap and a bonus FB group to join, that show a totally new technique to get free traffic from Facebook.

A traffic that can be sent wherever you want, including sales pages, blog posts, videos, online resources, and much much more. It’s a resource that Facebook decided to hide, but that’s so easy to find and use for your own advantage over competitors, that are paying for getting less results.

After purchasing you will get two videos, a mind map and a special access to a FB Group where you can find other people to exchange comments, ideas and check the updates and news. This is sold for a low price for the first hours, price that will grow up fast from the second day.

FB Free Traffic Mastermind” is a golden product that can help you out getting more visitors to your desired websites, and as a OTO you can purchase a video course about FB Group creation, so that you can have your own special group for which users will pay you a monthly fee.

Go fast, this product won’t stay longer with a so low price!

Ebola Survival Planning PLR

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Ebola Survival Planning PLR


Ebola Pandemic & Survival Prepper Mega PLR” is a super PLR package by Tiffany Dow that touches one of the most scary pandemics going around right now, Ebola. With the first cases in USA, it’s time to take advantage of this awesome PLR pack, that includes a lot of contents. Do not miss it!

What you hear each and every day about Ebola on TV is scary, and leaves no space to imagination. It’s a pandemic virus expanding even outside Africa. Now two people in USA have got this virus, posing all the country at a severe risk of outbreak.

Watch news here, it’s scary.

And here you can see what Ebola is:

This new Mega PLR package by Tiffany Dow is something sensational for what it gives you for a little price.You can sell it, give it away for free to inform people about the pandemic, and how to stop it. Here is what it includes:

1) 40+ pages eBook about “Ebola Outbreak” (15,200+ words)
2) Survival-Prepper mega pack of 52 PLR articles.
3) 17 PLR articles about pandemic.
4) 7 PLR ariticles about survival.
5) Survival keyword list.
6) 6 page eBook about Survival Home.

As you can see there are 76 PLR articles, an Ebola guide, and a 6 page guide on how to setup a shipping container survival home. A lot of value. My suggestion is to grab it, read it and resell it as yours to all the people in need of clear information. Actually nothing is so filled of quality topics about Ebola outbreak.

Grab now your copy of this incredible “Ebola Pandemic & Survival Prepper Mega PLR” and alert the world about one of the worst pandemic viruses ever registered.