WP Sales Page Creator Review

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WP Sales Page Creator


Today I released “WP Sales Page Creator“, a new WordPress plugin to create unlimited visual sales pages with ease, in just a few minutes. In fact there’s no more need to outsource your minisite creation, because with this tool you will be able to build complete selling pages like this one:


Is it beautiful, isn’t it? Well, I sell this software with an unlimited private license, that tells you can create how many sales pages you want with the plugin for a low price. And if you want you can take advantage of the developers license version available for a limited time as the OTO.

All you need to do is:

1) Select a template
2) Customize it with your header, footer and background.
3) Add your sales letter.

And you are ready to go with a new outstanding sales page, and you can create how many you like for each WordPress blog, because each sales page stays on a WP page. Together with the WP Theme, you receive the PSD files, a manual and a video training in which I create a minisite from zero. You can also setup SEO, favicon and a lot of additional settings.

It’s time to care about your sales pages, with “WP Sales Page Creator“!


Info Cash Machine Review

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Info Cash Machine

Today I want to review the new “Info Cash Machine“, a new product by Amanda Craven that was selected “WSO Of The Day”. It talks about product creation, with some salt and pepper.

We all know that great product marketers are doing 6 or also 7 figures per launch, so there’s no doubt that, if done well, a good launch can change our economic future in better. But I bet you’ve been holding back. I know because I’ve been there too… creating your own products is scary.

I’ve launched a lot of products, and some were selected as WOTD too. You have to select a solid topic to choose, and especially how to sell solutions to problems. There’s also the salesletter to take care of, together with the copy.

What if I told you there was a brand new, foolproof, fill-in-the blanks blueprint that will lead you all the way to your first successful product? Created by one of those 6 figure marketers, Amanda Craven. Guaranteed! All you have to do is follow it from start to end, and in no time you will be beating out those big dogs with your own awesome product!

Info Cash Machine” teaches you not only how to come up with that first product, but also how to keep replicating the simple process so you can become a product machine.You get videos, PDFs, transcripts, MP3s, slides, worksheets and bonus training. All of that for one tiny price. Change your future, starting from today!

My Character Video Review

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My Character Video

My Character Video” is a toolkit that allow you to create highly engaging animated character videos using nothing more than PowerPoint. It is including some awesome resources like attractive animated character slides, ready-made templates, mascots and other resources that you can use to quickly deploy your next professional and catching animated character video.

With this toolkit, you can create wonderful vidoes in literally no time, all customized with animated characters. You can use one of the available templates, change it, add one of the 98 music tracks you receive with the order, and get your video ready for your business!

Videos are in high demand nowadays, so you can use this tool for you, or sell the videos to customers for money. With 4 themes, a great selection of different slides, and the mascot creation tools included, you can really create some cool videos! You can leave all that complicated or expensive video editing tools and save your money from freelancers too!

Thanks to “My Character Video” you can produce your own videos for your business, for your review websites, for your customers and much much more!


WP Sales Chimp Review

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WP Sales Chimp

WP Sales Chimp” is a new WordPress plugin that allows you to create, customize, track and analyze all your affiliate links from one source, that is your blog. Using “ugly’ links in your business, including review sites, newsletters and more, is really risky and costs you sales. A simple affiliate link, left untouched make people suspicious. They will see you are trying to push a product to them.If you use Bit.ly or TinyUrl, you must know they were recently discharged by Google and Facebook, because they are generally used by spammers. With a good masked affiliate link, you can really double your sales and have all the tools you need all on your blog, without having to use 3rd party services.

The plugin allows you to analyze what time of the day people are clicking on your links the most, so you can optimize your affiliate campaigns, keeping all organized for you. So the next time one of your followers will ask you a link, you can find it in seconds!

These are just few of the many characteristics that “WP Sales Chimp” offers for a low and unique price. No monthly payments, no bad surprises with Brad Spencer and Joshua Zamora!

How To Create #1 Best Selling Products Review

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How To Create #1 Best Selling Products


Have you ever wanted create a top best selling product? Well, my old time friend Reed Floren has 5 WSOs Of The Day in a row, and this time he wants to show you his secrets to success inside the new “How To Create #1 Best Selling Products“.

In case you haven’t heard of Reed he’s been in the internet marketing industry since 1999 and has spoken at live seminars in 8 different countries across 4 different continents about internet marketing.

Inside Reed’s new course you’ll find 2 hours of training which is actually an excerpt from one of his $997 coaching programs… for a fraction of that price! You will learn…

* What is an information product?
* Why it’s the right moment to create your own infoproduct.
* The 8 types of infoproducts to create.
* How to create an infoproduct.
* All the recommended tools for an information publishing business.
* How to find out what your market wants to buy.
* How forums can give you product ideas.
* How to survey your potential customers.
* What should you put into your product.
* How to package your new infoproduct.
* How to boost your profits with a product funnel.
* How to use bonuses to increase your sales.
* How to price your information product for maximum profits!
* And much much more!

Be fast to take your copy because the price is rising fast, and the product is still in dimesale for a few hours. You will find also 6 awesome bonuses that increase the value of the pack! For these reasons I think this “How To Create #1 Best Selling Products” it’s really a product you can’t miss!

Cash In On Black Friday Review

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Cash In On Black Friday

It’s not a news I like Barbara Ling products, and this “Cash In On Black Friday” is really fantastic and out from ordinary, because through 7 outstanding techniques it shows you how to make more sales by really enhancing the nme of Black Friday, the day in which shops and online shops experience more sales.

Each technique is delivered in a step by step format with screenshots, really clear and easy to understand. You can make money with your own products, affiliate products, eBay, Amazon and much more ways. As a bonus, you get also a cheatsheet full of resources to turn yourself into an expert of Black Fridays, with links to the news, to the authority websites, and much more.

Inside the first pages you will even find one of my best techniques for Black Friday in internet marketing, that Barb shown in a great way.

Cash In On Black Friday” is really outstanding if you think no one until now has shown the specific techniques to turn yourself into a Black Friday dominator, and as I take advantage of this special day each and every year, I can only  suggest you to grab your copy  until it’s available for a so low price!

Wearable Technology PLR Bundle Review

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Wearable Technology PLR Bundle


Tiffany Dow released another awesome PLR package, named “Wearable Technology PLR Bundle“. It’s all about the latest items released inside this fresh and curious category, and you can count on 40 400+ words reviews about:

  • Activity Trackers
  • Wearable Cameras
  • Healthcare Devices
  • Smart Watches
  • Smart Tracking
  • For Kids and Babies
  • For Pets
  • Smart Sports Accessories

Each category has 5 items fully reviewed, and it’s easy to start new blogs, to turn them into videos or slideshows, or something more creative. There are also two incredible “Fast Action Taker’s Bonuses” that will be released on 27th and 29th October, only for you.

The items reviewed are all new, and they just came out on marketing. There are also top quality items that can change our lives just like cell phones, because smart watches, for example, are an extension of cell phones! And what about wearable cameras? Like the GoPro, but also like the newest Garmin, Sony and Contour devices? You have a lot of choices here!

And with this “Wearable Technology PLR Bundle” you are sure to be on the top of the market! Turn these articles into sales, as all these products are available on Amazon Associates affiliate market!

Super Pin Madness Review

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Super Pin Madness

No marketer is so acknowledged about Pinterest like Erica Stone, that this time released her new “Super Pin Madness“, that shows how to sell your affiliate products without having a website, with a completely new twist I never heard or seen before.

Inside you will discover over 50 affiliate programs for physical products, awesome for this method, that provide a huge selection of products you may sell with unique Erica method! You will learn how to structure your boards and pins, and how to get a huge set of repins in hours, that go further for days.

Your hobbies, interests and things you like can become a solid part of this business, that if done well could become even your main one, bringing in monthly sales like clockwork. “Super Pin Madness” is a great and solid product organized well and with much attention, in a step by step format. For my personal opinion Erica Stone is more than a guarantee. Every product she delivers is outstanding!

How To Write, Publish and Profit With Kindle Kids Books Review

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Kids Kindle Books

Thanks to my friend Shawn Hansen’s “How To Write, Publish and Profit With Kindle Kids Books” you will quickly learn everything required to turn your children’s story into a visual stunning color ebook that kids will love for sure.

Kids eBooks are now a goldmine, especialy after parents have seen how they are attracted by colorful ebooks on Kindle. It’s something we have seen by almost two years. You will start to learn how to create amazing stories, how to plot it like a master, how to find and choose the best graphics and which are the most purchased book genre in kids area.

Considering that ebooks for kids are really easy to plan and write, this is a hidden goldmine many people are skipping, but that instead it’s exploding right now, not only in USA but all over the world, also because Kindle books could be read on every platform on market, like Pc, Mac, Kindle readers, cell phones or tablets! There’s actually no limits, and everyone could have a Kindle reader with ease!

Jump on the rich kids train right now with this superb “How To Write, Publish and Profit With Kindle Kids Books“, and start to add a book per week to the Kindle marketplace!

Go Nuts For Coconut Oil PLR Pack Review

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Go Nuts For Coconut Oil PLR

Coupon Code: GONUTS

Sue Fleckenstein is one of the most respectable authors I had the luck to know personally, and to work with. So, everytime she releases a new PLR package, I got literally thrilled.

This PLR pack is all about coconut oil, and it’s specifically called “Go Nuts for Coconut Oil“. It includes a lot of awesome stuff it will be a great pleasure to work with, including:

  • 6 pages guide (available in 3 formats, with fully formatted report too).
  • 5 extra coconut oil recipes (also available as stand-alone PDFs, with a blank one for your recipes).
  • Editable covers, available in PSD format.
  • Images, including social posters, memes and more.
  • PowerPoint slideshows.
  • Tweets.
  • Keywords.
  • And much much more!

All the contents were professionally researched for you by Sue, and they are all available on a golden platter with your huge discount if you purchase it until Sunday night. After, you will pay it much more. Give a special lool to this PLR pack, as it is
really huge for weight loss, natural care, healing and much more.

I’ve yet purchased my copy of “Go Nuts for Coconut Oil” as soon as it came out, yesterday. Have you grabbed yours before the coupon code expires?