Offline PLR Videos Volume 15 Review

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Offline PLR Videos

Offline PLR Videos Volume 15” is a great set of videos to customize and resell with easy step by step training. The niche in this case is automotive services, and especially one video for each one of these subniches:

  • Auto Parts Store
  • Car Rental Center
  • Tire Shop
  • Transmission Repair
  • Windshield Repair
  • Auto Body Repair

Automotive services like these have a lot of money to spend even nowadays, because people can stop purchasing anything, but they won’t never refuse to use their car or to fix their broken one. That’s why it’s fundamental for an offline marketer to be on market with easy videos to customize and sell for hundreds of dollars!

A professional set of videos, with the perfect length of 1 minute each, professional voice overs, final calls to action, awesome scripts and built just for customers. Nick Mancuso always provides quality videos for offline services, and it’s bad to let
them disappear from market. With this package you get an incredible advantage, and you can sell them with ease to companies and shops in need of new customers!

This video series, from volume 1 to volume 14 sold over 4,000 packages, an incredible quantity, sign that the customers of Nick Mancuso love these videos because they are profitable! That’s why I don’t lose a package of “Offline PLR Videos“!

KD World Domination Review

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KD World Domination

Andreas Quintana launched “KD World Domination” just yesterday, and it’s definitely something new on the Amazon Kindle panorama. In fact thanks to this training, you will be able to learn many new things, including:

  1. How to uncover new and hot trends that are literally taking off from Amazon, giving you a never seen before adantage over your competitors.
  2. How to test your book cover before it goes online, to know if it will be a success, or if it’s better to change it with a new one. Much of your sales depend just on your cover!
  3. How to position your books before your direct competitors, being sure to sell much more copies than usual.
  4. A clear step by step on how to be sure your book will sell like hotcakes.

This is a solid guide coming from one of the most acknowledged Kindle authors, and you can be sure to learn something new to help you make more sales!
As you can see there’s much value, but what made me choose this product are just the first two points, because you know I’m a trends lover, and I pay a lot of attention on my covers 🙂 And this “KD World Domination” really rocks!

My Launch – Rebranding Cash Galore

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Rebranding Cash Galore
Today I released a new method called “Rebranding Cash Galore”! This launch has something really different from the  previous ones, because it’s done all through webinars.

Our new system will give you access to a live webinar about a technique to increase PLR, MRR and personal eBook sales with ease. You will get access to the replay and to some incredible bonuses too, including a preview guide about the technique, so you can give it a look before webinar, and a mind map, apart our awesome 1 to 1 support that no other is able to offer.

The technique is really easy, and require absolutely no more than 15 to 20 minutes to be done how many times you want, to bring in profits passively, without stopping, even in two months from now! That’s why people search for information! And you can rake in money just giving your readers what they really want, on a silver platter.

The OTO instead is a 6-months membership that is sold for $97 per month and offer 4 monthly webinars about secret traffic techniques, with bonus downloads and an exclusive 1 to 1 support. Something we are glad to present you, different from all the rubbish about traffic sold on the market in last months! This is a gem, trust me!

For these reasons “Rebranding Cash Galore” is an awesome launch we are proud to present you! There’s nothing at the moment comparable to our front end and oto products!
Go and check it out!

Public Domain Ninja Review

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Public Domain Ninja

Public Domain Ninja” is an incredible video series showing you how to make profits via public domain documents. This is a quick and easy set of videos that help you to stop creating contents, that require time and effirts, and shiws you how to use ready contents as yours.

Through 7 big modules, you will get a lot of fresh ideas to connect public domain with content creation, brand new reports, membership, product creation, blogging and list building. More, one module is about 20 profitable tips that rock! There’s a lot of information, well pointed out, that will change the way you are thinking about public domain.

As you probably know yet, all the books, texts, audios and images that are in public domain are those that have no more intellectual properties, or that have been forfeited. So you can take advantage of this situation and get materials from PD and rework them the way you like.

Public Domain Ninja” is a great study, and if you like to try a new method to get lightning fast contents created, you have just to choose your method and follow the how-to instructions! Well made!

Undercover Traffic Hack Review

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Undercover Traffic Hack


What you will learn with this “Undercover Traffic Hack” is really awesome, especially for selling affiliate products. Yes, because this is an old trick totally rebuilt to create a constant flow of visitors. As you can see on the sales page, the author shows a screenshot of $1,088 achieved just 4 days ago.

The technique is shown on a Skype call recorded between the author, Chris Pambos, and another guy. Then, apart this video that is not fully comprehensible for me (I’m Italian) because they talk fast, you receive a series of video much more
comprehensible where you can really comprehend this awesome technique, shown to you in a step by step way, with all the details you need.

If you are an affiliate marketer in search of a good and especially constant traffic, this is a solid technique that really works. For my opinion you can also try to use some of this traffic for squeeze pages, if you want to try to build a list… So it’s definitely worth a thought!

It’s pretty good, and even if I always look at these “screenshots” with some doubts, I’m sure this technique can really make us some money, pretty fast also. That’s why “Undercover Traffic Hack is much appealing for any internet marketer in search of fast and quality traffic!

Kindle Financial Review

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Kindle Financial

Kindle Financial” is one of the most sold WSOs about Kindle for fiction and non ficiton authors. It shows the real strategies that permitted to Todd Jones to go over the $15,000 income with one book, in only one month. With this course you can aim to increase your revenue and especially your exposure, for any book you’re going to write or release.

You get a book release strategy, from A to Z, to get Amazon to promote your book many times, a book pricing strategy to be sure to get the most sales, a complete marketing strategy that works, a strategy also for your book title, and two special techniques for your non-fiction books and for your fiction ones.

The techniques included in this book are well described, and tested by the author, a thing that adds even more power to the entire formula. If you never achieved the success you wanted on Kindle marketplace, this is more than a starting point, because this is just what every seller need!

Kindle Financial” is a solid and really interesting work that changes the way we’re marketing on Kindle, and gives us the opportunity to sell a lot more!

How to Build Your First List Review

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How To Build Your First List


Reed Floren launched “How to Build Your First List“, his new WSO, and today got the WSO Of The Day, because this is a good system. Good for newbies without a list, but it can add more even if you have a list by some time (for example I’ve found some good ideas for my own list). You are given a video (not a training video but a Powerpoint generated video), a transcript (done automatically as you can see the two errors on first two lines), a checklist, a Powerpoint document, a mind map and homeworks. But the information are top quality.

Apart this, this is a special product, because at the start is good for who is starting with list building (it will be your best asset ever) and for who has yet started and is searching for good ways to improve the list response and get more following. The ideas shown are really out from ordinary, and I’m happy to have received it as a review copy.

So, if list building is yet in your life, or you want to add it, don’t look elsewhere, as for this moment “How to Build Your First List” is really awesome. I’ve added a special bonus to it, my “List KaChing” that will show you visual steps for you, to make things more easy!

Life Changing Interview Review

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Life Changing Interview

Kevin Fahey and Dr. Bo created this awesome “Life Changing Interview” together, showing you all the secrets about product launch and list building in a new way. Dr. Bo interviewed Kevin Fahey, a man able to make from $20,000 to $50,000 per month, from what he declares, with his own online business, and this time he will show you all the secrets behind his winning business.

At first you will learn the big product launch mistakes, and how to solve them, then you will learn how to make product creation and launch an easy thing, how to build a list of 60,000 people in just 30 days and how to have an army of affiliates
ready for your launch. All available in video format, MP3 and PDF with a lot of awesome bonuses.

Keeping in mind that is difficult to get the same results Kevin got, because these stats are based on years of experience, you can learn for sure some useful technique, ideas and methods to create a solid infoproduct, and to grow a good sized list with it, without all the troubles.

Life Changing Interview” is definitely a good WSO if you are trying to start the art of product creation and marketing. But if you are yet a master of product creation, I’m sorry for you but there’s nothing new inside.

Under The Radar Profits Review

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Under The Radar Profits

Under The Radar Profits” is the latest James Canzanella product, where he reveals a simple 4 step formula for turning $20 into $632,86 in a really short time. You will learn how to make sales without spending much, and starting just from that $20, that you will be able to get back before you rake in commissions!

This method requires almost one hour per day, even less when you get used to. You will also learn how to build a list after making so many sales, so that it will be easy to increase your revenue on daily basis. And as a bonus, you get James’ followup to get more clicks to your own affiliate offers.

What I really loved is the simplicity of the idea, a real ninja trick to add into your daily routine, because it’s easy to do, it works and it makes you happy, because you can count on daily profits, that you may reinvest to make this job work better, or keep for you.

James Canzanella’s “Under The Radar Profits” is an awesome method, as you may imagine, really good to increase your earnings in a short time span. So don’t leave it on the shelf, grab your copy before the price goes up!

The Lazy Money System Review

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The Lazy Money System


Hans Jeschke released “The Lazy Money System” two days ago, and this is the best Bing Ads guide I’ve ever found online. In fact at first you do not even need a lot of money to get started. Then you might even qualify for free $50 in free advertising credits! But apart this, the 28 page guide show you everything about Bing Ads.

There is not theory here, but the case study of what Hans did to earn a lot of money without efforts, including the exact products he promoted, the same ads he used to take so much commissions, and even the exact keywords! It’s easy, just like a good “Copy & Paste” system, without the need to have websites, landing pages, squeeze pages and with no use of SEO.

Filled by step by step how to’s, by clear screenshots of any move, this is without doubts one of the most complete guides on how to get success from the Bing Ads network, simply by promoting affiliate offers in the right way, without any error. What you can learn from Hans comes just from his daily to-do list, because actually he earns hundreds of dollars day by day.

It’s clear that “The Lazy Money System” is an awesome guide under any point of view!