30 Days Email Cash Kit Review

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30 Day Email Cash Kit

Gavin Birchall released a new WSO called “30 Days Email Cash Kit“, really useful if you are trying to build a list, and you don’t know what to promote, what to write and say. This package gives you the big opportunity to have 30 emails (+7 as bonus) written by Gaving, an expert of email marketing, plus a bonus video, 2 of his best books about email marketing, and much more.

All you need to start is an email list, but you can start getting new signups with the included squeeze page and with the trainings, so what you really need is an autoresponder, and you are ready to go. You will find two type of emails, 15 about your personal growing, to enhance your authority in the internet marketing field, and 15 about products to promote. More, you get a free package of 7 emails, so you get more ideas to keep your list updated, even on daily basis if you want.

The true thing is that “30 Days Email Cash Kit” is a great idea, and will give you a huge advantage, for sure! Build your name and your authority, and your list will thank you!

Million Dollar Sales Video Review

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Million Dollar Sales Video


Sales video sells more than normal text sales letters, and this “Million Dollar Sales Video” by Alex Jeffreys is here to demonstrate it. The course, made with videos, shows you how to build a perfect sales video from zero, with all the best tricks to make a superb job.

The method could be used for building up any sales letter, to get more conversions on any product launch, coaching or sale. The results can be awesome to be seen, and will add more conversions to your sales letter. You will be shown also how to get free hosting for your videos, instead of paying big amounts, and you get the template to use the video you create in minutes.

Apart the usual testimonials (I see the same messages on every product release…) and the big claims, this time Alex Jeffreys delivered a really good product on something new. So if you are not really scared to appear on video, or to talk on that videos, I really recommend you to grab your copy!

Million Dollar Sales Video” is the best product I’ve ever saw telling you all the secrets to record a top quality sales video, thing that no marketers before Alex wanted to share. That’s why I purchases this product!

Warrior Forum Traffic Storm Review

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Warrior Forum Traffic Storm

Warrior Forum Traffic Storm” shows you how to discover a secret traffic loophole, and how to use at your own advantage, for getting more affiliate sales. The author, Josh Mayers, will show you the correct way to optimize a simple blog post for getting maximum exposure and to drive a consistent flow of affiliate sales.

The unique thing you need to use this idea is an account to the War Room, that generally all the old time Warrior Forum users have. Otherwise nowadays is sold for $97 for lifetime. A really good investment for your growth, in case. But don’t tell I advised you!

He will also show you how to build your online reputation so that people will know, support, like, trust, and respect you. More, you will learn the easiest ways to come up with tons of profitable niches and keywords so that you will never run out of ideas. Last but not least, you will be able to see the bigger picture, so that you can see the limitless amount of traffic and sales you can tap into.

Delivered with PDF and one video, this “Warrior Forum Traffic Storm” is really well done and useful, especially if you are trying to get more affiliate sales on daily basis!

Cozy Mistery Fiction Plots Review

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Cozy Mistery Fiction Plots


The Cozy Mystery sub-niche is one of the most profitable Kindle niches available nowadays. It is in high demand but with very little competition, and these titles are in the Amazon Top 20 and Amazon Top 100 Bestseller Lists oftenly, making
their authors a lot of dollars. That’s why you can’t afford to ignore this niche!

Cozy Mistery Fiction Plots” is a collection of 5 completely original cozy mystery plots written as a series, that means more profits on the horizon. They are plots the product owner is confident will sell really well to the Cozy Mystery Readership.  I’m not promising they will make you the next Jessica Fletcher, but you can really gran your spot!

Each plot comes with a logline, the real essence of your story, a short summary, that shows you the basic storyline with details, a character list with core conflicts, stakes, suggestions and a phenomenal 10 chapter outline, a step by step review of each chapter with a short review. For this reason these plots are superior to any other release, and can really give you a huge advantage over competitors!

Go and take a serious look to “Cozy Mistery Fiction Plots“, detailed as no other set I saw for sale, and builded to permit you to create your series!

Newbie List Building Treasure Chest Review

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Newbie List Building Treasure Chest

Newbie List Building Treasure Chest” is a great product for anyone new to list building, or that wants to grow the list with some new signups. It is a “done for you” option to build a huge list and make easy cash. It includes a ready funnel including : squeeze page, followup emails, affiliate product to promote, free giveaway, top 3 traffic methods and top 3 ways to get sales from your list.

It’s a well thought package, something ready, good also for me to grow a new part of my list in days. Instead of completing all the steps one by one, taking hours of your time, you get everything delivered on a golden platter, with the straight tips
coming from the experience of the seller, that shown some good screenshots about his list directly on the sales page.

The 3 techniques to build your list are awesome, and the three methods to get sales are amazing too. It’s really more simple than what are you thinking to grow your list and keep it for profiting day by day!

Thumbs up for this awesome “Newbie List Building Treasure Chest“, that can give you the huge advantage to get things ready to build your list in minutes instead of hours, if not a complete day!

WP Security Vault Review

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WP Security Vault

Hello and welcome! Today I’ve launched “WP Security Vault“, an awesome WSO that shows you, in step by step, how to protect your blogs against hackers, malwares, white-screen problems and so on.

Your blog is a consisten part of an online asset, and so it must be protected so that no one can access it, delete the contents, or insert malware harming your visitor’s computers. Can you imagine the expenses needed to fix a hacked blog? Hundreds of dollars if not thousands, and you lose everything! So here is our plan, that we will show you with 38 screenshots:

  • How to backup your blog automatically, and how to restore it in case of need.
  • 6 methods to add a strong layer of protection.
  • 4 free plugins to lock down your blog and stop hackers cold.
  • 3 steps to ensure you stay updated and protected against new threats.
  • An eclusive webinar, live on 30th September, to answer your questions.

My usual quality, as you know I put all of myself into the products I deliver. This “WP Security Vault” is something needed, precious and that can save you from many online disasters. The OTO presents advanced protection through 12 videos, with voice over by a mother tongue. High quality!

You can use it for your own blogs, or sell the protection service even to offline companies. You have a gem in front of you, don’t let it disappear! This is one of my best WSO ever, launched with the help of Ian Hillman!

Complete Body Balance PLR Review

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Complete Body Balance PLR

Complete Body Balance” is a PLR package including all what you need to become an expert of healthy and wellness following the “Alexander Technique”, awesome for who doesn’t get enough exercise, who spends hours at their laptop, who has back troubles, who plays sports and especially lacks in confidence.

There are optimal keywords to target, and it will be great for creating a new site, a new eBook to sell, a video course, or anything cool you have in mind right now. Inside this pack you get:

  • 10 PLR articles (500 words each)
  • 3 book reviews from Amazon marketplace
  • 7 parts autoresponder series
  • 29 pages guide* 20 different eCovers to choose
  • 230 pages digitized book by the creator of the Alexander Technique
  • Quotes, tweets and social images
  • Affiliate products to promote
  • And more!

Created by Dave Lynch and Lisa Melia, this PLR is about an evergreen system, the Alexander Technique, that is used by many celebrities like: Madonna, Hugh Jackman, Richard Gere, Sir Paul McCartney, Pierce Brosnan, Sting and Keanu Reeves, just to name a few!

A great idea on a brand new hot niche. It’s rare nowadays to find something really different and valuable, especially nowadays, in a so crowded PLR niche! So grab a copy of “Complete Body Balance”  until it’s available, for the next four days, at a discounted price!

Paid Traffic Handbook PLR Review

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Paid Traffic Handbook


Garry Sayer launched this awesome “Paid Traffic Handbook“, that comes with PLR rights, so you can learn new techniques on your own, and resell the entire guide to earn some cash with ease. The package includes the eBook, a 77 pages eBook about 7 paid traffic techniques, well explained and with almost 14,000 words!

The package includes also an awesome minisite, really well designed, three banners in common sizes, eCover in editable formats, a lead generation PLR  report, and a couple of bonuses about private label rights. This is one of the  best PLR packages I’ve ever seen on traffic, and especially paid traffic, a topic that always generate a lot of questions that are difficult to be answered for free.

After purchasing this guide I was really happy, because it’s not easy to grab a 77 pages of quality info for less than $8, and with private label rights too! Give a look especially to the minisite sales page, as I liked it rvery much, and with some changes it could become a super seller!

Paid Traffic Handbook” is a really solid resource about paid traffic, and if you want to take advantage of it, do it fast before the price goes up too much!

Azon Video Vault Review

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Azon Video Vault


Azon Video Vault” is a fantastic vault of top quality, custom made pack of 20 unique Amazon product review videos. Anton Nadilo and Engr Bari peaked one of the top passion driven niche where people spend money over and over and keep spending for life. It’s the coffee niche!

They hired video professionals with proven track record for conversion to build these videos for your customers. Real customers talking about your product to sell. What’s better than hearing a customer talking about the pros of a specific coffee maching over 20 videos? (some are presentations with music, and some are lively recorded with two girls.

This is an awesome package for Amazon affiliates, and I purchased it with the OTO, that offers you 60 more videos for a low price. The third OTO instead is a membership, and I didn’t purchased it, even if with a downsell it was offered for $1 for 7 days.

I really recommend you giving a look to this niche, it’s awesome! I’ve opened a site some months ago, here: http://mysweet.coffee, and that’s why I purchased this awesome “Azon Video Vault” pack! It’s easy to increase sales with real reviews coming from buyers, and these videos fill perfectly that need by affiliates!

Supercharge Your Kindle Sales Review

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Supercharge Your Kindle Sales


Mike Balmaceda is a guarantee for Kindle marketers, and this “Supercharge Your Kindle Sales” is another gem, that shows you how to increase your Kindle book sales by 2000%, without paying a cent. The guide, and the videos too, are built on two chapters, one about Kindle ranks, and one about aauthor mailing list.

The first half of the guide let’s you see how Amazon automatically works with the Kindle books, so that you can take advantage of it with the keyword selection, and trust me, it’s amazing! Second section instead show you how to build your list with Kindle, showing a totally different method to increase the opt-in’s rate.

You can count on two videos, a 41 pages guide, and a set of exclusive bonuses, including: author checklist, a case study, how to use Mailchimp as a free autoresponder, a keyword suggestion list and a squeeze page header ready to be edited. Awesome set!

It’s really a great course, that gives solid information on how to get more sales via the best keywords used by Amazon, and on how to turn your followers into a brand new list! It’s clear that “Supercharge Your Kindle Sales” gives something new to study and to try on your own book listings, and the results can be really amazing!