Easy Kindle Niche Review

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Easy Kindle Niche


It was a long time I wasn’t so impressed after reading a new Kindle eBook creation method, and this “Easy Kindle Niche” is really a goldmine with no saturation. It’s an easy technique that can be used all over the world, without limits, and I’m sure you will fall in love with it as much as I did, because it’s so simple and so remunerative that is crazy to leave it on the table.

More, you can access a webinar replay, that was done yesterday, that shows you this technique step by step. Good for every country, for many different topics, this is really a secret goldmine. You can grab the top seller status with ease, being an author of these books. You will grow your authority, and even your bank account!

It’s new, no one has ever talked about this idea before, and when you discover it you may create even three Kindle books a week, to get easy commission. It’s a thing that people can’t live without, and a huge thing we have under our nose,
but that we have never thought about it, and definitely not on this precise way! Trust me, this is a Kindle gem!

Ask SEO Secrets 2014 Review

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Ask SEO Secrets 2014


After showing us how to get traffic from Bing, now Doug Perkins show us how to get up to 30,000 visitors per month from ASK search engine. Incredible? After reading “Ask SEO Secrets 2o14” you will comprehend! You know that all people target Google, but dominating little search engines may be a lot easier, and may bring a lot of better results than what we really expect!

You will discover how to use Ask to find fresh and lucrative keywords in 30 seconds, a feature that on Ask delivers 10 times better than on Google, and increase your own traffic in a breeze. You will discover also how to submit your site for a fast inclusion, how to search golden niches and validate them. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Yes because this special guide offers you many additional ways to use Ask.com search engine in a lot of different ways, including how to use it to generate a lot of new article writing ideas, how to get a lot of more ideas using external Ask property websites, how to find new link building opportunities, how to diagnose and fix all the indexing issues your site may have, how to rank in first place, and discoviring how to optimize your SEO. All of this just on Ask.com!

Have you seen how many things you can learn from “Ask SEO Secrets 2o14“? A lot! And it’s available for a really low price.

How To Get Paid $110,059 Review

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How To Get Paid $110,059

HP Jeschke released this awesome 65 pages guide about launching your WSO with success, called “How To Get Paid $110,059“. This is one of the most up to date ebooks about WSO creation and launch, and it’s a great guide for anyone looking to launch his own product in record time. Here are some of the topics you’ll find:

  • How and where to research your next WSO.
  • How to find out what sells.
  • Examples of WSOs – good and bad.
  • How to create your own product.
  • Where to outsource your products.
  • How to give the best price to your WSO.
  • How to handle feedbacks and comments.
  • Discover the best days to publish your WSO.
  • How to get reviews for your WSO.
  • How to turbo charge your WSO sales.
  • How to find JV partners and affiliates.
  • How to get featured as WSO Of The Day.
  • How to get Jvzoo Top Pick.
  • How to re-purpose WSOs and publish them elsewhere.
  • Which magic line to use that boosts sales of 20%.
  • And much much more!

All is provided in an easy to comprehend step by step format, laid out for you. No fluff, but just pure and actionable contents. You are not only going to get all this but together with “How To Get Paid $110,059” you are also going to get access to the following bonuses: 2 special videos, a WSO checklist and a list with 50 top affiliates! A marvellous product!

The 23 Minutes Cash System Review

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23 Minutes Cash System

Naidy Phoon is a young but determined internet marketer, and each time he releases some new guides, I’m one of the first to purchase them or get a review copy. This time he released “23 Minute Cash System“, and as title says, this
ebook shows you 3 different methods to get some fast cash.

Here is a smart review of each one of the available methods:

  • Method 1 is about surveys, and shows you the real ways to get money without getting scammed or having to compile hundreds of surveys.
  • Method 2 is about becoming beta testers for money, where you can test new software and websites before their official release, and notify companies about problems.
  • Method 3 explains how to sell the time and skills of other people for personal profits. You become a dealer and you sell their services earning a big part of their payments. Great for long term profits.

Every technique is shown with step by step how to’s, with many screenshots and tips coming straight from Naidy’s experience, so you may stay sure to avoid errors.
As you can see the methods included inside Naidy Phoon’s “23 Minute Cash System” are really awesome, and they can really bring in some more cash for paying bills, or for eating out when you like, with family.


Midsection Meltdown PLR Review

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Midsection Meltdown PLR


Rick Warid’s “Midsection Meltdown PLR” is the new package of contents for who wants to make sales on a common niche like six-pack ABS. This pack really includes all what you may need, with a complete set of outstanding contents and graphics, like:

  • Complete eBook in 3 formats (PDf, Doc and Odt)
  • Stunning minisite with complete sales copy.
  • Set of five banners for promotion.
  • All editable PSD files for minisite, ebook covers and banners.
  • In depth keyword researches.
  • 5 awesome social media images, to share on your favorite social networks.
  • 10 tweets and 10 Facebook status updates.
  • Your premium license pack.
  • Bonus – 3 packs of additional banners.
  • Bonus – Simple 6-Pack ABS bonus guide with PLR rigjts.
  • Bonus – Profiting from PLR products eBook.

As you may see, this is a super package about the six-pack ABS, one of the best for the summer, but also for all the year, because sometimes people love to prepare for the summer starting in winter. Or just after, if they ate too much ice creams.

So for the price it’s sold, this “Midsection Meltdown PLR” is a fantastic product made with all what a good affiliate marketer can need to publish his own guide, and resell it. Or just giving it away for building your list

WP Minisite Creator Review

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WP Minisite Creator

Today I released “WP Minisite Creator“. It is a special WordPress theme that allows you to create outstanding minisites starting from one of the 10 ready templates, that you can modify how much you want via the available PSD files.
Check this minisite: http://internetmarketingitaly.com. I did it in 5 minutes!

Here are some characteristics of the WP theme:

  • It installs like any other WP theme around.
  • It has an easy to use Admin Panel.
  • Add Youtube or Vimeo videos.
  • Use colorful list buttons.
  • Add easy tables or toggles activated by users.
  • It includes 10 minisite templates with all the PSD files.
  • Add call to action buttons.
  • Add guarantee boxes.
  • Add testimonial boxes.

Every minisite has a responsive design, good on any computer, tablet or mobile phone. You can set exit offers without purchasing additional plugins. More, you will get the possibility to purchase the unlimited multisite personal version, or the developer’s version, with the two prices in dimesale.

What you can get with no more than 5 minutes of work is a complete and outstanding minisite, with your sales letter completely integrated, with graphics, screenshots, tables, videos and whatevery you will insert in a real sales letter. But you will do that so easily that create new sales pages would be a joke. And you can even sell them for profits via Flippa, if you like, with the developer’s license!

This is your next tool to create outstanding sales pages and thank you pages without any trouble. Wonderful pages increase the sales!
So here is my sales page to get “WP Minisite Creator” for a special price, with dimesale. Give it a look, it deserves it!

The Affiliate Rockstar Review

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The Affiliate Rockstars

Michelle Stevens and Huw Hughes launched “The Affiliate Rockstar” a few days ago, and got a really awesome success, because all their job is making your daily efforts to rake some cash more easy and less intensive than usual. Yes, because
making cash with affiliate sales is not easy, especially if we are starting out, isn’t it?

So this is a really nice guide that people loved since day one of release. You will discover their best secret tools, resources and links that you will need to get up and running as fast as you can, and you will discover how to identify only the products with crushing conversions, leaving untouched the worst not-converting ones.

You will also learn how to build your buyers list, and how to sell over and over again to it, for more commissions. And also how to get a constant flow traffic without going crazy but especially without paying your dime in. It’s really a complete guide from A to Z, that leaves out unnecessary things, and includes only what a good affiliate must know to be in profit since the first days.

Seems clear that “The Affiliate Rockstar” is awesome under any point of view, so much that inside the ebook there were some good surprises for me!

Social SEO LeapFrog Review

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Social SEO LeapFrog

Today I want to review “Social SEO LeapFrog” by Barbara Ling. It’s a good guide that
 shows you how to grab first Google places with the use of Google Hangouts, that
 are a wonderful resources for doing webinars, or for doing videos alone, without participants!

many people don’t know about this last option, that brings your Hangouts up on Google results! This super guide 
 will show you how to give Google what it loves most, in a specific way, with 
Google Hangouts that are going to reward you with top rankings! Then it will 
increase your online authority in your niche via social networks and it will give
 you a free content syndication method to get your contents where really it counts.

I tested this method on my own, with my latest Google Hangout about cryptocoins
, and what I saw that now it’s on first Google page with 4 different good keywords, in most of
 the cases on second position. And it’s better than what I thought! Really!

If you want to uncover a special technique, easy to repeat with 5 simple and crystal clear steps, “Social SEO LeapFrog” is your right choice, especially if you are looking to dominate Google rankings without the usual up and downs!

Simple Pinterest Traffic System Review

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Simple Pinterest Traffic System


This morning I stumbled upon “Simple Pinterest Traffic System“, a superb guide on how to build an infinite traffic to your business websites. There is a lot of information online about Pinterest marketing for businesses. Much
of this information contains techniques that are not used anymore for the recent 2014 updates.

That’s why a complete step-by-step training guide has been created to show you exactly how you can easily, correctly and safely position your business on Pinterest today, and taking advantage of this great social network. 6 simple steps are more than enough to position your business for a whole new level of success.

These latest and most effective Pinterest marketing techniques take just minutes to apply. At the end of this awesome video course you will have comprehended how to:

– Get your business on Pinterest today.
– Set up your business’s Pinterest Page safely and quickly.
– Build your business’s brand in lightning speed.
– Gain massive exposure.
– Drive huge amounts of traffic to your business and offers.
– Increase your offline and online profits.
– And much much more!

If you think your business might benefit from the above, I strongly urge you to check out the latest exclusive Pinterest training in the market!
So I can just recommend “Simple Pinterest Traffic System“, that is a six module video course created to teach everything you need to know to use Pinterest effectively to get targeted traffic.

Lisa Gergets ReLaunch 2014 Review

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Premium Marketers Mega Pack

Lisa Gergets “Relaunch 2014” is an outstanding collection of 27 internet marketing products coming from 22 different authors, with big names like Sam England, Barb Ling, Simon Crabb, Teresa Miller, Lina Trivedi, Brain G. Johnson and Tim Castleman, just to name a few!

You will get a set of top selling products for a lot of niche, including Kindle marketing, product creation, keyword search, affiliate marketing, graphics packages, graphics software, case studies, and more! And the great thing is that you can access time limited products created and released just for this collection! In fact 10 products on the total of 27 are new, never sold before, and they will be retired from sale after this huge collection will be retired from market!

You get these products with the 97% savings, and it’s like paying one single product and getting back an entire library of quality ebooks, video courses and sofware. An incredible value at your disposal, but be fast because the sale will cose soon and without any notice.

Grab your slice of knowledge from the greatest internet marketers around! Grab your copy of “Lisa Gergets ReLaunch 2014” and start studying the right techniques!