Show Me The Money Review

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Show Me The Money



 When I purchased this “Show Me The Money” I will tell you the truth. I thought it was rubbish. Instead, after reading the 13 pages of this report I comprehended an incredible idea on how to add salt and pepper to any high ticket product, to be sure to sell a lot of more copies and making people happy.

Instead you will find 2 fundamental things to turn your high ticket product into something so unique and powerful. But for the rest, don’t trust you will have a high ticket product ready in 20 minutes to sell for $997. This is not the truth. But adding more value you will finish to have a $97 product to sell really well, like hotcakes.

If instead of following each part, you try to create your own high ticket product, with your contents and price, following just the second part of author idea, you can have a winning product, ready to be sold. And when you enter the “high ticket” niche, is really difficult to come out!

Hope you got my point of view on this product. It’s a must have with some quality ideas mixed in. That’s why this “Show Me The Money” is something that people overlooked, but that could be a treasure for your online business.

Azon Cash Cannon Review

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Azon Cash Cannon


Azon Cash Cannon” debunks 3 dangerous Amazon myths, and let’s you see that making good commissions in large niches is more easy than what you are thinking. A state of the art 5 step SEO technique to rank your Amazon review websites on Google without any effort, even about the most big and requested products on market.

You get 4 step by step videos about the SEO strategy, a 100 pages manual, 7 awesome mind maps, a bonus keyword and products list and a super software to post automatically on your own new blog: EZ Azon Poster. Thanks to its ease of use, it will become easy to manage your blog contents, without any efforts or time loss. In this way you can focus on most important things.

The five steps are really easy, because all you have to do is getting a special keyword from Google, check the competition, write an article review with the included template, include two secret elements on the page and copy and paste the review article link in another place. These steps will permit you to cash in with a lot of Amazon Associates offers. And it’s funny too!

This “Azon Cash Cannon” is really a super package that will be available for only 6 days, and then it will be closed. So be ready, if you are interested, to don’t lose this big opportunity to finally make sales on Amazon Associates!

Secret Cash Code Escalator Review

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Secret Cash Code Escalator

(my list building case study!)

Secret Cash Code Escalator” by Gavin Birchall is his own $100 to $300 per day income journal blueprint, that he used to go from a lost job to an outstanding financial success. On this guide you will learn proven techniques that anyone can use to earn his first solid income in the shortest time span possible.

These techniques are not about famous things like Google SEO, Fiverr, Youtube or FB Ads, but about an evergreen business that could last for the next years to come. Trust me, I worked with Gavin for a product release, and it’s an incredible person that gives all of himself to creating awesome courses based on his own direct experiences!

This guide is not about list building, even if it is for sure a part of any good business, including this one. After reading the 38 pages (33 plus 5 of rights) of this guide, I’m sure you will be ready to turn your life in better. I did these same things that Gavin explains in this WSO after almost 1 year I was online, and I’m so happy to have done that, and to continue even nowadays. Trust me.

So, if you feel it’s the moment to achieve something from your efforts, but you don’t really know where to look, go fast to grab your copy of “Secret Cash Code Escalator”, especially until it’s available for a so low starting price!

KD Researcher Software Review

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KD Researcher Software

Sam England and Bill Platt, two of the most reputable Kindle marketers and experts, relesead “KD Research Software“, an awesome tool that could run on Windows and Mac, being an Adobe Air application. What it does is researching your favorite categories and sub-categories and showing you all the useful results you need.

You will discover the real importance of market research, a step overlooked by the most, that instead is a must to be sure your past and next books will sell lots of copies. Instantly discover, in a single window, what your market’s top sellers are doing on Kindle marketplace, including title, cover, description, price and much more! Save your time and get real results!

With this tool you can really get a boost over your competitors, studying their successes and their losses! Emulate the same actions that made other books so successful, and comprehend the secrets behind each book on your category. This tool has really no limits, and the time you can save will repay this software in just a few days!

That’s why “KD Research Software” is so unique and powerful, and more… you can trust Kindle VIPs like Sam England and Bill Platt!

The List Sniper Review

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The List Sniper


The List Sniper” by Michelle Stevens is a really complete step by step technique that you can use to build your list by using other people traffic, each and every day. On the ebook you will be able to discover how to generate an unstoppable flood of traffic of visitors to your site, to start profiting without too much wait. And it’s a free method!

The method shows you how to setup your website from zero, how to use an incredible technique to generate new ebooks to give away, and how to steal subscribers from other people lists, so that you can be sure to grab only their active subscribers. It’s a genius way to grow your list and authority at the same time, well thought!

You will discover what exactly you need to start building your list, and where to find these subscribers, that are waiting for joining your list. You will be shown also how to monetize this list, all in an easy to follow way that doesn’t requires much
efforts, and permits you to build the bases of your business.

Thanks to “The List Sniper” you will learn a solid method to start your email list from zero, or to grow your actual one with ease. It’s a funny way to give a boost to your own business!

My Launch – Easy Countdown Redirector Review

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Easy Countdown Redirector JV Page


Today Alex Albert released a super software with my help, and it’s definitely something out from ordinary! It’s called “Easy Countdown Redirector” and it’s a secret software to create outstanding scarcity bonus pages to skyrocket your affiliate sales!

Do you know how big affiliates make so many sales? They offer bonuses! Simple! But sometimes we are so lazy and we finish to promote even the best products without offering nothing more than the affiliate link.

So we finally created a solution that in 10 minutes could create a fantastic bonus website with scarcity countdown timer, where the visitors can see the product you promote, and the bonus they will get automatically after purchase. All done by our software!

No one has ever put on market a solution like this, that give you the real power to create unlimited bonus pages. And if you look at the OTO, you can even resell the complete software after rebranding it with your own details and websites! Think for a moment… how many times you chosen an affiliate because he/she was offering a good and solid bonus? Many, I’m sure!

This is your best opportunity to get a better income, day by day. No one can resist to a good bonus page! Go straight to our “Easy Countdown Redirector” sales page and grab this software before the price goes up!

Thanks so much and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni

The Secret of $8K in 5 Hours Review

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The Secret of $8K in 5 Hours

Ask any car salesperson and he or she will always say it’s much better to sell a high price car than a cheap one. Bigger commissions, for exactly the same work. And to support this truth, Bill Hugall has released “The Secret of $8K in 5 Hours“, a super WSO that shows you how to sell high ticket products with ease, in just hours!

Sure, it’s well know that you can make money also by selling low price WSOs and JVZoo products, but can you imagine the difference between selling 10 products a day that costs $5, and just 1 that cost $497? There’s a big difference, isn’t it? So I feel it’s right for you, and even for me, to try to evolve and begin promoting these big paid products instead than focusing on little ones, that sometimes require more work and deliver less profits 🙂

Bill is just giving a look at how anyone can get started selling middle or high ticket infoproducts with ease, and he is a great authority on the subject, because he does this every single day in his own business. If you want to take advantage of his great techniques, take advantage of “The Secret of $8K in 5 Hours“, and grab this guide until it’s available!

Easy Countdown Redirector JV Launch

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Date of launch: Thursday 24th July 2014 at 11:00 am EST


Hello and welcome to our latest product launch! Read more below and grab all that you need to promote this awesome software, that will help you and your customers to sell more through state of the art scarcity bonus pages!


What will you say if we tell you that from now on you can create outstanding bonus pages with added scarcity with a simple step by step software?

“Easy Countdown Redirector” will give the possibility to create bonus pages about any product you want to promote as affiliate, with added scarcity to convince visitors to purchase before the countdown timer ends at zero.

You know that nowadays the greatest affiliate marketers go up in affiliate leaderboards only thanks to their bonuses, otherwise it won’t go this way. And sometimes we are so lazy that we completely forgot to add a bonus page to help visitors on their final decision to purchase.

This is a Windows software that could run also on Mac computers via VMWare Fusion or any other Windows emulator. You just run it, and you follow the steps entering your information, and in no more than 10 minutes, including graphics, you will be able to have your own outstanding bonus page with scarcity header and footer.

This is a gamechanging software that we hope will deliver lots of sales to your buyers and followers, just for the low price and for the ease of use.

Thanks for deciding to check this JV Page, and see you soon.
Alessandro Zamboni and Alex Albert

Join List



FRONT END (50%) + OTO (50%)


Easy Countdown Redirector JV Page
Thanks so much and see you on the inside!
Alessandro Zamboni & Alex Albert

WP Quick Launch Review

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WP Quick Launch


WP Quick Launch” it’s an easy to install WordPress plugin that does all the hard work for you, taking care of your blog setup. It could automatically change the permalink structure, delete the demo posts, pages and comments, automatically
creating your about, contact and privacy policy pages, install and activate all your favorite plugins.

Last but not least, it automatically creates pages for all your main keywords and also adds relevant Youtube videos into your blog. All of this with a unique, simple mouse button click. No more time thrown away for the usual and annoying setup
that requires at least one hour per blog. This saves you a lot of time, and you know… time is money at the end of the day!

No more usual steps to do once a time for every blog you are going to install for your personal use, or for the blogs you sell for profits. Now it’s all 100% automated!
If you remember, solutions like this one, doing much less, were sold for incredibly big prices, instead this time, if you are fast enough, you can grab your unlimited site version of “WP Quick Launch” for a few dollars!

Bitcoin Business Boost Review

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Bitcoin Business Boost

James B. Allen released this awesome “Bitcoin Business Boost” guide, a 23 pages extraordinary research on how to earn a big income on the next 3 to 6 months, and earn normally after. It’s something I even thought about and that I started
testing for preparing a product, but I needed to much time to organize and so… the idea by a good guy 🙂

The method is really easy, and it’s good for you, as well as for online companies and offline marketing companies. It’s really something out from ordinary, definitely something you expected but you didn’t saw around yet. If you want my suggestion, go for this without any thinking or waiting, because this is one of the few golden gems. Stick to it, read the 23 pages one time, and apply in the same moment.

He will show how applying this method to one of his big passions, he was able to give a boost to his job, by simply using this method with his own offline marketing company.
Focusing on the awesome idea you find inside the pages of “Bitcoin Business Boost“, you can really make a lot of Bitcoins without any additional effort from what you are doing right now on daily basis!