Banner Ninja 2.0 Review

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Banner Ninja 2.0


I was amazed by the first collection, but “Banner Ninja 2.0” is even more better,
 providing 40 new and exclusive sets of banners to edit and use for your own sites,
 or to simply sell to who needs them. A collection that spans from serious banners
 to funny ones, from colorful to standard.

You get 9 banners for each one of the 40 sets, that make the total count up to 360 
banners, good to promote your products and services on the web, or to be given to 
your JV promoters and affiliates. And if you decide to purchase the PLR version,
 you can take advantage of these designs by selling them to clients for good money.

Banners could be used to promote your sales pages, websites and blogs:

1) In a free or paid banner exchange.
2) With Adwords or any other PPC campaign.
3) Passing them to your JV partners or affiliates on your JV page.
4) Or you can sell them to third part clients as a freelancer.

As you can see these are four good ways to use banners and make profits. If you follow your best way, you will see how these banner templates are useful.
They come in a ready to edit PSD format, to edit with Adobe Photoshop, Gimp or any other software supporting this file format, even on the web.

I purchased the first version and used it so much, so I’ve also decided to go for “Banner Ninja 2.0“. There’s too much value to be left on the table! Isn’t it?

EZ Software Maker Review

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EZ Software Maker

EZ Software Maker” is a Windows software that let you create EXE file software to
 sell, give away for free or simply add as bonuses into your releases.
 Easy to install and use, after running it you can set different pages to load one after 
the first, to create your new software.

This is something unique on the market, and it’s available for an exclusive price, without limitations. If you want, you can purchase separately a serial code generator (if you want to protect your software), and a white-hat license, but the software comes complete and perfect, ready to be used without any additional purchase.

You can use HTML language, and do all what you see on the web just with the
 software. For example I’ve created a software about photos, that helps the user
 in finding all the information and resources he/she needs to become a great photo seller.

This is 
a great way to distribute and sell your ideas, lessons, guides, photos and videos. A software 
is seen as a more valuable option that an ebook or video course, so go for it! For example you can release your usual ebook, and add a software as a bonus, or sell the software as a OTO, as you prefer!

This is the real power of this cheap application, “EZ Software Maker“, that will build software in a few minutes, just by adding contents, deciding the order.

How to Run a Successful Online Book Launch Review

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How To Run a Successful Online Book Launch

How many times you sold a book, and you got no sales, or just a few that didn’t covered all the costs? With “How to Run a Successful Online Book Launch” you will discover all the steps required to prelaunch and promote your book to get lots of sales.

This guide gives you an entire list of the tools and resources you will need to market your book, a list with all the steps you must follow, a daily/weekly plan schedule and worksheets to plan your activities and don’t miss a step, to ensure your book sells many many copies.

Diana Heuser is a book author and publisher with much experience on this field, and you can be sure to learn the best that’s around at the moment, because she uses these techniques for each book launch. And we know how difficult and overwhelming could be to launch a new book in the market, a market filled by big authors selling a big number of copies. This book gives you a lot of awesome information.

It seems clear that “How to Run a Successful Online Book Launch” is a big deal for you and for your Kindle books, and normal ebooks in any niche you are targeting, and it will pays itself in a few weeks!

Share Per View Review

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Share Per View


This WordPress plugin, “Share Per View“, ask the user to share your article on one
 of the suggested social networks before letting him/her accessing it. It’s something different for the
 price, because you can install it on how many blogs you want, yours or not, and for
 the ease of use, really really a breeze to install and run it for a long time without any
 problem at all.

Rather than exchanging content for an email address, though, you’re going to 
offer content for a social share. You will get an increase on your authority and awesome results 
because more visitors mean always more cash, and more readers in the long term.

You receive even the developer’s right license, that gives you the possibility to install and use this WP plugin on all your blogs, but also on your dorect customers blogs. Imagine selling this service on Fiverr: “I install a content protection plugin on your blog for $5”, and specifying what it does into the description. It’s huge and out from ordinary plugins we are used to see!

Last but not least, it’s huge to see and verify that your contents are spreading through the world wide web without a pause! With this simple plugin, “Share Per View“, you may really discover the power of social media sharing!

Travel Niche PLR Review

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Travel Niche PLR

Today I’ve found a really good PLR ebook, called “Travel Niche PLR“, that included
 an eBook with 41 tips to travel for cheap, a sales letter, some banners, a keyword
 search and a good minisite. Something new to aim at a good niche, especially during
 the summer (but people move to other countries al year!).

The package is definitely well done, well written, and you can use the way you want, for example you can turn each tip in a tweet or in a Facebook post, or use each tip
 for a daily post on your blog, or just resell the product “as is”, to get some cash doing
 what you love with PLR rights products.

There won’t be any OTO, and you get al what you need into this cheap package, and this is another good point that goes straight to the author of this WSO, that is Alex Doerian.
This is a solid product, because travel niche is hot right now, and it will be for the next 100 years, so if you want to start a new business into travel, or you want just to sell this product for making some money, in every case it’s valuable.

This is what makes “Travel Niche PLR” a must-have PLR guide, because there are too many ways to use it for your business!

Outline Master Review

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Outline Master


Lina T. released “Outline Master” yesterday afternoon, and it’s a great tool that helps you out in getting more content ideas starting from a single, little idea. You have found a huge new niche? Enter it, and you will obtain the outline of a complete book, useful to be passed to your freelancer for completion, or to use on your own.

This is an online software, that you can use on every platform, and it will be a real pleasure to see your book growing thanks to the ideas shown to you! It’s focused, balanced, complete and ready to transform ideas and general topics in something more detailed and functional!

After you complete you get your ready outline to download on your computer, you may use the internal system to write each chapter in 21 easy steps each, so that your book could be completed online, without the usual efforts. More, you get awesome bonuses, including an outsourcing blueprint, and a Kindle step by step guide.

This software is good for Kindle books, CreateSpace books, normal ebooks, courses and much much more! For these reasons “Outline Master” is a new brilliant software, something never seen and really useful in daily writing.

WP Plugin Biz-in-a-Box Review

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WP Plugin Biz-In-A-Box


Ken Reno has released a wonderful WSO that includes 10 WordPress plugins with 
master resale rights: “WP Plugin Biz-In-A-Box“. In this package you can find 10
 awesome plugins that you can use for yourself, or sell for profits, having a great 
sales page available to sell all of them together.

If instead you can sell them one by one, building
a membership that goes for 10 months, you can do it without problems (and that’s a great idea, too!) 

Finding WordPress plugins ready to be resold it’s really difficult, and when you
 find them, they usually cost a fortune. THe plugins available are:

  • WP Squeeze Question Plugin
  • WP Link Tweet
  • WP Viral Video Box
  • WP Scarcity Lock
  • WP Shortcode CTA
  • WP Pop Box
  • WP Advert
  • WP Blog Book
  • SEO Stone
  • WP Flash Pages

As you can see there are great plugins, including big ideas done for cheap, like the scarcity lock, the viral video, a method to turn a WOrdpress blog into a living ebook, and a great SEO solution. You have just to choose!

For this time, if you are fast, you
 can get the entire package “WP Plugin Biz-In-A-Box” for less than $8. An awesome collection, and a fantastic deal!

Kindle Champion Review

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Kindle Champion


Kindle Champion” by Mike Balmaceda is a fast product to read, with an additional serie of videos, that shows you how to get Kindle books created for only $10 or $20. He shows you a new place where you can share your idea and get your
book written by American and English people, not low cost writers from asian countries as we’re used to do.

He guides you into the process with easy step by step instructions, giving you the method, and he shows you the best books to be written with this method, that are including guides, how-to’s, step by step books, children books and short stories books, just to tell you a few. It’s a method I like, and that I never tested before on my own but that works for sure, being the final books a joy to be read (and sold, too!).

I was happy to have purchased this product, because Mike has added some cool bonuses like a book template, a checklist and a project details document for you and for your  next freelancer. The 23 pages guide clears any doubt, but in case you can also count on the four additional videos for seeing better the process.

More, you can get ideas on the project if you are not really sure about what to write. “Kindle Champion” is a real gem, and I suggest it to anyone making money on Kindle, because from now on you can make more of them, but without efforts!

WP Beautify Pro Review

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WP Beautify Pro


WP Beautify Pro” gives you full control over image selection for your posts, and makes a breeze to find quality royalty free photos that you can add to your articles without getting in troubles. All directly from your WordPress dashboard, being it an easy to install plugin.

And if you don’t need royalty free photos, with this exceptional software you can even edit photos, by changing brightness/contrast, by resizing or cropping them and by adding texts, watermarks and borders. It’s completely visual, intuitive and it will be your next big tool to add to your WordPress blogs!

Last but not least, this stellar plugin includes a set of additional features: the first permits you to change the fonts of your WordPress blogs, giving a new touch of freshness, and the second allows you to publish your Youtube videos on blog with wonderful active borders with buttons.

For these reasons, if you are a WordPress user, “WP Beautify Pro” is your first selection to give a touch of freshness to your own blogs.

Hypnowords Review

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What “Hypnowords” by Trevor Emdon explains is simple. Using some “triggers”,
 like special words and concepts, you will be able to convince people to buy as they 
read. And this is a method used by the greatest internet marketers as well as 
sellers throughout all the world, by many time.

You can finally stop struggling to get more traffic, and be able to convert each one of your leads in a better way. You don’t need special powers or hypnosis lessons to make this product work for you. You just need to place magnetic words into your blog posts, sales letters, social network updates, free ebooks, to convince the people you’re the right person that can help them. All will become easier!

But now this technique was finally uncovered, and you can use these techniques 
for your sales pages, for your social messages, and in many other cases. These 
ideas could be put into practice easily, and they can really change the way you 
use to approach your next to be customers.

You can purchase “Hypnowords” as a report for you and your company, or getting the PLR license within the OTO. This is useful, converting and stellar!