Super Affiliate Jackpot 2 Review

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Super Affiliate Jackpot 2

This “Super Affiliate Jackpot 2” is the second edition of the famous first version by David Kirby, a method to build your list and making affiliate sales at the same time. A huge release, that like the first time was able to pass with ease the 500 sales tag.

Why? Because it’s easy and effective. What people is searching right now, with an exact step by step list building system, able to build fast a huge list of buyers, without the need to launch personal products or courses, with all the time loss connected.

It’s a method that works for all of you, and what the author did with it was earning around $1,000 a week. And the list you will build is a list of real buyers, not freebie searching people. This is another fundamental thing that adds value to the product you are going to discover.

More, you get also a bonus guide that explains how to make $100 to $200 easily, plus an amount from $0,35 to $1,50 per lead. Big commissions on monthly basis! “Super Affiliate Jackpot 2” will be available until the 16th of April 2014, so if you are interested don’t think too much about it, or you risk to found the sales closed!

Hashtag Marketing Ninja Review

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Hashtag Marketing Ninja

Hashtags are that keywords preceded by # sign, and this “Hashtag Marketing Ninja” shows you the best ways to use them to reach the first page of Google anytime you want, without any competition or effort.

For this reason this huge manual is a pleasure to be read, and in a hour you will be ready to really dominate hashtags, choosing the best sites, software and resources to gather them, and to only use or create the best one ever, to get back the maximum traffic, conversions and SEO.

In fast hashtags will be the next SEO, because if you use them on social media, blogs and more! Consider that after reading this guide, you will be able to welcome hashtags into a lot of daily actions, including:

– Content curation
– Content search
– Market domination
– Product launch
– Personal brand promotion
– Reputation management
– And much much more!

They are the new technique for dominating Google, as well as social media and all the other search engines, and people is searching for hashtags on heavy way, day by day. So, if you really want to discover the real techniques behing hashtags, and how to work with them, “Hashtag Marketing Ninja” guide will be your best purchase ever!

Tax Season Power Profits Review

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Tax Season Power Profits


Yesterday afternoon Barb Ling launched his new ebook, called “Tax Season Power Profits“. I’m allergic to tax, especially in Italy where we continue to pay more taxes each and every year.

So I was happy to see a method to earn during the four annual tax payment times in USA, as well as in every other countries where taxes are paid. This a quick and actionable guide of 40 pages, to make affiliate money during tax season.

How? You will discover it inside the book, but I tell you that Barb given out of ordinary ideas, all working, to get your name connected to this big and unexplored niche. And this is a big value, because competitors are completely out of the game.

All could be done with 4 easy steps, and after you get the first money you can target even bigger profits. It’s funny to tell you will earn from people paying taxes, but this is the real truth! So the next time, pay back all your taxes with these simple methods, and you will smile everytime it’s tax season! Barbara Ling’s “Tax Season Power Profits” is too valuable to be left on the shelf!

Erotica Decoded Review

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Erotica Decoded


Did you know there’s a hidden Kindle market that is churning out more full-time bestselling authors than any other? These successful authors and publishers are cashing in life-changing sums every single month from their Kindle sales.

My good friend Krizia has tracked down a really successful publisher and she’s mercifully drilled him to find out how he generates $30,000/month on Kindle with his Erotica books. And so it’s born “Erotica Decoded“, an incredible guide on how to dominate this Kindle market. If you’ve not had much success on Kindle so far, this is your Golden Ticket!

The Erotica market is by far the most lucrative one on Kindle, but only if you know what you’re doing. Here’s the best part, you don’t even have to write one single word to profit. Since none of the big 6 publishers are able to figure out how to tap into the Erotica market and profit from it, it leaves the door wide open for smaller publishers like us.

Erotica readers are as addicted to their daily naughty reads as die-hard Starbucks coffee drinkers to their daily brew. This market is red hot and begging for new e-books to read. You’ll want to check out how you can start making real money from Kindle. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, you have to check this out because she spills half the beans in the “sales” video alone.

This training is step-by-step and explained really really well. It’s so simple that you could create a real publishing success story in not time with your eyes closed! Don’t wait too long because Krizia told me that “Erotica Decoded” will sell for 10 times the current price really soon!

Spring Into Walking PLR Niche Pack Review

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Spring Into Walking PLR Pack


Spring has finally arrived, and now is the time to get your health and exercise content out, in front of your readers and buyers! Use this brilliant “Spring into Walking PLR Niche Pack” to create great content without any effort in a great fitness sub-niche!

Quickly customize this content and add your own links to it and publish on your blog or website. Or you may want to create your own ecourse or newsletter with this bundle. It can be difficult to consistently come up with new content for your sites.

Use Sue Fleckenstein’s PLR pack to get your name infront of your readers and build authority in this evergreen niche. Your Spring into Walking PLR Package includes:

1) Introductory PDF
2) Keywords list
3) 1,000+ Long tail keywords list
4) 1 report – Spring into Walking Words 5,966
5) 5 Amazon product review articles
6) 5 walking Articles
7) 10 slides
8) 5 Social Posters
9) 30 Tweets
10) 1 ecovers in 2 different styles, plus all the editable files
11) Header and banners
12) Bonus 1 – Walking Research Report
13) Bonus 2 – How to Use Feedly to Become an Authority on Walking

This offer starts at a low price, a steal, and is running on a dime-sale. Grab this pack today while it’s at the early bird pricing. Price will increase to $17 after 7 days!
Have you seen how much quality is inside the “Spring into Walking PLR Niche Pack“?

Super Affiliate Profits Review

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Simple Affiliate Profits

Super Affiliate Profits” is a good guide that describes a newbie friendly secret technique that pours affiliate commissions easily. It’s what I do by almost six years, with an extremely good success rate, and at the end of the month it really counts!

In 34 pages, with 10 modules and some extra chapters, you will comprehend the exact steps you need to take to get affiliate commissions without problems, errors, or delays. Because you know, following the experience of someone else that done it before us, it’s always the best thing!

You will learn three ways to build your list, really good ways, and all what you need to setup every step, from autoresponder to squeeze pages, from traffic to big ways to grow that list. And you will be teach how to use that list for producing a growing income, because more your list grows, more you will make at the end of the month! You will be also helped to choose only the right products, so that you won’t make errors losing commissions.

So “Super Affiliate Prodits” is definitely a good product for who wants to start a list building and email marketing campaign, and start to see profits at the end of the tunnel.

Passive List Building Blitz Review

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Passive List Building Blitz

Fergal Downes released this new video course called “Passive List Building Blitz“, that shows you how to build a responsive list of buyers really fast. He tells you can build up to 10,000 followers!

The training is based on six videos, in which Fergal describes the techniques behind his system. Even if I’m not a lover of his Fiverr WSOs, this one has been built with much attention, and it has really great contents.

Apart video 1 that is an author video about himself, that at the end shows his list size (over 18,000 people inside!), the other five are simply outstanding, with ideas and techniques I never used before, even if you know how much time I spend daily on list building and newsletter creation.

You will learn tricks without using crazy gimmicks, and this is really a solid course that deserves your attention. Even the author tells this is the latest list building course you will ever need. And I’m definitely in accord with him. My suggestion is to try the course for building a new internet marketing list by one side, but trying it also to build a brand new list in a niche you like, for example weight loss, dating, recipes or for selling Amazon Associates products through reviews.

The final choice is yours, but this “Passive List Building Blitz” deserves more than a look!

Warrior Forum Secrets Review

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Warrior Forum Secrets

This brand new product, called “Warrior Forum Secrets“, let’s you discover the secret to build up a complete business on Warrior Forum from scratch, guiding you in all the steps, and sharing many incredible methods he used to rake in  thousands of dollars.

Even with a 5 years experience on Warrior Forum I purchased this because the last time I wasn’t able to complete my product sales funnel on Warrior Forum, because it was too difficult to setup. And so I had to pass to JVZoo, and I know I love WF because it was my first selling source, and the one who shared the WSO term with the world.

So this product offers a 65 pages guide where Sean Mize shares not only his big method, able to drive more than 500 to 1,000 sales per week, but also the method to rake in as much affiliates you can, and good reviews for the launch. It offers even the exact emails he used for the JV process, and for the sales process. A gem!

But you find also 2 videos that guide you on how to setup a WSO from zero, with sales letter writing, upload of products and delivery, and two bonus videos, always about the WSO sales process.

For the price it’s sold, I jumped in. And I’m really happy to have done it in time! That’s why I strongly suggest “Warrior Forum Secrets” to you! Because we can all become professional sellers with a good method!

10 Days Rapid Kindle Riches Review

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10 Days Rapid Kindle Riches

When Mike Balmaceda launches a new Kindle training, it’s a sold out and a WSO Of The Day. This time, with “10 Days Rapid Kindle Riches“, he shows you how to create and launch a new Kindle book in a gold niche.

With your payment you receive a 53 pages guide, 12 videos, a checklist, a book template, a HTML description template, a review group message, and a list of 45 websites in which we may submit our new book for promotional purposes. This technique works like crazy, and the quality of this new product is out from the ordinary. I purchased my copy too, loving the niche and wanting to publish more books inside it.

In each video Mike takes care of every day, from 1st to 10th, and guide you into the work you have to do. For my opinion, you can do everything in half of the time! You will be able to discover how to become a top seller on that niche, and how to market one book after another to keep your customers on track and transform them in followers.

It’s a totally different approach from my “International Kindle Profits”, because he suggest a brilliant outsourcing strategy that will give you less problems and fast results. And for my expert opinion, “10 Days Rapid Kindle Riches” it’s definitely to check out and try!

WP Cash Link Buddy Review

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WP Cash Link Buddy


WP Cash Link Buddy” is definitely a super plugin, because it permits you to setup ads to appear between your blog pages surfed by visitors. When they move to another blog page, your ad will be shown, and they will have the opportunity to purchase the product/service (because it will be a time limited or discounted offer) or just skip it to reach next page.

Many big sites are using this method, like Forbes for example, and if they use it by two years it’s because it works! And the great thing is it works also on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and a lot of other websites!

It gives you the possibility to replace all the traditional links into your blog with advanced full page ads! And your ad could be an opt-in page link for downloading a super gift, to build your list! Or once more, a CPA link, or an affiliate product link, to sell digital or physical products!

If you check out the sales page, you can find other ten ways to use this plugin. All creative ways that can add more to your actual business. And for the price it’s sold, this “WP Cash Link Buddy” it’s almost given away!