KD Xray Review

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KD Xray


Paul Coleman has brought us a different take about the usua Kindle case studies, with his “KD Xray” product. Instead of testing his own books and sharing his results, he contacted the best authors who were seeing a great success and tried to find what made those authors so successful.

So Paul delivers, in a 25-page PDF, three Kindle book authors who have seen great success in their publishing businesses, and specifically:

  • Rick went from selling 15 copies of his books per month to selling more than 4,000 books per month.
  • Judy Wright Helm built an entire information product business around her Kindle books. She has leveraged her Kindle business to sell many higher-ticket items and services.
  • Melanie perfected her promotion process, and now she is earning over $2,000 per day!

Paul is not only showing you their books, but he shows you how they structured their books, and their promotions. Melanie is really someone to emulate when it comes to promoting books. She is a clever, clever woman! This is one of those products that you absolutely don’t want to miss! Rick and Melanie write fiction books. And, Judy does non-fiction.

From “KD Xray” guide you will get many insider tips and tricks, methods and help to get your book seen between thousands. And it’s different from any previous, because you get the right strategies from who won the battle over Amazon Kindle!

Sales Funnel Commando Review

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Sales Funnel Commando


Sales Funnel Commando” by Paul Nicholls is an awesome product composed by 8 videos and 5 mind maps to learn the art of selling via sales funnel. All starts with a good squeeze page, and then you will add products in a certain way that Paul will explain at his best. So you will learn how to make sales while growing your own list. A cool thing, because many people finish to open a list, and for closing it after some weeks without any earning.

Here instead you get all what you need not only to comprehend the how, but also the why and all the hidden rules. You will see 5 different sales funnels, built for you with the help of easy step by step mind maps.

More, you will learn one of Paul’s personal tricks to enhance the selling rate of your own one time offer (you will learn also how to set it up!) and the change to make to your squeeze page to make it working, not like the masses that are just losing opt-ins.

Finally, you will learn how to keep all your sales funnel alive, for bringing a good number of sales even in the future. This is a great opportunity for you, if you never taken advantage of sales funnels.

And I really appreciated all the contents included in “Sales Funnel Commando” video series. Nothing to say, it’s a gem!

Self Development PLR Review

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Self Development PLR

If you want to dominate a big niche like self development one, there’s no other thing that start your own affiliate blog, by using “Self Development PLR” by Sue Fleckenstein. This cheap package includes 30 articles over 6 big sub-niches, and one big slide for every set of 5 articles. An incredible job given away for just a few dollars.

Sue Fleckenstein is a well-known author of PLR articles, PLR ebooks and contents. And even this time she created a great package to be used to build up a new business from zero. Just collect these articles, open one review blog, share these articles and add your favorite referral products, for example from Amazon Associates, Cool Junction, or every other affiliate network (someone said JVZoo and WarriorPlus?).

There’s a lot of work made by Sue into this niche, and from now on, you can become an authority in self development, one of the biggest niches where people spend billions each and every year.
Are you ready to dominate it? Grab a copy of this awesome “Self Development PLR” and use it just as I let you see on all the other articles about good PLR packages!

Loose Change Calls Review

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Loose Change Calls


Yesterday my dear friend and colleague Antonio De Santis, released an incredible set of methods to call locally or foreigners for free or for less than a cent a minute. It’s “Loose Change Calls“, a 59 pages guide. The 7 methods you find inside this great guide, show you how to call via:

1) PC to phone call.
2) Mobile phone call with internet connection.
3) Phone (landline or mobile) call with no internet connection.
4) Phone to phone call

And more you find also how to send SMS messages for free, with PC or with a mobile phone.

Imagine how easy will be to call entire lists of offline marketing leads to offer your services, or how cool can be to pass this system to your freelancer to get the job done for more less. Or again, how beautiful can be to stay at the phone with your friends from your same city or on the other side of the planet. Or your family, or call back customers to solve their problems.

No one has ever presented a so great series of techniques to phone for free or for less than a cent a minute, and to sned even SMS for free. So I hope you comprehended the real value of this guide. It’s pure gold, and it comes after months and months of research.

Here is the link for purchasing your copy of “Loose Change Calls“. Make me a (free) call when you purchase it!

7 WSOs For The Price Of 1 Review

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7 WSOs For The Price Of 1


It’s time for big deals on Warrior Forum! Gavin Birchall decided to give you all his latest seven products for a little price. Here is a list of what “7 WSOs For The Price Of 1” includes…

– List Turbo Profits “Platinum Membership” ($17 per month)
– Fast Track Profits Formula ($17 per month)
– Email Cash Supremacy ($9.95)
– Knockout Profits Solo Ads ($9.95)
– List Turbo Profits ($9.95)
– Blog Cash Secrets ($9.95)
– WSO Momentum Profit Launcher ($14.95)

Combined, you will pay a lot for these trainings, considering some are memberships to pay on monthly basis. Instead you get all of this for a price of around $7, with $1 for each product. There are great products about list building, solo ads, email marketing, blog marketing and WSO creation. All what a good marketer needs to get a following and to build a good list that makes profits for you on daily basis.

Gavin Birchall always release products based on his own experiences, so you’re sure to see real things, doable and that bring results, most importantly. I repeat, for the price it’s sold, this “7 WSOs For The Price Of 1” is really to grab and read page by page. Because if knowledge has a price, this is just an outstanding deal!

Ultra Kindle Sales Review

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Ultra Kindle Sales


I’m always sad when I see a Kindle training guide, because there are hundreds, if not thousands on the market. But this one offers another great point of view on the Amazon Kindle marketplace. And it’s huge!

Ultra Kindle Sales” infact explains how to get a list of fans to review your new book, and shows you which is the right moment to contact them, because as soon as you publish is not the right moment! And again, how to be sure to get relevant and serious reviews only, without risking to get fraudolent reviews. But you will be able to discover how to create a huge prelaunch buzz, for each one of your next books. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as this is just the first chapter!

The second chapter is entirely about idea generation, and it shows how to never go out of new ideas. You will see how to get a constant flow of ideas, with easy and modern ways to stay on top of new trends and stories. Then it shows also how to organize your ideas for the future, to create an incredible plan of attack for the future.

And then the third chapter, that shows you the secrets on how to spy over the entire book release industry in just a few minutes, and also this chapter has a big value. You will discover how to get more views to your books, really targeted and how to use social network to get more eyes on your book pages.

And as I said, this is just the tip of the iceberg, because inside “Ultra Kindle Sales” you will find a lot of additional ideas, methods, and techniques to become not only professional book authors, but also outstanding sellers!

15 Minute Articles Review

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15 Minute Articles


Arun Chandran released “15 Minute Articles”, a great product that shows you how he created tons of article sets, and sold them successfully on Warrior Forum, as PLR Articles Packages.

An incredible travel inside the mind of a top writer, to comprehend all the secrets to generate cash for every hour spent writing articles. Inside the 2 ebooks, with more than 53 pages of case studies, techniques and brilliant ideas, you will find all what you need to become an experienced article writer and seller. Even if you are not good to write.

You will learn methods to get a constant flow of fresh ideas, to never stop your creative vein, so that you will get all ideas at once. Learn the best and most searched article types, so that you can leave out the rest. On the second guide, you will find three different ways to make sales with your articles, described really well and in detail step by step.

So you will finally learn how to become a professional article creator and seller, to make good earnings on weekly basis, by creating material researched by most.
For this reason, if you want to aim a new target market area, article writing is a great job. And this “15 Minute Articles” is definitely out from ordinary!

40 Hot List Building Tips PLR Review

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40 Hot List Building Tips PLR


Lisa Stoops released this awesome “40 Hot List Building Tips PLR“, an incredible package that includes:

1) A 2,500+ words ebook with the 40 ideas.
2) 10 social media images.
3) 30 tweets ready with hashtags.
4) Powerpoint presentation with the 40 ideas.
5) eCover.
6) 5 additional list building articles.

As you can see, there’s a lot of things for a so low price. And consider how many things you can do with it. Here are some cool ideas:

1) Create a report, ebook, video course or audio course for resale.
2) Create a webinar.
3) Create a slideshow with some tips, and invite people to buy the others.
4) Use them for list building, sharing one tip a day.
5) Use them on your website or blog.
6) Enlarge each point in a real training.
7) Use it as a one time offer.
8) And much much more!

This is an incredible PLR package, so well created. I also purchased it, and I’ve just some ideas, like the one I shared with you, to use it for making many sales with ease!
So don’t lose the opportunity to grab this “40 Hot List Building Tips PLR“, because it’s absolutely worth the price with all the great PLR contents it includes!

WF Freelancer Authority Profit Plan Review

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WF Freelancer Authority Profit Plan

Do you know the hot news that the Warrior Forum was bought by Freelancer.com just yesterday? Ever wonder how you can take immediate advantage of that for your own marketing and bottom line?

In a nutshell, “WF Freelancer Authority Profit Plan” by Barbara Ling takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to view this merger to increase your profits by a huge factor indeed. Not only that….

You will get incredible new methods to get new ideas for launching new successful WSOs, and you will learn how to market your product as a brand new WSO, with all the steps outlined for you, like product creation, sales letter creation, WSO creation, and all what comes after. You get a lot of tips and tricks, techniques and how-to’s that can really boost your WSO sales as you have never seen.

For this reason I can only suggest this guide to all the people interested in launching products, and getting a rich email list. “WF Freelancer Authority Profit Plan” is a brilliant gem, and who will take advantage will get the authority to become a WSO power seller, because Barb Ling advices are like pearls of wisdom! Go now!

AffMaster Review

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Yesterday night I found a series of guides called AffManual. 9 ebooks that will help you cash-in as an affiliate, so that in no more than 7 days, following author claim, you can make your first affiliate sale or double your actual sales without too many efforts.

The techniques are really great, and the there are 187 pages to read! So for the next month you can take an ebook to study every 3 days, so that you can get results from each one of the methods.

If you are curious, you will find techniques regarding: Google Alerts, Solo Ads, Forum Marketing, Document Sharing, Video Marketing, Fiverr, your Blog, Mobile Apps and Ads Exchange. A lot of new techniques you can’t imagine, even by having the titles. Because Raimundas put all his case study at your disposal.

This is definitely a collection of methods good for any marketer, from newbies that want to make the first sales, to the advanced IM’ers that want another big slice of income that adds up! The methods can be used on Clickbank, WarriorPlus, JVZoo and even with CPA Ads.

AffManual is definitely awesome under any point of view, it was a joy for me to read the first 3 reports of the 9. And there’s also a cool bonus report that adds even more value to this package.