Blog Cash Secrets Review

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Blog Cash Secrets


Blog Cash Secrets” is a new release by Gavin Birchall, for who is tired to works on his blog without getting the results he wants. So if backlinks didn’t worked, and the unique result you got back is a big frustrations, it’s time to uncover this new series of techniques.

What you need is a complete plan, a step by step strategy on how to move your blog by bringing some fresh traffic. Only in this way you can start monetizing it with sales, and grow your email list at the same time. By purchasing this training you will discover:

  • The winning structure to get a maximum impact and good profits from the traffic you’re going to generate.
  • A super content strategy to let your blog grow, with new and useful posts that call in new visitors.
  • The complete roadmap to build a winning blog from zero.
  • A premium traffic method that can be used to get brilliant results over different niches.
  • A secret tool to let content thieves grow your traffic and let your author name grow with it.
  • How to harness Youtube power with little videos, from 2 to 5 minutes, and getting a huge traffic as an answer.
  • A huge traffic technique to call in returning visitors to your blog.
  • A fresh method to siphon laser targeted traffic and leads, and to turn them into real buyers.
  • How to start selling your own products, as well as affiliate products.
  • How to capitalize on each visitors, building a steady flow of traffic that will grow automatically, day by day with your contents.

So as you can see this is a huge training. Following its steps you may build your blog the right way, and profit from all your new visitors that you will be able to call on the inside. That’s why “Blog Cash Secrets” is a great product, and really suggested!

35 Weight Loss PLR Articles Review

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35 Weight Loss PLR Articles

Arun Chandran is a creative writer like I’ve no found elsewhere, especially as article creator. This time he created this brilliant package of “35 Weight Loss PLR Articles“, that include top articles with more than 500 words each, available in text and Word file format.

Even if these articles touch the big weight loss niche, you will find good contents about exercises, health and diets, good for any blog, to be assembled into ebooks or reports, to be recorded as videos or played as slideshows. Or you can use them to build up your Facebook Page or Group, just to give you an idea no one has ever shared with you. Think about it, you have 35 (+25 bonus) articles to create outstanding contents!

Weight loss is a huge niche to target, and you can easily monetize these articles by placing Google Adsense ads on your website, or by using CPA links or affiliate products, for example from Clickbank, Amazon Associates, or health affiliate platforms.

The opportunities you get with these 35 “Weight Loss PLR Articles” by Arun Chandran, and the 25 bonus articles you receive, always in the same niche, are really huge and written with care.
Make a good use of all this valuable PLR articles, and results will come!

All-in-One 3D Animated Landing Page Review

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All-in-One 3D Animated Landing Page


All-In-One 3D Animated Landing Page” is a WordPress plugin that gives you the opportunity to create outstanding 3D effect squeeze pages or landing pages, able to enhance not only the traffic, but also the signup rates.

This is an attention grabbing idea, able to move people’s eyes to the signup box with a real animated text, so that you may increase your conversions in a fast way. And it integrates perfectly the optin box with your videos, images, logos and much more! It integrates perfectly with autoresponders, like Aweber, Getresponse and MailChimp, an dit gives you the opportunity to grow your subscribers rate with ease.

For these reasons this brilliant idea sold well over 500 copies, and soon we will see the first 3D squeeze pages, or three dimensions landing pages. It’s a cool method to get more subscribers, improve your conversions, and get better results. Combine it with a top quality ree product, put the link on social networks, and on your forum signatures, and you will start building a huge list!

Together with the superb “All-In-One 3D Animated Landing Page“, you get three awesome bonuses, that are three WordPress plugins that were sold for big money in the past months!

Fitness Money Review

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Fitness Money

Fitness is the first choice of millions of people, if you think that in USA only people spend 20 billion of dollars a year, and that in UK the 12% of
inhabitants is member of a fitness group or gym. And if you think that a simple videogame like Wii Fit sold over 22,5 millions of copies, this is really astonishing.

Consider also the fact that people continues to do fitness on daily basis even in our economic recession, and there’s no negative sign in years! The trend is growing, on yearly basis, and we must jump into this big niche as soon as we can, to grab the right train, the train for profits!

So Naidy Phoon created this awesome “Fitness Money“, good for newbies and for who has got only a few dollars from his efforts. Because there’s a great way to follow to become experienced fitness product sellers.

And this 200 pages guide helps you out letting you follow a step by step process in which the author takes care of every step you need to create a phenomenal affiliate website, including niche and product selection, website creation, SEO, content creation, keyword search, direct traffic methods and all what you need to boost your sales.

Fitness Money” is THE complete guide for becoming successful website creators, and to become owners of a money making fitness niche website empire.
Highly suggested!

FB Magic Bar Review

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FB Magic Bar


This “FB Magic Bar” is definitely a good idea, something we were searching by some time, and that we never found. But what is it? It’s a simple WordPress plugin that places a magic bar on the top of our blog.

And this bar is really really similar to the Facebook one, and after a visitor comes into your blog and start moving, he/she will hear a “ping” sound, and will see the notification count set to 1, 2 or how much you desire. When they click your notification area to see what’s happening, they will be driven to your desired website.

It could be a money making CPA or affiliate offer, or just a Facebook Page or Group to visit, or again one of your social networks, any post, flash app, or anything other you like… A huge opportunity!

Imagine, as soon as you enter a blog, to hear that FB sound we are used to hear each and every day as soon as new notifications come into our bar. We click the notification icon, and we see what’s up. But instead of seeing what’s new, with this plugin as soon as we click the notification icon, we will be brought into a new page. It’s direct advertising, something huge that permits you to get more clicks, more traffic and to definitely build a revenue!

FB Magic Bar” is available in a single blog version, multisite version or developer’s one.

Crypto Trader Review

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Crypto Trader


Crypto Trader” is an incredible ebook filled by optimal and tested strategies to make money with crypto currencies like Bitcoins, Dogecoins and many others as well.

The author of this WSO, James Renouf, is using these exact techniques on his own to build up a constant flow of money, and that’s why this product was so successfull and passed the limit of 1,000 sold copies with ease.

There’s no ambiguous information, and nothing is hidden. You get all the real info you can use for building steady profits. You will learn how to trade currencies, and this is easy for anyone from any background. Even if you have never experienced it, you will be able to follow the easy steps and reach your final objectives.

All is really simple, but no one before has ever released these tactics, so this is a completely new and outstanding product, something rare and difficult to be found on the market, especially for a so low price.

I repeat: you see how James do that, you copy him, and you are in profit. Nothing more, no bad surprises. “Crypto Trader” really rocks, and it’s available for a dimesale cheap price for a limited time!

My New WSO – Kindle Thriller

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Kindle Thriller


Kindle Thriller” is a brand new ebook that shows you how to create, launch and promote a thriller book on Kindle marketplace. Building a thriller may seem difficult, sometimes even impossible. Instead our ebook shows the exact steps to follow for:

  • Identifying the thriller niche.
  • Discovering the 13 thriller sub-genres.
  • The 4 ways to write a winning thriller.
  • 8 incredible techniques to get a flow of ideas.
  • How to build your characters in 10 minutes.
  • How to build a professional thriller plot (27 ways).
  • Our 2 secrets to make plot building a joke.
  • The solution and the fake solution.
  • How to create a super series: 4 solutions to common problems.
  • Plus, 2 incredible FB groups to join!

More, you get 2 bonus guides (31 pages in total) that will help you to publish your book on Kindle marketplace, and to get it promoted, with over 44 sites for promoting it free, and more than 7 techniques to draw substantial traffic to it!

And what about the One Time Offer? It’s a super collection of 50 high quality covers, of the right size, especially designed for thriller genre and sub-genres. Moreover, you can have 2 personal covers created just for you, for your next book!

This is a once in a lifetime course; something that was created to help writers become expert thriller authors and to build their authority in the most followed genre ever on the planet. Thanks so much and see you on “Kindle Thriller” sales thread!

$10k in 30 Days Case Study – Real Estate Investing Review

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$10K in 30 Days


This brand new WSO named “$10K In 30 Days“, by P. James Holland, also known as “Coach Comeback”, will show you a thing no one has ever shown before, that is how to make money in real estate investing. Even if you have you live outside USA, in any good or bad economic situation, regardless of market trends, your personal credit and negative bank balance.

A bold claim, and from the sales he got right now, I can say people like him and his personal coaching WSO. You get a big value here, through direct videos, and personal communications with him. James is always available to answer your questions, and you will be guided through a good series of case studies in which you will see real results achieved.

I tell you the truth… When I joined this coaching I thought I was throwing money through the window, because I’d no real experience in real estate investing, but after I read all the positive comments on sales thread, I couldn’t resist to give a look 🙂 And I’m happy I did.

Inside the membership area you will probably have some confusion, because he lists all the courses inside it. Just choose the one you purchased (the 5.0), and you will access videos 🙂

So, if you want to get an incredible knowledge you can sell for hard cash, or a new method to use as your own to live better your life, this “$10K In 30 Days” coaching is just one of the best products created in internet marketing panorama!

WP EZ Ticketing Review

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WP EZ Ticketing


Today I’ve chosen this easy WordPress plugin called “WP EZ Ticketing” because sometimes we overlook our customer service, giving away just an email for our websites or blogs customer care, or for our products buyers. This is one of the biggest and bold errors we can make.

And I did it for 6 long years, because even if I always paid a lot of attention to my customers, I never offered a great customer service portal but just a simple email address that can be misspelled, written in a bad way, or be useless to people who don’t use email yet.

So a complete customer service portal with easy tickets to submit and to be answered is one of the key for success, for getting a big name in your field. And that’s one of the things that count more for your customers and for your next-to-be clients, that will be happy to count on a professional ticket service for their questions, problems or just for sending a good testimonial.

So this “WP EZ Ticketing” is easy to install on your WordPress blog, and especially easy to run with a few simple steps. On the sales page you find also the links to check out a working demo. Pay more attention to your actual customers, because they are the people who let your business grow!

Solo Ad Arbitrage Review

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Solo Ad Arbitrage


We have seen every type of WSO showing how to use solo ads for growing our lists. But “Solo Ads Arbitrage” let us make money with solo ads, by playing the man in the middle between who orders solo ads and who sells them.

So we won’t need any list, any autoresponder and no big fantasy in creating long newsletters. Yes, because we let sellers and buyers meet, and we reap big profits just for doing this! This is the real solo ad arbitrage!

What you will learn from this WSO is incredible, and here are some of the golden contents you’ll find on the inside…

  • How to earn from $45 to $150 a day or more, starting today.
  • How to work without lists, autoresponders, websites and experience.
  • Where to get cheapest clicks.
  • Where to find hungry buyers paying you for clicks.
  • The core method, all free.
  • Easy step by step instructions to follow.
  • How to build your own list without spending a penny, if you like the idea.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of solo ad arbitrage.
  • Some cool bonus tips and tricks.

This WSO in first days sold hundreds of copies, more than 500 to be precise, as you can see from Warrior Plus affiliate area, and there’s a reason. Because his systems work, without questions. So, if you want to finally make money from solo ads, this is the right moment to jump on the right train for success. It’s doable, and more simple than what you may think, with “Solo Ads Arbitrage“!