Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind Review

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Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind

Carl Picot needed more than one year to complete this marvellous “Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind“, a spectacular collection of questions & answer interviews with the biggest names of copywriting.

Seven names like: Colin Theriot, Michael Millman, Judy Kettenhofen, John Carlton, Adil Aramarsi, James Teale and Neil Murton. The top of the top! And you can learn a lot of tips and tricks, solutions, advices and ways to give more power to your own sales copies.

Consider that with just a simple interview by Michael Millman I was able to increase my sales for 25%, by applying some random tips. Because in every person mind, there are some things to uncover, and once you are able to get their eyes on your sales page, 90% of your job is done.

And with this mastermind, you have a whole set of instructions to uncover and apply to your sales funnel to increase conversions like you never imagined, because your sales page is the most important part of your entire product.

You can have a great idea, but without a good sales page you won’t be able to sell a copy! And by following all the lessons of “Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind“, made by the top of copywriting, you will be able to get a huge advantage over your direct competitors!

Insider Secrets To Making Money With Udemy Review

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Insider Secrets To Making Money With Udemy

Insider Secrets To Making Money With Udemy” is the best video training you may find to become a big seller on Udemy, the most famous eLearning platform in the world. People sells big trainings composed by videos, text lessons, exercises and their knowledge. At the end of the training, when you finish all the available lessons, you get the certification of completed course. And that’s a great idea.

But you know that every course you’ve sold online could be transferred to Udemy with ease? Yes, and you can ask your favorite price, even a big one as high ticket courses are the normality on Udemy platform.

This course with over 4:30 hours of video training, will guide you into the needed steps to dominate this platform, build your following and start earning a big income from your efforts. Students will join your course, and you will be able to monetize not only your past creations, but also PLR packages as well.

A training like this is pure gold, if you think that the author was able to call in over 2,600 students in only 10 courses. And he doesn’t provide just basic information on how to turn your products into Udemy courses, but he gives also away incredible traffic strategies and methods to come up oftenly on the Udemy platform searches by users, so that your course can get the attention it deserves.

I really appreciated “Insider Secrets To Making Money With Udemy“, and I can just suggest it for your immediate success!

The Ultimate Unique Giveaway Review

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The Ultimate Unique Giveaway

If you really desire to build your list with a twist, in a fast and really easy way, “The Ultimate Unique Giveaway” is definitely a good product. It shows you how to grow your list with hundreds and thousands of new leads.

The main method tells how to work with a blogger to grow your list with thousands of new leads. It includes the right sites to do in order for you  to start creating your new giveaways from zero.

You will discover how to set up a brand new squeeze page only done for your own giveaways. You will be able to create an outstanding sales funnel and to build value to turn subscribers into buyers. You will also get some tips to get the most from each giveaway event, and to drive a huge traffic to it.

More, in the two bonus reports you will discover how to get all you want for free, including Amazon gift cards, gift baskets, Paypal cash and much more. And more, two extra methods to get more from each one of your giveaways.  “The Ultimate Unique Giveaway” is a huge and new way to get subscribers, and to turn them into super buyers who will stay in for longer in your list.

3 Way List Builder Pro Review

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3 Way List Builder Pro

3 Way List Builder Pro” is a great new ebook by Arafat Zam, a good guy that delivers 4 great methods to build your list fast and without too much efforts. His methods are different from the other guides, and each one represents a wave of fresh air.

Method 1 is about free list builder software, with huge software suggested and shown in detail, with easy step by step process and screenshots.

Method 2 is all about Facebook PPC, with clear instructions and a good case study. With the steps provided, you will be able to run FB Ads without errors.

Method 3 is all about mass mailing through targeted mailer lists, by using the classic list building method with a big boost (that I personally use by a year and half with big success) and an external mass mailing software, by staying on the legal side.

Method 4 is about Bing PPC, and you get also $25 free credit coupon to purchase with a Fiverr link, and the step by step description on how to setup your winning ads.

As a bonus chapter you are suggested an affiliate opportunity. This is a great opportunity to learn 4 great methods to grow your list with ease, of which 1 entirely free and 3 to start with a little investment.
The methods inside “3 Way List Builder Pro” work, and Arafat has done an incredible job with this course!

10 Clickbank Health & Fitness Product Reviews

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10 Clickbank Health & Fitness Reviews

Arun Chandran created this package of “10 Clickbank Health and Fitness PLR Reviews” for who is interested in these two money making niches. The great thing about these articles, is they are all high quality, written to review the top 10 and most converting products on Clickbank market.

By your side, you can use these articles to promote the products from Clickbank, and earn a dime from your review site, from Youtube, from Slideshare, or from article directories. More, you can turn these into posts for your blog.

When people want to purchase a product, the first thing they do is check for online reviews, and these ones are awesome because they fully evaluate the product, with 500 to 600 words for each PLR article. If you instead want to take this article package and resell it “as-is”, you are allowed to do it, and you can, for example, add this to your sales

The products reviewed are:

1) The Venus Factor (612 words)
2) The Truth About Cellulite (629 words)
3) The Ultimate Herpes Protocol (563 words)
4) Reverse Your Diabetes Today (558 words)
5) Old School New Body (602 words)
6) The Muscle Maximizer (556 words)
7) Truth About ABS (502 words)
8) Customized Fat Loss (538 words)
9) The Fat Loss Factor (601 words)
10) Penis Advantage (598 words)

So if you want quality, this is the right article set to make sales on the fitness and health niche, with the most sold products on Clickbank!
Go for these “10 Clickbank Health and Fitness PLR Reviews” and start making affiliate sales!

My New Launch – Power Easy Video

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Power Easy Video


Today is my day, because I’ve launched “Power Easy Video” together with Alex Albert. “Power Easy Video” is a splash site creator that turns ordinary (and boring) Youtube videos into wonderful looking web pages with features like:

  • Full screen view.
  • SEO optimization.
  • FB News Feed ready.
  • Time redirect to any offer.
  • More attention to secondary web pages.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Permits you to create unlimited pages.

And all this could be done in less than 5 minutes per video page!

Are you ready to change the way you promote videos? Thanks to “Power Easy Video” you can increase social likes and shares, grow your authority, enhance your personal branding and get brilliant results from each one of your videos, by increasing conversions. It works in a marvellous way with webinars replays, with instructional videos, with product reviews and lots of other video types.

Go straight to this page to grab your copy of “Power Easy Video”!

If you want to promote it, here is our JV Page!

If you want to stop Youtube from stealing your viewers with pop-up advertising, and right sidebar additional videos, this is the best way ever!

PLR Profits Mastery Review

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PLR Profits Mastery


In my first 6 years of internet marketing, I never saw a product like “PLR Profits Mastery” by Garry Sayer. It’s his experience turned into a spectacular ebook. If you want to discover all the winning ways to turn PLR products into cash, and give a new life to your archives of PLR, this is your last opportunity. Really!

Inside the zip file you will find 15 manuals and 5 process maps, that will clear any doubt you may have about PLR products. In the hundreds and hundreds of pages you get, you will learn something incredible like:

1) How to rewrite PLR articles and 27 ways to distribute and sell them.
2) How to setup a funnel with your PLR contents.
3) 27 ways to use PLR for making money.
4) How to start your own PLR business.
5) 31 day guide on how to profit from PLR (this is huge!)

Then 5 supplemental guides on how to launch the perfect PLR product, with 151 niches to make people go crazy about your release, and how to turn mediocre PLR in something new and shining by boosting perceived value.

Then additional guides on how to rewrite and market your new PLR, how to connect with your readers or find a ghostwriter. And last but not least how to purchase the best PLR contents on the market.

The cherry on cake’s top are the process maps, that you can follow for 5 weeks to don’t miss a step and turn even the most rubbish PLR into something good to make you money. So you won’t have any more PLR report, ebook or articles pack sleeping on your hard drive to collect digital dust, thanks to “PLR Profits Mastery“!

Kindle Copy & Paste Mogul Review

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Kindle Copy & Paste Mogul


This new book from Stevie Drive, “Kindle Copy & Paste Mogul“, it’s really a great resource for two motives. First, it gives you a feature rich idea on a new type of books I never imagined to create, and second it shows you a way on how to get that type of book written for $5 each.

This is a big idea, a plan that can really change the way we publish on Kindle marketplace. It shows you how to search for ideas, and how to pay a freelancer $25 to create 5 books for us. And with this method alone he made over $5,250. Incredible? Yes, definitely.

But it’s comprehensible that working on trends, and about this specifical book type, you can sell hundreds if not thousands of copies since day 1 of publishing, and Amazon likes to promote these books inside its newsletters, because it sells a lot!

So you get the great possibility to learn a new task, and to make no errors while doing it. And so you can place yourself as an expert in a totally new genre that we never saw on Kindle as well as in any other digital library. Come on, it’s time to rock with “Kindle Copy & Paste Mogul“!

WP Master Lock Review

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WP Master Lock


WP Master Lock” is good idea in a moment in which every WordPress blog owner is tired to see DDoS attacks, hackers who come into your blog to delete everything, malware and viruses, just to tell a few of the problems afflicting WordPress blogging platform.

And knowing the problems before they happen can save your life but especially all the time and efforts you needed to complete your personal blog. And this PLR package is good for this reason. Everyone prefers to be ready before the bad things happen.

And so this new ebook gives you the opportunity to market the best product at the best time. Now. Because we never saw before attacks like this. Simple techniques can reduce the problems, to keep your WP blog more secure.

Everyday we are informed about new plugins flaws, so we need to run left and right to upload these things. It’s happened also to me to connect to my blog and find a middle-eastern page written in their language with religion quotes and some more. Instead of crying, I knew how to fix this and delete all the work done by that stupid person.

So now it’s your time, to learn the techniques on your own to protect your work, and to sell them to other people in need, who will be happy to pay you to aknowledge the last tips and tricks for preparing their blogs for the worst. And to save time and money.

WP Master Lock” comes with squeeze pages, opt-in pages, sales page, report, 7 day autoresponder series, best affiliate offers to use and more.

Auto Video Creator Review

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Auto Video Creator

Videos are a good solution to generate traffic, and “Auto Video Creator” is the right software at the right moment, because it permits you to create wonderful videos in no more than a couple of minutes, with music, images and text.

And what’s better if you compare this software to others, is that you can import your voice by using the free software Audacity, available for Pc and Mac. The AVC software instead is made for Windows, but if you have installed on Mac any Windows emulator like Parallels, VMWare or other, you can use it without problems.

Video, if uploaded with great descriptions filled by good keywords, can really send you thousands of new visitors to your site, to your sales pages and even to affiliate products. Or you could promote one of your services. And why not? You can use this software for creating brilliant videos for offline companies, shops and associations.

It’s really easy to use, and you will be stupified by the results you may get. You can purchase it for your own personal use, or purchase it with master resale rights for reselling the whole software, with a ready sales page and Todd Gross video with his voice. “Auto Video Creator” has a great value!