Instant Email Swipe File Review

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Instant Email Swipe File

Matt Bacak obtained the WSO Of The Day with “Instant Email Swipe File“, an incredible series of 2,863 email templates complete with headlines that made thousands and thousands of dollars to the author, as shown in sales page with many screenshots. Getting this package of emails you get the incredible advantage to have newsletter that works at 100%, because the author, with a good list and mailing on daily basis, was able to obtain a huge return.

You will find a PDF document with all the emails to see, or all the emails in TXT, ready to copy with the links that redirects you to the offer, so that you can find its affiliate link to request yours.
And you can copy his own method, from A to Z, for a little price. More, you get also a great bonus, that consists of a never released guide that shows you how to instantly influence people’s subconscious minds, which is where the 99% of decisions are made.

A big advantage! For these reasons I really recommend to don’t lose “Instant Email Swipe File”  guide, because it will be your next step to success, and Matt Bacak never fails on delivering his promises, from what I seen in these years!

PLR Profits Review

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PLR Profits


PLR Profits” is based on 6 videos and an overview PDF, and it will show you many incredible ways to use all the PLR stuff we have purchased in the past, and left to take digital dust on our hard disks.
Here is a smart description of each one of the videos:

Video 1: It shows you what is a PLR and the way it can be used, always following the rights that you get within purchase.

Video 2: This video shows you where to get the best value PLR packs, giving you the web addresses and descriptions of the service.

Video 3: Wow, this will show how to use a PLR to create your next autoresponder messages, so that you won’t ever end the messages flow, and you will make your list happy!

Video 4: Here you are shown a second method, a huge method, for giving away PLR articles for building your list, by packaging them in a new report. Huge!

Video 5: This is absolutely the best technique eevr, and Trevor will show you how to transform PLR articles and ebooks in real videos, in no more than 5 minutes each. Superb idea!

Video 6: This is the most difficult technique, but the results you get may be impressive. You will learn how to search keywords from the PLR packages you have purchased. Really incredible, and you will get the keyword research job done by the author of your PLR!

The PDF gives you the basis of the six videos to make them usable, and gives you all the precious information you need to make a treasure of every PLR pack you have purchased.

So no more PLRs will stay on your hard disk to collect digital dust. It’s time to transform them in money, and there’s no other straight way than the ones shared in this “PLR Profits” video course.

First Page Link Building Therapy Review

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First Page Link Building Therapy


Edgar Zhunda, the author of “First Page Link Building Therapy“, shows you 40 great techniques for creating backlinks, methods that survived the Google Panda and Penguin revolution. They are great methods to build your links and give more power to your websites, blogs and web pages. And following the author words, the 40 techniques are guaranteed to survive even all the next Google updates. So you are going to purchase a system good for your present, and your future.
These techniques are easy to do, and they go from RSS feeds, blogging, inter-linking, web 2.0 and video submissions. And just a little 20% of people know this. So you will take a big advantage for your and for your business. And this is a thing to don’t underestimate. You are in charge of link building. What’s better between leaving your links to a person you don’t know on Fiverr, and working on them personally by using these forty techniques ensemble?

For my opinion this WSO must be sold for at least 10 times its price, but Edgar wants to leave it at $7 for a whole week, to get his name around within the methods. For you, “First Page Link Building Therapy” will be your best choice for link building!

Secret Cash Ladder Review

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Secret Cash Ladder

Secret Cash Ladder” describes how Paul Nicholls achieved a daily online income of $100 to $500, with screenshot’s proof. What is shown inside the report you will get after purchase, is an easy system you can copy and follow to start profit in just a few days.

It’s a fundamental part of internet marketing to have a daily plan to bring in a supplemental income, and this WSO shows you how to do it and grow it with much care. All is shown in easy, clear and repeatable three steps. And apart this, you are shown 8 secret ways that Paul used to generate some very nice profits online, within a strategy you must start using from day one to improve your results. You will be also shown a traffic generation method to stop paying for it, and to start making cash really fast. Last but not least, you get a bonus strategy for adding some more income.

This product is suitable for newbies, beginners and even advanced marketers, that will be able to pickup some of the easy strategies shared into the guide. This is a good reading, and you will have some “ah ah” moments too after checking this awesome “Secret Cash Ladder“!

Overnight International Authority Review

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Overnight International Authority


Authority gives to you and to your business a big perceived value on the web, and growing it on daily basis it’s a fundamental step to grow your power and determination. This “Overnight International Authority” gives you the keys to reach this, fast and in just one night. It’s a website, where you can share your contents and get huge traffic as a gift. And who will come to your site will be driven there just by your authority. And more traffic means more sales and better rankings!

If you like it, this gives you the power to go on TV. If you don’t like, it gives a big power to all your contents. It builds the importance of your name, and authority means more earnings, more diffusion of your  articles, and a big return in traffic and people interested to see what you have to share. This is pure gold, and I recommend to jump in until the train is in the station. For less than $10, this product is your best investment in yourself.  And never stop to invest in your personal growth!

Overnight International Authority” is a fabulous product, and it describes very interesting concept you can take advantage of!

WSO Winner is live!

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WSO Winner

A few minutes ago I’ve launched my new WSO… called “WSO Winner“! It shows you how to launch your best WSO ever!

Many people have a plan to sell a product as a WSO, but for a lot of them it is difficult, if not impossible. Errors are just around the corner, and problems may arise at any moment, especially when you don’t expect them! Until now we have seen courses of every type that focused on product creation, and not on the real stuff “behind” a WSO launch. Here comes my new product, ready to give a hand to people in need, and to those who want to make a better WSO without spending thousands of dollars.

I created this course myself. I’ve launched 18 WSOs since today, and I obtained 3 WSOs Of The Day. The topics I will talk about in the first 50+ pages guide are:

Launch preparation section.

1) Design a wonderful eCover.
2) Create a winning JV page.
3) Fill the JV page with right items.
4) Advertise and promote your JV page.

Preparing the sales letter for WSO section.

1) Design your sales page with a free Html editor.
2) Design your sales page with graphic software.

Prepare your files.

1) Package your files for download.
2) Manage front end offers and one time offers.

Launch your WSO.

1) Put your sales page online.
2) Choose the right type of WSO.
3) Setup every step of the WSO.
4) Launch your WSO.

Other fundamental things.

1) Add customer support.
2) Add a F.A.Q. area.
3) Manage refunds and serial refunders.
4) How to approve only the right affiliates

Every step has been described with photos and with real case studies from my previous WSO sales letters. The buyers will get lots of bonuses to complete the course, with a guide on how to prepare a product, the JV page template, the WSO sales page template, and much much more!

This is the best training ever packed for winning WSO creation. Everyone that has never launched a WSO before will need this package, and everyone that has launched a WSO without getting results (almost 80% of authors) will need this pack for getting better results!

So here is the link to purchase your copy of “WSO Winner“!

Webinar Software Know-How Review

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Webinar Software Know-How


Garry Sayer and Thom Lancaster have published a book called “Webinar Software Know-How“, that helps you to select the best webinar service, offering ten reviews of free and paid services. Inside the 37 pages guide you will find also some good information on how to run a webinar at your best, tips and tricks that can really make the success of your first or next webinar.

It’s clear that webinars differentiate the gurus from the normal people, because each and every webinar generates a good flow of money and give you the possibility to get much more followers and to sell high ticket offers with ease. This is the real power of webinars, and it’s important to jump on the train until it’s good to go. Within the ebook, you will get also an easy comparison guide, to check after you read or after you hear the audio MP3.

At your disposal you will also find a super mind map that adds a lot of value. For the price it’s sold, I recommend to jump in on “Webinar Software Know-How“, because you can really learn how to prepare stellar episodes, by using the best resource ever to transmit the webinar live all over the world.

Scarcity Demon Review

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Scarcity Demon

Scarcity Demon” is a new WordPress plugin that makes easier to sell your products, because it adds a scarcity factor on your sales page. Your can set for how much time your products will be available for purchase, and after that your sales page will be closed.

You can set timers that go from the desired time to zero, regardless of who connects, or timers that start from your desired time each and every time a new user connects to your website. Scarcity makes people buy fast, because they won’t have the time to think! How many times we save a sales page in our bookmarks for viewing it later? When you do it the sales page stays there for months or even years. Instead if you give only a few hours, or a couple of days to think,
everything changes!

Add scarcity to your product releases, to your master resale rights or private label rights product sales, and you will see a boost in your sales! This is the power of scarcity! And if you check guru sales pages, in 9 sales pages on 10 you will see a time scarcity box!
For this reason I recommend “Scarcity Demon“. It costs around $14 right now, not the $97 I paid for Timerlay!

Easy Story Stimulator Review

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Easy Story Stimulator

Yesterday I got a review copy of “Easy Story Stimulator” WSO, that is simply a gem. This is a game changer if you need more ideas or if your creative juices are not flowing correctly, as you will have no more problems about what to write. So, if you really want to explode your Kindle profits, this is an incredible system to publish one ebook each and every week, or even more if you stick to this method on daily basis.

This is really valuable, and you will get access to some cool bonuses too, including a note taking template (with video on how to use it at your best), a Kindle ghostwriting guide and an awesome Q&A session.
This is pure value, and you won’t have to say anymore: “What can I write?”. Your words will start to flow like you never saw before.

You can access more than 42,000 stories you can copy to create your one, by changing details, by adding some pepper to each story, and so on. This must be your guide, if you want to excel on Kindle books release. I really liked this product, because it’s usable on international basis, and it won’t never be saturated. Create small stories, horror stories, mystical adventures, or simply children books, to name a few.

Run to buy your copy of “Easy Story Stimulator“! WSO like this are not easy to find!

Blog Fresh Power Review

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Blog Fresh Power


Blog Fresh Power” is a brand new WordPress plugin released by Joshua Zamora and Jay Venka, that in 90 seconds can change the future of your blog, giving it much more traffic and better rankings on Google as well as in other search engines. What it does is incredible: it adds new snippets of text and new videos to your old articles, making them new! And you can even change the date of your articles, even by selecting the folders to touch, and leaving untouched the ones you want to keep as-is.

With the new Google rules, it doesn’t matter any more if you have a good number of backlinks, an optimal pagerank, a super SEO, or fresh and interesting contents. If your articles become old, there’s nothing to do, for Google they are rubbish… And this plugin, that comes with single site license or developer’s rights for small prices until tonight, it’s the right solution to pump your old articles and for giving back life to them!

You get also some cool bonuses too, including many releases done by Joshua Zamora in the past months, like “Zamurai Fiverr Rolodex”, “Easy Traffic Massive Conversions” and “Zamurai Interactive Blueprint”, that alone make the price of this product.

No one has ever thought about a solution to this common problem, and “Blog Fresh Power” is like a treasure box for who blogs by some time.
Now even the posts of years ago can be covered by a new light!