Stealth SEO Review

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Stealth SEO


Stealth SEO” is not the classic 10 pages ebook about the usual SEO strategies, as this one includes 10 modules shared on a total of 87 pages! Or, if you prefer, you can also find the entire contents shared in modules for a progressive learning. This guide will make you an expert of SEO, starting from the basics and coming to the latest Google Hummingbird changes that impacted us.

But what the author made is incredible, because he let’s you learn SEO through its own whole picture. Yes, because in the last year SEO is changed a lot, and it’s not the same thing. We don’t have to shoot backlinks and wait. Things now are different. What I can say from my internet marketing experience is that after reading all the chapters, you will comprehend that is useless to pay for high priced services, for SEO gurus and super software. No one will give you what you want.

This is a fantastic travel into the development and the strategies to follow about a search engine that changes within the time. Google is running, and if you want to stay up-to-date, this is a marvelous guide, to read day by day.

Stealth SEO” is super, impossible to leave on the table!
Especially if you like to create websites and blogs, and to write contents for the web!

Facebook Quick Cash Review

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Facebook Quick Cash


This is the second product by Karen Richards in one week, and this “Facebook Quick Cash” course shows you how Karen made $486.83 in one month by posting affiliate links on Facebook. It is a complete training that includes 8 over-the-shoulder video training modules, that show you the hidden tricks of this great technique! Karen, after trying FB Ads without any great result, started to study Facebook under any aspect, and finally elaborated a winning tactic to use Facebook Groups to make cash on daily basis!

All can be done with 5 easy steps, and the videos will fly away in a breeze as they are recorded well and straight to the point!
The five steps explained in modules are the following:

1) Discover a brand new profitable niche to target.
2) Open a viral Facebook Group in minutes.
3) How to kickstart your group from day one, with simple keywords.
4) Beat your competition, by getting your offers clicked.
5) Build a massive list within your group members, and monetize it.

As you can see some of these steps are really easy, and you can start getting sales really fast. And more, you will get two great bonuses to get a good knowledge of Facebook, and discover how to create groups extra fast. For $2.99 there’s no need to read my review, as this product will fly away from the shelves pretty fast!
So, if you want to monetize Facebook in a great and legal way, “Facebook Quick Cash” is a great option!

Fiverr Cash Flow Review

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Fiverr Cash Flow


Fergal Downes, the ace of Fiverr, has released this “Fiverr Cash Flow” as a cheap Christmas time limited WSO. His ability in making money with Fiverr it’s incredible, and until today I’ve learned some good techniques from his own products. This one is actually sold for $3.50, and provides a method to make $10 each and every day on Fiverr, on a massive high demand niche. That means you will be able to create an income of around $300 per month.

And more, this method is easily scalable to make even more profits, if you like the idea. You don’t need special skills, and all what you need is only a computer with internet connection, and you are set to go and reach your objectives. So this WSO comes at the right time if you are struggling to make a big monthly income, because it provides the right solution, easy and to apply for free.

You will get good results pretty fast, and the gig you are going to create won’t suffer any competition!
My advice is to grab “Fiverr Cash Flow” by Fergal Downes, a great Fiverr enthusiast, before sale will be closed, because you can add a supplemental income to your monthly basis in a simple way.

Commission Cash Machine WSO

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Commission Cash Machine


Gary Baker released “Commission Cash Machine” a few days ago. He says that in just 2 hours you will be able to generate your first affiliate commissions, by setting up an incredible system, with high conversions. The system taps into the traffic generated by the WSOs launches, so that you can siphon into that traffic in a white hat way.

Then you will be able to ramp up in search engines before competition! And in 2 hours since the first step you will be able to see some sales coming into your Paypal account. How? By leveraging the power of Youtube! Then you can optimize your videos to rank better with some great Fiverr gigs!

So you must take advantage of this course, and start making your affiliate commissions in just 2 hours after you read this blueprint! This is the right time to earn a supplemental income with Warrior Forum affiliate offers, and then move to other affiliate offers, even in different niches and from different affiliate networks.
Apart being a superb product, this ebook gives you a breath of fresh air, even in a saturated market like Warrior Forum!

That’s why “Commission Cash Machine” deserves your attention!

Product Creation PLR Videos Review

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Product Creation PLR Videos


Mark Lareau is back with another big PLR product called “Product Creation PLR Videos“, composed by 7 high quality videos that will show how to create a brand new product with ease.

The video titles are:

1) Welcome to rapid product creation
2) Choosing a profitable niche
3) Create a simple in-demand free report
4) Transform free report into a low-dollar upsell
5) Setting up a down and dirty sales funnel
6) How to get free and cheap targeted traffic
7) How to ramp up your business

So, as you can see, this is a complete video series about product creation good for any niche, including internet marketing and all the others. You will learn basic concepts, and awesome techniques to create a product from zero, to create an upsell and to bring targeted traffic to the sales page, ramping up your business at the same time.
You can use this PLR product to build your list, to enhance the contents of your website, to submit them on Youtube, to sell the whole product as a stand-alone course, or simply to learn the techniques and make them yours.

For the price it’s sold, “Product Creation PLR Videos” is a big deal. And you can learn many tricks, and then resell this package for cash!

Couch Potato Profits Review

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Couch Potato Profits


I never seen something so funny released as a stand-alone product. This is “Couch Potato Profits“, one of the most easy techniques for permitting to lazy people to cash in with ease a cool supplemental income.
You need to learn and repeat 4 easy steps to start as soon as you finish to read the ebook, and they are these:

1) Watch TV and get some ideas!
2) Take ideas and make a product in 3 minutes! And not an infoproduct!
3) Take another 3 minutes to fill a form to rank high in Google.
4) Get traffic and repeat the process from step 1!

Really easy, right? You watch TV, you jot down ideas on a notes, then you pickup some images, you put them all together and you are ready to go. Then you have to compile an easy form, and Google will put your new product in first places, bringing in a big traffic in literally no time.

It’s a new idea, never seen before and funny to be done on your own! And you can build a good and repeating stream of income, without going crazy! Even a kid can do this thing in his spare time, and earn some easy cash.
If you want another stream of income to be added to your life, and to be reached simply watching tv, “Couch Potato Profits” is a great idea by Sam England! Don’t let this WSO go away!

Power Magazine Marketer Review

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Power Magazine Marketer


By purchasing Power Magazine Marketer you will receive a super 36 pages guide that shows you exactly how the author of this WSO, Mike Kelley, went from obscurity to one of the top niche movers and shakers.
He will show you his personal story, and how to get an astounding ROI (Return Of Interest) in one of the most amazing ways to invest your time.

The secret is creating and running your own niche magazine! And you will receive the right templates to use, advices and suggestions, video tutorials and marketing tips! Your followers will wait for you next magazine release, waiting in line to pay for each number!

Getting recurring payments is one of the best things to aim for, because you start to get a growing monthly income, getting satisfaction for your job, and making people happy! And you get everything you need, without
OTO’s and additional purchases!

You will receive also a tweaked and tested funnel to apply to your new magazine, cover templates, a master magazine to see how things will be at the end of the process, and a quick start guide to check the steps
anytime you feel doubtful.

This is a game-changing release, something I never saw on market. And for this reason you can grab your space, by choosing your favorite niche and building a new magazine with ease, thanks to author’s tips!
Highly suggested, and funny! This is what Power Magazine Marketer gives you, and that’s an incredible value!

Eric Louviere’s 2014 Protege Program Review

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Eric Louviere's 2014 Protege Program


Do you want to participate in a super coaching but without the usual big price tags associated? Well, for this Christmas you can get it for a small fee! “Eric Louviere’s 2014 Protege Program” is something incredible and
low priced, available from a trusted Warrior Forum seller.

With this WSO you can get your hands on 11 awesome, spectacular and never released to the public coaching sessions, that have these titles:

– Earn from $3,000 to $5,000 per month with just a few subscribers.
– It’s all about presentation.
– Niche marketing cheat sheet.
– Finding affiliate offers for backend sales!
– Piling-up buckets of money with squeeze pages & slick email marketing.
– Secrets of Eric’s style of copywriting.
– How most marketers, who have hit the 7 figure level, got there.
– Product Creation magic.
– Million dollar insights after earning millions.
– Strategic money making.
– Louviere laws – Law 777.

As you can see many golden internet marketing topics are touched, to make you a real expert on the field. But there’s more! Much more! In fact you can access also the 4 next live sessions of this golden-coated coaching, and discover exactly how to generate a full-time living online quickly also if you have no skills and have never made cash online before.

For only $12, jump on the last train for success in 2014!
Make it your best year ever with “Eric Louviere’s 2014 Protege Program“!

eBay Gold Rush Review

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eBay Gold Rush


eBay Gold Rush” is a great release, a brand new idea to steal traffic from eBay network. A completely white hat strategy, supported by eBay, that brings an incredible flow of visitors to your website, in an easy, fast and free way.
This “gold rush” can be activated in 5 minutes, without the need to sell objects on eBay, without being an affiliate for this platform and without the need to advertise on eBay network.
You will be shown how an inexperienced housewife will use this technique to bring a lot of traffic to her desired pages.

You need to be fast, before all the world discover this crazy new tricky technique! You can get more Adsense clicks, you can get more visitors to your eCommerce website, or to your affiliate links!
Another good thing is you will get all what you need to learn inside this WSO, because the author has not created OTOs, upsells, downsells, or whatsoever!
This is a big gem, a great idea.

For this reason I can just suggest you to try the real power of “eBay Gold Rush” to increase your traffic in a big way!

Weight Loss Affiliate Explosion Review

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Weight Loss Affiliate Explosion

Every January, after Christmas and New Year, people want to lose weight after festivity’s overeating. And so weight loss products sell more than in the rest of the year. So why don’t take this opportunity for selling the most converting Clickbank offers as an affiliate?

This is what “Weight Loss Affiliate Explosion” shows you, giving 4 highest conversion squeeze pages plus 4 ready sales funnels, to start making supplemental money really fast.

With this incredible offer, you will get 4 squeeze page converting at over 65% (that’s astonishing!), PLR rights over 3 reports and 1 hypnosis MP3 track, 3 high converting pre-thank you pages and a special Thank You page with PLR download links and several links to Clickbank products.
It may seems as a confusing mass of web pages, but with the instructions attached you will see how easy is to get all ready, and how happy you will be when you will convert all of this into sales.

And not only sales, because with the squeeze pages your list will grow on daily basis bringing in even more profits. It’s difficult nowadays to get a so specially created product, with squeeze pages coming from author tryouts, and ready sales funnels to kick up your profits pretty fast. So, if you want to start monetizing Clickbank offers, paying you more than usual WSO, it’s time to check “Weight Loss Affiliate Explosion“.