Passive Cash Profits Review

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Passive Cash Profits

Passive Cash Profits” by Paul Nicholls is a short but good ebook that gives you some good ideas on how to open a money making membership site. The first step is to select your niche, and you will acknowledge the unique three markets which you generally need to stick to. This is really important! Then he suggests you the top three systems to run a membership, and he even suggests the four features that can make your members stay in for much longer.

You will learn even a lot of tips about content creation, and especially what people likes and don’t likes, and how to drive a constant traffic to your membership’s sales page. After that you will learn a super-trick to make people join your site, and how to convince them to stay in, simply by changing the days of the trial. The value you pay for this ebook is just given by this tip alone!

But the ebook doesn’t end here, as you will learn how to cross-sell other things to the members of your site, how to maintain people as members, and scale up the whole business for getting more from your efforts. Last but not least, you will learn some good powerful tactics to apply since day one to make everything work like a charm! The contents of this 15 pages guide are awesome, and if you have never opened a membership site, this can be your next project.

Now you can count on the big tips and tricks from Paul Nicholls and his “Passive Cash Profits“!

Amazon Gaming Niche Mega-Pack Review

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Amazon Gaming Niche Mega-Pack


Jeffrey Pettit always releases great Amazon affiliates package, and this “Amazon Gaming Niche” is the last mega-pack of the series! It includes all about videogames, in 5 different niches: gaming chairs, gaming consoles and accessories, gaming mouse, surround sound headphones and universal remotes. Each website will include a superb template, 10 video reviews, 10 articles and 10 MP3 about the best product available on Amazon Marketplace.

More, you will receive headers, footers and banners to use or change to make your site even more beautiful, and for advertising it on banner exchanges or ad networks.
As an added bonus, you will receive a list with all the Amazon products, with the product link to find it easily and without errors, 7,000 PLR articles and a ready Powerpoint template to create even more videos on your own. This is a super package, if you consider there is a growing request for these items.

These great websites with ready contents give you not one, but five great possibilities to start your affiliate marketing business from your home, without going crazy creating articles and videos, and without the need to outsource them for high prices. All is ready and put at your disposal.

If you want to dominate the “Amazon Gaming Niche“, this pack gives you not only the essential things, but also a lot of more cool items!

Privacy Simplified Review

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Privacy Simplified


Privacy Simplified” by Bill Guthrie makes things easy! It’s an easy to use WordPress plugin that actually keeps your blog and websites compliant with the actual rules for the laws and regulations. Keeping a blog about internet marketing, health products or any other niche puts you at risk. And having the right privacy policy automatically added to each one of your posts is simply awesome!

So if you want to remain compliant and out of the courtroom, this plugin must be used by anyone involved in the creation of websites, like:

  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Product creators
  • Users showing ads and advertising
  • Users of Google Analytics or traffic software
  • Users that use retargeting
  • And much more!

If after an analysis by “Better Business Bureau” you are found without a good privacy policy and the right legal documents, you can be fined and get in real big troubles. So it’s better to follow the law, always. If you receive a product to review, you have to select the right phrase, or if you just place reviews on your site, add the right text! It’s easy to select the right one! You will be protected automatically on any post, including your old ones!

And if you like the idea (like I did), after the first purchase you can purchase also the set of ready laws to add to all your websites: privacy policy, terms and conditions, copyright notice, anti-spam policy, earnings disclaimer and health disclaimers. All automatically kept updated and hosted externally, so you don’t have to become crazy by adding pages. Don’t underestimate your business protection!

Privacy Simplified“, together with “Online Legal Pages” as One Time Offer, is available for purchase for a reduced price until the end of 2013. So be fast!

Auto Profit Pirates 2.0

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Auto Profit Pirates 2.0

After the success of version 1.0, James Sides decided to release an up to date “Auto Profit Pirates 2.0” version, that shows you a real case study on how he build a tiny site and he made $1,509 per year on complete autopilot. You will learn not only how to build a super website from zero, but also how to find hottest keywords, bring a constant flow of visitors to your site, and make countless sales.

And the good thing is you can apply the methods without any previous experience, in any niche you like, even if it’s not internet marketing, and you don’t need a list! So it’s completely newbie proof! After the payment, you will receive a 80+ pages guide with more than 13,000 words, where nothing has been left out. You get a complete set of strategies that are the base of current internet marketing.

Getting little niche sites automatically generating cash for you is one of the best things to create for receiving a passive income, month by month. You get great information about website creation, SEO, keyword search, traffic generation and how to cloak your links so that no one can steal your commissions.
If you want to start making profits, “Auto Profit Pirates 2.0” is the first guide I will recommend!

Stock Image Machine Review

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Stock Image Machine


Mark Sandquist always delivers great software to help us in our daily tasks, and this “Stock Image Machine” is just what we were missing! It’s an easy application that search web archives for tens of thousands of royalty free and copyright free images! And with the software you may edit them with ease! Yes, you won’t require any external software for photo editing, as all what you need is included in the main software.

You can use the stock images you find in the following products:

1) Personal websites (Adsense websites and blogs)
2) Customer sites (without paying for extended licenses!)
3) Mockup sites (to show customers how their site will look!)
4) Websites you flip for cash
5) Printed products (posters, photos, t-shirts, coffee mugs and so on!)

All you have to check are each image rights, then you can use the way you prefer to give colors to your works! And this Windows software comes with free Developer’s license included in the price! If you are looking to resell this software like your own, you can purchase “reselling rights” within the One Time Offer!

This “Stock Image Machine” is absolutely incredible, because you will find tons of images for every project you start. Add a touch of creativity with these colorful and free images! Stop spending big cash on photos!

My Christmas Gift – Paid to Write Guide

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Merry Christmas! It’s time to pass time with family and friends!
And here is my Christmas gift for you! It’s a guide to learn 21 ways to get paid for writing!

Have a good time! And Merry Merry Christmas!
Alessandro Zamboni

Report Formula 2014 Review

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Report Formula 2014

It’s Christmas time, and what’s better that “Report Formula 2014“? This is one of the easiest passive income strategies ever created, and will permit you to create one topic minisites after an easy keyword search and to sell easy reports on them, month by month! Everything is explained on an incredible step by step process, with real case studies. You will comprehend what people is searching for inside the niche you selected, and you will be ready to let them join your big sales funnel to get big profits.

And you can also multiply this technique for unlimited times, to build up an empire of money making minisites, that will be easy to rank on Google top, to bring in a lot of visitors that will become buyers! Traffic solutions are not missing, and you will learn easy and completely free techniques to call in as much interested people as you want, ready to purchase your report!

And you can even use the power of Squidoo! I’m sorry but I can’t say everything more, or I will uncover the good and solid strategy behind this product!
On the sales thread you will find also my review! Kelly Stone is a good girl, and with her strong support you can be sure that every question will get an answer in very reasonable times.

So why not trying this awesome method? “Report Formula 2014” is your next stop for profits!

Market Spark Pro Review

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Market Spark Pro


Sam England and Matt Green have released together “Market Spark Pro“, a mind blowing software and method to ranking websites and to drive traffic fast!
It will permit you to:

1) Drive high quality buyer’s traffic to your websites and blogs.
2) Build relationships with other blog administrators to get more sales.
3) Build high quality backlinks to move up your site on search engines.
4) Increase your sales.

This awesome SEO software can find all the most relevant backlinks for your site in just 30 seconds, not hours! And the strategic traffic generation may bring you more profits! This software helps you to build high quality backlinks from these types of websites: forums, blog, competitor’s websites, EDU/GOV links, Squidoo lenses and Wikipedia page. And we are talking exclusively about relevant pages and websites!
Traffic means everything for a website, and without it you can’t get any success, in anything you are doing online.

More visitors can mean more orders, more success and why not, a great list to build up with them all!
But be fast, or the price of “Market Spark Pro” will go up too fast. Now its value goes a lot over the price of sale!

Super Simple Profits Review

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Super Simple Profits

6 easy methods for building up an income of $30 a day? This is “Super Simple Profits“, that shows you how to build a supplemental income with zero learning curve, for reaching $900 a month without much difficulties. The author lets us see his earnings and traffic screenshots, making this a good deal for only $8.83 at moment in which I’m writing this. The methods explained can be added to your daily routine, and won’t occupy more than 30 minutes a day. It’s like earning $1 per minute 🙂

And these earnings can help you out in many ways, by letting you pay your family bills, or permitting you to achieve your dreams. Or, as the author says, these money can help you to build bigger projects for internet marketing. And this is what the author is doing these days!
The methods are simple, fast to apply and give fast results.

After your payment you will be added to a high quality membership site where you can watch the available videos to discover the real truth about the methods.
And you can count on a high quality support, if you have some questions, and this is an added value to never underestimate!
I appreciated checking out “Super Simple Profits“, it’s really awesome even for me!

WordPress Christmas Bundle Review

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Christmas Bundle


If you are looking for extra Christmas discounts, this “WordPress Christmas Bundle” is something incredible, for the contents it includes, and for the low price requested. This bundle includes 8 WordPress plugins and 4 WordPress themes. Here is the list of what you obtain by paying the small $9.95 access fee:

1) WP Theme Business Directory
2) Social Shortcode WP Plugin
3) Video Quiz Game WP Plugin
4) Viral Breakout WP Plugin
5) Smashing Contest WP Plugin
6) WP Viral Share
7) Local Lead Booster WP Theme
8) WP Plugin LikeBlaster
9) Amazon Reviews WP Theme
10) Video Background Opt-in Pages
11) Meme WP Theme
12) Max SEO WP Plugin

So, as you can see, there is so much quality inside this package. Each one of these plugins has been sold for a big price, and you can have everything for a small price, if you act before Christmas!
After that date, the package will be closed and removed from market.
You can have at your disposal awesome plugins for doing social marketing, for getting more traffic and for entertain your readers. More, you get four incredible themes, and my favorite is the “Amazon Reviews WP Theme”!

Considering also that the first three items come with developer’s rights, this “Christmas Bundle” will be your best gift for this Christmas!