My new launch is IM Robot Automation

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IM Robot Automation


Today I’ve launched my new product, “IM Robot Automation“!
I created it to simplify the efforts of Internet marketers, because now you can stop paying freelancers and stop paying for costly software.
This product will provide you with information on hundreds of free websites and free software to automate all your daily tasks in minutes.
Here are some of the contents you will find (big value here!)


  • How to distribute your content automatically between 101 different free services, using the power of RSS and social networks.
  • How to keep your list updated automatically, without writing a word!
  • How to use a free automation network with 23 specially created links!
  • How to post your content automatically, at specific times, on every social network!
  • How to check if your name or company name was shared in a  positive or negative context, to become aware of problems as they occur.
  • How to get fresh ideas for your business on autopilot, straight to your email, thanks to an incredible selection of idea generation feeds!
  • How to automate your Getresponse and Aweber newsletters!
  • How to read 1.5 to 2 times faster than usual!
  • How to type without using your keyboard!
  • How to view YouTube videos faster and remove the ads!
  • How to download music on any platform without going crazy!
  • How to automate your online photo backup on multiple platforms like Facebook, Google+, Flickr and Instagram!
  • How to automate all the rest using Macros (with free programs for PC and Mac)!
  • How to stop all the emails you don’t want to receive before they reach your mailbox!
  • And much much more.

All explained with screenshots in a clear step by step. For any question, you can contact me.
IM Robot Automation” will make things easy for you, giving you the opportunity to get more time for your own life.

Cashout with Google Helpouts Review

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Cashout With Google Helpouts


The newest “Google Helpouts” connects people who need help on any topic with people who can give help through live video.
So you and the others can get help across many different topics from PC or even from cell phone and tablets.
This “Cashout With Google Helpouts” is the right product at the right time, because it gives you the right ideas just when you need them.

So you can start your Helpouts in literally no time, and starting to earn a dime by doing what you like more, to explain it to other people.
With Google Helpouts, you can explain your topic to paying people through Google Hangouts, the live webinar platform that made a big success in last months.
And the good thing is you can get paid how much you desire for the time you prefer. You can be paid $20 for 15 minutes, $50 for 30 minutes, or even $300 for an hour. You tell your price, and people will choose.

But to get everything setup, without errors, and to be found by people in search of your tips, you need some good advices. And this guide comes at the right moment, giving you all what you need to become an expert. Only in this way you can kill competition and grab as more orders as you can, to provide your service and cashing in big money.
For this reason, “Cashout With Google Helpouts” is one of the most reputable guides to this brand new service, to start fast without losing time!

Azon Dominator Review

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Azon Dominator


With “Amazon Dominator“, an awesome video product, you get a complete winning Amazon site building system, within good ranking strategies to bring the website on the top of Google and getting it ready to make money in just a few days. In three modules, you can get the knowledge you need to create brand new websites for selling Amazon Associate items. First module shows you the “Amazon Fast Track” system, that will shows you how to build effective sites extra-fast, in just one week of time.

Module 2 shows you the secrets of rankings, and how to get your site on Google’s first page without too much efforts. These videos show you easy, fresh and incredibly fast techniques guaranteed to work like a charm. Module 3, the last one, is even more brilliant because explains how to sell a lot of stuff in time for this Christmas, and for all the next ones. You are shown how to select the most desired and converting products, so that your sales can grow up fastly. More, you will get a fast method to put up your ready site with all products in time for Christmas.

This is a good video series, really well created with great basis. Nothing was left out, and you can get a ready system to finally make sales within the Amazon Associates program, and get rolling commissions in time for this Christmas. If you want to get results in this business, “Amazon Dominator” is an incredible high quality video series. Go for it!

Azon Easy Cash Kitchen Heaven Review

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Azon Easy Cash Kitchen Heaven

Azon Easy Cash Kitchen Heaven” is a high quality package of five blogs within 50 video reviews, 50 articles and 50 Mp3. More, you get super bonuses, like 5 blog headers, 5 blog footers, 130 PLR articles about kitchen and 3 ebooks.
An incredible amount of information to build up an Amazon business without any effort.
I love these packages, because you get all ready, and in just a few time you can get your blog ready, within the reviews.

I like to add the video on top, with the article below. And then add some additional Amazon plugins to show banners with the right products.
Then a bit of advertising on social, some good articles on article directory Ezine Articles, and things start to rock in around a week.
Amazon blogs are easy to be monetized, if you take a few time to care about each one adding fresh contents at least on weekly basis. Never add all videos and articles at one time.

And this package is incredibly well built, for the quality of the videos, for the products chosen, and for the sub-niche selected, that are: top compact fridges, dishwasher, microwave oven, food processors and wine
cellars. Every one of these niches has it’s great pool of customers, ready to spend many dollars on what they like to do.

Every customer is searching for good places in which finding reviews of the products they’re going to buy.
So “Azon Easy Cash Kitchen Heaven” is the best product to look for, with a super all-inclusive package, full of quality to dominate the niches.

FB Viral Cash Review

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FB Viral Cash


If you want to see how the author of “FB Viral Cash” has made $1,000 in 1 hour by connecting CPA offers with Facebook, this is the right WSO.
This is a great video course that helps you to be accepted in the most three converting CPA networks ever, and to comprehend how to enter this new world.
You will be shown the complete step by step method with a great PDF guide, and then some videos will help you to comprehend many more things, including:

  • How to be accepted by CPA networks easily.
  • How to setup low-cost Facebook Ads, until you reach 1 cent clicks.
  • How to find incredible hidden low competition niches.
  • How to choose most profitable CPA ads.
  • How to make that ads go viral in literally no time.
  • The incredible case study on how to make $1K in 1 day. All true!
  • And much more.

CPA marketing is one of the biggest methods to make money, and if you know the basis and advanced stuff, you can really dominate the market.
This WSO is incredibly well made, and show you one secret after another, to make you an expert in a couple of day (the time you need to digest the contents!).
More, if you decide to purchase also the OTO, you will get author’s real ad copies, his exact niche and offer which he used to make $1,000 in 1
day, within free images to use, multiple successful niches and more.

FB Viral Cash” is a big deal, for a good technique to learn and use to build your passive income.

Publicity Zoo Review

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Publicity Zoo


Publicity Zoo” is a new release by Sam England and Dan Page, and shows you how to get unlimited free advertising by newspapers, local tv, and radio stations.
So every article you write, every book you publish (on Amazon or elsewhere), every blog post you jot down, every video you release can get a huge free advertising on these big networks.
All through the use of press releases.

And within your purchase you will receive 24 pages that will show you the real power of this method for the online world, on how to get all your contents on Google News first page, and then on Google first page.
Then you receive 2:50 hours of videos, shared in four videos: one that check some press releases showing you the best ones and worst ones, to let you comprehend the errors to avoid and the right things to follow,
keeping you involved for almost an hour.

Then a video on how to apply the method to offline marketing, on how to directly send your press release to newspapers, tvs and radios, for another hour.
Then a 20 minute video on how to get the attention by journalists by correctly using emotions, and finally a 30 minute video with some good advanced techniques, and the difference between “pageview journalism”
and “subscription journalism”.

So an incredible product, for a well outlined strategy to get all your press release in front of people that counts, and that can make your name important, and give you a boost in advertising.
Publicity Zoo” shares a great idea, to follow for the rest of your time, for growing your authority on the media without limits!

Heartburn & Acid Reflux PLR Pack Review

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Heartburn & Acid Reflux PLR Articles


A great set of articles like “Heartburn & Acid Reflux PLR Pack“, good for the millions of people affected by acid reflux and heartburn, is a real goldmine.
Two sets of PLR articles, 15 plus 25, that you can use the way you want to create new money making contents.
For example you can run a new blog by placing these articles and some good reviews about heartburn Clickbank products (there are a lot!).

Or again, use these articles to compose a new ebook or a new report to give away for list building purposes, or to sell.
Or you can convert the articles into videos, by reading them with images as background, or convert them in brand new Slideshare presentations.
And again, to create brand new articles to share on article directories.

The way are limitless, and you can get full advantage of this superb PLR package to get some cash from this big niche of people in search of solutions and comprehension.
And Arun Chandran always provides quality PLR articles pack, well written and well assembled.
For this reason, if you are yet involved or you want to start to work on niche marketing, “Heartburn & Acid Reflux PLR Pack” is a great solution.

Cash Cow WSO Review

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Cash Cow WSO


Cash Cow WSO” will show you how to create from zero a $2k+ per month income stream through WSO creation and selling, while giving you the great freedom you’ve been searching for longer.
Because to get success, everything must be created with care, starting from the product you are going to sell, passing to the sales letter and to customer satisfaction. If you are able to get all of this ready, you can achieve the success you always wanted.

And Wayne, the author of this WSO, made it successfully, bringing in a total of £5K sales, and getting a profit of over $2,000, by selling his WSO to interested users, without any prior experience, without a name in the field and without using magic tricks. His success can be yours.
Some months ago, I created a WSO in only one day, and I sold it to make my best record in sales ever obtained. People wants easy and comprehensible products, no difficult and multipage rubbish.

And actually this WSO is one of the easiest I’ve ever read, with the great thing that the author has shown it’s real screenshots of earnings.
So, if you want to build a great name and become a professional WSO launched, “Cash Cow WSO” is the right product at the right moment.
You can get results by following its method!

Publishers Package Review

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Publishers Package


If you like the idea to publish your ebooks on Amazon Kindle, you must know that there is also another way, always from Amazon. It’s CreateSpace, and permits you to publish real paper books, with more profits. And this “Publishers Package” explain you how to format your book for CreateSpace, and helps you in getting it accepted for publishing.
Withing the two ebooks included, you get a total of 78 pages that clear any doubt you may have on this platform.

Because if you know how to format your book, and the right steps to post it, you can get it approved in just less time. You will learn how to create a better cover with external free tools, and you will discover a new world, including the minimum number of pages required to print your book, the best font to use, how to get an ISBN number and much much more.
You will also get an incredible bonus, consisting of wonderful done for you templates, good for pc and mac, that includes the right trim size, an auto-updating chapters list, and the right fonts to use.

So that will be extra-easy to get your books on a completely new market. Because there is a ton of people that prefer to read a real book than a digital ebook.
For these reasons, “Publishers Package” can be yours for around $7, a big deal.

Niche Synergy Review

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Niche Synergy


Niche Synergy” is one of the most detailed and well presented niche marketing guides I’ve ever saw for sale.
The course consists of a series of video modules, four to be precise, each one with an attached PDF file.
It is composed by two different parts. In the first you are shown how to find perfect niche products to promote, with Mark special method, that helps you to rank keywords and earning cash.

Huge, as you can totally emulate his method, described really well with the step by step creation of his start-up website.
You will be also helped by a 30 day plan that you need to follow from first to last step to achieve success.
The second half of the course instead focus on niche product creation for the resale on Clickbank, another good chance for making more cash than as an affiliate.

And the secret thing you will be learning, is how to flip these websites plus products on Flippa, for making even more cash than usual.
You will require some work, obviously, and a little investment of around $15 to start with the methods, but which business doesn’t require it?
And this one works like crazy when you learn the keys and you get started.

This is a complete business, something that can help your business to reach the desired income, even passively when you setup everything.
Niche Synergy” is a unique WSO, and if you like the idea to work on niche marketing, actually is one of the most reputable courses available for a so low price.