FB Clicks Massacre Review

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FB Clicks Massacre


Denis Balitskiy released “FB Clicks Massacre” a couple of days ago. At a first point, I thought it was the usual 1 cent FB clicks product, showing nothing interesting and just re-elaborating trash found on previous WSOs and around the web.
Instead this is different, because what you get here is a system to make big money in every niche, even the most competitive ones, without much efforts.

You will discover how to target your offer to right people only, thanks to demographics information gathering, and thanks to a free software that will permits you to laser target the right audience. And then you will get all what you need for creating incredible looking FB ads, with tons of free stock images, and how to be sure your ad will convert at the top. Considering you will get these golden information, plus a bonus webinar titled “Facebook Mastery For Huge Profits” and the most converting images Denis used for creating FB Ads, this is a real gem.

And for the price it’s sold, this can give you a big advantage over your own competitors, opening a huge portion of a new market.
You can get more money doing less work, thanks to FB ads, and this is one of the few products that I can recommend on this topic.
Until now “FB Clicks Massacre” was sold to more than 1,500 individuals, and there’s a reason!

Banner Ninja for your Black Friday

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Banner Ninja by Alessandro Zamboni


Banner Ninja” is a superb collection of editable banners. You get a total of 30 different collections, with 9 banners each for a total of 270 banners.
They are colorful, and they enhance your conversions in a bold way.
Incredibly easy to edit, with Gimp or Adobe Photoshop, the results you may obtain are something professional.

You don’t need so much time, just enter your text, your images, and the banners are ready!
Banners can be used in multiple ways: they can be useful for your own affiliate programs, and for your JV partners, so that your product can be advertised without efforts. Or again, they can be useful to promote affiliate products on daily basis, or again, they can be sold for profits over Fiverr, Odesk, Elance and Freelancer.com for big cash.

And again, you can use them for getting traffic on banners exchanges.
Banners are a big deal, but most of the time people forget them because it’s difficult to create one from zero. Instead here you get them ready to go, and all what you need is a bit of customization, by adding the name of desired products, some texts and in a few cases your product cover or any image you like.

A collection like this must be sold for $97, or at least $47. But if you purchase them today, you can grab the entire banner collection for just $10.
It’s a dimesale, so be fast to grab the lowest price ever! “Banner Ninja” will definitely change your promotion tactics in better!

Italian Black Friday 2013 Review

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Italian Black Friday


For this Black Friday I’ve prepared a big deal for you, my dear followers: it’s “Italian Black Friday 2013“!
It’s a package of 5 WSOs I’ve released during 2013, available only for a few days, until Cyber Monday.
If you lost any of my products, excluding IM Robot Automation that is obviously not included in the collection because launched a few days ago, you can purchase 5 of them for the price of 1.

The products included are:

1) Instagram Experiments (Discover 110 free apps to empower Instagram!)
2) List KaChing (How to make big dollars with a small list!)
3) Secret Social Domination (Learn how to add live links to your own images!)
4) International Kindle Profits (My biggest success ever, with over 500 copies sold!)
5) Content Curation Express (Discover the art of content curation, easy and fast!)

All together for you in a perfect black friday package!
The deal is limited, and will close on the midnight of the next Monday, December 2.
I hope you will appreciate this package, that will get you involved in hundreds and hundreds of pages with big things to learnn to get your IM on the right track.

Come on, “Italian Black Friday 2013” for 2013 is waiting you for a strictly limited time, for a price you don’t expect for sure!

SocialSPY Review

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Once you understand how to target your ideal customer, you will start winning.
When you target the right kind of buyers your revenue goes up, while your advertising cost per click goes a big way down.
I’m talking about FB ads, incredibly targeted FB ads!

SocialSPY” is a must-have tool if you never used the power of FB ads for selling affiliate products, because become simple to target the right people that want to buy your products.
And this tool can extract this type of people not only from groups, but also from secret closed groups, the most targeted ones.
You will be helped through well recorded how-to videos that will show in a clear step by step way how to make cash with your targeted ads sent right to the person you select.

No more shooting in the night, you will be able to aim every people that showed interest in your niche, changing it every day you have a new product.
A great resource for every marketer that want to find a new marketplace, the biggest of the world.
Facebook is filled by quality members. Extract them and send them direct ads!

If you want a new type of market, “SocialSPY” serves it to you on a golden plate!

How to Write Your Own Kindle Book in Two Days Review

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How To Write Your Own Kindle Book In

My dear friend Britt Malka, experienced writer with tens of books published, launched “How to Write Your Own Kindle Book in Two Days“, an incredible course to give you the possibility to write your next book in
so few time. Even if you work, will you find two hours for writing and launching your next editorial success? I think you will!
Inside the main ebook you will receive you will learn many things, like:

1) A blueprint that shows you how to find unlimited interesting topics to write about, and how you can prequalify them to get an idea about their real potential. A big time saving!

2) Britt Malka’ system to write new books in literally no time and even enjoying your time in the process!

3) You will get many tips on how to write as fast as possible. Become a creative writer!

You get a big blueprint with screenshots, that helps you to write Kindle books in no more than 2 days, and with action steps to follow.
Then you get a case study about the book written by Britt, to show you the core method. Last but not least, a mindmap including the full process that gives an overview of the entire system.

This is a big value, especially if you want to create fast books bringing in a monthly income. Or if you have never published a book on your own, “How to Write Your Own Kindle Book in Two Days” will help you to order ideas.
A great product under any point of view!

Awesome Simple Copywriting Tactics Review

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Awesome Simple Copywriting Tactics

If you want to start getting big affiliate commissions, or more sales of your own products, copywriting plays a fundamental role.
Knowing the art of the words, you can even sell sand in the desert, or salty water in the middle of ocean.
This “Awesome Simply Copywriting Tactics” is a great resource, an ebook of just 27 pages filled by great information to change the way you write in much better.

The techniques illustrated are easy, as the author shows you where to extract the information from each product’s sales page to write it in your own words.
Ryan Molina’s writing style always converts at 20% to 30%, that is incredibly good since he has a huge list.
Your results may vary, but his writing style also includes the best spots to put your affiliate links in the right place for the highest conversions ever.

You will find also how to easily write attention grabbing headlines without spending a big time on brainstorming.
Just looking at a sales page you will be able to create better emails.
And if you don’t want to create newsletters like I do, you can always use these same techniques in your selling pages, or to write superb articles to promote affiliates products.

Awesome Simply Copywriting Tactics” is a super guide, nothing to say. And everyone deserves to have better copywriting tactics at his disposal!

WordPress Leader Theme Review

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Leader Theme


If you are searching a good and solid WordPress theme for small businesses around the world, “LeaderTheme” by Sean Lowery offers you a big opportunity.
The opportunity to offer to your customers, and use for yourself, a superb and graphically improved WP theme for getting leads and have a great company website.
The price is really low, as it’s sold for only $9 including developer’s rights and many more bonuses like free lifetime “1 click” updates, without the need to reinstall the theme, a super easy demo site clone to make things faster without the need to setup WordPress every time and a dedicated support desk for any question or problem you may experiment.

This theme is actually one of the best you can find on market, and if you compare it to the many $45/$50 themes sold on ThemeForest and other site, you can obtain a larger license, allowing you to sell this to any
company for big bucks. And it’s really easy to setup, thanks to the training included.
It’s really fast to setup, because you have the ready clone to install on your desired hosting, and for the rest it adds a super-conversion form for lead generation, that is what every company desires, and all the details to see what the company does, where to find it, and how to contact them.

If you check the demo I’m more than sure you will fall in love with this spectacular interactive “LeaderTheme“, just like I did!

Millionaire Marketing Bootcamp Review

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Millionaire Marketing Bootcamp

Yesterday I stumbled upon this WSO, and even after 5 full years of experience in internet marketing, I bought it. There was too much value to leave this offer on the table.
Imagine a room with over a dozen internet millionaires inside, and in that room these millionaires are revealing some of their innermost marketing secrets.
Would you like to be in a room like that? I wanted to be there!

So the good news is you can be in the same room as these Internet Marketing superstars from the comfort of your own home and learn exactly how they generate their online income.
The “Millionaire Marketing Bootcamp” is the next best thing to being at a live event without having to get on a plane.
Because from Italy to Orlando I don’t let imagine how much will cost to fly!

Not only will you learn from the best but you will see what it takes to get inside a millionaires mind. For me there’s no better way to learn than from someone who walks the walk and talks the talk. And the 17 videos you find inside are full quality, some of them with things I never heard before.
The marketers names are: John Thornhill, Omar Marting, Dr. Ben Adkins, E. Brian Rose, Mike Filsaime, Anthony Aires and other big people, including a 13 year old girl who exploited the
world of crowdfunding!

It’s simply incredible the value you can get from these videos.
But you have no more than 8 days to purchase them, before Omar and John place a bigger price on it! Full value, big things inside!
One of the best purchases for this end 2013!

Kindle Researcher Review

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Kindle Researcher


I never saw a research tool made just for Kindle marketplace, and this “Kindle Researcher” does the task in a special way. It’s a proven and tested software to check information and statistics about your topic or your broad niche, to analyze the competition on your field of expertise, and to see the best price for which you may sold your book.
Not only that, as you can check also the best phrases or keywords to insert in your title and in your description.

And last but not least you may also find big reviewers, able to read and share a review of your book.
Easy to install, and even more simple to use. This is the power of this tool, created for making Kindle publisher’s life easy.
This software solves a lot of problems, doing all the research in just a few seconds and giving you a big advantage over your competitors, that are not using this software for sure!
You can also print out your researches for a better reading, and do it in a step by step way.

And obviously you can even resell your searches on Fiverr, for $4 a hit (for running the software and exporting results), or use them just for your publishing.
This software is an invaluable tool, nothing to say!
I recommend “Kindle Researcher” to any writer that wants to achieve better rankings, and a bigger volume of sales on Kindle marketplace!

Instant Video Traffic Formula Review

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Instant Video Traffic Formula


Instant Video Traffic Formula” is a super video course composed by 4 videos that will change your mind not only on video creation, but also on video submission.
Yes, because thanks to Derek Allen WSO this time you will learn how to generate a big steady traffic from each one of your videos, on daily basis.
So you will stop to see beautiful videos loaded on Youtube with 4 or 5 visits. They will grow, going up on search engines, and bringing more visitors to your websites, affiliate offers, blogs and whatever.

Video 1 will show you the entire process, with many secret tips. Just this video will cover the entire value of the WSO.
Video 2 shows the research phase, showing you where to find offers, how to pick up the right one, and why it will specifically works for videos, and much much more.
Video 3 describes the video creation phase. Something easy as you don’t have to appear on video, and in just half an hour you will be able to create an outstanding videos, able to get views and to go around the
web. You will also learn how to hijack news stories, and how to use commercial style videos to get sales from day 1.

Video 4 is entirely about traffic. And it shows you how to get a minimum of 100 visits a day with Facebook Ads, by using no more than $5.
With the high conversion video you recorded, you will be able to get many sales. If it will convert at 10%, you will get 10 sales a day. Cool!

I purchased this video course because, even if my English is “English Macaroni” for my Italian pronunciation, I’m sure to get results thanks to “Instant Video Traffic Formula“.
You have the right to be successful, remember it!