Guaranteed Freedom Review

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Guaranteed Freedom


Today I present you the WSO Of The Day of some days ago, that is “Guaranteed Freedom“, a system to earn from $150 to $300 with simple steps.
The steps are really easy, and you can aim to your freedom in just 30 to 60 days.
All of this by creating “money machines”, web pages to leave on the web that make profits for you.

These money machines have a 24h/24h presentation that plays as soon someone hits the page, and then, after they see the video, they leave their email address, that you collect.
The process is easy. The 3 easy steps the author told us, are even more simple than what we may think, as you have to signup, add your link, and add your ad.
That’s all what you need to do to make money on autopilot.

And at this point you’re not left alone, because you receive the same squeeze pages he used, the ad copies that provided the best money return, front end offers, proven traffic sources and much much more.
This course describes a system that is making big dollars to author’s company, and why we can’t replicate this system?

All what you need is a bit of time to study the system, and to be willing to succeed! This is a smart course, well done!
You can purchase “Guaranteed Freedom” for a limited time, be sure to change your future in better!

Pinvasion Review

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My dear friend Mehdi Tihani has released a great WSO, called “Pinvasion“, that shows incredible things about Pinterest and its power.
If you are not using Pinterest to drive a constant flux of traffic to your money making sites, you are losing a great part of the power that this social network provides.
So this is a great and exclusive guide on how to *simply* dominate Pinterest.

You will learn how to start using Pinterest from zero, how to select the best niches (and this is a golden nugget!) and how to reach your first 2,000 targeted followers.
All of this by keeping your account safe by using easy white hat techniques that will absolutely not compromise your account.
More, this 37 pages guide gives you a step by step training to follow to create your traffic machine via Pinterest.

And last but not least, you will receive also a 10 step homework PDF with all what you need to do on daily basis to ensure you can grab full power from Pinterest.
After reading this guide I got some good ideas to apply, and Pinterest really works, because yesterday I sold three pet costumes for Halloween with just this board alone:
Incredible right?

From now on, you can do great things with”Pinvasion” and Pinterest, and all of this, if you are fast, costs just $1.99!

WordPress Speed Tools PLR Videos

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White Label PLR Videos


WordPress Speed Tools PLR Videos” is the 8th release of the “White Label PLR Videos” by Steve Dougherty.
So you can learn from these videos, resell them as is or edit them to be resold as brand new products.
This time Steve released 11 videos about WordPress speed tools to make your blog faster.

Many people never think about blog loading time, and so they finish to less the 90% of visitors.
In fact, if your site or blog doesn’t load up fast, people will choose another website.
This is a true thing, and how many times we left sites because they were not loading up smartly?

So with these 11 videos you will learn easy methods, tips and tricks and tools to make your WordPress blog loads faster, as faster as possible to be precise.
Apart videos, you will receive text transcripts, useful to be added to your videos and website, or to be used as newsletter if you decide to use the videos to build a newsletter course.
And another important thing is that videos are not basic, but professional as they give real solutions I never used for my blog, through the use of .htaccess file, through the use of plugins and methods I never imagined.

The videos are well registered, and you can even add your logo or your titles to them, because you receive them in multiple formats.
You can use the ready ones, or adapt them to be sold with your logo.
This is a great collection with PLR rights, for anything you decide to do.

You can learn new things, and then resell them as professional training for $17, $27 or even $47 on Clickbank. Thumbs up for this WSO!
So, if you are ready to load your blog faster than ever, and you want to make money from this, “WordPress Speed Tools PLR Videos” is the right product!

Simple Facebook Profits Review

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Simple Facebook Profits


Simple Facebook Profits” is today’s WSO Of The Day for a clear reason.
It takes Facebook Ads from another angle, not the usual we are going to see on all the guides, as it shows how to make profits by promoting products through
the ads. In no more than 10 minutes a day.

What you can obtain is from around $50 a day to $100, a good amount considering the few time you need and how easy it’s all the process.
You will discover the top 5 niches to be adapted to FB Ads, and 6 criteria you must check before promoting any offer.
And then you will learn how to let your ads stand out from the crowd, how to write the ad copy and especially how to target your ad to an audience of highly motivated buyers, the most important thing ever.

Last but not least, how to reduce your ads cost to few cents, to optimize the expense and get more return from your ads.
As you can see this is a great solution to sell affiliate products in a great new way, and for this reason is a method to learn.
That’s why”Simple Facebook Profits” is the right WSO to purchase at this moment, to increase your affiliate marketing revenue with just a few efforts.

PLR Cash Blueprint 2.0 Review

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PLR Cash Blueprint 2.0


Today I found a good series of PLR reselling methods, called “PLR Cash Blueprint 2.0“.
I’m not a fan of Mike Carraway WSO, because sometimes they are too basic for advanced marketers, but this one is a good product and after checking it I can confirm it’s good for you.
So, if you have lots of PLR that are being covered by dust on your hard disk, it’s time to find them all, and monetize them.
But without a domain name and without hosting, as the solution you will learn doesn’t include anything costly. And that’s a great thing!

The WSO is based on a 26 pages guide, and 5 videos with all the step by step instructions.
More, you will find also a 5 pages fast-start PDF to follow.
The method is not difficult to be dominated, and it can works really well to finally earn from all the PLR you have purchased until now (and that’s an awesome news also for me!)

You will find some good methods to monetize your PLR if you have some available, or you will comprehend why it’s better to don’t lose any other PLR release.
It’s an actionable resource that will bring in some cash really fast when you will find the best method to follow.
So if you want really find a good way to sell lots of PLR documents and video courses, this is the best brilliant way to do it.

Are you ready to search into your hard drive? So go to grab your copy of “PLR Cash Blueprint 2.0“!

Relaxing Reggae WSO Review

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Reggae Music WSO


Today I want to offer you a special thing, that is “Relaxing Reggae WSO“, a music collection to be used for all your online projects, including: videos, presentations, interviews, blog
background music or for your own pleasure.
A super package of relaxing music sold by a dear friend for a super little price.

Actually its at $1.70 for the new package of 500 tracks, or $19.99 to add the best ever 370 tracks with royalty free that he ever sold, in a unique package.
You can find music for a lifetime. And you can give a professional touch to all your projects.
Music add a new thing to your online and offline projects. Have you ever seen some unprofessional videos without background music on Youtube?
I saw them, and it was almost impossible to watch them.

So, if you decide to use them for your pleasure, for example to add a good music to your holiday videos, or for your business, as a great background for your offline marketing videos, or for the latest video review of any product, this will add a professional touch.
And you have more than 500 tracks to choose. They’re good for a lifetime!

I suggest you to try with the $1.70 package, and then upgrade with the $19.99 package after you hear some tracks, to get the royalty free and the possibility to resell tracks.
This “Relaxing Reggae WSO” is too great to be left on the table!

21 Mobile Marketing PLR Articles Review

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21 Mobile Marketing PLR Articles


What these “21 Mobile Marketing PLR Articles” are providing, is a new way to grow on mobile marketing, as an authority (as you share your knowledge) and as a seller (as you may sell mobile services).
These 21 articles are talking about is shown inside the sales letter, without giving you the right article title, but just the main concept.

So here is a list of them all:

  • Near field communication
  • Accept mobile payments
  • Smartphone stats
  • Mobile social sharing
  • Mobile coupons
  • Mobile reputation management
  • Mobile trends
  • Mobile marketing misconceptions
  • Mobile engagement
  • Mobile optimization
  • QR code response rates
  • Customer loyalty
  • Paypal and mobile commerce
  • Over the top messaging
  • Mobile strategy
  • Mobile video sharing
  • Growing your SMS list
  • Email vs SMS marketing
  • Smartphones vs tablets
  • More sales through mobile marketing
  • GeoMarketing

So there’s a lot of concepts and even some future things that will be released in the next future.
This is a set of professional articles that can be used in many ways: to be converted in blog posts, in longer blog posts by attaching more than 1 articles, to be transformed in videos, audio or presentations, to be used for doing webinars, or simply to create different reports. You choose it!

What this author gives is full quality. Grab them and start to build your authority on the mobile marketing field!
If you are ready to plasm your future on the mobile niche, this “21 Mobile Marketing PLR Articles” is just what you need to emerge from the crowd!

My New Launch! Content Curation Express!

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Content Curation Express


A few minutes ago I’ve launched my new product, “Content Curation Express“, a 65 pages guide on how to create 7 types of curated contents.
A super course on how to use the power of content curation, a new method to write interesting articles by using other website’s posts together with your point of view.
This method makes writing for your blog fast and less problematic.

But this is great to be done with a lot of other sources, not only text.
In fact inside the ebook I will describe lots of other ways to curate your contents, and this makes my ebook unique on the market.
You will also discover the tools to make content curation a play, and you will comprehend how to monetize it in a lot of different and sometimes unexpected ways.

This report was created after I got 8,810 visits in 40 days on my main blog, that with this technique is getting even more visitors each day that pass.
All through the unlimited power of content curation.
You will discover 7 ways to curate contents, 13 tools to do it faster, and 23 ways to monetize it like crazy!

For this reason, if you are a writer, or if you aren’t at all, I can affirm that you can stop spending bug dollars for freelancers, that finish to give you too general contents, and to spend a lot of your time to write articles.
Content curation has come, and you can’t imagine how much fresh air it can brings in a saturated area like blog posts.
Here you can grab your copy of “Content Curation Express“, but be fast because the price is going up fastly!

Youtube Charisma Review

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Youtube Charisma


The “Youtube Charisma” system permitted to the author to earn $6,000 in only 2 weeks, an incredible result if you consider he obtained it with just 3 videos about 3 different niches.
In this course you will learn the tricks to copy his methods, that will permit you to almost replicate his good results.

What he does is using the “skillful info-segmentation”, to coat your presentation with a good buyer’s allure.
And how to achieve much better results with less than the usual video views.
You will learn also a good trick on a thing that all the presentations are missing, and yours can get a huge advantage from it, because it won’t cause distractions to viewers by other videos.

All of this can be done in less than one day, including video backlinks that is another key of this course. And all of this can be achieved with only free software, without spending a penny on costly products or other methods. There are no OTOs, so all what you need to become a pro of Youtube video marketing it’s included into this guide.
If you are searching for a new case study that brings some fresh air in a ultra saturated niche, well… this one is new, big and can give a change to the results you achieve with your videos!

So, if you want to change the way you refer to Youtube, and get more money from your videos, this “Youtube Charisma” can be absolutely a good starting point!

Chroma Key Profits Review

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Chroma Key Profits


Mark Fallaize created an awesome training called “Chroma Key Profits“, that shows you how to record the classic “green screen videos” from home.
If you want to be seen as a master of the videos, and appear on your new videos like you are on the moon, on Brazil, on Australia or just from a big and serious office, from today you can do it from the comfort of your house.

Yes, because all you can do is recording your videos, and the rest is nothing other than post production.
And this WSO, Chrome Key Profits, helps you to make things easy than what you think, clearing any doubt on this thing.
Your videos become spectacular, and visitors will stay attached to them without a pause.

You can sell anything, recommend what you want, or just update your followers that way. They will become crazy about this!
So apart learning how to create this trick easily, you will also learn the tips that made the author videos become viral, and his profits soar in just a few weeks since the first video was posted.

Give to your videos the possibility to stand up in the crowd of competitors is priceless, and you can place yourself on a real pedestal by following this course.
Become a video creation master thanks to this wonderful”Chroma Key Profits” course!