Offline Marketing Evolved: Client Acquisition Method Review

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Client Acquisition Method


The new episode of “Offline Marketing Evolved” is genius stuff. A new idea I never thought about.
Client Acquisition Method” describes a completely new job, for offline marketers and who never refuses to work for money.
This product shows you how to build a new foot-in-the-door business, and how to monetize it getting no more than 2 customers a month.

Through 7 easy steps outlined in just 12 pages, you will be able to find new customers on a unique website resource, and how to get a 90+ pages ebook created for them and printed on paper. Then you will get that book published for no more than $7 for each copy.
And your new client will be happy to pay you a big amount of dollars, also on monthly basis if you like the idea.

Apart the method ebook, you will receive one email swipe file to use after you contact the customer, and one for phone calls just to impress your contact much better. And last but not least, you will also receive a guide to ensure you will get no problems in putting this work into action.

So, if you consider that you are getting a new easy job to do for offline market companies, you are getting a superb method, tested and working,
to do on your own to bring in new customers each and every month, for a long time. All explained, nothing has been left on the table.
For this reason ”Client Acquisition Method” is a really good idea to increase your income!

Music Promoter’s Course Review

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Music Promoter's Course


Music Promoter’s Course” is a cheap but powerful WSO based on a golden idea… making money with music, but not singing or playing any instrument!
All the money you can get are coming from a hungry market, that is growing really fast.
And following the author’s idea, you can create another 90% passive profits money making system.

This is a 7 videos product that shows you how to get up to $300 a day by targeting independent musicians.
Yes, this may sound crazy, but there is a 20-million strong niche out there, which literally no one knows about.
So the doors of this opportunity are yet open for anyone.

This is true business-in-a-box and if you’re looking for some fast returns, I definitely recommend you check this course before will be removed from the market.
And you will receive also business cards, flyers, postcards, brochures, posters, print ads, banners, email templates, logos, infographics and also 9 PLR Articles!
And just this music branding PLR package is worth enough for the price of purchase!

This is another great opportunity, that goes perfectly after the product I recommended yesterday.
So, if you want another way to build up your monthly income, ”Music Promoter’s Course” is a great solution.

Health Market Gold Review

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Health Market Gold


Health Market Gold” is the new Lee Murray WSO, and it is absolutely the best guide you have ever seen about health products promotion, with over 130 pages of crystal clear contents shown in a step by step way, to let you comprehend better how to work.
The first step ever is the choose of your health niche, then you will be shown how to pick the right products to promote, and finally how to
promote them, and how to enhance your sales through videos you will create from zero.

A great guide, that clears any doubt one person may have about the health product niche, one of the best one to target because people are always in search of new methods to solve illnesses and fix health issues.
Two bonus chapter are the cherry on cake’s top, because they show all the great health niches you can target, and the best resources to make
a superb job.

More, you receive also three top bonuses, “Health Review Rampage” on how to create compelling reviews of health products, “Fast Start Guide” that is an 8 week plan to do the right steps and “Deep Niche Diving” that shows how to setup niche sites and how to get easy traffic from zero.
For the price it’s sold, only for the first 7 days, this is pure gold. A real health niche promotion encyclopedia built on author’ success.

For this reason ”Health Market Gold” is a great option to learn how to open a brand new and constant income.

WP Affiliate Builder Review

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WP Affiliate Builder


I’ve just finished to review the brand new “WP Affiliate Builder” software and training program and I have to say it’s really awesome.
Inside the members area you will get a complete arsenal of tools, software and training that is specifically designed to help you to recruit and equip your affiliates for any next launch you have in mind.

It’s been created by 2 product creation masters like Omar Martin and Dave Nicholson, and these guys have thought of everything you could possibly need in order to start building a biggest affiliate following.
You get the WP Affiliate Builder Plugin to enable you to instantly build your affiliates page with all the tools needed in minutes.

Plus, you can also get a fantastic WordPress JV Leaderboard plugin that automatically displays and updates your “Top Affiliates”.
I found that it is an excellent way for building launch buzz and persuading affiliates to mail multiple times.
Everybody wants to be a winner… right? 🙂

As well as the two powerful plugins, you also get a good affiliate video training, the “Affiliate eBook Training” and “Affiliate Audio Training” straight from Omar and Dave. This is one software package and training course that you really don’t want to miss out.
I can give it my highest recommendation for ”WP Affiliate Builder” and I take my hat off to Omar and Dave.

Authority Site Keyword Intelligence Tool 2 Review

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Authority Site Keyword Intelligence Tool 2


Another good WSO Of The Day is “Authority Site Keyword Intelligence Tool 2“, also known as ASKIT 2, a great keyword research WordPress plugin.
This tool makes keyword research easy, fast and really accurate, building authority on your site through the best keywords used by your competitors to grab the first places on Google.

The first step of this software/plugin is finding all your website pages, even the most internal ones, and as a second steps it finds all the keywords you are using. Then it rips thousands of keywords from your direct competitors, and analyze them for you, so that you can choose the most performing ones.
And the analysis it does is simply incredible, because you can see, for any keyword, the following details:

  • Historical search data
  • Geographical search data
  • Top searched related keywords
  • Rising trending keywords
  • Top 10 competitor’s traffic statistics
  • Target niche audience demographics

A lot of useful values to consider, to check and compare.
Another big thing is that the software allows you to export all the keywords and data in CSV or XLS files for importing them in other search engines tools!
So ”Authority Site Keyword Intelligence Tool 2” is a professional keyword search tool you can install on your blogs to change your rankings in better by finding the best and most converting keywords!

Google Plus Local PLR Review

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Google Plus Local PLR


Nathan Devlin is a well known PLR marketer that recently released “Google Plus Local PLR“, an incredible PLR package for selling this service to companies in need.
This is extremely good for convincing local businesses to join the Google Plus Local area.
Offering Google Plus Local services is the easy process that you’ve been looking for, because it is a simple service to offer, if you are just a newbie or an offline veteran.

This awesome PLR package includes the top contents for convincing local business to accept your offer, like:

  • Detailed lead generation ebook (30 pages, 5000+ words) that is made in three languages so that you can distribute it in UK, USA and Australia.
  • Video squeeze page to get leads as faster as you always dreamed.
  • 5 autoresponder emails, great to soft sell the leads you get.
  • 3 lead generation emails to start as fast as you desire.
  • 3 custom designed banners, available as ready graphics, or PSD.
  • Slide presentation composed by 10 slides (3 versions for UK, USA and Australia).
  • Premium presentation video, recorded in 3 languages (UK, USA and Australia), so that you can put it on Youtube, or on your company site.

As you can see this is a huge package that can really put you in the field as an expert of Google Plus Local for local businesses of your city, or any other city you decide to target for business.
All becomes simple when you have so much things available, and people who will see your business name will comprehend you are a professional in your field.
So, if you do offline marketing, and you want to make money with Google Plus, this “Google Plus Local PLR” is just the best on the market I’ve ever seen.

Kindle Bestseller Blueprint Review

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Kindle Bestseller Blueprint


Two days ago I saw this great WSO, that yesterday became a WSO Of The Day. It’s “Kindle Bestseller Blueprint“.
Krizia, alias Miss K, has got WSO Of The Day on this big release, a wonderful video course on how to achieve bestseller rankings, and increase your sales that way.
The entire course is developed on 6 modules, each one including a video and a downloadable PDF file.

Module 1 is a simple introduction to Kindle marketplace, while Module 2 gives straight indications on how to discover the basics of publishing.
Module 3 helps you to comprehend the real ebook creation as well as publishing of it, presenting good tools that will help you really much.
Module 4 gives some good ideas on how to use your 5 days of promo to get good results even if you give away the ebook for free.

Module 5 shows you the core of the method, showing you how to reach bestseller rankings by planning and by analyzing the 3 points to become a best seller in a fast way, giving you the basics to sell a big number of
copies in no more than 48 hours. The Module 6 provide a recap of all what has beed said into the whole video course, and it’s just a PDF to download and to consult every time you have some doubts.

So “Kindle Bestseller Blueprint” is a good Kindle WSO, that sold hundreds of copies in the first two days since release, and if you didn’t have got it, it’s time to run to the sales page and check it out!

Hacking LinkedIn Review

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Hacking Linkedin


Apart the tile of this WSO, that is pretty stupid because you are not going to “Hacking Linkedin“, this is a great product based on a smart idea.
In fact it shows you how to build your list straight from Linkedin, and the author built a 2,227 people list pretty fast and easily.
As the author says, after reading this guide you can throw away the old solo ad rolodex you purchased, and you can’t stop purchasing leads that are on hundreds of other lists.

Because the leads you can obtain from LinkedIn are yet targeted, fresh and ready to be added to your list!
You know that to make real money pretty fast, you need real leads from a great business network.
So the training is straight to the point, no fluff.

The information allows you to brand yourself as a real leader and as an authority in your niche. A good point!
Being people that come from your same business, and seeing you as an authority, they will be happy to stay on your list.
Because this is not a real autoresponder list, but a list who stays on Linkedin.

So no money for autoresponders at all.
A good method, new, never seen before and that needs to be taken up and put to work.
You will get many leads from “Hacking Linkedin“, are you ready to make sales.

Writing Life Histories Review

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Writing Life Histories


Dennis Becker is a man who provides solid concepts in the world of internet marketing, and this “Writing Life Histories” is another gem he extracted from his magic hat. Yes, because this is an awesome 86 page guide with many additional materials that will help you to create real paper books from family

And this is a thing that every family wants. If I could got this idea 15 years ago, I could write the memory of my grandparents…
Every family wants to have written memories of what the family members has done, reached, tried and experienced during their life.
And you can be the man/woman in the middle that can transform their dream in realty.

Because for young family members is important to remember the great things their family has done in the past, and for older family members it’s even more important to jot down their memories before they get lost forever.
So this is what you will learn to do, with over 100 questions to ask to get the contents flowing (this is pure gold!), a pre-interview research
worksheet, an interview transcription worksheet, a legacy letter worksheet, a client questionnaire and a marvelous memory helper.

All of this can be used on daily basis to make people happy, and to transform their dreams into a real paper book, for how many copies they desire.
Jump on this, because in every part of the world this is doable, and you can get rich doing it, without even advertising, because the word of mouth between family will play for you!

That’s why I feel that this launch is a different product from what we’re used to see.
For this reason “Writing Life Histories” is a must for you and your friend families as well.

Youtube DNA Review

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Youtube DNA


You can use all the SEO and efforts you want, but getting a video in first places of Youtube is not easy. So a new software comes to help you.
Youtube DNA” in fact is what I define a “competition analyzer”, a tool that spies your competitor and grab their exact keywords, and tells you how
they reached the first place.

But not only this, as the software will deliver top long tail keywords to get awesome rankings even for multiple keywords, including the most researched ones. Easy to install and to comprehend, this is one of the latest weapons to get more results from your videos.
You can promote your launches, or affiliate offers or just keep your followers updated, but in every case you can get better positions than just shooting in the dark.

You will get up to date Youtube stats, competition analysis, long tail keywords and your internal SEO score, by analyzing your video as soon as you upload it.
What’s better than stopping hoping for good positions, but getting a useful software to run every time you have something new to update?
So “Youtube DNA” is a great choose if you put many efforts on video creation and publishing!