Lockin Traffic Review

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Lockin Traffic


Mervik Haums launched his “Lockin Traffic“, a WordPress plugin to lock your contents for increasing traffic, SEO and signups, all in one time!
An awesome idea to get your visitors to stay on site longer, to increase your SEO fastly, and a super idea to get fast signups and social submission fastly.
Every content you share, from now on, can be readed only after a social share, or a signup to your list. A great idea!

Many famou sbloggers are currently using this technique by some times, with optimal results and conversions.
One of them is Neil Patel from QuickSprout, that is increasing social traffic, SEO and signups just by locking contents.
You can count on three version of the same plugin, with three different prices:

  • Single site license, if you have just one blog to care about.
  • Unlimited personal license, if you want to add this plugin to an unlimited number of blogs you run.
  • Unlimited developer’s license, if you want to make cash by also selling blogs with this plugin installed.

You may decide which is the best version for you!
Lockin Traffic” brings new fresh air in a super saturated market, where a plugin like this is needed by every blogger around.

Ninja Niche Training Review

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Ninja Niche Training

Derek Allen launched “Ninja Niche Training“, an incredible video product composed by many modules that show you how to uncover hidden and profitable niches.
All of this without any software, but just with a really easy research to do.
And what you can uncover is pure gold, and can get you even a good amount of money if you are ready to jump in in this awesome course!

The four modules are the following:

  • The real ABC of niche research and business building.
  • The “Niche Research Dojo”, where you will find 9 ways to find incredible niches.
  • A superb “Keywords and Comp” training, to find the right keywords with less competition.
  • The “Black Belt Affiliate Programs”, to find private affiliate offers and higher commission offers.
  • And much much more for one of the best niche training program I’ve ever seen on market!

The real core of this method is the second module, the “Niche Research Dojo”, that really gives you the keys to unlock a goldmine.
In fact the 9 methods are rocking, and you can find new niches every day, to use for launch websites with affiliate offers, but also Amazon stores to keep or to sell for profits on Flippa.
What you can achieve is given just by your work, but this course really rocks!

Ninja Niche Training” is one of the best niche training programs I’ve ever seen of market, and for this reason I jumped in even after 5 years of experience even in niche research and monetization!

Info Cash Blueprint Review

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Info Cash Blueprint


Mike Marin launched a great training on how to launch products, named “Info Cash Blueprint“, built on his $21,863 earnings in just one month.
This course is based on the great product creation and selling experience of the author.
And the positive thing is you can learn and repeat the same actions by the author also if you are a newbies and you don’t have any experience on copywriting.

In this brilliant WSO you will learn many concepts, including:

  • How to create brand new products that sells by themselves.
  • Discover the difference between cheap ebooks and expesive ones.
  • Uncover the worst 7 roadblocks you can find in product creation.
  • Become an expert in any niche in only 1 day.
  • Learn the “Stealth Conversion Machine” to transform $7 buyers in $500 to $5,000 buyers.
  • How to present product information to get more perceived value.
  • How to use the “Gap Method” to be seen as an authority in your field.
  • Discover 15 elements to build raving fans following your releases.
  • How to get free traffic through affiliates
  • The unique secret behind all the successful products released until now.
  • And much more as well…

As you can see “Info Cash Blueprint” is the right training program to become an experienced product creator. Try it and be amazed!

3 Minute Review Videos Review

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3 Minute Review Videos


Tracey Meagher released his new WSO, called “3 Minute Video Review“, that includes 5 Powerpoint templates to create awesome videos and presentations.
Apart the presentation files to edit as much as you want, you get also the music and images included in the example videos.
And apart this, you can count even on an awesome collection of bonuses, including 6 videos and 2 awesome characters to use for your websites and sales letters.

These templates, that are really easy to be transformed in videos and presentations to post on Youtube, Vimeo or SlideShare, are a great attention grabbing thing.
You receive also tips and tricks on how to edit them at the best, and you know… videos really grab attention of buyers, especially review videos!
You may promote WSOs, internet marketing products, Amazon affiliate products, health supplements as affiliate, CPA and much much more.

All is really easy to do, and you didn’t require high priced software. You just edit, upload and share. Nothing else!
And Tracey Meagher WSOs are always the best around, because she puts all of herself into creation.So accept my suggestion, and go to grab a copy of this awesome “3 Minute Video Review“, before sales are closed or bonuses gone!

My WSO is Live – International Kindle Profits Review

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International Kindle Profits

Today I’ve published “International Kindle Profits“, an incredible WSo completed with the help of my Italian friend Antonio De Santis.
This is a 62 pages guide that helps you to learn how to sell your ebooks on Kindle, and how to sell them on international markets, giving you all what you need to get it translated and ready for publishing. We have sold over 360 ebooks on Italian Kindle market with these methods!

The guide goes through many lessons, ideas and ways to go.
Here is a complete list of the contents you can find:

  • How to translate your ebooks in every language, with just a few dollars.
  • How to protect your copyright for just a few dollars.
  • How to format your Kindle ebook for free, like a master.
  • How to design an incredible ecover without using Adobe Photoshop, for free.
  • How to open the only 2 admissed blogs to advertise your ebooks.
  • How to write title and descriptions, even with bold phrases, dots and different styles!
  • How to obtain a huge reader’s followers, waiting for your next ebooks.
  • How to publish your ebooks with the right formatting and without errors.
  • How to get more than 50 positive reviews on Kindle marketplace.
  • How to easily land on first Amazon positions.
  • How to use 6 techniques to boost your Kindle ebook page.
  • How to start earning real and big cash from Amazon.
  • And much much much more!

And you get even four awesome bonuses, absolutely incredible!
They are the following:

  • A complete guide to installing, manage and use WordPress, the most known blogging platform.
  • A ready to be customized squeeze page, for getting your readers ready for next releases.
  • Unlimited access to a secret Facebook Page, where you can share your latest ebooks and get tips and tricks.
  • Our support on everything you need to become a super international Kindle seller.

The price starts from less than $10, and the value you get is really unlimited.
International Kindle Profits” is the right guide for you if you want to sell your ebooks not only on your Kindle market, but even on any other worldwide Kindle market!

Monkey Simple Money Magic Review

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Monkey Simple Money Magic

Monkey Simple Money Magic” show you how to earn $40 to $50 each and every day, so that you can add up $1,200 or $1,500 a month to your bank, easily!
The entire course is presented in 4 video modules with a length of around 40 minutes, where you can learn the basics to start making $40 to $50 a day easily and without any efforts, with any skill you may have in internet marketing.

All your requirements are just 15 minutes a day, no more, to cash in $1,200/$1,500 a month, super fast, super easy and without any additional expense.
In fact you won’t need a hosting or costly software at all.
The profits are also scalable the longer you use it too, and what you earn adds up to your total monthly earnings.

So this course can really make your life easier, and will permit you to live a bit better, and count only on your forces.
The method itself is awesome, works well, and doesn’t require hard work. And it’s good for newbies, intermediate and even experts, because a method like this is useful for everyone.
Monkey Simple Money Magic” is a great invention, to give a breth of fresh air to all the internet marketers around!

Bob’s Marketing Graphics Pack Review

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Bob's Marketing Graphics Pack

If you are searching some good sales page graphics, this new “Bob’s Marketing Graphics Pack” is definitely what you are looking for.
This package contains a lot of graphics, hundreds to be precise.
And they can easily transform a simple selling page in a superb selling page.

What you find inside this WSO graphics package is:

  • Buttons, with or without text.
  • Highlights, to highlight any part of your text.
  • Hand drawn texts and signs, to give a new touch.
  • Guarantee certificates and badges, to show how much you are serious.
  • Texts, for every sales page section.
  • Section headings, to give a final touch.
  • And much more!

The price of this offer is going up really fast, so be sure to grab this package of full quality graphics, to use “as is” or to modify to follow your
point of view.
If you create sales pages, or do you like to sell your own items like articles or photos, this offer comes just for you.

This “Bob’s Marketing Graphics Pack” is one of the latest and most wonderful packages to give new life to your selling pages, and right now is under priced for what it offers. Go and take it!

AMZ Authority Zone Review

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AMZ Authority Zone

Gaz Cooper created an awesome Amazon Associates promotional website package called “AMZ Authority Zone“, that include 6 awesome sites to use as yours.
Here is the list of the sites you will receive:

  1. Strength Training
  2. International Cooking
  3. Martial Arts
  4. Home Chef
  5. Science and Astronomy

5 great topics for which people spend a real lot of cash online and offline. For each website you receive:

  • A professional review article
  • 3 paid Amazon plugins
  • Customized graphic packs
  • Custom written ebook, created just for each niche
  • Keyword’s list
  • Free WordPress plugins with Search Engine Optimization
  • Detailed guide on how to make the best with your new sites
  • Easy step by step guide on what you need to do
  • And the awesome support you can find on any Gaz Cooper wso.
  • And much much more!

So, for around $6 for each website, or $27 for the total package, you can grab all these 6 gems and make them yours!
You can customize them with even more articles, graphics, products descriptions and articles for sale, and use the included 3 plugins to make it even more unique!
AMZ Authority Zone” is the right and professional package if you want to start an awesome Amazon Associates business, with otimal websites!

Niche Sites Revenge Review

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Niche Sites Revenge


Niche Sites Revenge” was named as a “WSO Of The Day” for a simple reason: it works like crazy!
By reading it, you can discover how to create an incredible recurring income from $37.87 to $115.80 a month per site.
All of this with an easy job, requiring no time and no efforts at all.

You will learn everything you need, from a professional keyword search, to a special search engine optimization, right backlinks to apply and a super way to grab 1st Google places. And also the best website design techniques to increase sales in literally no time!
And more, apart this gems, you get also a couple of case studies and the best author secrets to make a perfect keyword search.

Be sure, minisites like these are perfect, easy to build on your own, and make easy sales of affiliate programs also if you don’t care anymore at them after the first setup.
Are you ready to make some cash from easy to create minisites?
It’s funny, you’ll learn new things and you will improve your monthly earnings!

If you want an easy and real system, based on author’s experience, this “Niche Sites Revenge” will give you many and positive surprises…

EPAS Tool Plugin Review

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Joseph Then launched the “EPAS Tool“, an easy to install WordPress plugin to use the power of RSS, Pings, Url Indexer and PageRank checker!
This plugin offers 6 functions, to launch easily from your blog:

  • Url Pinger – so you can ping a url and get Google to crawl it.
  • Mass Url Pinger – to ping how many urls you want at once.
  • RSS Submitter – to send your urls to a lot of RSS submission sites.
  • PageRank Checker – to check the PR of your sites, and even competitor’s ones.
  • Mass PageRank Checker – to check a lot of PR’s at once, all together.
  • Url Indexer – to index your new url as fast as you can.

And more, with your purchase you can grab even the PLR rights, so you can use this software for yourself, or make money by selling it the way you want.
You can also change the ecover, the name and put your author’s name, and sell it as a brand new product. All included in the price you pay.
This plugin was born to power up your blog, with even more readers, and even more backlinks, coming from your submissions, and much more.

The “EPAS Tool” plugin is one of the few things every blogger must have in his arsenal. Use it, and get advantaged!