Product Launch Confessions Review

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Product Launch Confessions


Mike From Maine, famous for his blog devoted to IM interviews, launched “Product Launch Confessions“, a series of 12 interviews to the gurus of product launches.
Before launching my last product, International Kindle Profits, I was interviewed by Mike From Maine, a guy who ask interesting questions to all the gurus and the best product authors for offering a different point of view on the latest products.

This product was a big surprise because was unexpected at first, and then because he’s a genius, and interviewed 12 of the best internet marketers about how to make a perfect product launch. And you can learn a lot of strategies and techniques, because all these internet marketers together earned well over 8 figures… and collected a lot of “WSO Of The Day” from Warrior Forum.

Their names?

  • Sam England
  • Bill Guthrie
  • Walt Bayliss
  • Chris Guthrie
  • Russ Ruffino
  • Anton Nadilo
  • Mark Thompson (from UK)
  • Mark Thompson (from USA)
  • Rob Cornish
  • Fergal Downes
  • Jonathan Green
  • Tom Ness

You can get just a big value by hearing all the interviews.
But be fast, because every few hours the product price go up.
Product Launch Confessions” is awesome, brilliant, and can really change your product launches in much better!

Affiliate Takeover Review

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Affiliate Takeover


A Russian guy, Denis Balitskiy, launched “Affiliate Takeover“, a brilliant case study on how he built a system to cash in $191.45 on daily basis, thanks to affiliate marketing.
This is not the usual guide that claims profits and give away nothing, because the author decided to give away not only the method itself, but even banners, landing pages and insights from his best campaign. A super package in which you can’t miss a step.

This guy helps you in choosing the right offers that must pertain to a “secret group” you will discover, in building up a landing page with the right angle, and in driving traffic on that angle, and finally on how to get some good cash, the main part of this WSO.
As a bonus you get a webinar where you can ask any question to the author, that will take the time to give an answer to all questions he will receive.

An exclusive package to start earning real cash from affiliate marketing, from a person like us, that started earning after many troubles.
For this reason I may only suggest you to buy”Affiliate Takeover” if you are a newbie in affiliate marketing, or if you never made a dime before.

Lose 10 Pounds In 30 Days PLR Package Review

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Lose 10 Pounds In 30 Days


Amanda Craven, a brilliant author of WSOs, released a superb PLR Package named “Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days“, rich in features and contents and sold for a low price.
The package for sale includes:

  • 10,557 words ebook (over 50 pages of contents!)
  • Complete diet plan to use with the course, or as a bonus.
  • 29 Powerpoint slides to create your videos and presentations.
  • Tips and tricks plus food diary, to sell separately or within the course.
  • 7 lessons to use for your own autoresponder.
  • Big selection of editable ebook covers, in different formats.
  • 227 keywords researched for you, with low to medium competition.
  • List of converting products on Clickbank marketplace, easy to promote.
  • Resource guide to free tools in the market.
  • Market Intelligence report, to make dollars without any difficulty.

For the price it’s sold, this is a brilliant gem, a new weapon to make sales or to grow your list without efforts in a big and superb niche like weight loss.
A big deal under any circumstace, if you consider the things you have at your disposal to market the ebook and the extras.
Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days” is the right PLR product to make cash on the weight loss niche, without much efforts!

G+ Monetizer Review

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G+ Monetizer


James Renouf always produce quality products, and this “G+ Monetizer” is something able to change the future of a lot of people in much better.
I’m sure that like me, most of you have completely forgot to make business on Google+, for many reasons.
Because there’s Facebook, easy to use and with a big traffic, or also because Twitter is fast like anything other.

But like any other program at start, we totally overlooked at the possibility of income from a new source. And Google+ is like a baby in a world of adults!
So James Renouf WSO show us the right way to use Google Communities to build a business, and make money on G+ without any effort.
He gives us the right information to start and populate a community from zero, and he offers you an incredible series of 5 ways to make money on your communities.

For any niche you may target, you will get a huge following, and different ways to convert your readers in serial buyers, and in your personal followers.
Get authority, get cash and connect your name to a big and living Google Community!
G+ Monetizer” is the right way to start using the Google social network for your personal purposes!

Reputation Management Core Review

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Reputation Management Core

Luther Landro is one of my favorite offline marketing guru, that almost every week has something exciting to share with us, directly from his studies and actions.
This time he talks about “Reputation Management Core“, all about reputation management, the thing I prefer to offer to all offline businesses, like plumbers, pest control, auto rents, mechanics, hotels and so on.

Through his great and proven roadmap you are going to learn this business from A to Z, thanks to a 20 page PDF guide, special step by step videos and all what you need to sell the service without lifting a finger:

  • 10 email swipe files, carefully written for you.
  • A superb Powerpoint presentation, ready to modify and share with your customers.
  • An example client template, to make things easy for you or for your freelancers.
  • Ready invoice templates for closing the deals without any delay.
  • And all the author’s competence on the offline marketing field.

This is a gold strategy, and you get all the tools to start 5 minutes after grabbing this package.
Think well, because this is a super and time limited offer that will save you time and efforts!
You can buy this “Reputation Management Core” training for a small price, if you act fast!

FB Video Jacker Review

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FB Viral Jacker


FB Video Jacker” is a great product that shows you a new technique to obtain opt-ins and sales just starting from a Youtube or Vimeo video share.
Just by sharing a simple video on a Group, a Page or just on your timeline you will be able to attract signups to your lists, that you may convert in sales pretty easily.
The method requires a special platform you are given access after purchase, and what I can say is that the method is really easy and well developed.

You get also a great video training on how to record better videos, how to get them viral on social networks and how to find special offers for each video.
This is just a preview of what you will find inside the video course to approach this new and free advertising system.The videos you will create and the signup system are totally compatible with any autoresponder system, Getresponse and Aweber included.

And you will discover a lot of things to add to your videos, including clickable links inside the video, RSS links, buy now buttons, social media links, Google Maps, weather, and a lot of other possibilities you can check on the sales page.
FB Video Jacker” is the right product if you want to increase your list, get more conversions and make easy cash from affiliate programs and CPA.


Alluring Mobi Review

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Alluring Mobi

If you have ever made mobile marketing, here is a package you can’t really lose. It’s “Alluring Mobi“, a superb collection of many colorful mobile templates great for every business.
You get 10 mobile templates, really awesome works of art, everyone especially created for a set of niches, so that you will have no problems in finding the right one.
They are fully customizable, and to get a site ready for the sale you will never need more than 30 minutes.

They are easy to upload, and are ready to be uploaded, with unlimited site usage rights.
I never seen so beautiful and well created mobile sites sold for so few dollars.
With these incredible and graphically improved templates you can really build a business from zero, or give a boost to your actual one!

Check the templates on the sales page. Preparing some example sites you can really kill the competition in literally no time!
And more, you get a lot of explosive coupons to use within the mobile templates to offer a complete solution to your customers.
If you want a turnkey solution, really to drive clients crazy, this “Alluring Mobi” offers high qualiy mobile templates like you never seen before!

51 Traffic Sources PLR Review

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51 Traffic Sources PLR


A few days ago Mark Lareau launched his “51 Traffic Sources PLR“, a collection of 5 videos and a report, talking about 51 powerful traffic strategies.
The good thing about this product is you can use Private Laber Rights for making money by selling the product as your own, or use it to learn all these traffic techniques for applying them to your actual websites and blogs.

Considering this offer was named as “WSO Of The Day” a few days ago, and that the price is still below the real value of the product, I want you to take advantage.
The traffic techniques explained in the course pertain to different traffic generation niches, like:

  • Pay Per Click advertising sources
  • CPV and PPV avertising sources
  • Multi Channel avertising sources
  • Social Media avertising sources
  • Mobile Marketing avertising sources
  • Retargeting avertising sources

And I’m sure that like me, you will found some of these techniques completely new and never heard before.
Consider also how many htings you can do with a PLR package like this: sell for cash, give it away to build your list, keep your list active with 1 video a week, convert them in Youtube videos, in slides for Slideshare, in podcasts, in MP3 audio files, transcribe them to build a new ebook, and a lot of other things like that!

51 Traffic Sources PLR” is a big deal that gives you a knowledge, at first, and a profit. Don’t let this video course go away!

Amazon Fast Track Coaching Review

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Amazon Fast Track Coaching


Chris Jones launched his amazing “Amazon Fast Track Coaching“, an incredible 7 days training on how to sell a lot of Amazon Affiliate products.
Each day you will learn something new to get incredible affiliate websites producing income for you.
Here is a smart view on the topics:

  • Day 1 – A great introduction on what the system does.
  • Day 2 – The key for profits is starting to change your mindset for profits.
  • Day 3 – How to set up your first site from zero.
  • Day 4 – What you really need for great conversions. Forget costly plugins and themes!
  • Day 5 – Content is the key. Learn how to write perfect reviews and articles, or get them done by affiliates.
  • Day 6 – Learn to do Search Engine Optimization the right way, more easy and fast.
  • Day 7 – Rank your site between the best of the category you chose.

And more, you get even a spectacular bonus, consisting in “Amazon Kickstart” V1 and V2.
A lot of things, in one of the most well made coachings for the Amazon Associates affiliate area profits.
Something special for starting to generate huge monthly commissions that add up to your actual one!

Amazon Fast Track Coaching” is by far one of the best and most extensive WSO ever created on the subject.
Don’t lose it! is Live!

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Alessandro Zamboni Blog

I want to use this Sunday to let you know that my new blog, “Alessandro Zamboni Blog” is live right now.
It will include daily articles from curation, to let you know the best things easily, and Sunday videos from marketing gurus.
Inside the blog you can find:

  • Daily articles with training, news and personal suggestions.
  • Sunday article “Discover the Gurus” with some of the best videos.
  • All my latest newsletter. shown cronologically from the most recent.
  • All my videos from Youtube.
  • Almost all my released products (at least the most recent).
  • Direct link to my Facebook Group.
  • All the links to my social networks.

What I want you to do is coming to make a visit and leave some comments around, to make it really popular.
And if you want, I hope you can join the RSS feeds to stay updated, or add it to your bookmarks for reading the daily articles.
I’m sure you will be amazed by the quality and by the contents provided. Make sure to share some articles on social, too!

Click this link now to visit my newest “Alessandro Zamboni Blog“, completely redone during the last week!