No BS Virgin Solos Review

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No BS Virgin Solos


Peter van Zijl, together with Mark Thompson and Rob Stafford, created “No BS Virgin Solos“, an incredible training on how to use brand new solo ads lists for profits.
This course is composed by four different techniques, that I will explain below.

The first method, “The Pick Up Artist”, shows you how to find countless people with virgin solo lists, never used before and never burned out by too much mailings.
The second method, “The Hunter”, permits you to jump into other people buyer’s list and simply buy cheap solo ads from them. Cool!
The third technique, “Reach Out Touch Me”, is a superb way to build your list in a really fast way, with 3 fast and effective methods to reach your objective.

The fourth bonus tactic, “The Filter Method”, is not for everyone. Only when you will comprehend the first three technique, you can learn this one.
It’s their controversial way of separating the tire-kickers from the real buyers.
As you can see there is a lot of value in each on eof these techniques, presented together for a small price of $9.95.

And you get access to a closed membership Facebook Page for discussing methods, exchanging comments and points of view, and much more.
Pure value, for growing your list, for making huge cash with your offers, and much more!
Grab you copy of “No BS Virgin Solos” and start!

Lose The Belly Fat PLR Review

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Lose The Belly Fat PLR


Aurelius Tjin is one of my favorite PLR authors, and this “Lose The Belly Fat PLR” keeps up with expectations.
The product itself is composed by different modules, but the price is yet really low, even less that $10 at the moment.
Between the contents we can see:

  • Doc and Pdf Ebook with 35 pages (around 8,000 words)
  • Stunning squeeze page (just add the autoresponder code)
  • Incredible selling page with ready sales letter.
  • Ecover graphics in different formats.
  • Other graphics.
  • Product licenses pack.

As you can see this PLR package includes all what you need to make money fast, or to build your list in days.
You can decide which way to follow, and if modify the product to create a new one, or just use it “as is” for fast profits.
The first products I’ve sold eons ago was “Copy and Paste Graphics” by Aurelius Tjin, so you comprehend why, after so many years, I never changed my PLR provider.

This ebook is built on 50 tips to lose belly fat, something easy to sell and to read for men and women. You can transform it in audio MP3, in 50 twitter tweets, in a slideshow to promote other weight loss products, or through videos. You can use this super package the way you want and the way you feel!
So I really recommend you to try the power of the latest Aurelius Tjin wso, “Lose The Belly Fat PLR“. It’s cheap and cool!

Product Creation Puzzle Review

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Product Creation Puzzle


Product Creation Puzzle” is the most suggested products for who never created a product, or for who wants to create a better and faster one.
In fact this guide helps you to create your best product ever, without PLR articles, without interviews and even without the need of creating videos.
The author takes care of every step, giving you all his best secrets to make your job easier.

The contents are first quality, and here are some of the things you will find inside:

  • How to stop your fear in creating brand new products.
  • A fast start to choose your niche.
  • How to cure writer’s block in no more than 5 minutes.
  • A brilliant shortcut to use if you have problems wording paragraphs on the right way.
  • 3 super tips to create your best title ever, to give an awesome first impression to your customers.
  • A super and fast way to outline your product.
  • How to turn your readers in lifetime followers.
  • How to transform any boring task in an easy and effortless task.
  • 9 secret sources to get news on your desired niches (this is pure gold!)
  • How to write even more better and faster with a tomato. (Yep, it’s true!)
  • All the websites to find incredible images for free.
  • How to use these images to first entertain, and then inform your readers.
  • And much more!

As you can see the contents are awesome, and every writer can get advantage from these information.
Your next products will be awesome, special and will sell a lot!
All thanks to “Product Creation Puzzle“!

Fiverr Sales Giant Review

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Fiverr Sales Giant


Footbag_Man launched his new Fiverr WSO, named “Fiverr Sales Giant“. This is the fourth in a series, and the first three got always the “WSO Of The Day”.
In just half an hour you will be ready to learn how to launch a new Fiverr gig able to produce from $30 to $50 of income on daily basis.
This in a month became from $900 to $1,500. An incredible amount from a single gig, right?

For the price of a gig, actually the WSO costs only $5, you can buy this video series and learn an awesome new idea that doesn’t suffer any saturation now or later.
So, if you are searching to build up a steady income that adds up to your other earnings, this is a great way, guaranteed.
I sell on Fiverr since it started, and let me confess the method has many chances to work even greater if you follow the author steps and add a few of yours.

I bet you will get a big value also from this fourth course, coming by a real Fiverr expert, and that you will be able to create a new income.
Go fast and grab “Fiverr Sales Giant” before the seller decide to change the price of this awesome course!

Amazon Treasures 2013 Review

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Amazon Treasures 2013


Amazon Treasures 2013” is the annual selection of 440 Amazon products that have 4 or more stars, 5 or more positive comments and that cost more than $1,000.
This product helps you to find bestsellers on the Amazon marketplace, and this is what people search and buy, every day.
With a $1,000 product you can make good commissions, from $60 to $200, and it will be easy if you have just the winning products, that sell in quantity.

Each product on the spreadsheet file is given with:

  • Product name
  • ASIN code
  • Category
  • List price
  • Current price
  • Discount
  • Number of reviews
  • Average Rating
  • Direct link to Amazon sales page

So you have all the information you need about each product, to import them with a WordPress theme that supports ASIN code, or just a research with product name.
And imagine how many things you can do with these 440 products, and with the bonus list containing another big number of products!
You can order them for exact price, for category or any other type.

You can open an ecommerce site, a blog selling these products, or a simple review blog able to contain them all with your own point of views.
Or again, you can prepare videos, presentations or articles, for Youtube, Slideshare and article directories. You decide!
The thing I want you to comprehend, is that”Amazon Treasures 2013” is pure added value for you and your commissions!

Offline Foot In The Door Emails Review

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Offline Foot In The Door Emails


Offline Foot In The Door Emails” is one of the latest release by Zesh, known as the Offline Guvnor just because it’s an expert offline marketer.
This is a complete offline marketing email templates collection, ready to be used for contacting clients and customers, for offering them new services.
The niche you will find inside this pack are:

  • Facebook
  • Other social media
  • Mobile marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Reputation management

And thanks to these ready emails, great to be customized for every company, you can land high paying offline clients in literally no time.
These emails will save you a lot of time, and money if you get them written by freelancers… And you can get this package for less than $5 right now!
But here are some good points of these ready to send messages:

  • All the emails are easy to use and follow, and they keep the mind of the customer clean, without confusion.
  • After each email, you can see a crystal clear explanation on how to use it at the best.
  • Each set of these feature rich emails are available in Word format, and as a classic Txt file.
  • You can also pass them to your freelancer if you like to outsource the submission jobs to companies. You will save time!

As you can see this is another brilliant package by Zesh, my favorite offline marketing author ever!
So go fast and grab this awesome “Offline Foot In The Door Emails” before sale is closed, or price goes up!

Traffic Multiplier Review

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Traffic Multiplier


Mathew Maso released an awesome traffic generation training called “Traffic Multiplier“, that became a super “WSO Of The Day” on Warrior Forum.
The author shows how he obtained over 17K visitors in literally no time, and then he posted screenshots of 3K and 934 visitors in a month in two different blogs.
That’s why I got attracted to this method, also if talks about traffic like a lot of other WSO launched in latest months…

Inside this brilliant ebook you will discover many concepts, including:

  • A super strategy to jump on first Google page without any backlink!
  • The best SEO techniques that 95% of experts are not yet using!
  • No more backlinks to buy, ever!
  • Discover a free tool to grab optimal Youtube rankings!
  • A new technique to get optimal positions on Youtube, and how to generate traffic and income!
  • A secret traffic wholesale, from which you can grab visitors for $0,08 each!
  • How to outrank all your competitors at once!
  • Uncover a forgotten source of viral buyer’s traffic.
  • Page optimization secrets to keep your visitors online, and get even better Google rankings!
  • And even more tactics, techniques and bonus strategies!

Traffic Multiplier” is your best purchase if you want more targeted traffic to all your sites!

Under The Gun Review

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Under The Gun

Jason Kanigan, a great Warrior Forum seller and helper, released today his new product, called “Under The Gun“.
This video course explains one thing, and it does it with care: how to sell. Always and continuously.
So, if you are in trouble with your cash, this WSO comes at the right moment, as the author says.

As I said, you are going to be teach on how to sell. The whole course open your eyes on how much easy could be rhe art of selling.
Between the things you will comprehend, there is:

  • The fast method to put cash on your pockets. Fast and tested by the author.
  • How to shut up your mind, and act like a master.
  • A super method to convert the classic gatekeepers in your friends. So you are connected fast to the right person
  • How to automatically separe tire kickers from buyers, for going fast to profits.
  • How to close sales, one after the other, direcly and without any wait.
  • And much more!

As you probably comprehended this is not a direct method, but a system to lear the tactics of selling, especially good for offline marketing, and online marketing as well in minor part.
For this reason, if you want to become a professional seller that don’t need to pray customers to buy, this “Under The Gun” is your key pass to prosperity!

Offline Hashtag Doctor Review

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Offline Hashtag Doctor


Zesh is known as the “Offline Guvnor” because he releases WSO only about offline marketing, like this awesome “Offline Hashtag Doctor“.
This brand new ebook is based on the newest Facebook hashtags, launched less than 10 days ago, and how to use this technique as a real foot in the door for offering more services to the offline businesses.
The technique is really new, and I never heard that.

With this new WSO you can learn how to:

  • Look for potential offline marketing customers, using a never seen technique.
  • Contact these new clients but without offering nothing, on this way your conversions will rise!
  • Use this brand new method as a “foot in the door” to get more sales at once!
  • And much more!

The method explained by Zesh is really easy to be implemented, and it takes no more than 10 minutes to be applied.
More, inside the package you will find fundamental swipe files, so that you don’t have to create your email, but you can have it ready!
Last but not least you receive also a great bonus called “The Local Offline Hashtag Method”, to take your business one more step in front of your competitors!

I’m a fan of Zesh offline marketing products, but this is really one of his best ones. So take your copy of “Offline Hashtag Doctor” and start applying this new business with the Facebook hashtags!

Video Promo Cash Review

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Video Promo Cash


John Banks launched “Video Promo Cash” on Warrior Forum, and it’s an incredible product that explain how to sell videos to online and offline businesses.
The entire product is offered with 3 training videos, an excellent email swipe file, a great mindmap with cheatsheet, and PDF files as well.
All what you need to learn how this new business works, why it is highly suggested, and why it’s really desired by all types of businesses, including companies, associations, shops, and much more.

Each one of the promotional videos you are going to build up will not require more than 10 minutes to be completed.
And the price you can get for these promo videos can be as high as you desire.
This is a real turnkey solution, because the author gives you not only the tools (email swipe on top) but also his awesome experience on the field!

Every niche can be considered, as everyone needs a new advertising source, for time limited events, coupons, special offers and specific products, or just a video about their company.
Video Promo Cash” is a great new course, especially if you are tempted to make cash easily and on your own.
All what you have to do is copy and paste the swipe email, and send it to the leads you find, and orders will come!