Hangout Plugin Review

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Hangout Plugin


From today, you have no reasons to spend $99 a month for recording webinars, thanks to “Hangout Plugin” by Walt Bayliss.
This plugin works with the Google Hangouts, that can be used just like normal webinars.
But what is missing from the original Google Hangout website, can be simply found inside this package.

This plugin gives you a lot of advantages, so you can:

  • Run webinars for free, without paying high monthly fees.
  • Instantly connect with webinar participants and exchange comments.
  • Allow unlimited attendees to participate in your webinar, not a minimum number.
  • Let users access your webinar replays without becoming crazy.
  • Collect registrations and optins with internal lead capture system.
  • Use the “All In One Solution” to send reminders, followups and broadcast messages.
  • Run all the webinars from your blog building your brand.
  • And much much more!

This is an incredible option to save time as well as money, and to work better or to get more followers and attendees for every webinar you can!
More, with your purchase you receive awesome bonuses, including guides, video trainings and a squeeze page building system.
Walt Bayliss this time has hit the jackpot with his “Hangout Plugin“. Take a look, I’m sure you can’t resist!

Offline Client Cash Review

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Offline Client Cash

If you want to improve your offline marketing offer with something powerful and never seen, go straight to “Offline Client Cash” sales page.
In fact this system has nothing to do with Facebook marketing, SEO, mobile marketing, social media, SMS or PPC.
This is new, never seen and guaranteed to work with just two emails send to your new leads.

If one lead will answer to the first email, you have the 87% of probability to close the sale for $3,500 a hit. Incredible right?
Then if you think that amount is too hihg you can elaborate your pricing for what you furnish.
But these offline marketing techniques are really great, and I’m sure you will have no problems in closing many orders a week.

This course is developed in 10 points, that are the following:

  • How to instantly double your customer base.
  • Explanation of the 87% “Yes” prospecting system.
  • An easy way to select your best niches.
  • Discover the “Have to say yes” service and its secrets.
  • Find the exclusive 87% pitch on which you will work.
  • Read “The Fear Report”, the exclusive secret weapon by the author.
  • Discover how to price your services the right way.
  • Achieve the “Client List Leverage”, building a long term business with your customers.
  • Learn how to get paid for everything you do before starting.
  • Get a complete how to for your next days into this new business.
  • And much more.

After accessing all the training, and studying your method, you will be able to stupify your leads, and transform them easily into customer, first for the new service, and then for all the others they need.
This is awesome, and the “Offline Client Cash” system works really well. Try it and get into play.

WP Social Poster Review

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WP Social Poster


WP Social Poster” is a brilliant idea that permits you to have your blog posts automatically submitted to 18 social networks, fastly and without efforts.
It’s a simple to install WordPress plugin, that requires only the insertion of your favorite social network details. It can be one, or all eighteen. You decide!

What makes this plugin a dream come true is the easy of install, the setup that requires literally a couple of minutes, and the advantage that give us.
In fact as soon as you post a new article on your blog, it is automatically submitted to your favorite social networks.
So you can stop to pay freelancers for social submissions, or stop paying high price software that are doing this for you!

Imagine also the advantages… Unlimited traffic and a constant queue of visitors to your site, and a lot of more backlinks to enhance your rankings!
This costs only a few dollars, but saves you hours if you calculate how many time you need to post to all social networks manually.
And you get some cool bonuses too!

Check the “WP Social Poster” sales page right now, and grab your copy of this great WordPress plugin. You need it, for your social marketing!

FB Pages Blueprint Review

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FB Pages Blueprint


Bill Guthrie has released an awesome 7 step blueprint on how to build professional Facebook Pages, named “FB Pages Blueprint“.
This is a complete guide on how to create FB pages for passion, fun but especially for profits.
The 7 steps I’m talking about are just the following:

  • Step 1 – Brainstorm your page topics, and choose the best ones.
  • Step 2 – Do your research, select the good niches and discard the worst ones.
  • Step 3 – Collect contents, because you don’t have to write a word!
  • Step 4 – Create your final FB Page and launch it!
  • Step 5 – Learn how to schedule a lot of posts automatically.
  • Step 6 – Build your unique audience in literally no time.
  • Step 7 – Monetize your brand new Facebook Page!

As you can see any topic is covered, and the experience of Bill on this topic assure the best quality training you can buy on this.
The price is still lowest, around $8 right now, but pay attention because this is a dimesale, so price is going up without pause.So, if you never opened a FB Page, or if you opened one without success with just 15 members in, this product was built for you.

Grab your copy of “FB Pages Blueprint” right now, and achieve your new objective: building and monetizing the perfect FB Page!


Sitemap Checker Review

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Sitemap Checker


Today I stumbled upon a simple but useful software, called “Sitemap Checker“, for sale on Warrior Forum.
It’s cool because in a few minutes it checks your sitemap file over your sites and blogs, and tell you what’s working fine and what’s not.
All you have to do is install it on your Windows PC, run it and insert a few details:

  • Your blog/sute url
  • Your sitemap url (generally
  • The level of deep (generally leave it on 20)

That’s all what you need to elaborate a CSV file in just a few minutes.
Checking that file with any document reader, you can see which urls and tags are ranked and which not, and repair that easily.
All you need to do is doing some SEO, backlinks, articles or what you prefer versus that urls, and in a few time they will be ranked.

The idea of losing time writing, and get no results at all throwing away time, efforts and money is not the best around, right?
So be always sure your contents are ranked through your sitemap!
Sitemap Checker” does a dirty but useful job that no one is doing. So grab your copy right now and fix your ranking problems with ease!

PLR Madness Review

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PLR Madness

Marian Krajcovic put on sale a superb collection of 1,400 PLR Articles called “PLR Madness“.
You can use these articles for your websites, blogs, ebooks, reports, videos, podcasts, presentations and even more.
Or you can just sell them as your own for profits, thanks to the attached sales page template and the 2 videos.

The PLR articles are first quality only, and there are many niches available for you.
Here is the complete list:

  • 25 Weddings Articles
  • 50 Home Business Articles
  • 25 Sales Articles
  • 25 Networking Articles
  • 25 Parenting Articles
  • 25 Babies Articles
  • 25 Pregnancy Articles
  • 50 Law of Attraction Articles
  • 25 Marketing Articles
  • 25 Article Writing Artices
  • 25 Crystal Jewelry Articles
  • 200 Dating & Relationship Articles
  • 175 Health Articles
  • 175 Internet Marketing Articles
  • 175 Personal Finance Articles
  • 50 Recipes Articles
  • 175 Weight Loss Articles
  • 25 Leadership Articles
  • 25 Time Management Articles
  • 25 Organizing Articles

As you can see this is an incredible collection of PLR Articles, but the real power stays in the fact you can also resell this big package for dollars.
And another important point: this collections was built from experienced authors, and this is not the usual package of bullshit coming from PLR market.
PLR Madness” is good for anything. Grab a copy and build your business, using and selling them for profits! A big deal under any circumstance.

Instant Cash Madness Review

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Instant Cash Madness


Instant Cash Madness” is an easy method to earn a maximum of $15 each and every day, that means $450 a month and $5,400 a year!
The method is described through 4 modules with videos, and it is a straight-forward and easy technique.
This is a recurring profit you can add to your monthly earnings with ease, and that’s why I decided to promote it.

The author elaborated this cash-in technique alone, so this is a never seen how-to, something unique you can easily add to your own methods.
And the best thing is you can start generating cash from a few hours after watching the videos, without waiting or whatsoever!
This product it’s good not only for newbies in search of easy cash, but also for experts that want to add easy dollars to their bank accounts.

I can’t show much more or I will finish to reveal this method, that I personally never saw around, as author claimed.
More, if you have problems or doubts the author is always available to answer and help you to comprehend, but I think you will go with a clear mind on this.
Instant Cash Madness” is exceptional, easy and guarantees a fast income that can add up to your actual one, or work as a stand alone one.

7 Steps To Organized Success Review

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7 Steps To Organized Success


Today I will target a newbie guide, something special to help them to make first sales and to achieve their first income from internet marketing efforts.
This guide is “7 Steps To Organized Success“, a simple training program that will guide you on how to reach your first $1000, like the author did.
But this is more than a case study, because you can really learn a lot of useful concepts for your every day business, including:

  • How to maximize your time, to get more free time for your life, and less to spend on business.
  • How to leave a balanced life getting the most out from your IM business.
  • Learn the best online tools to eliminate waste of time and procrastination in a breeze.
  • Learn to create a winning action plan to follow step by step, that will bring you to success.
  • How to set up short and long term realistic targets for business and life.
  • How to maximize profit margins identifying the most important internet marketing aspects.
  • How to create a realistic plan to bring in residual income.
  • And a lot of more informations as well!

This “7 Steps To Organized Success” as you can see is not a newbie only training, but it’s good for anyone trying to figure out why the marketing efforts don’t bring the long awaited success.

FON Spy Tool Review

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Fon Spy Tool


FON Spy Tool” is a new incredible WordPress plugin to spy on your competitors promotional emails.
I never saw something so incredible for sale, especially for a so low price.
Now we will see what this easy to install plugin can do for you:

  • It monitors what list builders are saying about you, your blog, your company and your products.
  • It spies on what your competitors are mailing out every day, also from the most known IM’ers!
  • It exposes the best affiliates who you may contact and add to your affiliate army for promoting your products!
  • You can discover your competition’s affiliate links so that you can pop over them with PPV.
  • It helps you to be protected from FTC, because you can see what your direct affiliates are mailing out!
  • It helps you to discover who sells your products on his own, illegally.
  • Shows you the number of people currently promoting your launches.
  • It scrapes PPV urls from emails for your own PPV campaigns.
  • And much much more!

As you can see this is a never seen thing, a plugin that does a lot of jobs for you!
So, for just less than $8, grab this awesome “FON Spy Tool” and let it work for you and for your business!

Skoopster Review

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Skoopster is a complete turnkey solution that helps you to make money from affiliate products, reviewed for you on ready blogs.
If you stay on the membership, you will be able to receive brand new WordPress blogs to upload on your servers, and each one of this blogs has a custom character talking live to your customers!
Yes, they will convince the visitors to become a buyer!

And with the products they decided to promote, you can earn from $40 to $200 for each sale.
The system is created at the best, and this idea is great because is like lending the websites from master affiliates, people that know his stuff.
With the first purchase you will get:

  • Access to a big portfolio of ready presenters from various niches.
  • Access to place client orders with the recording studio for an outstanding 75% commission.
  • A customizable ebook about WordPress sales websites with 32 pages of concepts, to give away to leads.
  • Training, support on demand, and the system yet hosted, so you get no hosting to buy.

This product has no OTOs at all, so all what you see is available just after purchase.
But keep in mind that the accounts are setup manually, so they will require a bit of time, but never more than 18/24 hours.
Skoopster is the right product if you want an all-in-one system to get fast commissions and sales!