Under The Radar List Building Review

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Under The Radar List Building


Amy Harrop and Debbie Drum has recently released “Under The Radar List Building“, a spectacular course to build your list and make sales with e-learning.
This is a real case study on how to sell your own products and affiliate products, and how to grow your list fast with e-learning websites, a great resource that internet marketers are not really targeting right now.
And the good thing is you can use PLR contents, and repackage them or reuse them the way you like, without going crazy for creating new products from zero, or about finding new one to promote.

In this awesome guid eyou will comprehend many mind changing technques, including:

  • Why getting involved with e-learning is the right thing at the right moment.
  • How to get one source do all the hard work for you, growing your list on daily basis.
  • The top 10 causes for which courses are commonly rejected at these platforms.
  • Discover a wide market with little or no competition at all!
  • How to get a huge targeted traffic constantly directed to your optin form.
  • How to monetize your new subcribers and make cash with your own or affiliate products.
  • Avoid all the common mistakes that make you lose your income.
  • Rinse and repeat only the right strategies, and get your mailing list growing!
  • And much more!

I strongly liked this product because it’s feature rich and give you really new ideas I never heard before, and it comes from two authors I know well.
Amy and Debbie alway sprovide quality courses they tried on themselves, in fact this is a real case study!
Under The Radar List Building” is right for newbies as well as expert, and there’s a new goldmine called e-learning! Go and discover it!

Zamurai List Builder Review

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Zamurai List Builder


Zamurai List Builder” is the new release by Austin Lilley and Joshua Zamora, and let you increse easily the number of opt-in subscribers through a new technique.
Instead of showing your autoresponder form anywhere on the blog, like most of the marketers are doing without much success, it works on your favorite keywords.

It takes any keyword you desire, and transform it in a live and colorful link. As soon as the visitor hover that keyword with his mouse, a new autoresponder form pops out from that word.
A fantastic idea I never seen before and never tried, but you can imagine how powerful it is! This spreads curiosity, and people love to register in your list.
Imagine, you can prepare a new list connected to a specific keyword, so for example you can associate a keyword research report to the word “keyword”. Easy!

And if you want you can offer a blogging cheatsheet to people that will register from the optin form that pop-out from “blog” or “blogging” keywords!
As you can see this is a winning strategy to get a lot of more subscribers with much less efforts!
You can count on two versions for this plugin; a single site version and a multi site one. You decide!

The thing you can be sure of, is that this plugin takes your list building on another planet, and you will be able to see results from day one.
Also witha minimum traffic, “Zamurai List Builder” offers high conversions! And that’s what really makes me happy!

Classifieds Ad Board Review

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Classifieds Ad Board

Frank Salinas launched his own “Classifieds Ad Board“, an awesome place for advertising your online businesses the way you want.
After you signup, for free, you can decide if upgrade for just $10, to grab the possibility of posting 60 banners, 30 Premium Ads, 5 Login Ads and 60 hotlinks, and to earn the 100% from your direct affiliates.
I joined that way, because the classified ads website is really followed, and with just a sale or a signup obtained from your ads, you will get back your small amount paid.

You can post ads 16 times a day. For every classified ad you post, the free versions stay up for 180 days, and the Pro for almost a year.
Consider that in just 1 hour and half one of my ads was viewed 1756 times, and the other one 1668. That’s much more than awesome!
And if you consider you have an army at your disposal, especially with the best converting 5 Login Ads, you comprehend that signing up to Pro is a great step.

More, you get access to a links rotator, to a link cloacker and a downline builder, three useful tools for building up your follower base, and to cover your links.
Last thing, you will earn also from your direct referrals, and that’s the icing on the cake.

If you decide to join this superb Frank Salinas “Classifieds Ad Board” right now, you can count on a new service to advertise your links for free!

SkyZon WP Theme Review

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SkyZon WP Theme

SkyZon WP Theme is a brand new ecommerce theme for WordPress. It gives you the opportunity to add automatically or by hand your favorite products to sell from Amazon.
Designed by Jaka Pradana, a master of WordPress theme development, it permits you to launh unlimited serious but colorful ecommerce blogs, great for selling affiliate products from Amazon Associates marketplace, from every supported country.
So you can create not only American items blogs, but also Italian, German, Canadian and so on. Cool!

SkyZon offers 6 default colors with millions of different combinations, it’s mobile friendly and auto updates the prices directly from Amazon.
It supports autoblogging plugins like WP-Robot, Associate Goliath, WP ZonBuilder, WP Amaniche, ZonGrabbing and many others, or just manual articles you can write the way you prefer.
This WP theme guarantees also an exclusive feature, that is the 90 days Amazon cookie. That means that if one person clicks an object and didn’t buy, for the next 3 months, if he decides to buy from Amazon, you will get commissions!

This theme is also easy to use, thanks to fast menus to adjust colors and settings, and it’s updated by the authors to add features or fix problems.
SkyZon WP Theme is absolutely the best Amazon ecommerce wp theme on market, right now. It costs just $12 right now, so go for it!

Quick Sharp Profits 2.0 Review

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Quick Sharp Profits 2.0


Quick Sharp Profits 2.0 is a good and solid method that shows you how to make $10 a day, $300 a month or $3,600 a year.
I know it’s not big money, but they help as a good secondary income, right? Consider you can buy this video course for just $4.10 right now, and learn.

This system never becomes saturated, can be done from every country of the world, and you don’t have to spend a cent to apply it and make your first money.
It is dedicated to newbies and beginners in general, because experts will not be interested in earning so few moneys, but for many they can make a difference.
Then, after you learn this method, explain it to all your friends and make them smile and reward you as soon as they earn their first dollars!

You have to take action, for making cash. There’s no other thing to do. So please, keep your mindset as positive as you can , and go for this course.
Quick Sharp Profits 2.0 is a really valuable system for adding a side income, so jump in right now and make it yours!

Sell Sell Sell Your Digital Products Review

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Sell Sell Sell Your Digital Products


Kate Luella, a personal friend and professional author, has released “Sell Sell Sell Your Digital Products“, two ebooks to learn how to resell your products on eBay and Craigslist.
These two ebooks are really well written, with lot of research and experience on the topic, because she has put a lot of attention especially on the new rules of these two networks and on eBay new prices.
Imagine how your business can take advantage of these two awesome platforms, and discover how easy it is to resell your own products, or general master resale rights packages, for example.

Ebay and Craigslist, together and every year, are able to generate 120 millions of visitors. It’s a lot of people!
The eBay guide shows you the new introduced price changes that will take place the next May, and how to trick the system to get your ebooks accepted for selling! Because you know, eBay doesn’t allow the resale of digital books!
And it shows you also how to create your own magic sales funnel! To achieve more sales!

The Craigslist guide too explains a lot of key concepts to avoid all the usual problems, including how to pass all the spam filters, and how to avoid to get your ad slammed.
So your ads will be live and running to take up sales and sales on daily basis.

This “Sell Sell Sell Your Digital Products” is a great surprise, as the 2 ebooks really are opening your mind. And if you buy the OTO, you can grab PLR and MRR rights with additional bonuses!


WP Azon Disclaimer Review

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WP Azon Disclaimer


While I was surfing the Warrior Forum, today I found this “WP Azon Disclaimer“, so here is my review. This is an awesome WordPress plugin to protect your Amazon Associates account.
It costs just $4.95 right now, as the price will be kept lower for a few days. This plugin really saves you from random Amazon bans.

In fact all the websites that are promoting Amazon items without a proper disclaimer with your name are risking really much.
So this plugin does a simple and useful task. As soon as you install it, you can choose if publish the website disclaimer directly on footer or on the sidebar as a movable widget.
Just add your name and surname, and click the websites of the Amazon network you are promoting objects for, and you are done!
I recommend you to put the final Amazon disclaimer on your sidebar, or at least on the footer. So that it’s visible to all (Amazon included!).

And as soon as the Big A will change his rules, this plugin will be updated with brand new disclaimers. It’s like having a lawyer that works for you, full time!
But all what you pay for this awesome “WP Azon Disclaimer” is $4.95, if you are fast enough.
So keep your Amazon profits secured, and go for it!

Credit Repair PLR Niche Pack

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Credit Repair PLR Niche Pack


Sue Fleckenstein has released today “Credit Repair PLR Niche Pack“, a new package containing all what you need to dominate this niche without any effort.
The author of this package is really experienced in writing, and she always select top niches, like the credit repair one that is really exploding in this period, especially during this huge worldwide economic recession.

The package itself contains a lot of stuff:

  • 35 pages guide, around 9,000 words.
  • 10 PLR articles about credit repair, with more than 400 words each.
  • Over 800 keywords researched for you.
  • The right domain names to buy for building your sites.
  • A video (Powerpoint slides and MP3 audio)
  • 60 credit repair tweets
  • A super online resource guide for finding the right items to promote.
  • Header, footer and banners to edit the way you like.

As you can see there is a lot of materials for building up your online resource about this niche, and that’s awesome!
Consider how much will you spend to get a 35 pages guide, 10 articles and all the rest delivered to you… a huge amount!
Instead Sue offers you all for just $9.95, but for a limited time only! Just 48 hours and the price will go up!

If you are really interested in this niche, you can count on two awesome One Time Offers that are adding even more powerful things to this package.
So, if you really want to dominate the credit repair niche, you have no other chance than getting this awesome “Credit Repair PLR Niche Pack“!

WP Marketteer Review

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WP Marketteer


WP Marketteer is a new WordPress theme especially builted for promoting big ticket events for internet marketers around the world.
This is a completely turnkey solution, as it includes all what you need, like:

  • Contents feeding automatically into the blog.
  • Big ticket launches and events updated on their own.
  • Promotional functions for social networks.

Just the WordPress theme is awesome, well designed and usable. But if you add the fact that you don’t have to lift a finger to get all the recent big ticket events added to your blog, this is an extremely good thing.
If you want a real example, you can check Social Glimmer at http://www.socialglimmer.com, a blog done by the author of this WSO.
You can see a slide with the most important events by famous VIPs involved in personal development niche, four ads to the most important free events (call them baits) and a lot of auto-updating blog posts adding new information, new videos and new events.

Well, now the question is one. What can you earn with a blog like this? Much money, that’s sure.
Events always call masses of people, and finding a place that lists the major ones it’s awesome. But if you have the time to edit it a little bit you can insert even more big ticket events, to make it bigger and better.
And modify it a little, to make it unique under the eyes of Google.

WP Marketteer it’s a nice idea, grab it and try to make your own cash calling blog. Selling it’s not difficult! You just need the right blog!

Offline Phone Force Review

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Offline Phone Force


Offline Phone Force” is the new WSO by Bruce NewMedia, and it shows you how to get easy leads through phone interviews.
The easy thing is you get all the scripts by the author, not only for the first time interviews, but also for the first meetings you will have with the new subscribers and leads!
In fact you get a total of six items purchasing this awesome WSO. They are:

  • Training manual
  • Complete interview scripts
  • Complete list of recruiting tools and flyers
  • Quickstart audio with tips and strategies
  • Bruce email support
  • How to recruit experienced outside sales staff (Bonus)

As you can see there is a lot of value, and you can start getting real contacts on daily basis to convert in customers, or choose if it’s better to hire a virtual assistant to do the job for you.
You decide! But this WSO comes from the real experiences by the author, and in fact it was nominated as the “WSO Of The Day” for the 6th April. Awesome!

It doesn’t matter if you are new or you have experience in offline consulting. This package will help you convert more leads into buyers of your services, and that’s great!
Offline Phone Force” is offered for a little price, but hides a big value. Uncover it!