Viral Optins Review

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Viral Optins


Wilco de Kreij launched today his new “Viral Optins“, a phenomenal WordPress plugin to grow your list of subscribers.
The curious thing is that this awesome plugin uses different techniques, all together, to gorw your opt-in’s list, and it’s great how the author created the entire process.

Once installed, this plugin is easy to setup; all you have to do is creating your opt-in form, with any color you like, and then decide which product to give away for free on second step.
And the second step is even more great, because to grab the gift, your new subscriber must share your link and bring in your desired number of downloaders, creating a superb viral effect.
They can share your url to Facebook, Twitter or your blog.

The best thing is you can choose to add a notification bar on footer, so that your subscribers can see how many people they bringed in, and how many are missing.
A real viral plugin like you never saw before. Wilco de Jreji developed this WordPress plugin with two licenses: a single site one, starting from $17, and a multisite one available for $27 and growing with dimesale.
If you are really searching to improve your subscriber’s rate, “Viral Optins” is the right way to do it. Don’t have doubts, now this is the best you can find!

Secret Social Images – My WSO is Online!

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Secret Social Images


Today I’ve launched my new WSO, Secret Social Traffic. A new system to add clickable icons to all your images, before sharing them on social networks or on your blog.
This new launch change the way you used to watch images! Yes, because just hovering an image with your mouse will let icons appear. And when you click any of the icons, you see text and links.

Any image, if shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and your blog, just to name a few, will magnetically attract loads and loads of new clicks.
Imagine the power of this recent discovery I did! It works so well I decided to share this idea!
You can apply it to a lot of fields, including:

  • Affiliate marketing (WSO, Clickbank, JVZoo and a lot of other networks)
  • Products promotion (Amazon, Ebay, Cool Junction and much more)
  • Websites (selling pages, squeeze pages, content websites and so on)
  • Video sharing (Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and some more)
  • CPA (It works great!)
  • Social Profiles (it will be easy to get followers!)
  • Polls and Survey (what’s best than getting your polls linked to an image?)
  • Jobs (advertise your Fiverr, Odesk, Elance and jobs)
  • And much more!

On the ebook you will find 11 cool projects you can start with this method, and results will come!
In a few weeks from now all the social networks will be filled by these awesome live images!

Come on, grab your copy of Secret Social Traffic and start changing the look of all your images!

No BS List Building Review

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No BS List Building

Today I stumbled upon No BS List Building, a series of case studies on how to build your list really fast.
This product was released by Peter van Zijl and Mark Thompson, two great Warriors.

This course is available on a 23 pages guide and 2 awesome videos. You will find 5 great case studies; 3 plus 2 bonus ones.
Every part is well developed, and you will comprehend how to:

  • Add 400+ subscribers to your list for just $10!
  • Add 4,000 users to your list in 1 day, for free!
  • Add 100+ subscribers a day into your lists!
  • Leverage other people’s hard work to build your list!
  • Build your list fast in any niche you target!

And more you will receive a “Facebook Private Mastermind” for learning and sharing knowledge on the list building topic.
So, if you are searching a good course on how to get a bigger list in just a few days, this is the right choose for you.
The tricks shared are completely new, and they really work if you follow each case study with care.

No BS List Building is really an advanced case study collection on list building. You can get huge advantages by studying and replicating the methods by the two authors!
Go for it, until it costs just less than 10 dollars!

30 Minute Infographics Review

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30 Minute Infographics

30 Minute Infographics“, released by John Banks, show you an awesome method to build spectacular infographics in just a few minutes.
He show how to obtain $55 for each infographics on Fiverr, with just a little tricks, and then helps you to comprehend how an infographic must be made to be successful.
With this video training you will be able to see from realty how to create a brand new infographic from zero.

The contents of this course are amazing, with:

  • A 30 minute video in which the author creates an infographic for you.
  • PDF guide that show you the tips and tricks and how to sell your creations for dollars.
  • A complete Cheatsheet to keep at your disposal in case of doubts.
  • Secret access to over 40,000 royalty free images, to create outstanding projects.

As you can see the author decided to share a big value for just $9, the actual price.
What I found, is that after watching the video and reading the guides, you will be one of the few people able to generate awesome and outstanding infographics to sell!
Or to use as your own to grow traffic just sharing them on your blog, on Pinterest, on some social networks and much more!

Yes, because each infographic will have your logo printed on it, and that’s make free advertising for you!
30 Minute Infographics” is the right product if you were always attracted by infographics, but you have never tried to build one, or you tried but no ideas popped out!

Quality Products Blowout Review

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Quality Product Blowout


My dear friend Aigul Erali decided to give away all her valuable courses in this “Quality Products Blowout” firesale.
She organized a firesale with over 70 products to resell as memberships, for building up a recurring and passive income, as the products are yet ready with courses, videos and more.
The sale comprehend 8 wholesale packages, and each one includes many products, with all what you need to sell them in minutes.

You will get something like:

  • 117,000 PLR Articles (how many sites you can build with them?)
  • Premium WordPress Plugins
  • Awesome video courses
  • Ready to use memberships, with ready contents to deliver automatically!
  • All on site flipping and blog flipping
  • And much, much, much more!

All of this is sold for just $47. Nothing compared to the high quality products you will receive.
You can study on your own to increase your knowledge, or you can just take them all and resell them as-is, or just apply to prepare around 70 membership sites!
Package like these come out once a year, so this is your unique opportunity to get a lot of products for all the year.

Quality Products Blowout” is the right firesale, the best collection of awesome internet marketing products.

Emergency Cash Method 2.0 Review

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Emergency Quick Cash 2.0

Emergency Cash Method 2.0” is a wonderful set of techniques to make fast cash in the moments of need. All the methods are proven and work well.
The methods described are especially about how to build an information marketing and grow your list at the same time.
The concepts explained in the PDF files supplied are fundamental for any internet marketer, and here are some of them:

  • How the information product business really works.
  • How to grow your income to 7 figures just with short reports to sell.
  • The quick and fast methods to find good and quality niches.
  • How to create a brand new report in less than 1 day.
  • How to cash in a lot of money without even building up a website.
  • Two full case studies on reports created and sold by the author.
  • How to setup payment processing in a breeze.
  • The best sequence to follow for your best launch ever.
  • 26 phenomenal free traffic techniques.
  • 9 superb paid traffic methods.
  • And much more!

Checking how many concepts were added to this WSO, you can just imagine the real depth of this training, that comes from the real experience of Vivek Narayan, a famous seller on Warrior Forum.
So change your mindset, study the ebooks provided, and start your business the next day. You will be up and running in just a few days, and once started, this business never stop.

Emergency Cash Method 2.0” is extremely good for newbies, but it’s a powerful tool for experts too, because you can kick away the bad vibrations, and enter a new money making world.
Are you ready to change and get the right way to prosperity? Go for it!

Evil FB Magician Review

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Evil FB Magician

Evil FB Magician is the new Ben Adkins product for helping people to dominate FB Ads.
A special course for anyone in search for cheap and converting traffic, and for who has always struggled with Facebook Ads!
How many times happened to spend hours to create the perfect ad ever, and finishing without the desired visits but with an undesired maxed out credit card?

It’s happened also to me, and to many other people like me and you…
But that happens because that FB Ads are not set up correctly, and there’s a good way to solve all this problems!
My friend Dr. Ben Adkins has figured it out. He used FB ads for more than two years now, so he has
got it down to just 8 simple but awesome steps, really easy to follow!

  1. Researc all your market in minutes.
  2. Learn how to target your ads perfectly, so that they reach just the right people.
  3. Learn to use the newest “Custom Audiences” to discover the people who already is in your niche.
  4. How to make the right bids for your ads, so that you can be sure to save a lot of cash for better things.
  5. Learn how to choose the perfect picture for all the ads.
  6. How to get a lot of clicks with the right words.
  7. When and how to use the “Video Ads” to hit big conversion.
  8. The secret of the “Sponsored Story Voodoo”.

Yes, it’s easy! And your online competition don’t know these awesome steps.
They will continue to miss, like you did in the past. Because now you can get the right knowledge!

And more, with your purchase you will grab 4 awesome bonuses!
You will discover how to reach any famous blogger or celebrity to your page, learn how to use stealthy Facebook Ads to recruit affiliates for your own launches and how to drive traffic to your product sales pages.
But that’s not all! You will discover a special trick to build up passive affiliate income FB Pages!

Grab your copy of Evil FB Magician FB Ads Magic right now! Because the price will go up in the next 7 days!

Chronic Revenue Review

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Chronic Revenue

Chronic Revenue” by Jeff Hampton is an awesome video course on how to legally sell Marijuana for business. Obviously not directly marijuana, but objects and guides directly connected to the topic, and generally to use Marijuana. You don’t have to go away scared, as this business is getting every day even more famous and followed.
Jeff has taken the right moment to release his 5 special modules, that we will see right now…

Module 1 – Organic Traffic
Discover how to get natural traffic and build backlinks with ease, giving more power to your site.
Learn how to record the right type of videos for generating a continuous flow of targeted traffic.

Module 2 – Legal Loophole
Comprehend how it’s possible to advertise marijuana on any advertising network without incurring in ad blocks!
Uncover the way to get 1 cent to 3 cents clicks on Facebook Ads! Aknowledge the best advertising network ever, and discover how to get 1 million banner views for less than $10!

Module 3 – Social Smoke
Learn how to setup a winning FB Fan Page, and check the best author posts that driven the top of the sales!
Create FB posts so beautiful that people will go crazy for sharing your affiliate links!

Module 4 – Chronic List Building
Grab the exact squeeze page able to get an astonishing 83.9% conversion!
Discover why it works so well and why it gets so many subscribers!

Module 5 – Marijuana Monetization
Learn which affiliate programs are to avoid at any cost, and which ones are so good and trustable.
Grab an Excel spreadsheet with over 250 Marijuana products on Amazon, to resell for cash.
Discover the secret PPC network that goes entirely with Marijuana ads!

And get 3 awesome bonuses too with your purchase!
Access a 420+ people Facebook Mastermind group, get live training on demographics, SEO and automation for this spectacular niche, and, last but not least, “Azon Attitude Adjustment”, a never seen before training to be able to sell Amazon products also if you live in a banned state and much much more.

I can just recommend you to buy and follow this feature rich “Chronic Revenue“, because you will be able to dominate this new great slice of market just now that the niche was uncovered in the United States.
Go for it, it’s the best $10 investment you can do!

Pulse Notify Review

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Pulse Notify


Leah Butler-Smith and Jovana Sumar released today their “Pulse Notify” method, consisting on a WordPress plugin connected with a Facebook method.
The system is pretty easy, as the plugin permit to your readers to enter your Facebook list, and to consequently receive your own Facebook Notifications on screen.
An awesome method to get your links clicked, to launch your own news service and much more.

All you need to do is create a Facebook App, and connect your autoresponder to the app, and you’re done.
You are guided through six awesome training videos and three PDF guides.
The software is on an early bird price for the first 24 hours, at $17, and the first OTO is available for $27 and offers a pro version of the software.

I bought it without even thinking because Leah always provides quality softwares and good ideas, and Jovana Sumar added her magic touch.
This is a spectacular launch, don’t lose the opportunity to use the FB notifications like Zynga and many other famous companies are doing.
And more, as bonuses, you will receive a way to use the plugin for normal websites, and high quality trainings by other internet marketers.

Buy your copy of ”Pulse Notify” right now, until the price is so low. Quality and satisfaction are always guaranteed in the price!

Social Media List Builder Review

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Social Media List Building


My dear friend Donville Davis released an awesome package of 4 PLR reports named “Social Media List Builder“, with my interview and some others as bonuses!
The 4 ebooks are:

  • 50 Essential List Building Tips for Facebook
  • 50 Essential List Building Tips for Twitter
  • 50 Essential List Building Tips for Pinterest
  • 50 Essential List Building Tips for LinkedIN

So you get a total of 200 tips on how to build a list via social networks. Building a list on that way help you to stay in contact easily with your subscribers, and you can build a good friendship too.
Two things difficult with the usual autoresponders.
For each report you get PDF and DOC files, full private label rights and a fully customizable cover in PSD format.
More, you can find also 4 awesome bonuses, that are including:

  • Alessandro Zamboni Interview (hey, that’s me!)
  • Mike Thomas Interview
  • Chris Reck Interview
  • 50 Royalty Free MP3 Tracks

And as you can see this is a huge value for the actual dimesale price of just $4.70!
Imagine how many things you can do with the tips… you can sell the ebooks “as-is”, you can post each one on social networks for engaging your readers, you can make a blog post, a video and a lot of other cool things!
Or you can just read each one of the “Social Media List Builder” ebooks for learning how to build a list with social! You decide! Big value here…