How to get first page listings on Google Review

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How To Get First Page Listings On Google

How To Get First Page Listings On Google” is a new video product released by Roy Fielding, a really experienced marketer.
He discovered a way to rank Youtube videos on Google in a maximum time of two hours, incredible if you think we are used days or months to see that results.
On the selling page you can see a video with real examples, just 3 minutes well spent to comprehend the results that this system can generate.

You can count on a total of 4 videos, of which two about the training and two bonuses.
The technique you are going to learn is on how to rank your own YouTube videos in Google organic. Pretty easy!
You are required to use specific long tail keywords for getting a better ranking, but the method is really easy, especially if you compare it with other ones.

I suggest you to try it only if you are good in creating videos. Targeted videos who can be used for anything.
You can sell WSO, Clickbank products, your offline services, online tasks and whatever you want. Really good!
How To Get First Page Listings On Google” has not the best title ever, but at least the method is really fast to apply!

EZ Sales System Mobile Edition Review

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EZ Sales System Mobile Edition

EZ Sales System Mobile Edition” is a wonderful idea for who is trying to sell mobile sites.
That’s why it includes 4 videos with 1 hour of important concepts, a PDF guide and a proven sales letter, ready to be emailed or sent via letter to your prospects and contacts.
This guarantees success to all your mobile marketing campaigns, assured!

You have just to follow a simple three step process:

  • Target the right businesses
  • Send them the ready sales letter
  • Close the sales

This product shows you how to contact the right business, not every one, but just the “prepared to buy” ones. And tell you how to discover these companies.
For the sales letter, it’s pure gold! They got hundreds of sales thanks to it, and that’s can let you imagine the real power of this course.
You have just to put your signature, and you will get tens of replies and calls.

On the sales page you can read many great comments, some of them also to testimony that the ideas and sales letter works well and got them fast sales.
EZ Sales System Mobile Edition” is the perfect companion if you have everything ready but not experience on the field, as the authors of this WSO really provide a lot of help.

Quick Mobile Site Sales Review

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Quick Mobile Site Sales


Black Piranha Group alwasy release cheap and great training. This time they explain how to obtain easy mobile sales with “Quick Mobile Site Sales“.
This course is composed by 3 videos that help you to comprehend the real technique behind these sales, certified also by a real live example.
This training will make you able to learn the process and apply it fast, because taking action you can build a real and scalable offline mobile site business.

The cost of the whole WSO is just $3, but they always provide great WSO for little prices, and that’s a good thing.
Creating new mobile websites from scratch is terribly easy, but what to say about sales? It’s never easy to find new prospects, open a communication and get sales.
At Black Piranha Group they are really experienced, and they will show you how to obtain a sale a week, just to start your business. Then, when you feel comfortable with the system, you can achieve even more, also a site a day.

The price of a good and complete mobile site created on people desire is not cheap. And this method can let you sell mobile sites with ease, incrememnting your revenue.
Quick Mobile Site Sales” is the right training if you like to design mobile sites, but you don’t know how to find new customers!

Social Traffic Trap Review

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Social Traffic Traps


Chris Ramsey has recently released “Social Traffic Trap“, a spectacular video course to learn how to get 7,609 visitors in 48 hours.
As you may comprehend by the title, this WSO is entirely about social network, and to be precise about Facebook pages.
After watching the 27 minutes video, you will comprehend many key factors, including:

  • How to create your FB page, call in thousands of subscribers and let them see your offers.
  • A 100% free tool to add that fans to your page (that’s hot!).
  • How to convince people to click any link they see on fan page.
  • 3 crazy techniques for creating your FB page from scratch.
  • How to completely avoid to spend bootloads of cash on FB Ads.
  • The best 3 CPA offers ever to make profits.
  • How to turn all this traffic in a list.

This is not a difficult to comprehend and apply method, but a simple technique to create and monetize your own Facebook Fan Pages in literally no time.
It has nothing to do with paid traffic, backlinks, search engine optimization and things like this.
Chris Ramsey’s “Social Traffic Trap” is cool and works very well if you take care to follow his steps one after another. They will drive you to success!

Newspaper Site Flipping Review

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Newspaper Site Flipping


Newspaper Site Flipping” is what I call a brilliant method to get easy money from site flipping. Site flipping means to resell websites for cash, and it’s what you will do through Flippa, the best source ever to resell blogs and sites.
The method itself is new and never seen before, and you have an important guarantee… it wasn’t used by a lot of people, so you have all the ways to produce a real income from this technique.

The funny thing is that the websites you are going to build up and sell have:

  • No traffic
  • No revenue
  • No ranking for any keyword

So your first question will be: “Who will ever buy garbage like this?”. And there is a clear answer. People are constantly in research of ready service websites, and these “news site” are something unique they will feel the desire to manage.
Nothing more simple. And this exceptional guide shows you:

  • How to build that type of websites
  • How to list it on Flippa
  • How to make huge money from every transaction

Nothing can be more easy, with 1 video, 1 mindmap and some notes at your disposal.
Newspaper Site Flipping” is one of the few WSO that permits you to have a constant income. Go for it!

Mobile Profit Genius Review

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Mobile Profit Genius


We have seen everything about mobile marketing, but nothing about the hidden ways to earn with mobile! And “Mobile Profit Genius” uncovers all these new ways!
In fact this awesome course talks about four great and profitable ways to earn with mobile marketing only.
They are:

  • Mobile CPA
  • Pay Per Install
  • Pay Per Call
  • Mobile List Building

The author is working with these methods since 2010, and since the first months he started to make profits from these campaigns. And he explains you the keys for becoming aknowledged about all these ways to make money.
“Mobile CPA” section explains how to make money with CPA, but on mobile platforms, while “Pay Per Install” shows you how to earn an income just letting user to install new apps on the phone.
“Pay Per Call” part talks you about managing the perfect campaigns to run for lifetime, so that profits never stop. And, last but not least, “Mobile List Building” lets you know how to build a list in any niche you desire only with mobile.
Awesome, isn’t it?

Mobile Profit Genius” is the right course to follow if you are attracted by mobile marketing by one side, and you want to work for sure profits on the second. This is innovative!


The Offline Players With Money System Review

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The Offline Players With Money System

Today I decided to review “The Offline Players With Money System“, because it’s an interesting guide released by Doberman Dan.
This ebook, as well as the bonuses that we will see later, is based on the methods of Gary Halbert, absolutely the most experienced copywriter ever existed.

The methods are about offline marketing, and they are sensational, without any doubt. Based on a proven and tested plan, they permit you to create a 5-Figure income in the next 2 months. Sensational claim!
After just five months, author sales went from a low $1,500 per month to an outstanding $89,181.05 per month.
Continue to get new ideas, stop any writer’s block, apply money attraction systems and so on. You will learn a lot!

The bonuses include a special live webinar with Doberman Dan, Gary Halbert secrets and a quick start audio to start without any hesitation.
If you consider the tens of awesome customer feedbacks, you can see that this method not only works, but really rocks!
And more you have the usual 100% money back guarantee by the author, in case you think the methods explained are not the best for you…

But losing this “The Offline Players With Money System” can be your biggest error not just of 2013, but of all your life!

Chrome Cheese Review

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Chrome Cheese


Chrome Cheese is a new brilliant WSO that explains how to launch and brand your own Google Chrome app, and how to get fast signups via the included WP plugin.
An awesome technique that fastly became a WSO Of The Day, just because there’s no way to miss. You have just to follow the steps, creating your Google Chrome app and branding it with your icon and colorful design.

What I liked more is you get all what you need to start this business on your own, including video training, branding software and an exclusive WordPress plugin to advertise your new application.
The process is simple: you create the application with your blog updates, and when a visitor comes to your blog, he receive the advice to install your Google Chrome web app, and with just 1 mouse click he will receive all your future updates directly in Google Chrome. Easy, right? I assure it’s even more simple than what you think!

This WSO has no OTO or Upsells, and you can see examples. Just open Google Chrome browser, open http:/ and check the WordPress plugin in action. Cool!
This Chrome Cheese gives you a new possibility to get returning visitors with ease. It’s great and cheap, but you must be fast, as the author will keep the $9 price just for 2 days!

Backlink Apocalypse 2013 Review

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Backlinks Apocalypse 2013


Backlink Apocalypse 2013” is a superb training on how to get more backlinks to your websites and blogs, and to all the online resources in general.
Yes, just because backlinking value has changed in last year, thanks to the Google Panda and Penguin updates.
But it’s yet important for other things, including traffic.

So, on Warrior Forum, I’ve found this awesome training that inform you on 10 excellent and secret methods to let your traffic explode, to go up on Google and to beat all your competitors.
Easy, as the training includes a lot of good things, including:

  • A top list with 10 witehat ways to link back to your website.
  • How to rank your site in record time.
  • Real examples of more than 60 resources with page rank from PR4 to PR8.
  • How to drive real and targeted traffic from these resources to your websites.
  • All what you need to know on backlinks to do a clean job to the eyes of Google

Getting to the first page of Google will be really a matter of hours or days, as the systems and backlinks you will find have a lot of value for every search engines.
Backlink Apocalypse 2013” is the right training if you didn’t ever considered on doing backlinking on your own, for yourself or for selling that service.

Amazon Junkies Review

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Amazon Junkies


Derek Dawson released “Amazon Junkies“, a brilliant method to make cash from the category of Hobbies by Amazon.
The method itself is really easy but great, as he build a complete list starting from the sub-categories of hobby.
Try to think on how many hobbies people are involved: gardening, cooking, knitting, scrapbooking, rc cars and so on…

Through free traffic, you will be able to use the lists you build for making hot cash easily, and you will be able to reach and pass the $3,000 a month claimed by the author.
People involved in hobby spend lots of money to follow their passion, and they are happy whenever they are able to improve their collection or learn new methods. Also I have some businesses, for example I collect items coming from Japan and Buddha statues.

All you have to do is send them direct offers from Amazon, and pile up the cash from their purchases. It’s a free service you offer them, and thanks to the adviced free traffic techniques, you can ge a lot of cash for taking care of a simple list.
Amazon Junkies” is the right product to start making your dime with Amazon Associates. Go for it, as it deserves your attention!