Twitter Telesummit Review

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Twitter Telesummit

Twitter Telesummit” is not the usual cheap product you find on this blog, but a majestic training on how to use Twitter like a pro.
In fact you can count on 15 Twitter guru interviews, including Bob Jenkins, Joel Comm, Dan Hollings, Warren Whitlock, Carrie Wilkerson, Kenneth Yu and many other great names on marketing!

The things you can learn are awesome and impossible to be found elsewhere, and the marketers interviewed are doing a lot of cash from Twitter.
You will discover:

  • How to build a followers list easy and fastly!
  • Get a lot of visitors to your websites, in literally no time!
  • How to get a big list of users, in any niche!
  • How to connect with your marketing partners, wherever they are!
  • How to drive huge sales for your services and products!
  • Which Twitter tools use and which avoid!
  • How to insert Twitter in your daily social marketing strategy!
  • How to automatically post your Tweets into Facebook and the other social networks!
  • How to connect with Tweeple (people) on your area! Great for offline marketing!

As you can see you will learn a lot of things, but I wanted to hide the best one for you, as you will really learn a lot of advanced techniques to really get Twitter to work, automatically.
You will comprehend how to transform a series of 140 characters tweets in a rock and roll business, each and every day!

Twitter Telesummit” is costly, but you must think about it. It really deserves your attention, because it works!

Dynamite Clickbank Profits Review

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Dynamite Clickbank Profits

Derek Pankaew released “Dynamite Clickbank Profits” just a few days ago. This is a different technique to make cash with Clickbank, from a different angle we never thought about.
What attracted me to this technique is that the author posted some screenshots of the earnings coming from CB, and there are a lot of positive reviews by buyers, a thing to never underestimate.

As many other people confirmed, this product acts on a different Clickbank angle, not the usual affiliate area you’re used to use.
And another good point in favor of this product is that it doesn’t require a list, search engine optimization and nether Pay Per Click. Good!
It builds up a recurring income not only for present but also for future.

The ebook guides you from start to the end, and it’s good for advanced users not because it’s difficult, but because it destroys all he usual clichč about Clickbank!
At the end of the ebook you will find also some additional ideas, and during the process you are suggested the best free services to achieve your results.
Derek Pankaew is a professional, and I recommend you to follow this guide entirely, and put it to work. You will see results you have never expected.

I recommend you to add this “Dynamite Clickbank Profits” to your digital bookshelf right now!

Free The Boss Review

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Free The Boss


Bill Guthrie and Jason Keith released today the “Free The Boss” tool on, a software to find the right freelancers for your jobs.
This is a great solution to stop the usual chaos in researching new freelancers (or virtual workers, as they call them).

You know that outsourcing can save you time, scale up your business and so on, but I’m sure that, as me, you found difficults in getting the right person to work for you.
Expectations are always high, but the effective quality of the freelancer is not guaranteed until you try! Isn’t it?
This tool offers you the right virtual workers able to complete all your jobs giving you more time for your hobbies and family, and more profits by the other side, because you can work on something different.

For example, every day I spend 1 hour and half writing these blog articles, the newsletters and posting everything on social. Crazy!
Now I’ve a good way to stop everything I do, explain that to my freelancer, and let him complete my  daily business tasks. Wonderful idea!

That’s why I strongly suggest to try this “Free The Boss” tool as soon as you can. Because it’s pure magic at your fingertips, and price is going up without a pause!


Amazon Video Profits – Camping Tents

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Amazon Video Profits Camping Tents


Jeffrey Pettit released a new package, the “Amazon Video Profits Camping Tents“.
Every package made from this author is a big deal for the low price it’s sold for, and for the huge selection of items.
In fact for just $6.95 you receive all of this:

  • A series of 10 video review of the most converting camping tents on Amazon.
  • 10 articles to be associated with reviews.
  • 50 top keywords based on this niche.
  • Custom designed websites.
  • Banner, buy button and PSD theme files.
  • Camtasia source files to add your touch to any video.
  • 6 bonus PLR ebooks, with additional PLR articles.
  • Bonus training videos.

As you can see there is a lot of stuff on this Amazon review videos package. And Jeffrey always put a lot of study and attention on all his releases, to assure the most converting, reviewed and sold products on Amazon network.
This is what I call a turnkey package, this time offered with huge bonuses. Think about how many things you could make with it!
You can launch a new site, or a blog, or simply open a Squidoo or a Hubspot page with the contents and the videos, and sales will come!

Amazon Video Profits Camping Tents” is the new niche to target for doing sales, on every month of the year, as camping people go all over the world!

Web Tricks Volume 1 Review

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Web Tricks Volume 1


Web Tricks Volume 1” is a brilliant new ebook composed by 7 high quality tricks, able to really help you in saving a lot time and much more!
The base tricks, obviously without explanation, are shown by the author directly on selling thread:

  • How to create an Adsense affiliate program
  • Expiring images and links
  • Invisible visible text
  • Automatic date changer
  • How to block Google
  • Eat and run
  • Cookie stuffing (places to do it safely)

As you can see from the titles, things start to be interesting, right? But there’s more to be uncovered!

For example, I liked so much the method to let your images and links expire on a set date. Thing about your Christmas and New Year wishes, left on your blog until Easter. That’s awful!
With one of the tips, you will learn how to let them disappear on the desired date, so that your blog stays up to date!
Or again, how many times your download page hidden by robots.txt was shown on Google? It happened to me, but thanks to another tip, there’s no more problems! Google will never discover your download page. So no more free downloads for your paid product!

There’s also a brilliant technique to use cookie stuffing on the websites where it is allowed. You know that this is forbidden, but not by all! And the author asked to each admin, and has a great list! Easy money with this technique!
For the price it’s sold, this “Web Tricks Volume 1” is huge, and it must be present in any internet marketer collection, as it save times, helps you to enhance SEO, earn much more and so on!

Ecommerce Mastery Review

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Ecommerce Mastery

Ecommerce Mastery is the new release by Sam England that talks about dropshipping, the art of selling third part company products without having them.
On this way you have no expenses at all, but you can count on thousands of top quality products. You get the price of anything, and you can add the sum you want to any price.
When the product is sold, you keep your part and send the other money directly to the company, that will ship the product(s) for you, with your name on the box. Awesome, isn’t it?

This package includes all what you need to become an expert without making mistakes:

  • A 40 page guide on dropshipping, filled with a lot of tips I didn’t knew.
  • 5 superb videos that let you follow the whole process without any effort.
  • A smart ebook on how to create your first ecommerce website via WordPress.
  • A set of incredible bonuses, about SaleHoo, dropshipping and much much more!

This is one of the most complete package on market about dropshipping and the art of selling.
Buying it, you can achieve a superior knowledge on this topic, and start from an advanced point, making fast profits (and no errors at all!).If you never tried dropshipping, or you tried without good results, Ecommerce Mastery is the product for you!

50 or 370 Royalty Free Music Tracks?

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50 Royalty Free Music Tracks


Don Davis is selling an awesome collection of 50 royalty free music tracks for $5.00, or 370 tracks for $19.99.
These collections are awesome, because the tracks can be used for a lot of productions!
Here is just a smart list of what you can do:

  • Youtube soundtracks
  • Podcast background music
  • Commercial Ads
  • Presentations
  • Games and Mobile apps
  • Website sound
  • Flash contents
  • Writing new songs
  • Movie background music
  • Interviews background music
  • And much much more!

Music adds a touch of beauty to all your productions, and invite visitors to buy more, or to follow your videos and podcasts till the end. This is true and well known in the world of cinema and tv production.
Duration range of any music track is between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, and each one can be lopped with ease for the length of your event.
The audio files are of any music, to get the perfect style with ease.

If you are not good to produce anything that needs a music boost, this collection can be sold to other people, as you get resale rights!
Imagine how many person can grab them for any price you want. Music tracks are difficult to find, and the rights are always difficult to comprehend, as you may have to put author’s name and things like these, risking so much in case of errors.
This package instead is yours. You can sell them as your music. It’s magic!

You can choose to get 50 royalty free music tracks or 320 royalty free music tracks, you decide!

Blacklist Ultimatum Review

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Blacklist Ultimatum


Blacklist Ultimatum” is without any doubt the best WSO for the whole 2013. I’m ready to convince you!
This product is in fact one of the most complete on market, as it has training and support at the best level possible.
Discover what this $7.97 course includes:

  • An entire walkthorugh on PDF file.
  • Lifetime business model to learn and repeat.
  • Complete video series to help you comprehend the concepts.
  • Ready to use email templates, just to send as your ones.
  • Live example business template.
  • Exclusive Skype group access to be helped and to exchange your thoughts.
  • The authors support on installing this business by your side, if you are too engaged to do it alone.
  • Learn how to save big time by outsourcing this job.
  • Get 30 WordPress themes for free.
  • An invitation to an exclusive Joint Venture group.
  • And much much more!

As you can see this is an incredible course, sold for the price of a couple of beer bottles. It’s simply the best training ever, built on a superb business to run on your own on every country of the world.This business is 100% newbie proof, has no One Time Offers to buy at every cost and just ask for a domain name and hosting. Nothing else!
If you are ready to start making profits, seriously high earnings, this “Blacklist Ultimatum” is just what you deserve!

Dash Diet Dynamite PLR Review

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Dash Diet Dynamite


Dash Diet Dynamite” is one of the few PLR products that has all what you ever need for promote and selling it without too much efforts.
What you get in the package it’s absolutely incredible:

  • Ebook with 5,000 words (for a total of 35 pages).
  • An incredible sales letter with images and convincing text.
  • A proven minisite to use for list building purposes.
  • 5 colorful banners
  • PSD files of everything in the package
  • Print quality certificates (for Master Resale Rights and Resale Rights)

And you get also some cool bonuses too, including a “How to use PLR video series” and an easy to use “Ecover Photoshop Action Script”, ready to be installed and used to produce cool new ecovers!
It’s easy to create PLR rights, but how many you bought with missing parts and leaving you a sense of lack? How many time you got just the PLR document and no graphics, no ready sales page and minisite?
Many times! Too many times!

This PLR package is an absolute success, as the author thought at any possible thing, giving you all the basic and advanced items to launch a brand new website with a complete product on dieting.
Dash Diet Dynamite” is the right choice if you want to try the weight loss niche with the best product ever!

WordPress YT Fusion Review

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Wordpress YT Fusion


Chris Ramsey, after some time it wasn’t present on Warrior Forum, recently launched a series of great WSO. “WordPress YT Fusion” is just one of them, a superb plugin we will discover in a bit.Simple to install and more easy to use, this plugin can be used directly from WordPress dashboard. The actions to do are the following:

  • Insert a keyword.
  • Get the list of the best Youtube videos.
  • Select your ones (how many you want).
  • Click “Create posts” and each video will become a post.

Easy! But there’s more! Much more!
In fact each video can bring your advertisements, including banners, Adsense ads, CPA ads and text ads.
You can advertise your favorite Clickbank course, other websites you have, and all what you have in mind.

This method is new, and never seen before. It’s great because people to watch ads will desire to remove the banner, so they will click them.
Or you can set them to disappear after a few seconds. The good thing is that the banners seem the real Youtube advertising, but isn’t it!
That’s why this odd plugin rocks!

WordPress YT Fusion” is the plugin that opens a new era of advertising. Grab it soon, or continue with your old and outdated methods!