Simple Product Creation Review

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Simple Product Creation


If you never created and launched your own product, “Simple Product Creation” is the course for you.
In just 9 videos, it shows you the keys for becoming a professional product creator, with reports, ebooks, audio and video courses.
Each video is well developed, and they show you:

  • Video 1 – Choose your niche or sub-niche
  • Video 2 – Make your research
  • Video 3 – Outline your own product
  • Video 4 – Decide on the best format
  • Video 5 – Create your product from zero
  • Video 6 – Create the sales letter
  • Video 7 – Upload products
  • Video 8 – Create the download page for your customers
  • Video 9 – Capture the email addresses and build your buyer’s list

The author explains his way to build a typical $7 product, something easy and not time consuming.
If you become able to build up these products on weekly basis, your income can grow within the list of products you publish.
It’s not a difficult task, as you will be guided through every step of how to find an idea, how to jot it down the right way, and how to sell it for cash.

For just less than $7.00, right now as it is a dimesale, you can get a good product and start your product launch career.”Simple Product Creation” is your easy to follow course to become an expert in ebooks/video course development!


The Profit Funnel Review

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The Profit Funnel

The Profit Funnel” is the new launch by Alex Jeffreys, one of the most experienced and relevant internet marketers, well known for the quality of his products.
This is a video training about a system able to generate, from the words of the author, over $73,000 in 1 month. Incredible, right?
The WSO itself has many earnings proof on the selling page, always a good thing, as you can see how the author can earn with that idea.

What Alex explains is different from any other course on the web, as this strongly reflects his own daily experience. In fact the same course you are going to purchase for $9.95 was sold jus a fe wmonths ago as a $4,995 coaching by Alex Jeffreys. What you will learn is incredible, and includes:

  • How to modify your business to follow the daily changes of the markets.
  • How to profit with every internet business (not only IM).
  • Why is better to create your personal products, always.
  • How to grow your presence also if people don’t know your name, your history and your way to go.
  • The way to get a 1,000 buyer’s list in less than 30 days.
  • 5 secret ways to make your business go on autopilot.
  • How to live and move to anywhere in the world enjoying your financial freedom.
  • And much much much more!

This product is great for newbies, for experts and for each one in the middle. It is done from the heart of the author, and it really rocks!
The Profit Funnel“is a highest quality coaching sold for pennies! Grab it now before author closes the sales!

PLR Video Smackdown V2 Review

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PLR Video Smackdown V2


Peter Beattie, also known as Skorpion on Warrior Forum, released “PLR Video Smackdown V2“, an exclusive collection of 5 offline marketing videos.
Each one is available for you in 2 languages: US English and UK English. The niche included are:

  • Hair Salon
  • Lawyer
  • Pizza Restaurants
  • Plumbers
  • Real Estates / Estate Agents

If you desire, you can also buy the 25 video version, that includes the 5 videos with 5 different colors each. A good offer to get videos adapted to your website color.These videos are great to be uploaded on Youtube, Vimeo or any other video network. More, you can use them for squeeze pages or websites.
They are great for getting new customers in search of offline marketing services.

For the price they are offered, now $9 for 5 videos, and $11.95 for 5 x 5 colors versions, they are really cheap. They were accurately developed by a team of experts just to give you great results.
They are recorded in HD (High Definition), and you receive PLR rights (so you can resell them or just use as your own).Each video could be customized, also, thanks to editable files for Microsoft Powerpoint, Keynote and Open Office.

A big value, ready for your business. “PLR Video Smackdown V2” is the right set of videos to start offline marketing like you never did. THey are magnets for success and customers!

Offline Leecher Method Review

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Offline Leecher Method


Zesh, a famous offline marketing author, has recently released his first $1 WSO, named “Offline Leecher Method“.
It is a superb method, that doesn’t require cold calling or money investment, two things that I hate 🙂
A 18 pages ebook guides you to get new customers in search of offline marketing services, all through Yahoo Answers. This is a little sneak a peak info I got from reading the ebook.

The whole method is supported by tens of screenshots, that keeps things easy.
It’s really fast to find people in need of a service, and he shows some real examples, in which he got $47 without lifting a finger.
In fact in many ways you can use outsourcing, or do it by yourself if you have the knowledge.

It’s an incredible system if you think you are going to pay it just 1 dollar!
And it works, as the most important thing ever!
This absolutely one of the best offline marketing WSOs I every bought, if you consider you can start just after reading the pages of this guide.
It’s fast to learn, and fast to put inti play.

Zesh is one of my favorite Warriors ever, because he provides full quality for low price. But this time he did a big deal.
Grab your copy of “Offline Leecher Method” right now, before the author put the right price!

Affiliate Basics PLR Videos Review

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Affiliate Basics PLR Videos


Affiliate Basics PLR Videos” is a new collection of 7 video trainings on affiliate marketing, sold with private label rights.
So you can use them for learning something more, and to make cash reselling them in the way you like, or simply using the articles for creating something new.
And for just $7.00, this is a big deal to take fast.

The topics of the 7 videos, that have a length of around 30 minutes, are:

  1. Why is affiliate marketing great for beginners?
  2. How to make life changing money as an affiliate
  3. Make sure you only work with the best affiliate networks
  4. How to be a well rounded affiliate marketer
  5. The formula to reviewing products
  6. Getting started with your own website
  7. Basic search engine optimization for blogs

As you may see, there is much value and training available.
Just as I said, you can use the videos in a lot of ways, including:

  • Building a new course to sell.
  • Uploading them on Youtube for generating traffic.
  • Transcribe them as interviews to be sold together.
  • Build a brand new website or blog with videos.
  • Use them as additional bonuses.
  • Build up a list giving them away for free.
  • And much more!

Affiliate Basics PLR Videos” is the right offer if you like to use PLR products. A lot of value for $7, easy to market the way you want!

Shoe In Money Review

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Shoe In Money


Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker and Peng Joon, two of the most famous internet marketers, have released “Shoe In Money“, a brand new and explosive course.
I never promote Clickbank launches oftenly, but this really deserves all your attention, because it really rocks.
This course includes 43 lessons in 7 different modules, a fantastic 30 days action plan and some bonuses. If you get also the One Time Offers, you can count on a lot of PLR products and a special video course for list building.

Everything comes from the huge experience by the two authors. And consider I always buy the products by Peng Joon without even reading the sales letter…
Said that, this awesome course gives you the keys to make a real affiliate income, but at the same time gives you a lot of information about everything you need, including traffic, social media, list building and a lot of other concepts.
If you check the real screenshots on sale spage, you will comprehend how many money Mr. Schoemaker and Mr. Joon made, and they are real.

I bought this course without even thinking about the pros and cons, because I know the quality of their products, and at the same time I’m sure I will learn a lot of things also if I’m on IM by more than 5 years.
You can be sure to get the best value you can, especially nowadays that we are sold bullshit by all the sides of the web. This really works. You have to study but you are sure that money will come, and pretty fast!

Shoe In Money” is a dream came true for many marketers, me included! Grab your copy, before too late!

Amazon Video Profits Sewing Machines Review

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Amazon Video Profits: Sewing Machines


Jeffrey Pettit released “Amazon Video Profits Sewing Machines” a few days ago. It’s a complete video review package for promoting sewing machines. This package contains a lot of stuff to make your promotional efforts more easy.
The contents are:

  • 10 videos with a length between 90 and 120 seconds.
  • 10 blog posts about the same sewing machines reviewed in videos.
  • A complete website template to launch the perfect review website (with PSD files).
  • 50 keywords well researched for you.
  • Banners, buy now buttons and testimonial box.
  • Camtasia source files to edit your videos the way you want.
  • An easy product list to easily get and configure your affiliate links.

As you can see this is an awesome package, and the cost is less than what you’re thinking. Just around the $7 tag right now, but this is a dimesale, so price is going up without a pause.
Jeffrey Pettit is a guarantee in the video reviews field, as he always provides top quality reviews on the perfect products to promote, ready with a lot of reviews and good sales stats.

I personally use these packages to create blogs to configure and flip for cash over Flippa, but you can choose other different ways.
For example you can build up a website with reviews to make cash via Amazon Associates, or make cash with video marketing, simply uploading the videos to Youtube and Vimeo with the direct link to Amazon’ selling page.
You decide!

Amazon Video Profits Sewing Machines” is definitely a product worth at least ten times the price are you paying. Sewing machines are the best ideas for targeting women. Go for it!

WP Mobile Theme Machine 2.0 Review

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WP Mobile Theme Machine 2.0


Mark Sandquist did it again. He launched the 2.0 version of WP Mobile Theme Machine, a great tool to create mobile themes in minutes. And without any coding.
A lot of local business owners are asking for websites they can edit on their own, adding and removing contents, images and special offers.
Well, this special software requires mere minutes to create brand new mobile themes to upload via WordPress.

Something special, that shop and company owners can use easily, updating the website anytime they desire.
In this special package, very cheap, you receive:

  • Child proof Windows software to create themes
  • Custom niche header graphics
  • 3 video tutorials to use the software, to use and FTP
  • Resource file with download links
  • Ready redirect scripts for redirecting visitors to mobile site automatically
  • Easy swipe files to create all the mobile site pages in seconds

As you can see there is much value in this software, and it gives a huge advantage over your competitors.
And if you purchase WP Mobile Theme Machine 2.0 right now, you get also the developer version included in this little price.
Check how many positive comments are yet available on Warrior Forum, and ensure a copy of this valuable software, right now!

Publisher Review Accelerator

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Publisher Review Accelerator


Publisher Review Accelerator is the new idea from Deborah and Amy Harrop, two women that love Kindle and created a lot of methods to get publishing more easy.
This tool is an application that runs on Windows and Mac, for a full compatibility. But what this app does? It get reviews for your own launches on Kindle! And more!

Seems incredible, but it’s true! Within the ready swipe files you receive, it will be easy to contact important and well know professional able to review your ebook (or also your articles and texts in general).
This too is what was missing in a so important area like ebook publishing. Considering that many people buy ebooks only if they read reviews, this really rocks!
It will increase your exposure, your fan base and your book sales!

Sure, you can always leave comments on forums, ask to your family members and go to Facebook groups to ask for reviews, but you will never get back anything, guaranteed.
This is really able to change your way to publish ebooks, and will give you a great advantage over your competitors that have no idea on how to get so many reviews in a few hours since the launch.
And forget KDP, the Amazon program to give away your ebook free, hoping for reviews! There’s no more need of that tool!

Publisher Review Accelerator is really the key for success, and it is to buy fast!

PinterMunch Crash Course Review

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PinterMunch Crash Course

PinterMunch Crash Course” is the new release by Amilie Larson. It’s a method to connect Pinterest with Amazon Associates to earn more affiliate commissions.
You know that traffic is the real key for success, and having no visitors coming to your affiliate offers means no sales and no cash. This is the bad truth.

PinterMunch WSO instead let you comprehend how to combine three methods to bring a constant flux of people to your website, through the use of Pinterest, Amazon and a WordPress blog.
The system is easy, doable and fast to apply, and you receive all the resources you need, including software and tools to make things better.
This is a 49 pages ebook, supplied with an awesome collection of 80 tips for Pinterest as bonus ebook.

After reading it, also I that I’m totally crazy about Pinterest I learned a lot of new things I never heard, about the account setup for business, about how to automate the Pinterest posts and how to use Amazon images without legal problems, just to name a few hot ideas. This ebook really deserves a reading!
Pinterest is the most active social network of the world wide web, and if you join the power of Amazon Associates you can get the best weapon to generate a lot of affiliate commission in literally no time!

That’s why you must grab a copy of “PinterMunch Crash Course” right now, before the price goes too much up!