Auto Pinterest Marketer Review

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Auto Pinterest Marketer


Auto Pinterest Marketer” is online by at least 7 months, but its actually the greatest tool to aumate your Pinterest marketing efforts.
Simple to install, it can be run while you sleep or while you’re doing other tasks. It’s magic!
This software can do multiple task easier, including:

  • Search and find keyword targeted images, ready to be shared on Pinterest (with your description and url).
  • Search keyword targeted posts done previously by other registered members and repins them to your account with your text and urls.
  • Follow thousands of niche specified users from Pinterest.s
  • Automatically adds comments to keyword targeted pins.
  • Automatically likes an unlimited amount of boards and pinners.

But apart the huge value of the software, able to sell more than 1,000 copies, you will get unlimited advantages from this WSO.
In fact you are given a video training that explains the great things the software can do on its own, and a unlimited lifetime membership access to an area where you can download software updates, optional upgrades, free bonuses, troubleshoots, instructions and news.

Last but not least, you will receive a quick start guide and a bonus ebook “Pinterest for your Business”, good to be aknowledged about this great image driven social network.
This WSO will close in only a few days, and this is the right software that gives power to your Pinterest images. This price, of $19.95, is up for only a few days.

Auto Pinterest Marketer” is unmissable for this low price, grab it fast or wait months or years for another software like that!

WP Security Plus Review

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WP Security Plus

WP Security Plus” is a new plugin to more security to your actual WordPress blogs. It’s also really easy to install and manage.
In fact you don’t have to study big manuals, trainings, tutorials and whatsoever. All you have to do is install this plugin as you usually do with any other.

This plugin have many functions to secure your blog, and it will be difficult and pretty impossible for hackers to enter in your blog.
So they will pass to the following one, leaving yours safe.
The real power of this plugin stays in the number of functions. In fact it prevents:

  • URL Injection
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks
  • Brute Force Attacks

And it protects:

  • Weak passwords
  • Auto logout
  • Sensitive configuration files

And it sends you email alerts whenever something happens, so that you can act on time to keep your blog secured from inappropriate access.
If you want to know more of what it does, here is the complete list of plugin functionalities:

  • Security against brute force attacks by tracking IP, name and password
  • Requires very strong passwords
  • Idle timeout
  • Maintenance mode lockdown
  • Blocks blacklisted methods
  • Checks malicious user agent
  • Detect directory traversal
  • Checks Basic DoS Attacks
  • Checks Basic Direct File Inclusion
  • Checks Basic Remote File Inclusion
  • Checks Basic Javascript Injection
  • Checks Basic Database SQL Injection
  • Prevent Bad Query Strings
  • Prevent Long URL’s
  • Hides WP Version Information
  • Locks Down .htaccess and WPconfig.php files
  • Hides update notifications from non admin users
  • Prevents Author Enumeration
  • Prevents Plugin Enumeration
  • Removes files commonly used by Hackers to gain information about your wordpress version
  • Adds Index.php file to specific directories to prevent directory Browsing

As you can see is like having an hacker who defends you from all the possible attacks.
The attacking hacker will go away fast as soon as he came! Guaranteed!
You can sleep well knowing you have “WP Security Plus” installed. Automated WordPress defense at your service!

Magic Membership Goldmine Review

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Magic Membership Goldmine


Magic Membership Goldmine is a new course on how to create winning membership websites with ease and a secret tweak by the author allows you to make a winning membership and collect earnings on daily basis on complete autopilot.
This guide is great, and includes many fundamental topics on how to manage a site for members:

  • Integrate this product within your existing membership.
  • Get members to create fresh contents for you.
  • Run your sit eon autopilot.
  • A plan to set your website and forget it.
  • Keep highest retention rates. Never let a member unsubscribe!
  • Work without a website.
  • Build a loyal customer’s base.
  • Build a really targeted list with zero efforts.
  • Build your membership site once, and profit for life.
  • Set up low maintenance sites.

As you can see there are a lot of topics, well researched and argumented. This guide is really well developed, and reading just a few pages you will comprehend how much work the author, Rick Hodge, put into it.
If you try to develop a membership website without the right knowledges, you will finish to burn your cash and get no profits at all.
For this reason my suggestion is to buy this ebook, very cheap, and read it all until you get experienced on this topic.

Magic Membership Goldmine is the non plus ultra if you are searching for the right membership development training!

Accurank Tracker Review

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Jon Leger is one of the best software producer. After “The Best Spinner” success, today he released “Accurank Tracker“, a software to check the rankings of your websites.
This awesome tool saves you a lot of time as well as efforts doing a hard job: it checks the rankings of all your websites with a mouse click.
And you can be sure that the values delivered are true to reality, as it uses a proprietary system to avoid to change positions unnaturally.

Here you can see how this software works. You will be amazed by ease of use and results obtained!

The positive things of AccurankTracker are the following:

  • It allows you to list unlimited websites and internal urls.
  • Every website can be checked for unlimited keywords.
  • You have the guarantee to a perfect accuracy in researches.

All of this is difficult to be offered for a so low prices, who includes unlimited application updates with no recurring fees.
If you think how much you can do with this software, you will be amazed! Apart checking the rank of your urls, you can also sell a rank checking service via Fiverr, to fastly recor purchase expense.
Or once more, add this service for a bigger price, giving weekly updates to your customers, as a real SEO service.

Accurank Tracker” is offered for a low starting price who will grow for sure if you wait too much. All of us see how Jon Leger products prices levitate after a few days from launch!

Restaurant Reputation Marketing Kit Review

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Restaurant Reputation Management

Restaurant Reputation Marketing Kit is a WSO created by James B. Allen.
It is a great solution for adding a new task to your offline marketing jobs.
Restaurants are starving to get good reviews, and they are in real competition on the online side right now, to get more clients.
And it’s easy for them to get bad review or awful comments, by competitors and angry customers.

And here you come into play. This is a market in constant need of this service, so wherewere you live there is a huge opportunity of work.
This product includes a lot of key concepts and many ready marketing materials to advertise your new job.
Apart the topics to get a restaurant marketer ready, the WSO offers you also:

  • Brandable lead generating whitepaper to distribute free
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Viral Infographic
  • 2 guides to work faster and better

The price is low, below the $10 limit. This makes the product affordable and cool.
A complete toolkit to act fast and position yourself as a guru of reputation management for restaurants.
Every file comes in a ready to edit format, to adjust it or change it following your preferences.

Imagine how much you can do with a top package like this.
You can really dominate restaurant reputation management as much as you can, or doing live events, courses or what you want to do.
Restaurant Reputation Marketing Kitis a product to buy at every cost!


PinBoardZon WP Theme Review

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PinBoardZon WP Theme


Yesterday I bought this awesome PinBoardZon WP Theme, a Pinterest clone that allows you to sell Amazon Associates products. Here is my review.
This WordPress theme is easy to install, and configuration is doable in 5 to 10 minutes, thanks to the online help who follows you with a step by step.
There are infinite ways to adjust the colors, and importing Amazon products is really fast.

This theme supports the automatic Amazon importers, like:

  • WP Robot
  • Associate Goliath
  • WP Zon Builder
  • WP AmaNiche
  • ReviewAzon
  • ZonGrabbing
  • And even more auto plugins

Obviously it supports also manual method, so that you can write the details of products and insert the right images by hand, also if it’s time consuming!PinBoardZon has a solid and visual look, and the products listed appear well listed, with right size images, descriptions and comments imported automatically from Amazon marketplace.
The WP Theme is offered in personal license, for around $10, while developer’s license is available for around $15 as one time offer upgrade after purchase.

If you want to check a blog with this theme, yesterday I created one. Here is Designer Boots Sales, where I sell boots for men, women and kids.
As you can see the blog is wonderful and professional at the same time, and if you try to click on a product, you will have the possibility to share it, or buy it via Amazon.

PinBoardZon WP Theme is a wonderful opportunity for who likes to create this blogs, earn an income or simply resell them to third person via Flippa!

Google Crystal Ball Review

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Google Crystal Ball

Google Crystal Ball is a new idea by Veit Schenk, a great internet marketer.
This is a WordPress plugin to reasearch keywords easily.
In fact you are not required to search keywords by value, going crazy about all the different variations.

This is a way more easy!
You just need to check how many green and red points has a keyword to easily comprehend if you can use it or no.
It’s easy to install, and after that you will never require Market Samurai, Google Adwords Keyword Tool or every costly keyword tool on market.
Check the video below:

As you can see from video, also if it seems an easy software, it has all the configurations you need to run it smoothly and perfectly.
This WordPress keyword plugin supports proxies (ideal if you are searching a lot of keywords) and permits you to choose the favorite Google’s country (it includes 9 different countries).
So if you are searching some good keywords in difficult niches, this tool is extremely good, because is fast and it gives you all the info you need.

If you want to give more power to your keyword search, and comprehend which one is good for your job, Google Crystal Ball is the right program for an easy keyword search.

Paper Template 2.0 Review

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Paper Template 2.0


Paper Template 2.0 is a brand new WordPress plugin to create your sales letter from zero and with ease, so that you can really fire your copywriter as well as web designer.
You really 7 clicks away from creating:

  • Professional sales letters
  • Wonderful opt-in forms
  • Pre-made legal pages and forms
  • Video replay pages
  • Download pages
  • Webinar registration pages
  • And so on…

All with a clear point and click interface! From today you can really change your methods to create sales pages, and many others, right now!
You can organize your entire website and customize the look and feel in mere minutes, without having to get headache for cryptic codes and scripts coming from Html, Javascript, CSS and more.
What you write is what you will see.

Paper Template is cool because:

  • It’s easy to install as a normal WordPress plugin
  • Can be used as a standalone web page
  • Has pre-written sales letters and opt-in pages
  • It has the possibility to insert point and click headlines
  • Create opt-in pages and sales letters in minutes
  • It includes 1 year of support and updates

As you can see there is much quality, and the author, Robert Plank, is famous for his quality products.
In fact this plugin sold yet hundreds of copies in only one day.
Are you ready to change the way you are building sales letters and more? Grab Paper Template 2.0 right now!

Perfect Backlinks Review

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Perfect Backlinks


If you want to boost your search rankings fast, “Perfect Backlinks” is the resource you are searching for.
This guide explains all the possible methods to gather new backlinks, including high pagerank ones as well as dofollow and from authority sites.
Anytime you desire, without being considered a spammer or getting banned, you can find all the backlinks you need to jump on Google’s first position.

And the same could happen for Yahoo!, Bing and many other search engines.
Backlinks are important, if you apply the right ones in the right period of time, and this guide tells you all what you need to do to stay up and running.
And remember that good rankings mean more free traffic coming to your website, and more income!

Consider that buying automated tools cost an arm and a leg, and most of the time they don’t work properly and are in need of updates.
This never happen with this guide, because you will learn a lot of tips for finding the right backlinks you need.
You will discover:

  • Seven top requirements for a perfect link back to your site.
  • How to improve your search rankings easily.
  • The guarantee to get perfect backlinks anytime you need them.
  • A free website to find all these information.
  • Tips and tricks to implement the strategies.
  • Free extensions to always keep the report up-to-date
  • Some good methods to earn much more with your sites
  • How to make much more with your backlink strategy. Don’t stop at SEO!

As you can see there is a lot of stuff packed into this ebook.
Grab your copy of “Perfect Backlinks” and start to dominate search engines!

20 WSO For The Price Of 1

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20 WSO For The Price Of 1


Sean Mize prepared this awesome package of “20 WSO For The Price Of 1“, a superb collection of his recent WSOs released on Warrior Forum.
His list is awesome, with:

  • How to Deliver Your Coaching
  • How to Appear as An Expert to Your List
  • How to Easily Create Your Own Continuity Program
  • How to Develop the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Transition from Offline to Online
  • Real World Example of A Coaching Program
  • How to Determine Exactly what your market wants to buy
  • Introduction to Writing a Conversion Campaign
  • How to Match Your Message to Your Market
  • How to Compete In Saturated or Overly Competitive Markets
  • Advanced Training on How to Write the Emotional Element of Your Sales Page
  • How to Write an Email Campaign Naturally, Without Scripting or Advanced Copywriting
  • Advanced Conversational Email Writing
  • How to Find Your World-Changing Purpose So You Can Develop the Passion to Make a Difference
  • How to Become an Expert at Driving Traffic
  • How to Drive Massive Organic Traffic by Leveraging Multiple Content Sites Online
  • How to Reactivate an Old List
  • How to Create Products Using a Paid Teleseminar Series
  • Why Info-Marketers Are Struggling to Get Their Businesses Up and Running
  • Long Term Repeat Buyer Monetization
  • Content Marketing for 2013

As you can see there are a lot of tutorials, some in MP3 audio format, and some given as pdf ebooks. Hours and hours of high quality direct training.
Sean Mize is a brilliant author, direct to the point in every modules or how to video. His techniques are working, and will give you a huge advantage over your competitors.
Go straight for this collection, as “20 WSO For The Price Of 1” deserves your purchase!