Easy Instant Flyers V2 Review

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Easy Instant Flyers V2


Easy Instant Flyers V2 is a big collection of 15 flyer templates to create your own advertising in a breeze.
There are designs for promoting mobile marketing, social media, SEO, web design services and reputation management service.
They are great because you will not need Adobe Photoshop for editing them, and nether high priced freelancers to create them.

The 15 flyers you receive have great characteristics:

  • High quality color designs
  • Professionally designed layouts
  • Fully customizable for text and images
  • Brilliant call to actions
  • Formatted and ready to be printed
  • Easy to print
  • No need for costly graphic software

As you can see there is a lot of quality, and more you can get also some awesome bonuses, including some prospecting scorecards to edit, and a lot of videos, images and icons to use in your flyers.
Distributing these ads you can just get a lot of customers easily, because they are tested and proven to get results.
You can buy this version as well as some One Time Offers, including the first version of these awesome flyers and a premium lead funnels upgrade.
And keep in mind you can also these images on your website to build squezze pages. Just put the image at the center within a signup form below, and your conversion will spread to the top!

So if you want to find new offline marketing prospects, I can only recommend this brilliant offer.
Grab Easy Instant Flyers V2 right now!

Instagram Experiments and the 110 Secret Apps

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Instagram Experiments

Yesterday I released “Instagram Experiments“, a special WSO in which I give you a 80 pages ebook with over 110 secret applications tested and reviewed. I did the bad work for you, finding these hidden and impossible to find software, that includes browser extensions, WordPress plugin, mobile apps and browser apps.
But what these apps can do for you? A lot of things, including:

  • Use Instagram from PC and MAC
  • Upload the images you create on your own computer
  • Create new images from zero, also if you have no ideas
  • Give a new look to your images with tons of filters
  • Found thousands of followers with a mouse click
  • Get a lot of Likes to your images and get them shared
  • Increase traffic to your sites
  • Earn cash with your affiliate links
  • Sell your photos automatically, also while you sleep!
  • Backup all your Instagram photos automatically
  • Learn a lot of things you can do with these apps!
  • And even more!

Each app can be used for free, and they all together are offering you unlimited advantages!
More, I will provide 5 secret techniques to get the best from Instagram, including tips on how to post automatically your images on social, on your blog and secrets on how to stay updated on recent applications released.
I created also a one-time offer giving you a 40 pages ebook on how to use your social photo influence.

This WSO, “Instagram Experiments“, is my best for 2012. Read the comments on Warrior Forum thread!

Have you ever sold High Ticket Affiliate Programs?

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High Ticket Affiliate Programs


HP Jeschke, an experienced marketer of the Warrior Forum, has put on sale “High Ticket Affiliate Programs“, a guide on how to sell high price items from Amazon.
Yes, because selling cheap items with this network, who pay 4% to 6% for each sale, it’s not valuable. Instead there are some hidden and expensive products who are searched each and every day by professional people that have no problems in paying for that item. And you will earn much more!

Amazon Marketplace is filled by a lot of costly products, but not all of them are selling out so well. Only a few are great to target in your promotional websites.
And the author has made a challenging job in showing all his secrets to find that items, and how to sell them like brad. He does this work, and he earns a lot. Why don’t you make the same?

From today on, reading this 25 pages ebook you will learn how to:

  • Find the right items who pay a high commission
  • Be sure that those items actually are going to sell
  • Find out if there is a lot of competition for these products or not
  • Selling those high ticket items
  • Make instant cash with all the Amazon products you’re going to promote

As you can see there is much things to learn and try to replicate, and this is the best source for trying.
High Ticket Affiliate Programs” is the right course to multiplicate your Amazon affiliate earnings by an infinite factor!

Offline Validation Profits gives you more Customers

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Offline Validation Profits

Offline Validation Profits is a 15 pages ebook who shows you a method to get $197 a hit from offline customers, coming from shops, companies, agencies and associations just to name a few of them.
It is a special tutorial on how to let your offline marketing efforts produce money on request. And more, it’s an easy way to get customers to appreciate your company and to come back for next jobs.
This method works all over the world, in fact the author comes from India, where he made $485 in only 72 hours.

That was kept secrets until now, and only a few selected people can now grab this total solution to kill the market and leave competitors without jobs.
And another good point is that the technique could be outsourced to be made via phone or via email, as you prefer.

If you are curious about this WSO, I can say this has nothing to do with SEO, backlinks, PPC, PPV, QR codes, mobile site creation and selling, sms marketing and similar.
It’s a new idea, and you will be happy to read it and apply it in no time after you read the ebook and the usual checklist to remember the right steps.
This Offline Validation Profits deserves all your attention, if you desire to try the power of offline marketing, or if you are an exper who never tried it!

IM Chores Made Simple explains Product Creation from A to Z

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IM Chores Made Simple


Today I saw this great product: IM Chores Made Simple, released by John Zapata, a new Internet Marketer. Well, this is a golden product for anyone who wants to create and launch his new product with ease, avoiding all the typical problems of the first launch.

John explains how to win the classic problems of a first time product launcher, to avoid lack of time, patience, focus, direction, confidence, certainty, trust and technical knowledge.
Everything could be won thanks to this great video course, arranged through 9 modules and a lot of crystal clear videos showing the right steps to go.
Consider you will learn a lot of things, including:

  • The basics on how to start from zero and without knowledge on the topic
  • How to develop your website and squeeze pages
  • How to care about your own graphics
  • The real truth about video marketing
  • How to get advantage from email marketing
  • The best way to do split testing
  • The secrets about delivering premium quality contents
  • Dominating Clickbank, Warrior Forum and Paypal for everything
  • How to tactically create your product from zero

As you can see there is a lot of quality for anyone, including first time product launcher, but also some good people.
Consider that in 5 years of marketing, for example, I never split tested a product!

So this IM Chores Made Simple is the right product if you want to start making money with your own launches!

Mega Yoga PLR Niche Pack

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Mega Yoga PLR Niche Pack


Sue Fleckenstein released “Mega Yoga PLR Niche Pack“, a complete package to promote a Yoga ebook in various ways.
The package includes all what you need to get the best from this niche, who each year is able to generate a business of 42 Billion dollars. Incredible right? Yes, it is!
And every time we come at the end of the year, we all like to think about things to do in the new year. Yoga and consequently meditation is one of the cool things to do.

So it will be easy to adjust this PLR and sell it for the price you like, considering the contents of the pack:

  • Introductory PDF to learn what to do with the package
  • 10451 words (45 pages) ebook about Yoga
  • Keyword’s list
  • Available domain names list
  • 10 PLR articles (more than 400 words each)
  • Yoga basics video
  • 37 royalty-free images
  • 50 ready tweets
  • Online resource guide for promoting your site
  • Header, footer and 3 banners

Sue Fleckenstein is a well known professional writer and proofreader, so you can get a lot of value from your products.
And getting a PLR package like this for only $9.97, which includes everything you need to develop a winning website about Yoga, is really magic!
She puts all herself into this PLR products, and you will learn also how to obtain sales, thanks to her help.

More, she provides 2 OTOs with even more contents, like squeeze page, autoresponder messages, even more images, minisite, additional banners and a lot of cool stuff.
Consider that “Yoga” niche includes a lot of subniches, and people go crazy for this idea each and every new year. So be ready for the 2013!

This “Mega Yoga PLR Niche Pack” is the better PLR package you can get online right now!

1300 Royalty Free Photos for your Business!

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1300 Royalty Free Photos

Today I found these “1300 Royalty Free Photos” sold for only $7 on the Warrior Forum. It’s an awesome collection of 1300 HQ and PLR photos for internet marketing! These images can be used for your blog or website, for articles, videos and documents, giving you a lot of new ideas and possibility.
More, these photos can be used for private or commercial works, giving you a lot of ways to make cash and more conversions.

The images you will receive are made from non-professional photgraphers, and they were shoot for these niches:

  • Food
  • Beaches, Exotic Locations and Hotels
  • Sky
  • Nature and Flowers
  • Animals
  • People and Relationships
  • Building
  • Gadgets
  • Vectors
  • And much more!

With these top quality images you can forgive the problems connected to copyright laws, licenses and things like these that can ruin your business!
This is a golden package that gives you the liberty to find always the right image for the right job you’re doing. In every moment, thanks to a full sharing in right categories, you can find the right photo for the right event. And let me confess this is one of the best graphics package I’ve ever seen on Warrior Forum in last 4 years.

I’m sure you will purchase this package without even reading the particular sales letter, because you know the real price of photos on photo-networks like iStockPhotos, Fotolia and so on!
1300 Royalty Free Photos” costs only $7 and sales will be closed soon to keep license number limitated.
So go fast and buy this package, you will be happy about it!

Paged Socializer and the Power of Memes

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Paged Socializer

Paged Socializer is a new WordPress plugin that let you create new internet memes in just a few minutes and without graphic software.
This powerful and cheap plugin allow you to create new and gorgeous memes in a step by step way. It’s a crazy and never seen way to design them!
And you get Developer’s Rights included with the price, another big point!

This offer includes not only the internet memes creator WP Plugin, but also:

  • Video tutorials
  • Unlimited images to use as your own
  • Unlimited backgrounds to enrich the graphic
  • How to monetize your memes like crazy
  • Instant connection to all main social networks

As you can see there is a big value in this package, and for so few dollars you get a superb plugin and all the training to get huge traffic and sales from your memes.
Consider also that this type of social image is made to make people smile, so they will going crazy to share them.
It’s what I do all day long to let my FB subscribers happy and more receptive versus my news! All day!

For all this reasons, this plugin is going away like gifts at Christmas. Because it’s the missing piece of the puzzle to conquer all the social marketing traffic!
Buy Paged Socializer now and start to create your original, crazy, funny memes! Let your followers make traffic for you!

Ninja Posting Profits Make You Sell Like Crazy

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Ninja Posting Profits

Yesterday I promoted “Ninja Posting Profits” to my list, because I know the author, Steve Moore, and his top class products.
This product shows you a nearly instant traffic technique, so easy to apply and alternative to any other technique you’ve heard in the past.
It is shown in a step by step guide, it is 100% possible to outsource it, and it get loads of visitors to any site in any niche, also the newest ones you have just published a few minutes ago.

It’s an easy system, it doesn’t require any technical skills, and I guarantee it works like crazy and it can be used from any part of the world where you live.
And finally, the whole method will never get saturated. I suggest to take this method only to newbies, because experts probably are knowing it yet.
The ebook is 13 pages in lenght, and can be passed to your freelancer to complete the job for you and getting all the traffic you desire for a few dollars.

This is a state of the art training if you need traffic and consequently sales.
So grab it now and start changing the way to profit! “Ninja Posting Profits” is available till 12 December 2012 at 12:00 EST.

Discover Online Photo Editor

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Online Photo Editor

Online Photo Editor is the new video training by Susan Mercer who shows you the real way to edit your images with free online software. It’s a grea release of 14 videos able to change your mindset on image creation process. Stop to use paid software, and start using resources offered for free through the world wide web.

In this way you can learn many things, for example how to:

  • Produce professional brochures
  • Group photos to create a themed display
  • Work with images
  • Create stunning internet marketing memes
  • Use the power of Facebook with images
  • How to clean old images from scratches
  • And even more!

Susan is a professional of photo editing, and she works on this field, so you are definitely in good hands for learning the real tips and tricks.
So you can forget paying for costly software like Adobe Photoshop. Forever!

And she thought also about outstanding bonuses, becasue she added a training on how to use Jing to produce your video tutorials on the go, and 3 in-depth online photo videos for enhancing or retouching your favorite images within PLR Rights! Remember that images give you more traffic, more visitors, beautiful article could be read fastly, advertising return go through the roof and so on.

I appreciated Online Photo Editor, and so I suggest you to try the power of free online graphic tools.