Happy New Year For a Spectacular 2013

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I wish you an happy new year! A superb 2013 to you!
The next year will be even more rich, profitable and spectacular!

Remember to build your To Do List, and follow it through the year!

Thanks so much!
Alessandro Zamboni

Autoresponder Madness is your Best Plan for 2013

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Autoresponder Madness 3.0


Autoresponder Madness is not the usual $7 WSO I promote, but a $197 product, outstanding and useful like never seen before.
Consider that price will go up to over $300 from 1st January, for real. This is a year-end offer.
Gurus are going crazy for this, and from the comments I heard I didn’t resisted and I bought my access.

For this reason, I saw something spectacular, something who will change my methods in a few time. It will answer all the question you have on list building, but it will give you the real truth also if you will finish to lose your entire list tomorrow.
It prepares you for a superb future, no less! So think about it, because it can change your way to go, your profits and your IM future in better, much better. You can stay three steps above your competitors, and they will never comprehend why!

You will be able to squeeze also your tiny email list for profits thanks to this mega-course, even if you are just a newbie.
The good thing about this course, is that everyone will get a huge knowledge.
It’s about telling authentic stories that connect you with your followers, one-on-one. It’s about long term relationships between you and your contacts, to create raving engaged fans.

So, if you didn’t made your 2013 plans yet, start withAutoresponder Madness and put your email marketing on steroids!

Offline Pizza is for sale on Amazon!

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Offline Pizza on Kindle


This is my first post to let you know that I’ve launched “Offline Pizza” on Amazon Kindle platform!
This is an ebook on how to make money giving a big and free service to all the pizza shops of your city or via web.
You will find my case study, with information on how to advertise your new job for free, and how to rake in new customers each and every day.

This is a new type of business no one has ever tried, so there’s an infinite series of pizza shops searching for your service.
Why? Because they pay to get it, while you can supply it free! Yes!
If you read my ebook on your Kindle reader or within a Kindle software (who runs on every platform) you will get the turnkey method to start fast.

So if you really want a new source of income, easy to manage and to pass to your freelancers, this is the right tutorial ebook.
My system worked well and continue to works greatly, so I invite you to read this with confidence. Remember that only who tries can reach real results!
Offline Pizza is offered for a price around the $9.95 tag, and includes a set of bonuses you can download straight from the ebook!

Christmas Special WSO Bundle

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Christmas Special WSO Bundle

Anohter big package of training for festivity period? Here is my review of “Christmas Special WSO Bundle” by VioFX, well known internet marketer.
This time-limited offer, that will close tonight or tomorrow at max, includes 10 great Warrior Forum offers launched by the author in previous year, and they are all gems, costly when launched.
In fact the total value of this bundle is $364, but luckily it doesn’t costs more than $7 or $8, being a dimesale.

The products enclosed are top quality, and here are their names:

  • The Fiverr Cookbook
  • MobilEase Website Generator
  • Kinleympics – Ultimate Kindle Package
  • Massive Mobile Traffic
  • Local Video Profit
  • Simple Video Profit
  • Geo Cash – Passive Domain Income
  • Domain Genius Software
  • Simple Overnight Flips
  • Scribe Cash
  • And a secret un-released bonus!

As you can see there is a lot of quality into this bundle of products, and you can find a lot of niches and methods to go into.
They all work well, because I bought some WSO in the past by this author and they were spectacular.
For example, with “Domain Genius” I found some good domains, also two PR 5 that are selling like hot-cakes on Flippa!

I’ve just bought my copy a few minutes ago, just before writing this review, and I hope you can get a full value also from this collection.
Jump on this “Christmas Special WSO Bundle” as soon as you can, because sales are closing and tume to get it is almost gone!

2012 Santas Big Christmas Package

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2012 Santas Big Christmas Package


Sam England and Lina T. released this awesome collection of 25 WSOs named “2012 Santas Big Christmas Package“.
It contains high quality launches made by the two authors on the last years, and they seem all brilliant products.
Here is the list for the 4 categories of products included:


  • Kindle Ecover Generator
  • Kindle Ecover Generator 3D Edition
  • Kindle Cash Success
  • Ghostwriting Blueprint


  • Driving your Passion to Prosperity
  • Dropshipping University
  • Easy Affiliate Goldmine
  • Fiverr Explosion
  • Holiday Goldmine
  • Insta Web Presence
  • List Action Profits
  • Newbies Guide to Creating Online Wealth
  • Pay Per Call Goldmine
  • Platinum Mini Money Sites
  • Redneck Product Creation
  • WSO Swipe File


  • 12 Month Local SEO Blueprint
  • Facebook Marketing Postcards
  • Offline Consulting Goldmine
  • Offline Goodwill Graphics
  • Reputation Management Flyers


  • Adsense Authority
  • 3 Adsense WP Themes

As you can see there is so much stuff that you can use these reports for two years, if you study just one a month.
But you get more, if you think to offline marketing packages with ready postcards and flyers!This is a lucky moment of the year to grab this awesome collection of top quality products.

Sam England always release high quality courses about internet marketing, and I’m one of his followers.
I buy everything he releases, and this Christmas package is something profitable sold for a few dollars.
If you really take care of your internet marketing needs, you can’t really miss this golden “2012 Santas Big Christmas Package“!

BPG Quick Mobile Sales Review

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BPG Quick Mobile Sites


BPG Quick Mobile Sales is the new launch by Black Piranha Group, a selected internet marketers group.
This product costs only $3, and it shows you how to sell mobile websites to customers. It guarantees a sale a week, and that’s awesome!
It’s composed by 3 videos, some instructions and a live example of the technique.

You can learn the process fastly and without errors and up and downs, and getting sales you can be motivated to achieve more.
And taking action you will be able to build a really scalable business offline marketing business with mobile sites!
And a WSO like this offered for $3, less than a Starbucks or Costa cofee, is frankly impossible to leave on the table.

Get it and start to generate a weekly and monthly income. Making mobile sites is funny, and BPG Quick Mobile Sales males the things easy!

Merry Christmas from Blog In Da Box!

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Merry Christmas Blog In Da Box

And so another Christmas has come. I wish you the best Christmas ever, with happiness, joy and your lovely parents.
I’m sure the next year will be better than this, for everyone! If it’s gone bad, it will be much better, and if it went extremely well, it will give you more!
Remember that the new year is always great to change in better, so on 31st December 2012 remember to say your prayers and decide your new objectives for 2012!

Here are my promises for a top 2013:

1) Grow my presence in internet marketing2) Launch even better products (and more profitable too!)
3) Get a better health (this year it wasn’t very good)
4) Get a good wealth to help my family with annual expenses.

I will be happy if my dreams and yours will come true!
Leave a comment below with your best proposals for 2013!

Instant Live Traffic from CPA, CPV and PPV Networks

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Instant Live Traffic


Instant Live Traffic” is the new ebook who shows you the secrets on how to generate traffic with CPA, CPV and PPV networks.
A great guide who shows you also how to be accepted into all these networks anytime you want, and without interviews and long phone calls.
Yes, it’s simply unbelievable, but Graeme Clark, the author of this course, shows you his experience on this traffic generation networks.

Cost per Action (CPA), as well as Cost Per View (CPV) and Pay Per View (PPV) are three good methods to get fresh leads directed versus your website or blog.
And you can set up minimum expenses, like $10 to $25 a day, for receiving hundreds and hundreds of new visitors attracted by your niche.
It’s a good technique, because we are all ready to use these networks to make money displaying the ads on our websites, not acting as real advertisers!

It is an easy step-by-step strategy filled ebook for selecting the right CPA networks and offers every time you need bootloads of visitors.
And this really gets you to make cash quickly avoiding the usual errors done by newbies and common people.
So if you need traffic, and you want only good and qualified leads, Instant Live Traffic is the right product for you!

Easy Video Payday Shows you a $5K a Month Case Study

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Easy Video Payday


Easy Video Payday is a superb offer you will find on Warrior Forum. It shows you a direct case study on how the author raked in more than $5,000 in a month.
If you consider that a good 90% of Youtube video marketing courses are made with reashed information, it’s always a good thing to find something unique.
Through a private membership area, you will access a direct video course on how to copy and repeat the same process who brought the author, Paul, to earn so much money with simple daily tasks.

And from what I saw, I can say this course was not developed with only newbies in mind, because also the most expert marketer will find a lot of gems and useful how-to’s to replicate on their own.
So the real power of this Warrior Special Offer is that the product is:

  • Step by Step Video Training
  • Access it from a Membership website
  • No previous experiences needed
  • Works over and over to give you an unbeatable success
  • Simple, newbie friendly and unique
  • Highly profitable
  • Optimal source of passive income

For less than $10 it’s a crime to don’t buy this awesome video marketing training!
Easy Video Payday is what you always searched and never found… a profitable and real case study!

One A Day System means easy cash

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One A Day System


Today I saw a cool WSO by Matthew Barnett, called “One a Day System“. Wow, a collection of simple methods to make cash!
And the best thing ever is that each one of these methods is simple, fast, proven, profitable and funny to activate.
You will find step by step instructions, so you don’t need technical knowledges and nothing else: just read and follow the technique explained.

This is a 40 pages actionable guide, and as author says, you can start earning since first day with the first method.
And then others follow, and if you count the bonuses, you will have 33 more methods and 170 different assets to try!
The techniques presented in this book can be activated all over the world, and require no money to be launched. Just some time and a bit of mind.
An ebook like this is launched once a year, so this is the right moment to jump on the train to start making cash just for this Chrismas!

Consider that the wife of Matthew, the author, currently uses the first method and rake in easily good money each and every day of the week.
So I suggest you to take your time to try all the 5 methods shown in the guide and the 33 extra ones offered as bonus, and find the right one who converts better for you.
Only in this way you will be able to use “One a Day System” at full power!