Rapid Mass Listbuilding 2.0 Review

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Rapid Mass Listbuilding

Rapid Mass Listbuilding 2.0 is not the usual buy and go training, it’s an even more sophisticated case study.
In these 2 videos of the lenght of 1 hour and 10 minutes the business-man Ron Douglas explains how he built a list of 270,581 subscribers in only a few days.
I bought it thinking to get the usual trash and rehashed information, instead the first 10 minutes gave me another point of view.

Yes, Ron was not building this list in internet marketing, but in other niches.
Inside the videos you will learn something like the following:

  • How to generate 10,438 leads in only 1 month only with free traffic
  • How to create a viral community who grows automatically
  • How to find cheap leads on Flippa, incredible but true!
  • How to sell simple solo ads up to $4,000
  • How to get freebie seekers to build your list for free
  • How to generate subscribers just searching on Google
  • And so much more!

I cannot obviously reveal more details, otherwise I will show you too much, but this course deserves all your attention.
And for the price it sold, it’s sad not buying it! Less than $10 to enter a new world in list building!
For this reason this is a WSO Of The Day and sold more than 1700 copies!

If you have tried to build your list but you have failed miserably, or in case you built a dead-walking list (with no clicks at all), this system is for you.
Apart the original purchase, that includes a free webinar, you can add the OTO who gives you 5 MP3 tracks with important interviews with great marketing experts showing their secrets in list building.
This is not easy to find, so grab Rapid Mass Listbuilding 2.0 now and start building seriously your active list, in the niches you prefer!

Speed Read Copy for Becoming Experienced Copywriters

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Speed Read Copy


Speed Read Copy” is an excellent ebook that shows you the tips for creating vibrant sales letters.
Yes, no more errors and no more visitors going away after reading a few lines of your text.
How is that possible?

Judy Kettenhofen, the author of this guide, is a brilliant copywriter, and decided to develop a product to show a life secrets for capturing the attention of your sales letter readers.
Yes, because your selling page must be short and direct to the point, otherwise you risk to lose a highest percentage of prospects for simple building errors.

You will comprehend the 2 “Laws of Copywriting Physics”, to learn which is the part of your text who deserves more efforts by your side, and the “3 D’s of your prospects”, the way to write to the right prospects. More, this 30 pages ebook includes the official 4 “Laws of Speed Read Copy”, to learn speed reading to accelerate your writing process.
Yes, because it’s fundamental to be able to convince your prospects to become buyers, to remember your sales letter and to add the right images in the right places.

Your copy will be faster to write, and will give you more sales.
Copywriting it’s always important, and in 5 years of blogging I never promoted a copywriting product. They are a rare thing…
This “Speed Read Copy” is a gem. Buy it as soon as it is still available!

Pinterest Membership Secrets by Barbara Ling

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Pinterest Membership Secrets


Barbara Ling is back! After a few months she earned a lot with her superb affiliate marketing email campaigns, she creteated “Pinterest Membership Secrets“.
A superb course who explains how to create new memberships with the power of Pinterest and WordPress.
The technique is very easy to apply, but I have never thought about it, because it’s a hidden trick.

The possibilities are endless, and she provides also 155 niches to make money with. You have no possibility to miss the objective.
Is too easy and fun to study Barbara courses, because she is a genius who like to smile and laugh.
Be amazed by her course, Pinterest and WordPress are a wonderful combination, and thanks to the power of images everything is possible.

Opening a membership right now guarantees a passive monthly icome with a minimum work to keep member’s materials updated.
And just because you are marketing yourself on a social netowrk, each subscriber who joins will send the message to his followers and so on.
It’s a great technique, you will smile and feel rewarded by this lovely course!

I recommend also to join the OTO for a few dollars more, because it gives ready materials to start, like images you can use for free and a lot of cool things I don’t want to tell you for obvious reasons.
This”Pinterest Membership Secrets” is a good course, it deserves a tryout!

Going Viral on Facebook

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Yoel Cohen in his new “Going Viral on Facebook” shows you how to get 50 to 100 Facebook followers a day to signup on your desired FB Page.
All the information provided are really easy to follow, and the videos included in this WSO show you the real case study.
You can also count on some texts to better comprehend the method and the links to the various resources.

All you need is a few good contents on your page, and Yoel Cohen strategy, to go really viral on Facebook (as the WSO title says).
You can choose any niche you like, because the process works for everything. Your page will become viral and traffic sucking like you never saw before.
Your Likes, comments and Share values will go up like crazy!

All the tools you are going to use are free, so that, apart the $3 for the videos, you have nothing to spend ever!
You can be confident in this system.

This is an offer to buy just for the price, so low and incredible if compared to the high quality.
The system is good for any topic and any country, and just a few minutes a day will be able to increase your follower’s rate so much.
Your FB page finally will work for affiliate links, CPA offers, and direct links to offers and to your website.

Are you ready for the big change?
Grab “Going Viral on Facebook” and grab some followers to your competitors!

Smart Simulator Machine – The Mobile Marketing Software

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Smart Simulator Machine
Mark Sanquist, a famous WSO autohor, launched today a new mobile marketing software named “Smart Simulator Machine“.
This is a game-changing tool, because it permits you to show the real difference beetween the normal site and the mobile site on a cell phone easily.
The good thing is now you can show the real client’s website in mobile format and classic format.
And just because a non optimized website leads to a bad website on mobile platform, it will be easier to convince all your leads and transform them in buyers, customers and repeated clients.

Here you can see how the final web page looks:

Smart Simulator Machine Screenshot

So this great tool generated a web page to upload on your website, just for that specified contact.
So imagine how beautiful can be to email a mobile website promotional email with this page attached. Imagine how simple become to resell a mobile site. Crazy, because the email swipe is included within the purchase, and you can find also some video tutorials to start fast.

A Smart Simulator can be built in less than one minute, and uploaded in 10 seconds to your host.
It’s the new army knife for mobile website sellers! And imagine how many other things you can propose after you get a new customer involved!
Buy this “Smart Simulator Machine” and start to make cash from you offline marketing!


Squidoo Quick Commission Guide by Tiffany Dow

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Squidoo Quick Commission Guide

I follow Tiffany Dow’s newsletter each and every day by a lot of time. Yesterday she released a new ebook: Squidoo Quick Commission Guide.
This product will not be sold with a normal launch, because she decided to release it for her list subscribers. The second day of launch she gave us the opportunity to promote it.

Tiffany Dow, as you probably know, is an experienced article writer who lives thanks to the art of writing.
And Squidoo, through the Lens (call it web pages) give her the possibility to make a lot of cash.

I recently followed Tiffany’s 30 Day Squidoo Experience, and every day she sent us a free update on how things were going.
Well, I was astonished. I started to use Squidoo the same day has started, and I did only a few sales, while she was having sales all days!

As soon as this ebooks was launched I grabbed my copy, and here is what Tiffany Dow has prepared for you.
She gives you info about:

  • The exclusive Squidoo method she uses
  • How to avoid using a keyword search software
  • How to find a lot of ideas on new Lens
  • How to do organize your ideas and materials
  • Her perfect page (what to hide and what show)
  • How to get huge traffic to your lens

Every information is complete of step by step training, and Tiffany will follow you during lens creation as I never saw before.
All becomes easy, and also I, at Squidoo Level 38, I finally found the key for success. Things I’ve never imagined how to do.

Squidoo Quick Commission Guideis worth every penny. Grab it now, before Tiff closes the sale forever!


Kate Luella’s Podcast PLR Package

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Ready Set Podcast PLR Pack


Kate Luella has published her first PLR package on Warrior Forum. It is “Ready Set Podcast PLR Package“.
As soon as I saw this offer I though about the usual little PLR sold for big cash, instead I was amazed reading her sales letter!
This is absolutely the best PLR package I saw in latest 5 years. Discover why.

Kate developed this package about podcasts, a good niche because everyone desires to launch his podcast, but only a few are good.
That’s why it’s difficult to set everything up, record and diffuse the podcast!
So this PLR guide could be used first for learning, and secondly for getting a lot of people involved.
Imagine how many sales you can make or how many leads you can get registered for access…

The contents of this awesome podcast plr are the following:

  • How to create a free podcast show (4,569 words, around 20 A4 pages)
  • How to host a podcast interview (4,332 words, around 21 A4 pages)
  • Worksheet (this is phenomenal)
  • Mindmap (useful!)
  • 15 PLR Articles
  • 25 Tweet quotes

Imagine how many things you can do with this spectacular package.
Every ebook comes with images, and you get PLR rights also on them!

And if you are searching for videos, pay attention to Kate’s OTO!
She provides:

  • 7 videos in MP4 format
  • 75 Powerpoint slides
  • 2 customizable Powerpoint video intros
  • Spectacular banners for promoting
  • 2 experts interviews

So grab now this “Ready Set Podcast PLR Package“, and start getting readers, followers and cash!

Mervik Haums WP SqueezeBar Review

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WP SqueezeBar by Mervik Haums

Today Mervik Haums createad a new gem: WP SqueezeBar.
This is a brand new WordPress plugin who allows you to trick your blog readers in a simple way.
Just like Google, Microsoft, Firefox and many others, it place a little bar on the top or below in the screen with social network share links, personal links or a wonderful list building autoresponder form.
You decide how to compose this bar, which color use and how to adapt it to your blog look.

This Squeeze Bar, as Mervik calls it, stays on the screen, well visible. This bring a big change, because people is attracted like bees to honey.
They will share your contents on social, they will click what you want, and finally they will register to your list, bringing up your profits.

You know, it’s difficult to have visitors collaborating in your blog. Just here, on Blog In Da Box, until now I’ve got a few signups to my list with the little autoresponder code on the right.
So from tomorrow, when I will install this bar on my blog, everything will change for sure!
You can choose between a single site, multisite and developers version, you decide which version fits best!

Mervik Haums is a dear friend of mine, and every WSO he did become a success in sales. Why? Becuase he provides quality!
So run, choose your version and install it on your blog. Prices are rising, be fast to grab WP SqueezeBar!

Quick Cash Hot Sheet let Newbies transform in Gurus

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Quick Cash Hot Sheet

Today I want to present you a new marketer! She is Shelah, the mother of Jeremy Kennedy, a dear friend and great internet marketer.
Shelah has recently launched her first WSO ever! Yes! It’s called Quick Cash Hot Sheet.
This ebook is mainly for newbies, and it includes 8 great techniques to make cash, a series of tips and tricks, and all the free resources you need to reach the best results.
If 4 years ago I had found a report like that, I would have saved a lot of cash and tryouts! Now every newbie can become a Guru in less than a month, trying just some of the techniques explained.

That’s why today I recommend to buy this report within the OTO. At a low price you will have the opportunity to grow your list in no time!
Just take it, design a good cover and I will give you the squeeze page bonus! Just buy it and send your receipt to puck82@gmail.com!

Shelah has put all of herself into this first WSO, and I want she sells everything out! So be fast, grab this report and the OTO, and start promoting your squeeze page.
You will get hordes of subscribers in no time!

Grab now this golden nugget, Quick Cash Hot Sheet is your train to list building!

Discover CPA Mobile Magic

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CPA Mobile Magic

A few days ago I saw this CPA Mobile Magic WSO online, and I was amazed by the technique shown…
I confess I never used CPA, I only joined some good networks, but I never tried to make cash.
That’s why this new WSO has attracted me.

But what is this training about? Well, it shows the connection between CPA and Mobile Marketing.
Mobile phones are more used than desktop solutions for going to surf online, at least in most modern countries, and this open new spaces for people that desire to try this new method.
CPA Mobile Magic shows you:

  • The best mobile traffic network where each click costs no more thna $0.05. Without any deposit you can start to get clicks.
  • The best and trustable Mobile CPA Networks – The author reveal his favorite network, and the most trustable one.
  • How to setup a Mobile CPA campaign from zero, with all the crucial setup steps. Find also all the mistakes to avoid like plague!
  • How to optimize your ROI (Return of Interest) and get it growing day by day.

This course will show you how to create winning CPA Mobile campaigns, and how to eliminate frustration and time and money losses.
It get you aknowledged about the winning CPA networks, in a world filled by money stealer and fake accounts, and show you how to leverage your income easily.
This WSO got many sales, and it’s not a surprise, because it describes a new way to go.

Get your copy of CPA Mobile Magic right now! Enter this new world!