Viral Memes and the New Way to Design Memes in 1 minute

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Viral Memes

Viral Memes is my new ebook for sale on Warrior Forum. There are 46 pages to inform you about the latest trend of memes, the funny images you can find by some months on every social network and website.
This is a new way to communicate with your friends, to express your point of view on any news, and the final task of these images is to get traffic and, why not, sales.
Yes, because each meme could be designed in the way you really like!

My ebook shows you a lot of interesting things, including:

  • What is an internet meme?
    Discover the difference between normal and internet memes.
  • Where to find free images?
    Find all the images, photos and vectors on 82 free websites!
  • Where to find free quotes and captivating texts?
    Quotes are the key of a good social image… so here are 9 free quotation sites!
  • Discovering the 8 types of memes
    In this ebook I analyzed 8 different types of design to choose your best one!
  • Where to submit your memes?
    More than 15 places in which you can submit your new images for additional traffic!
  • How to make cash with memes
    3 methods to earn your dime with these cute and funny images!
  • Memes in business
    How memes are starting to be seen as advertising by great companies.

As you can see there is so much things to say about that cute images you see every day on social networks.
And each one of the 8 methods I present, can permit you to create your memes in up to 1 minute, without any difficulty.
Consider also I give you all what you need to get free advertising for your designs, with more than 15 places to insert them.

This is a new type of methods, who explains the key of success of using memes for internet marketing. You will be amazed by the contents, by the tips and by the huge secrets I’ve enclosed in this report.
The sales starts at $5.00, as a dimesale. This is the way I’m selling my latest WSOs on Warrior Forum.
Viral Memes deserves all your attention! Buy it and read it!

You can become a master in meme creation, and you will be guided in a new world, where you can find a lot of opportunities for you and for your company.
You can decide if design them for pleasure, for money or for becoming famous!

See you soon on my sales page!
Viral Memesis going to be a sold-out!


Pinterest Party released!

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A few hours ago I’ve added my latest WSO to Warrior Forum, and its name is Pinterest Party.
Why Pinterest Party? Because this huge guide contains the review of 67 high quality and free applications to enhance the use of Pinterest.

It’s not difficult to earn cash and traffic from images, and this ebook shows you how is possible to take the lead in the most famous image sharing network ever created.
I found apps for every computer and device available, and I’ve found exactly:

  • 15 Online Apps to run through your browser
  • 16 Extensions for Google Chrom browser
  • 4 Extensions for Mozilla Firefox
  • 4 WordPress Plugins
  • 14 iPhone Apps
  • 9 Android Apps
  • 1 Windowss Mobile App
  • 4 Pinterest Software

The guide it’s easy to read and apply, because every page contains a different application with a new power, reviewed and checked for you.
You will find apps for getting more followers, other to check your stats, to create images from zero, to bring your Pinterest account in mobile phone, to grow up your income, to organize better groups, to enhance the power of social, and so on for a lot of ideas.

But I’ve added also some exclusive bonuses, top quality surprises to get an even better experience!
They are:

  • 5 Secret Techniques for Pinterest
  • Members-Limited Skype Group
  • Facebook Page for members only

This three bonuses will give you even more ideas shared inside the buyers group, to enhance your Pinterest actions and to get even more ideas on how to generate even more bucks thanks to your apps.

This Pinterest Party is so unique and useful that you will tell me thanks for suggesting my product. Try it and be amazed!