Gigs For Dummies was launched!

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Today my friend Milton opened “Gigs for Dummies“, the new Flippa clone for internet marketers! So if you are searching cheap and top quality freelancers for your need, or if you want to earn thanks to your quality, now there are no justifications at all! All the categories in which you can post gigs are the following:

  • Advertising
  • Article Writing
  • Audio & Music
  • Backlinks
  • Blog Comments
  • Copywriting
  • Ebooks
  • Followers
  • General IM
  • Graphics
  • Mobile
  • Offline Marketing
  • Programming
  • SEO
  • Social
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Traffic Generation
  • Videos
  • Web Design & Blog
  • Writing

In case some categories you need are missing, you contact support and they will add them!
You can post new jobs in each category you like, and everyone could add up to 3 images, 1 video and all what you need.

Being “Gigs for Dummies” based on one of the more costly and high quality script available, you will find so many useful things to make your work easy and fast. And more, all your gigs will be activated without the typical waiting of Fiverr and others. Payments are faster, not 15 days as usual but a lot more to get your hard earned cash.
So I joined it as soon as I got notice, to get my list of gigs approved and ready to earn very very soon!

Try to join, it’s 100% Free like Fiverr, but it works better! You have my guarantee of success!
Gigs for Dummies” is open for business!

New Webinar – Triple your Traffic, your Sales, your Income

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Brittany Lynch worked on Google some years ago, and after he discovered the real power of internet marketing, he left. Now she is a millionaire girl, and in last times she is creating highly informative webinars.

Traffic and conversions expert Brittany Lynch will share great case studies with you, about her and other people success stories in the internet marketing.
In no more than 60 minutes, this Tuesday May 29st at 8 PM EST, you will discover, thanks to Brittany Lynch, how to replicate her niche profit system without any effort. Join now the webinar.

You will discover a lot of concepts, including:

  • How to create your powerful system to easily cashin with niches ($10K a month will be easy!)
  • Which niche you may target without errors.
  • How to convert 89% of your rough traffic in highly responsive buyers.
  • How to setup a winning and converting ad campaign with the help of Brittany.
  • And even more

This webinar will be hosted on “GoToWebinar”, and can obly accomodate no more than 1,000 people and the free places will go out so fast you risk to stay out, so signu pp fastly from WebinarSwaps!

New Webinar – Step-By-Step Local Lead Generation Blueprint

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From now on, here at Blog In Da Box I will present you the best webinars around, based on important concepts useful for any internet marketer.

This webinar is based on a step by step local lead generation blueprint. It will be on air Friday May 25th at 8:00 PM EST and it will be available upon registration at WebinarSwaps

This exclusive webinar will be based on Joe Troyer experience, and he used to make a lot more of $50K in less than 2 months, thanks to local lead generation.
A complete training including all what you need to build a lead generation company who can sells leads on request to companies for huge dollars.

Joe Troyer runs a famous IM firm, and he has trained a lot of local marketers who became successful dominating all their local markets and he will show you how to create a 6-Figure business company on lead generation.
This is a one-time Vip event, and you can’t lose this golden opportunity.

Inside this exclusive webinar, you will learn:

  • How to grab your slice of a multi-millionaire industry
  • How to pick the right niche
  • Where to find a constant flow of customers
  • Case study to transform you from loser to winner
  • How to track all your results
  • And a lot more!

If you miss this event, it will be a great loss of knowledge! On the webinar you can ask also your question live, and get the right answer from a millionaire!
Register now at WebinarSwaps

Get Video Mercenary for Dominating Video Creation!

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Video Mercenary by Chris Kent it’s a nice surprise I found on the Warrior Forum a few days ago. This WSO in fact includes, in just 17 pages, 3 main techniques for creating fast videos and all the ways to do SEO on videos and how to increase rankings with ease.
I grabbed this ebook because I’m not passionated about video creation, and also on video submission. It’s a thing I hate because it’s time consuming.

But after reading this guide and the 3 easy methods, who are permitting me to generate high quality videos in few minutes, with software you use every day, I completely changed my mind. I’m amazed about video power now, and after reading the first 10 pages I smiled like crazy in front of my Mac monitor…
This guide permit to improve views and quality of your videos, losing less time than usual for video creation, and the ideas are so simple who I’m thinking why I never thought about them before.

I want to keep you informed about this wonderful WSO, a goldmine to dominate video rankings and start growing your traffic and targeted visitors to the top!
I was really positively surprised about this WSO, and considering who videos are generating even more traffic than text pages, and Youtube is property of Google, it’s really simple to pass over your competitors, and also the experts will fall, this is guaranteed!
You can buy Christ Kent’s Video Mercenary from Warrior Forum for around $7.00, a great price for the lot of information you can grab. Unmissable!

Amazon GPS Domination PLR Review

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Thanks to “Amazon GPS Domination PLR” you can dominate a huge $10billion niche with 10 high quality articles with no less than 800 words each.
The package price is just $5, and if you consider you will receive ready articles, without doing any effort in niche research, and some spectacular bonuses I will analyze later, you have absolutely nothing to regret.

All the PLR Articles are written in a specific review style, after a deep research on Amazon; in fact every article is based on a converting product with 4 or more stars, 5 or more reviews and a good price.
Each article is developed thanks to a great plan, in which every part is developed with state-of-the-art attention, and every one contains 3 calls to action phrases to convinve readers to become buyers.
If you are thinking about opening a niche website about GPS niche, or if you are thinking just to elaborate and submit all the articles to article directories, or to convert everything in video, well… you can do everything you want with this awesome article package!

The bonuses are the following:

  • Amazon Artillery Membership: thanks to this membership you will receive a package of articles every 6 days, all composed by no less than 750 words, and written in conversational style to enhance the reviews.
  • Step-by-Step On-Page SEO Video: this video explains how to rank all the reviews easily on the top of Google.
  • GPS Keywords List: a strong keyword list with values, generated with high quality software and elaborated with care by the author.

So, as you can see, for just $5 “Amazon GPS Domination PLR” is offering a lot of quality for a very cheap price!

No Green Screen, a Top Video Background Remover

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On 29th April 2012, James Renouf and Todd Gross have released this sensational “No Green Screen“, a WSO who explain how to remove your video background and replace it with ease. On the selling page you could also check some video proofs with background replaced, and you will be amazed by that.
Check this video for example…

Is it not incredible? Until now we have seen this technique used by weathermen all the time, because getting all the stuff to do it is costly. Instead James and Todd are showing you how to do it without expense, easily and from the comfort of your seat. And why is so important to change the way you are making videos? Because this increase your conversions so much you will become crazy about this software!
You may forgot costly objects, you are not required to use any skill and experience at all.

The best thing is to record your last video at Hawaii, on the beach, or simply in every country you want. You can stay in USA, in Italy, or even in Paradise if you have a video about it to replace the original background!
This outstanding WSO, “No Green Screen“, it’s sold for so low you can’t imagine… just $9.97 to become the next Steven Spielberg!
Awesome, I’m going crazy for this!

My Latest Ebook is “Your Trip To London”

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Your Trip To London by Alessandro Zamboni

Today I released another book, but this time, for the first time, I wanted to try a new niche. So this morning I released “Your Trip To London” a new guide of around 45 pages on all the best places to visit in London, and all the methods to live London city at the best possible, also in small amounts of time.
This ebook is based on my interest in the capital city of UK, because before deciding to jot down some ideas and travel information I lost the count of the travels I did there.

If you are tired to jump from a website to another just to found the information you need, the times are changed. No more heavy London books with basic info, but a great and depp guide about the best local attractions, parks, Royal places, art and museums, and cultural places, there’s a part devoted to the hidden treasures of London, things difficult to be found on any other resource.
Then, if you are planning a romantic getaway, you will find a suggestion about your travel, with direction and tips to optimize everything and live your better adventure.

As you will see, I cutted the guide in two parts. The common destinations are on part 1, while the hidden treasures and the romantic gateway are all on second half of the guide, on part 2.
Give a look to this ebook right now, because I made a special price until the London Olympics of summer 2012, then the price will go up without announce.

Your Trip To London” is your travel agent, take it with you on any ebook reader, or on your PC/Mac, and start living your english life! You will fall in love with London, you have my word!