I got my Authority Blog Commenter! And you?

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My latest review is on “Authority Blog Commenter”, a very useful software developed by Edwin Torres. This software can generate high quality, high PR, and high authority EDU backlinks at the push of a few buttons.
Quality and high page rank backlinks are extremely essential in getting top ranking for your site on google and other top search engines. We have used and still using many methods/software items for this purpose and now we have this ridiculously easy to use a so easy software.

Thanks to Edwin Torres we will be able to rank our sites to top positions on google, and thereby generate quality and organic traffic, which can be turned on fresh leads and on high clicks to sales conversions.
This cheap blog commenting tool can can post to high PR websites, with just three clicks on the buttons, automatically generate unique name and e-mail for each campaign, write unique comments in regular or spin text to get you google friendly and duplicate free comments, set a delay of time between each comment so that you can escape from spam filters, and many more!

Passive income comes from getting high PR to your sites, and this tool provides all the help you need for one single price, without killing you for paying costly freelancers.
And more, when you take the right ability to use this software, you can sell your services for cash! In fact the author has included a free guide to help you in getting the right directions, and the best sites for applying.
You will not only recover the costs, but you can build a quality job for your future! People is lazy, keep this in mind…

This is where “Authority Blog Commenter” plays a very important role. Don’t let go this risk-free offer of this excellent software! Grab it now!

Travel For Free and Stay For Free – A Useful PLR

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I am very excited to review “Travel For Free – and stay for free, too!” an excellent e-book by Raymond DuFoy sold on Warrior Forum with PLR and MRR Rights.
This very informative and interesting ebook, in 320 pages tell you how to travel free from anywhere to anywhere in the world, stay also free at each of those places and eat also free. Can you ask for more?

Can you comment on hotels, planes, spas, cruise ships and tell whether they are good or bad, can you take photos even with your cell phone camera, can you write reviews. Incredible but true, there are many companies able to pay for your feedbacks! For this reason I suggest you to grab this ““Travel For Free – and stay for free, too!” that is one of the best resources ever created on this topic.

Raymond in this ebook explains how easy it is to travel to anywhere in the world free, stay in hotel free and eat also free, by doing these simple things I mentioned above. Raymond DuFoy is his pen name. You must have seen his reviews on international TV, read his reviews in News Papers, and here you have a lifetime opportunity to buy a book written by this review expert, telling you all the methods to travel, stay and eat food free.

In this fact-packed book, Raymond takes you literally by the hand and shows you not only how easy it is to visit the greatest hotels, theme parks, resorts and spas in the world – but also how to get there for free – often in airplane First Class, with all the services dreamed by other passengers at your disposal!

What you really do is to start a blog (Raymond explains how to do that in this book) and keep posting in simple language (you haven’t to be an expert reviewer to do this!) about the places you visited, the hotels you stayed, the food you ate, with a few pictures and respective links to those hotels, airlines etc.
By doing that you are giving genuine backlinks to them and they pay you from their huge advertising budget, so that you need not to pay again for any travel you undertake, any hotel stay anywhere and for eating the best food.

You are also getting Private Label Rights (PLR) and Master Resell Rights (MRR) for this book. This means you can sell this ebook (which sells like hot cakes) and keep all the money yourself!
I can keep telling much more about this exclusive ebook by Raymond DuFoy, but by that time that resource cost will increase! So be fast!

Don’t waste a second, buy this excellent e-book named “Travel For Free – and stay for free, too!” within full PLR and MRR rights, an excellent resource for everyone dreaming to travel without expenses!

7 Second SERP Booster – Diversify Your Links!

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It’s a long time I didn’t review a SEO software, so here we go! “7 Second Serp Booster” is a very easy to use software to get quality backlinks and through them top ranking in Google. Everyone in internet marketing or in search of passive income through Adsense, Amazon and website creation is trying to get top rankings to their sites through quality backlinks.
With more monitoring and scrutiny after its Panda update, Google is cracking than ever before, but this new software will help you slip through the Google radar, to build top backlinks and getting your desired rankings.

Google is penalizing, or de-indexing those sites which are not following their policies. Wrong backlinks, or too many in a short time frame, are techniques who can cause irreparable damage to your websites and blogs. The brand new rules of SEO can be tricky and if you’ve failed in your attempts in SEO optimizing your site, it is not basically your fault, but it is due to the sweeping and over-reaching changes Google is making without keeping it’s clients in mind. But there is nothing to worry and in fact there is good news that you can still get top rankings to your site, if you know how to act correctly.

You haven’t to learn difficult techniques or pay freelancers, because you now have “7 Second Serp Booster” to make your tasks so simple, that you will start wondering “is it so easy to get top rankings with Google?”.
If only you know where and how to put your backlinks, you are going to be a winner in getting Google top rankings fastly and easily. By diversifying your incoming links, and getting some isolated links, you can overcome your hurdles. It’s not an easy task.

That is where “7 Second Serp Booster” will come in handy. Click one button and in seconds, all the backlinks you need will be distributed in all the right places, the places that tell Google that you have a strong, high quality website. This Windows software, who runs smoothly on Win Mac Emulators, is the ideal and easy to use with which you will be able to perform many tasks to suit to old and new Google policies.

If you want top rankings now, without spending a dime, you need to grab “7 Second Serp Booster”, which will get Google loving backlinks to your site, there by boosting your site’s search engine rankings.

Amazon Affiliate Auto Parts Tune-Up WSO and Others!

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Amazon Affiliate Auto Parts Tune-Up

Michael is a special Warrior Forum seller. During the latest months, he released differents Amazon video reviews filled with high quality bonuses.
The latest is “Amazon Affiliate Auto Parts Tune-up“. He has the expertise to find and present niches that are very popular on Amazon, which when promoted by Amazon Associates will fetch then nice income.
This time Michael has come out with an information product on Auto Parts, which is the most hot niche in United States, which since the year 2007, increased annually by $3 to 5 Billion. During last year, the annual spend on this hot auto parts niche was $164 Billion!

With the help of this guide and the great bonuses (whatever you call it), Amazon affiliates can target this most popular and evergreen sub-niche, which is part of the main auto niche, and can expect to earn a great passive income on monthly basis.
Targeting this most hot niche on which Billions of dollars are spent each year, Amazon affiliate can make a killing, if they follow what ever keywords are given in this guide and using the video reviews and PLR articles offered.

Michael is offering introductory PDF, in depth keyword list of automotive power tools, in depth keyword list of automotive electronic accessories, amazing exact match data on automotive power tools, amazing exact match data on automotive electronic accessories, 50 high quality product video reviews. To spice up this already tempting offer, Michael has thrown in 5 very useful bonus items, like PLR articles and WordPress themes.

I need not tell you what important role most sought after keyword selection plays in getting organic traffic and there by sales. Added to this 50 top quality reviews will add fuel to the fire and bring in more traffic and more sales. The bonus items offered, like an awesome 26 auto sound system articles package, massive 70 car repair articles, super 52 car and truck articles, exclusive wordpress themes and finally useful spin master pro suite together with video instruction, will help you in promoting this hot auto niche at your best.

This “Amazon Affiliate Auto Parts Tune-up” written by Michael, is extremely useful for Amazon affiliates, to get traffic to these offers and thereby sales.

Here instead are some of his latest offers, if you prefer other niches:

Amazon Affiliate Garden Power Tool Chest
Amazon Affiliate Golf Equipment Essentials
Amazon Affiliate Dog Training Treasure Trove
Amazon Affiliate Dog Grooming Essentials
Amazon Affiliate Back Yard Makeover
Amazon Affiliate Kitchen Makeover
Amazon Affiliate Wedding Wish List Essentials

Viral Fight 2.0 it’s all about Facebook!

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I am very thrilled to review “Viral Fight 2.0” offered by Dr. Joe, who is an innovative marketer with large imagination.
Most internet users are using internet mainly for quality leads, traffic and income generation. It will be excellent if the income comes on autopilot. Yes, any system we set and forget if it keeps giving you money, day after day, month after month, that is autopilot income and that is what most people like. For this reason most of you are going to like this offer by Dr. Joe.

This excellent WSO is about creating Facebook Pages, but with a difference. If you are familiar with facebook pages, you would have seen that there a very few who are using the full viral potential offered by Facebook and earning decent income, completely on autopilot.
Dr. Joe in his latest offering “The Viral Fight 2.0” tells us about simple yet very powerful tricks, which when used on our Facebook Pages will increase our fans reach with leaps and bounds. Not only that it creates such a difference reaction in the audience of your page and encourage them to share it, and their friends, and the friends of their friends and so on. I think you get the point right?

This viral effect creates an unimaginable amount of traffic to your pages and thereby to your offers. I don’t need to tell you what effect such quality traffic can create in terms of income to you.
In this Report you are going to learn many things, including:

  • What you should use instead of what you are using every time you post an update on your FB Page. Don’t worry this tip is extremely simple.
  • What exact size of images you should use in your posts to get best results.
  • Which are the 2 Magic Buttons you have and how best to use them.
  • Why the simple combination (you will learn this in this guide) in a single post will take your page to a whole new viral level almost instantly (You will get shocking results with this!)
  • What are the 2 Magic words that will take your page likes from 2 to 454 likes in THE SAME PAGE!
  • And many more.

I can keep telling you like this, but why read here. Grab this excellent e-book right now, without any wait!
It’s your turn to acquire this “Viral Fight 2.0” offered by Dr. Joe, and start using Facebok for cashing in!

Offline is Dead… Get Offline Autopsy

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Offline Autopsy

Today I am reviewing “”Offline Autopsy“” or “”Offline is Dead“”, a new WSO revealed by Ben Adkin and Millard Grubb.
Ben explains how difficult it is to get new clients to your business. Cold calling, direct mail, going to businesses or custom approach videos is no more viable options either because of the cost or no response from clients.

Quality lead generation is the key to the success of any business; either it is online business or offline business. Most of us have experienced that getting quality leads is the most difficult thing in internet marketing or offline marketing business. Ben shows how he used to get frustrated with his attempts to get fresh quality leads, and that it’s much better to have few high paying offline clients than having many low paying offline clients. He got the real break in his business when he accidentally spoke to Millard Grubb, who is a magician and also an internet marketer. With the suggestions given by Millard, Ben says he could achieve that great success with offline clients.

Ben Adkins and Millard Grubb then designed this course for all those internet marketers focusing on offline marketing. They named this course containing four main modules and one bonus module as “Offline Autopsy” meaning the death of conventional offline marketing.
Through this amazing course, they literally take you by hand, and walk you through the steps you need to take to get best quality leads so that you attain that ever eluded success in your getting offline best offline clients, who are willing to pay you higher amounts for your help.

They could have easily charged a very high amount for this excellent course, but they are offering this course for a very a very limited time at an insanely low price, just $47 for all.
If you want to attain real success in getting high paying offline clients, then you should grab this “Offline Autopsy” WSO offered by this two great internet marketers.

The Official Warrior Event 2012 Raleigh Video Set

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The Official Warrior Event 2012 in Raleigh

Today I feel very happy to review “The Official Warrior Event 2012 Raleigh Video Set” so very nicely documented and recorded by Brian McLeod & Sam England. This offer is a sale of the proceedings of the Warrior Event 2012 in Raleigh, which was a HUGE success. 170+ Warriors from all over the globe converged in Raleigh for this fantastic annual event, which was generously sponsored by Getresponse, JVZoo, Warrior Forum, Steve Odette (Rapid Residual Pro), Mike Lewis (Weapons for Warriors), Dave Iago, and all the other great folks who jumped in to lend a hand.

Naturally this is the biggest event for all those who always dreamed of attaining success in the field of internet marketing. 13 exposure sessions filled with success experiences and suggestions for new internet marketers, in Video, Audio and Text (slides) formats, is being offered in this warrior special offer.
This is what you get when you pay a paltry sum of $17:

1. 13 Complete High Resolution MP4 Videos (each Video is roughly 200-400 MB in size!)
2. 13 Full Length MP3 Audios (20-30 MB each) that you can listen even while traveling.
3. Original PDF slides of the speakers’ complete presentations. With this you get the feeling that you are actually watching the sessions which you could not attend.

Those who can afford have attended this great event. But for those who could not afford to make it to Raleigh, can now have it with just a click of their mouse. It’s your chance to get this treasure trove of pure money-making expertise, expert advice on business-building and marketing wisdom shared by our superstar line-up of speakers.
The choice is yours, but I suggest to grab this big deal as soon as you can!

Whether you prefer to take years to learn the ins and outs of internet marketing business yourself or learn it from experts by acquiring this package of Videos, Audios and Text in the form of slides, put together and offered as “The Official Warrior Event 2012 Raleigh Video Set” for an unbelievable low price!

NewZum Software and Curated Content

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NewZum Review

Caleb Spilchen’s new offer about “NewZum Software” is literally taking internet users by storm. I feel privileged to write a review about this path breaking software.
NewZum uses a unique summarizer system in creating unique articles in a flash. Till now article writing was a laborious process. Many of us struggle to write an article with unique content, and to get top rakings with google unique content is a must. Latest news posts much more loved by google. This software creates latest news posts in a flash and these news posts will be unique in content, thanks to the newest concept of “content curation“.

Curated contents are little parts of big news gathered by Google, and search engine are going crazy for this websites showing links versus the Big G or Yahoo!.
This software has made things very easy for unique content writers because it has changed the content writing game so easy and it can be used on PC, Mac or even Linux.
If you are planning to create a new WordPress site and if you are searching for curated content, then don’t buy it from freelancers spending a fortune.
Instead just buy NewZum software and you can create a niche site on any topic with a few clicks of the mouse!

The easiest and most economic thing to do in such a situation is just buy the low priced “NewZum Software“, and thank me later for introducing you to this best software”
Most WordPress bloggers target their sites to earn passive income by placing Adsense ads on their sites. As Google insists on new content for these sites and accepts only organic traffic, this little but powerful software becomes more relevant to all such people, because of its power to create unique content on any niche topic and its power to create unique and latest news posts which are loved by Google spiders.

I strongly recommend everyone to acquire this amazing “NewZum“, which is now available at an insanely low price!

InstantProfit Continuity King by Dean Holland

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InstantProfit : Continuity King

The speciality about today’s review is that it is about “InstantProfit Continuity King” by Dean Holland. What is the most important commodity most people want in this world? Is it food? Is it shelter? Is it clothing? The answer is both yes and no. This is because most people want all the three plus many more. If we are asked to tell only one commodity name we can tell just the word “abundance”, then invariably most people say that they want money. So the struggles, the aspirations, the competition and literally everything that we can think of filters down to earning lots of money.

Means are different, but ends are same. Money started playing such an important role that we can not even imagine a world without money. You may be wondering why I am boring you with this kind of narration in a review. There is reason and a sufficient reason for this, because I am going to tell you about this InstantProfit course. Should you believe me when I say this. Do not miss this offer because using this guide you will get clues to earn that recurring income you always dreamed off. What is the guarantee? Well the person who is offering this, Dean Holland, is giving you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, or you will pay nothing!

So just think for a moment. By paying less than what you pay for your dinner, if you get clues to earn that recurring income you always wanted, with a guarantee that you will get refund of what you paid, if you are not convinced, what will you do? The risk for what you are paying is ZERO and there is a possibility of your knowing clues to earn recurring income. In such a situation I don’t mind spending a few dollars, because I can always ask for refund, if I am not convinced.

I’m subscribed to Dean Holland newsletter by years, without knowing him personally, and I know he’s a special person, able to earn so much for real.
So I give you my guarantee that “InstantProfit Continuity King” offer in my highly considered opinion is worth trying, because we stand to lose nothing.

Convert Better with Easy Review Theme

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Easy Review Theme WSO

This is a review of a very tempting offer called, Easy Review Theme, and by the very name it is about reviews. Review sites in WordPress are very popular as they are the source of large amounts of organic traffic and there by passive income. When you integrate WordPress review sites with the new Facebook Timeline, then results will be stupendous.

Review site usually offer a qualitative review of products or services offered on sites like Warrior Forum, Amazon, Clickbank, JvZoo, Payspree and so on. Reviews on review sites helps online or offline buyers to make a judicious decision in buying products or services. The number of visitors to review sites has increased exponentially in the past few years and the wordpress review sites here to stay now for a long time.

This wonderful WP theme offers lots and lots of options and resources with which you can now integrate your wordpress review site with facebook timeline, there by creating your own Facebook review page. With a Facebook review page of your own you can tap into facebook viral tools, with the integrated themes of Easy Review Theme.

It presents massive variation of options and their flexible nature, opens before you many uses. One such use is integrating google maps with local business, so that you can set up a review directory for local business.
Easy Review Theme offers more than 15 unique features and this clubbed with their developer rights offer makes it an offer that simply can not be missed.

In short, this new idea opens up the doors of fortune for you to earn good amount of money from online customers in general and offline business owners in particular. If I were you, I will not even blink, and straight click the buy button and grab this excellent product, very well named as Easy Review Theme.