Collect $100 a Hour with “PPC for Professionals 2012”

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Scott Stamper has released a great ebook called “PPC for Professionals 2012“, a great guide to become an experienced pay per click freelancer able to offer your time for who requires your services. PPC is always difficult to be comprehended and done by who is not good with pc and money management for clicks.
And the best thing of this course is that you don’t learn how to contact them, but you learn how to be contacted by them all, without any effort by your side! And work without cold calling is even better and rewarding!

Considering you can gran this cool WSO for 94% OFF the real sales price when it will be launched over the web, this is an unbelievable offer for starting a new offline marketing projects.
More, Scott delivers top quality bonuses to enrich the package, including:

  • 4 MP3 Audios for the entire course, to be heard when you are out of home.
  • Pretty Simple PPC to buy Adwords traffic for 90% less than other people. It’s sold for $97 but you get it free!
  • Sample Contracts to close your offers fast and without any regret by the buyers!

More, you get an exceptional Money Back Guarantee for 90 days! So if you try it but results do not come, or you see this WSO is not made for you, you can alwasy claim your cash back without efforts.
Many Warriors have left enthusiastic reviews about this WSO, and by my side I can confirm there is so much stuff who you can become one of the best PPC marketer around and ask a minimum of $100 for just an hour work.

I recommend this “PPC for Professionals 2012” because there isn’t too much people involved in this, and you can grab your slice of success easily!

The Spongebob SquareCash Method Explained

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The 2 year old daughter of Areevez inspired him to create this awesome Spongebob SquareCash Method WSO, in which blogging and Spongebob Squarepants are collaborating to create a constant flow of money.
The author claim is easy to generate multiple $100 revenue days with a simple and noob friendly method who requires at most 20 or 30 minutes of funny work a day.

Spongebob Squarepants is on air on over 50 countries, and just its latest movie got up over 80 Million dollars alone. This is something scary if you think this is just a children cartoon.
The plan is simple, and involves the use of CPA marketing with traffic elaborated from Youtube and Twitter, with a starting amount of only $40. In an amount of days included between 7 and 30 days you will start go generate money on autopilot, with just some checking of around 20 minutes to keep things on high levels.

This method requires a bit of creativity to be used, and being able to do so will permit you to open up a biggest earning potential never saw before. And consider you could also try with other cartoons like this!
This is absolutely an helpful guide for newbies and experienced marketers. Also if now I’ve ever seen any method and any offer being an internet marketer for more than 4 years, the way this guide was created let me look at CPA Networks in another different and awesome way.

If you want to try this method, able to generate at least $100 a day, go now to the Spongebob SquareCash Method WSO page and order it fastly, before the author removes it after 7 days from creation…

Content Creation Blaster Review

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A few days ago Liam Naden released a wonderful product named Content Creation Blaster. The author of this WSO has made a case study of his latest 2 ebooks published in 3 days from New Zealand. Books who became a great success, and perfectly written and created. This is something awesome I never heard before, how the hell he got all the time to write 2 full ebooks in only 3 days?

Liam is showing how is possible to create an Amazon Kindle ebook in just 3 days also for a complete newbie, with a simple step by step explanation! This Warrior Special Offer is great for anyone who wanted to publish his book, but until now he wasn’t able to do it. Publishing an ebook is not simple, especially on Amazon, because you must take care of pages aspect, size, borders and more, and you have also to work like crazy to make things clear.
Thanks to this guide you will comprehend the real secrets, including how to:

  • Use the Top 5 steps to convert a project into an ebook in only 1 day.
  • Publish the ebook the day after creation.
  • Find a profitable and low competition niche to make easy cash.
  • Write a bestseller book also without any good idea or without knowing how to write it.
  • Formatting notions are included, so that your ebook will be spectacular on any Kindle.
  • Start writing in 30 minutes instead of the usual 4 hours.
  • Learning the autowriting technique, to constantly jotting down new contents!
  • Create a winning title to get 400% more sales in a breeze.
  • Free your time avoinding all the time killer things you do in a day.
  • Become a productive writer when you desire.

And more Liam added 4 big bonuses to make this offer complete:

  • Content creation mindmap to keep all the steps under control each time you feel the desire to create a new ebook.
  • 4 Training Videos to help people to check things in the moment of need. Awesome!
  • Content creation master template, for creating your ebook fastly and without errors. And it format your ebook automatically!
  • Content Creation Training Webinar. In this webinar Liam will share even the most secret tips to become a worldwide top writer!

As you can see you have so many training to follow that you can really become a respected author in worldwide panorama, and it will become easier to create new ebooks on demand.
That’s why I advise you to grab a copy of Content Creation Blaster as soon as you can , before author close the sales or double the price!

Instant Kindle and Ebook Cover Creator Review

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If you are involved in Kindle Ebooks Marketing, I’m sure you will need this WSO: “Instant Kindle and Ebook Cover Creator” by John Pearce. Well, as you probably do when shopping for books or ebooks, is watching the book cover to evaluate the book. That’s what I do everytime I’m in a bookshop, or everytime I start to surf with my Amazon Kindle.
Famous authors don’t even think about covers, because they got highly paid freelancers as cover designers, and they get the work done…

But if you, like me, are watching in your wallet to preserve money for important things, there is a brand new solution offered as a cheap WSO. Cheap for the highest value you are getting.
In fact John is giving away his latest creation, 5 top quality ebook cover in 5 different color variations, to customize with your own images, all with private label rights! Thanks to this idea, the ebook cover creator can be used for yourself and your Kindle releases, for customers if you decide to act as a Freelancer, or selling just the software for cash.

What is most important is by one side the ease of use of this “Instant Kindle and Ebook Cover Creator“, and by the other the covers you will be able to do. Every ebook will get the right appeal to your customers, and imagine how many sales are lost for a bad cover. A lot! Who will buy an ebook with a bad ecover and ugly colors?
Instead if you present a wonderful and colorful cover, you can got your Amazon sales up to 2000%, crazy but true because people get interested and watch better your book value, being disposed to pay also a little more. And I said you that you can use this software also to generate classic ebooks for any marketplace as well, including Warrior Forum, Clickbank; Payspree, JvZoo and so on!

This software it’s easy to use, and it includes 3 tutorial videos to get aknowledged, who you can also distribute in case you buy this software just for resale it.
Anyway, I strongly recommend you to give a look to this WSO, who got “WSO of The Day” for a clear reason… it works like crazy!
You can also grab valuable bonuses offered by John, including tutorials on Photoshop and Gimp, and exclusive fonts to use in your ebooks. For the price it’s sold, this WSO can’t be left on the shelf.

Grab your copy of “Instant Kindle and Ebook Cover Creator“, and start working like a pro giving an identity to your Amazon Kindle ebooks!

FB Traffic Jacker and my First Review on JVZoo!

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FB Traffic Jacker” it’s a great latest release by Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson. It’s about how to get thousands of free visitors to your WordPress blog simply using the inner power of Facebook.
This time the authors decided to use the JVZoo resources to sell it, and I must say it’s a very good and professional platform, for buying and promoting as well.

This product installs in really 2 minutes on your WordPress plugins, and it gives you the wonderful opportunity to hide your posts, pages, or part of them behind a gate. The gate of Facebook Likes.
In fact, if one visitors wnat to read that part of the article, he must click on Like, or wait for a lot of time for letting disappear the counter popup. So he must click in every way to avoid going crazy.
And more, this tool remembers the visitors IP to never appear again on the same person the next time he will visit your blog.

I know that in the past many plugins similar to this were released, but this is exceptional because just hide the desired posts and pages, not all the blog. And more, this is really a quality way to obtain the Likes by many visitors, instead of getting them to passively read your article and go away. So if you have more blogs to care about, this is a golden opportunity to get even more visitors to your Facebook Page by one side, and mor ecomeback to your blog.

Some golden points about “FB Traffic Jacker” are the following, after a basic tryout of some hours.
You can:

  • Customize the message and popup style.
  • Use it as a multilanguage plugins and supports English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.
  • Customize design thanks to overlay and background colors.
  • Set a timer to automatically close popup.
  • Delay popup appearance of seconds, minutes or hours.
  • Use a timer to close it up.
  • Change the style of buttons, also showing faces of who liked it before.
  • You can set a cookie to remember the visitor who clicked.
  • Choose your favorite font.
  • Choose your favorite text colors.
  • Change the link between different fan pages.
  • Choose between Like or Recommend.

So as you can see there is so much things in a little plugin, and you will be able to download a guide on how to upload it, how to set it up in 60 seconds, and a complete video tutorial who will guide you on the right steps to activate this Like goldmine.

So, after 1 day of use on another blog, it brought me 6 new followers. It’s not bad considering who after I launch a Facebook Fan Page I must work hard to otain also a single Like.
Then I personally bought also the OTO, for a low price, who is named “FB Income System” and it’s composed by 1 video and its PDF file companion. This system show how to apply proven marketing techniques thanks to the large amount of up-to-date info it provides.

I strongly recommend to buy this “FB Traffic Jacker“, an unmissable to plugin to keep in your favorites! And give a look to the OTO also!

5 Self Help PLR Ebooks Bundle

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Today’s review is on “5 Self Help PLR E-books Bundle” offered along with Private Label rights, by Stanley Chong.
The easiest yet difficult business to do online is selling e-books. It is difficult when you have to create a good e-book by yourself including graphics and sales page, so that it becomes marketable. But this method involves money, time and effort. It becomes easy if you buy a really good set of PLR Ebooks which are offered along with sales website, graphics and the info-product as well.

If you are familiar to internet marketing, then you must have experienced the role that can be played by PLR e-books in building your lists.
There are many number of PLR e-books out there on the internet. One needs to be very choosy in selecting and buying them. The criteria you should follow in selecting the PLR ebooks you intend to buy, is the topic of the e-book (whether it is a most in demand topic), the quality (includes presentation), the graphics and sales page provided (it should be catchy and attractive). If you buy PLR items following these criteria, then you will be able to market them easily and can build your list by offering them for free by one side, or grow your income by selling them as paid items by the other side. I always prefer the second side 🙂

The Self-Help guides offered here in this offer fulfills all the criteria I mentioned above, because they are brand new, the topics are on high demand and the quality of sales page and graphics offered are best. Added to this Stanley Chong is offering 3 very useful bonuses. Above all this Stanley is offering 30 day money back guarantee. That shows how confident he is on the quality of the e-books he is offering.
The money is in the list and to build a quality list of hungry buyers you need information products which you can giveaway. You can build your list fast when the guides you are offering are most in demand.

5 Self Help PLR E-books Bundle” offered along with PLR rights, by Stanley Chong, falls into this category and the price he is charging is ridiculously low. Grab this PLR explosive package now before the author raises the price!

Pinterest Marketing Mojo is the Future of Social Earnings

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Pinterest Marketing Mojo” by Winter reveals the latest real strategies for optimizing Pinterest to make cash and get a constant flux of visitors to your websites. In my opinion most internet marketers know what Pinterest is. For those few who still don’t know, Pinterest is the hottest Social Media site on the internet today. It is probably the best Social Media website for promoting your products, services or affiliate programs. Once you know the ways to optimally use Pinterest, then you can be assured of quality traffic to your site/offers/services, which in turn result in cold hard cash.

But Pinterest is changing so fast, it is increasingly becoming impossible for a normal internet user to cope up with the changes and make best use of it.
What you should promote through this most visited Pinterest, is equally important, to get best results. Whether you should use this resource for promoting your affiliate programs, promote your services to meet the needs of local business in your city and so on, adds only to the confusion.

Suppose you decided on promoting your services to local business needs, then also you need to know how best to pin your offers, how to find the best of graphics, how and where to add keywords for maximum optimization and prior to all this how to get an invite to Pinterest just for starting your adventure.
If you look at the statistics of this social site, you will know that: Pinterest received 17.8 million U.S. unique visitors in February, Pinterest is now the 3rd Most Popular Social Network, and Pinterest’s traffic grew 52% between January and February of 2012, overtaking Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Google+ in number of visits just in February. So you know how important it is to get familiar with Pinterest and know the methods to optimize it for maximum benefit of marketing your offers.

There is a misconception that the big P is dominated by women, which is not true. Keep aside any misconceptions and start thinking in terms of making best use of Pinterest. Once you decided on that, then what you need is this excellent guide, which will tells you in details the steps and strategies you must adopt, so that you will be using Pinterest, optimized to suit your needs.
Pinterest Marketing Mojo” is an excellently written Step-By-Step Guide, with which you get all that you need to optimize it to best serve your marketing efforts.

The 7 Day Masterplan it’s for all Internet Marketers

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Wow, I got amazed by “7 Days Masterplan” by Chris Jones. From the very name of this guide one can understand that this is a guide of interest to most people involved in internet marketing.
Most internet cash hunters run from one offer to another, without giving a fair trial to anyone. The result is that most of us end up earning nothing. Chris in his latest guide stresses the need to select the tight offer and to put reasonably sincere effort, so that you can see good results.

You only need to get 3 right things to make big money online, and they are:

  • a Niche
  • a Sales Message
  • some good Traffic

What is very important according to this WSO is that you should trust the offer you have selected to try. For that we need certainty and today we find lack of certainty in many internet users. What is needed is to focus on a product or service you intend to promote. To focus you need to aim to the target and if you don’t believe that something will work you won’t put the effort in to reap the rewards. That is the only difference between successful people and losers!
Too many offers promising overnight riches are one reason for failure, because you start on one today and jump to some other because that offers promises fast riches. The net result is failure and disappointment, and everyone in his internet marketing career fell on this problem at least once.

Chris says that it is easy to make fast money online, but for that you need to know that easy cash is possible, by stopping your change of direction every 15 minutes!
Try to master one brain-dead easy system, and stick to it. Anyone with a basic knowledge of IM can make $100 a day with just 7 Days Work from scratch using that guide.
7 Days Masterplan” contains a step by step course for 7 days to build up $100 a day! The three steps as told by Chris Jones are:

  • Focus
  • Proven System
  • Scalability

The focus of the course is on speed – everything from niche selection, to traffic generation is focused on speed! You won’t have to write 100 articles, spend huge amounts of dollars on PPC or outsource masses of work. In “7 Days Masterplan” by Chris Jones, you will know the exact methods to become successful with your attempts to finally earn money online. No more errors, just hit the target each and every day!

Top WSO of 2012 – Contest Domination for WordPress

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Contest Domination WordPress Plugin

Yesterday I saw one of the Top WSO of 2012, with “Contest Domination“, the easiest way to run contests on your Wordpres blogs. A great WordPress plugin jointly developed by Mark Thompson and Travis Ketchum. Quality list building is one of the most difficult tasks in Internet Marketing. Lists of persons who are really interested in buying products or services is very essential for promoting any product, service or even an affiliate program.

And the best way to build a quality list is by conducting contests on various topics, around your niche. As the most used blogs and websites platform is actually WordPress, conducting contests on that platform gives huge results! Until now very few people attempted to conduct contests from wordpress platform, so Mark and Travis have developed the right plugin in the right moment, using which it becomes extremely easy to build your own contests with prizes and social sharing.

When it comes to conduct a contest, we have these options:

1. Hire a Developer which is an expensive option that takes thousands of dollars-which very few can afford
2. Buy complicated software, very expensive
3. Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

When you have no other option of doing it yourself, then you will wish to have a method by which you can conduct contests very easily. This is where this “Contest Domination WP Plugin” comes in handy.
Those who tried this amazing plugin got astounding results in terms of building lists from zero that convert like crazy. Building viral lists is no more difficult, from the moment you start using this amazing tool.
The ultimate aim of any internet marketer is to achieve maximum sales for his/her product or service, which is only possible with maximum conversion and to good leads. Until this wordpress plugin was developed, this used to be so difficult with classic and old methods. Now it’s easy as you can imagine it to be.

Contest Domination” is the WordPress Plugin you must get, if you are really serious about your marketing success. It’s a great advantage over your lazy competitors!

How to Get on Page 1 of Google In 24 Hours

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Today’s review is on “How to Get on Page 1 of Google In 24 Hours” by Mark Bishop. The title of this guide itself spells out to us that Mark is going to reveal in this guide ways and means to reach Google Page 1 in 24 hours. No fewer feats, reaching google pages 1 is every internet marketers dream. Once your site is on first page results, you can be assured on quality organic traffic, with good conversion/click rate.
Bish in this excellent step-by-step guide tells us the step-by-step formula for hitting google first page with the speed of a meteor, and yet won’t get slapped by google.

With your site so high, you can launch huge product launches also without a list, crush your competition in any niche, launch your own products with out any joint venture participation, because you are assured of unique, natural, opportunity searching visitors, who are willing to turn buyers, at the slightest convincing.
I know people who struggled for years to reach google page 1 and also know people who have spend good amount of cash trying to reach the first page results. What if you are assured of methods and formulas to take your site to first search engine page with lightning speed and through white hat methods? Would you jump at such an offer? Well I don’t know about you, but I will certainly jump at such a tempting offer, to realize my dream of seeing my site on the first Google’s page.

It’s not that an offer like this is made promising top rankings on google, but this is quite different from other offers you have so far seen. Article marketing, backlinks generation, other SEO methods, and all other attempts we do are basically for the final target of reaching the page 1.
Here is a risk free opportunity, for you finally to get lots and lots of high conversion organic traffic to your site, so that you can relax with a passive income.

This Step-By-Step Guide “How to Get on Page 1 of Google In 24 Hours” by Mark Bishop is an offer not to be missed.