Merry Christmas by Blog In Da Box

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Merry Christmas! Ho-ho-ho!
I will take 3 days of pause, until 27th December to stay with my family.

I hope you can pass Christmas with someone you love, and try to don’t think about the negative things of life, but just focalize your day on joy, happiness and friendship. Laugh, sing, stay with your parents and friends, and try to build up your better Christmas day step-by-step!

Leave internet marketing on pc, and get a day or two to rest, making something good for other people.
Offer a slice of Panettone to your neighbours, make a visit to your local orphanage, and try to focus just on the things you are not able to do on the other days.
Christmas day must be different and so beautiful to remember for years to come.

And remember, if you want to do some charity, here is a link for helping Philippines inhabitants to make a little better Christmas: Philippines Christmas Typhoon Relief – Super Packed Charity WSO.
I will obviously take no money for that advice, but I’ve yet donated.

Thanks for following my blog each and every day! For this reason Blog In Da Box wishes your best Christmas ever!
Merry Merry Christmas dear followers! See you on 27th December!

Alessandro Zamboni (The Admin)

Killer Offline Graphic Kit Review

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Agung Hari Prabowo it’s a young but experienced graphic. He recently released his latest collection of ready to customize graphics, Killer Offline Graphic Kit, good for internet marketers as well as offline marketers.
He provides an awesome quantity of tools to personalize in PSD format, good to be used with Adobe Photoshop.

His graphic package contains the following items, all provided in 300 DPI format ready for print:

  • Wordpress Video Sales Pages for building professional sales letters
  • Flyers and Mobile Flyers for local advertising
  • Facebook Timeline graphics
  • Business Cards templates
  • Postcards ready for mailing
  • Facebook Fan Pages templates
  • Coupons in ready to print format
  • Twitter Backgrounds for customizing accounts
  • Christmas Package for festivity wishes.

All completed by a great tutorial for the use of Adobe Photoshop to customize the IM graphics and by additional bonuses to make the package even more sweat:

  • Audio Tracks
  • 4 WordPress Minisites

This package comes by a professional graphics creator who works on Warrior Forum by at least 3 years, the date he designed Super Article Traffic template for me, and let me confess that the price seems to low for so many things…
Think about how many jobs you could complete, adding these graphics to the websites you create for companies, or as additional proposals to bring up the price. Who refuses to order ready flyers, business cards and a Facebook Fan Page provided with a so cool design?

And the best thing is that you can change the images on each template, because it’s provided in PSD, so you can create unique designs for a bigger price! Awesome and incredibly easy! You will seem a graphic guy!

Agung Prabowo’s Killer Offline Graphic Kit it’s an unforgivable offer. Get it for making even more cash on the next year.

Publisher’s Playbook is the way to earn with Amazon Kindle Store

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James Sides made it again! Yesterday he published “Publisher’s Playbook“, his new guide to get easy money from the Amazon Kindle Store. And I’ve decided to review it because it’s a new brilliant idea, different from all the others published before.

In just 40 pages, James analyze the success of a great internet marketer over Amazon, showing multiple techniques to join the Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, and start to let your creativity flow.
More, he provides a lot of insider’s ways to get more views and to get your books bought and reviewed like crazy.
I liked so much his way to shown ideas that I will launch all my internet marketing successes over the Kindle platform, and let me confess this is an easy way to build up an auto-cash machine, because when you launch and setup some things, all will proceed on its own.

For reading the book you will need just 15 minutes, and in 1 hour you will be ready to post the first book on Amazon Kindle. James Sides shows also how to format the book for showing right on Kindle, and how to find ready contents so fast you can have a good book created in less than 30 minutes.
This is a winning technique, who includes a big social part and many tips to get even more visitors to your sales page and close many sales, each and every day.
More, you will find a great bonus software from Coby Wrigth, that is the “Kindle Wizard Software”, valued $97, good to format your ebook fastly! And then you can grab also 5 keyword lists and a mindmap for working better and faster than ever…

This is the best guide I’ve ever read about Amazon Kindle publishing, and I advise you read it on your own to open your mind to a new type of business. People tend to buy more books for their portable ebook reader than books printed on paper, so it’s time to jump on this new trend and make so much cash.

Grab now your copy of “Publisher’s Playbook” and start to dominate the Amazon Kindle marketplace for real. This time you can!

The Newest Facebook Timeline Skins

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Facebook, as well as any other social service, it’s trying to update its services on monthly basis, tryng to stay updated versus competitors. The latest idea is called Facebook Timeline, that will be activated on second half of January 2012, so I want to present you the first “Facebook Timeline Skins“, the way to customize the new section recently released by Icun on Warrior Forum.

But.. What is Facebook Timeline?
The Facebook Timeline permits to users to create their history page, from day one to present. It’s like a visual diary. And a good thing is adding a little touch of customization, in terms of graphics.
This package it’s a great deal if you are planning to sell your personalization service, or you want to build up a better personal timeline. It includes over 58 timeline skins to adjust following your taste, and a complete video training to dominate the new system, with the following instructions:

  • How to edit Timeline Images.
  • How to setup a Timeline Profile from zero.
  • All the features of the new FB idea.

This package is sold through dimesale, so the price is going up, until the author decides it’s time to close the sales and say “Merry Christmas!”. Icun produces always wonderful wordpress plugins and amazing add-ons for Facebook and other social networks, and this is a quality tool for who wants to make money with the new Facebook Timeline.
You can sell the new skins, with installation service, to companies, societies, real estate agents, and personalities.
You can make a lot of money producing the first custom graphics ever!

The graphics are provided in a useful PSD format, that permit you an easy customization, to include the company’s name, images and details.

So grab your copy of “Facebook Timeline Skins” and start working for the biggest social network, that is now counting over 850,000 worldwide members!

Create a Blog Network with WordPress Multisite Manual!

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Today, while I was surfing Warrior Forum, my attention was grabbed by a bold claim by the latest ZaphodBeebleBrox’s WSO.
It is named “WordPress Multisite Manual” and it permits you to control all your WordPress blogs from one location only, making all extremely simple.
This method it’s well described in the ebook, and there were absolutely no doubts about the easy configuration of the settings to activate this brand new functionality.

Try to think how easy can be to administrate all your WordPress blogs from one location, without login and logout from each site to enter the new one, repeating the steps for hundreds of times…
In this way you can update plugins in a breeze, post contents to all your blogs easily, and give your ok to the comments on waiting list. This is a dream come true for every WordPress maniac, isn’t it right?
The cost of this WSO it’s just $17, and you can use the method just after 10 minutes of reading, or in real time doing what the author says.
This course permits you to improve your use of WordPress to control all your present and future blogs from the first blog you decide to authorize, and so you can learn the following concepts:

  • Why it’s better to activate WordPress Multisite for your blogs.
  • The correct hosting to select for running a multisite network easily and without headaches.
  • The right organization of a WP multisite network.
  • How to make money with your new network.
  • How to enable the multiblog’s option on your blog and use it for next years to come.
  • How to install themes and/or plugins on each blog or all together.

And more, you get 7 bonus videos by ZaphodBeebleBrox, that will guide you on every step of process visually.
Consider I need 40 minutes to entirely setup a new WordPress blog from zero, including installation from Cpanel, adjusting the settings, inserting ping list, theme, plugins and getting widgets done.
If you add something like difficult to setup plugins and more, at this point you have no possibility to skip this WSO.

WordPress Multisite Manual” it’s your first step to working more in less time on your Wordress blogs. Take it now, or work forver or spend thousands of dollars in freelancers!

Mario Brown’s Mobile Marketing Exposed

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Mario Brown did it again. He released his latest WSO, and he called it “Mobile Marketing Exposed“.
Obviously the Warrior Forum collapsed at the launch of this perfect mobile client’s attraction method, because the number of sales went through the roof!
This system has a lot of things making it interesting; for example you don’t have to make cold calling or talk directly with a person in front of you, at least not in first steps, but just when they have made their decision to join your invite. And best of all, you will not need money to be a mobile marketing winner.

Mario Brown gives you all the tools to reach your target, and he decided to build up for milestones:

  • Sending out the ready email template. (It’s yet ready for you!)
  • Using the secret video weapon. (ready videos for you are making it even more easy)
  • Collect leads and follow up! (when you have people interested it’s time to connect!)
  • Make a lot of cash just sending your work. (that is the part that will make you smile!

As you can see the concept of “Mobile Marketing Exposed WSO” it’s just a kids play, easy to learn and put in action to grab money.
The best thing about this WSO is that Mario included ALL-WHAT-YOU-NEED to start and work just half an hour after purchase!
Consider you don’t have to lift a finger with these items:

  • Email Template for contacting leads
  • Real Estate Agents video
  • Retail Stores video
  • Restaurants video
  • 10 parts Autoresponder messages

All is exceptionally simple, because Mario always provides top quality WSOs by a lot of time.
And more, you have 2 Live Bonuses included in the dimesale price, that just now is rising up!
So grab your copy of “Mobile Marketing Exposed” now or continue to lose golden leads each and every day…

Discover the Content Revenge WordPress Plugin

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Do you know what Warrior Forum member Craig Romero, that is an Adsense millionaire, uses to generate the right contents for all his niche websites?
Well, this is his newest “Content Revenge WordPress Plugin“, a wordpress plugin he used in private to reach 5 figures in Adsense, with earnings on daily basis.

I was totally scared when I saw what this plugin can do. The Content Revenge plugin can just create thousands of pages of high quality contents in just 60 seconds!
This man is making a lot of money in Adsense by some years, and his checks went well over the $500 a day…

If you check his Adsense screenshots on the WSO Thread, you will see how easily he got up $190K. Yes just so much in only one month from the Adsense platform. I know it seems a bit unreal, but if you check videos and screenshots, you will comprehend it’s all true and certified.

If you are tired to try to earn money with websites, using precious hours of your time to build up contents, I will check this great WSO, a golden goose offer that can really make you rich in just a few weeks.

Content Revenge WordPress Plugin” is now available in a dimesale format, so grab it soon or the price will grow like Craig Romero’s checks!