Global Minisite Creator for Niche Marketers

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Global MInisite Creator Review

My friend Ben Drury has recently released a brand new sofware to develop monetized minisites in 1 minute: Global Minisite Creator.
After my test, I could say to have completed my first minisite in 3 minutes without any efforts, including all the following items:

  • 10 Articles
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Amazon Ads
  • Clickbank Ads
  • Adsense Ads
  • Graphics setup (changing header)
  • Upload on my website

The Global Minisite Creator it’s developed in a step-by-step format, guiding you in each step without driving anyone crazy.
This is importan, because you could generate the minisite you love in just a fewe minutes, and do everything you like with it!
Think about:

  • Earn money with your minisites
  • Create minisites collections to resell in packages
  • Sell them on Flippa
  • Sell them on eBay
  • Give all your micro sites away for building your list fast
  • And so on

All of this just for a measly $27! As you can see, this software, that run on Windows and Mac with Windows emulator, has a great power to accomplish minisite with ease.
Get Global Minisite Creator now and start getting money through your mini sites!

Client Squeezer is our new WSO!

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Client Squeezer WSO Review

Today I released a brand new WSO with Mervik Haums about offline marketing: Client Squeezer.
As many warriors have confirmed, this method was never released, and no one except Mervik and me was knowing it.
It’s a destructive marketing technique to grab thousands of companies addresses in need of a service, including SEO, Mobile Sites, Website Building and Editing, PPC Ads Optimization and so on.

For a measly price you can build up your monthly paying customer base getting new customers in place you have never saw before, and we are glad to bring to your eyes our proof of $5,000+ in a few time.
Consider also that the places we advice are getting more populated every month that passes, and in every country you can run the techniques without having problems.

You get also 2 ready letters/email templates to contact businesses without losing a minute.
Client Squeezer is an army knife for offline marketer, and you can get a big advantage against your competitors not knowing this techniques!

This product was developed in an entire year, adjusting the method until it became invincible and durable in time. We got a big deal, and we want you get it.
Read some of the comments, you will know why Client Squeezer it’s a hit after a few hours from release!